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The Mountain

If the mountain seems too big today then climb a hill instead.

If the morning brings you sadness it’s OK to stay in bed.

If the day ahead weighs heavy and your plans feel like a curse, there’s no shame in rearranging, don’t make yourself feel worse.

If a shower stings like needles and a bath feels like you’ll drown, if you haven’t washed your hair for days, don’t throw away your crown.

A day is not a lifetime a rest is not defeat, don’t think of it as failure, just a quiet, kind retreat.

It’s OK to take a moment from an anxious, fractured mind, the world will not stop turning while you get realigned.

The mountain will still be there when you want to try again, you can climb it in your own time, just love yourself till then.

~Laura Ding-Edwards

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Empowering each other

Have you ever witnessed the magic of empowering each other? Of making someone’s day with a smile, a compliment, or simply through your presence. I love to do these little random acts of kindness for someone, anyone, someone I know, or perhaps to a perfect stranger. It doesn’t matter who it is, but more times than none the situation presents itself, and you will know when it’s right. All you need is to find the courage to execute this calling with the commitment of making someone’s day.

The roles reversed the other day, and it was me who was on the receiving end, left empowered by such a magical occurrence. Left in awe by words and praise that seemed to propel me right into the next era. Words that left me struck to learn again what a powerful impact we can have on each other. Moments that we might take for granted, but which mean the world to someone else. I was reminded of what huge responsibility we carry to lift each other, and how rewarding it can feel to give and receive such miracles. For me I will have to read those words a couple more times until they fully sink in, but already I can tell from reading them the first time that I feel empowered and motivated. Thank you ❤️. I have noticed an overall better well being and there is more energy and a deeper conviction in my step. There is a knowing that I can do it, to take a leap of faith, to worry less about outcomes, and chase my dreams. All in all, nothing really new for me and I have always known those things, yet life gets to all of us at times, and I did involuntarily put those things which have always mattered the most, on the back burner. I needed a reminder, and I didn’t know until it actually happened.

Knowing this, don’t ever underestimate the power you hold to remind someone of their dreams. To empower them or to make their day just a little brighter. Together we make this a wonderful place, and together we shine our light for more and more to join us to shine bright.

In love and light, forever…

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Dealing with Rejection

There is purpose and meaning behind everything. Things will happen and unfold as they are meant to, in their due time. Nothing can be rushed or forced, and timing plays an important role. Perhaps a little luck and being in the right place at the right time can be essential as well.

It felt strange to interview the other day, and finding myself on the other side of the spectrum. I have hired and interviewed so many people in my career, and although I never thought of it like this before, it felt as if it was my turn to be in the hot seat. I went into the interview with the top paragraph in mind, and placed the outcome fully into the hands of the universe. Was I ready to go back to work, recovered and strong enough, or would this become nothing more than a good practice run? How would I score, competing with so many others there, pursuing the same opportunity?

I found myself struggling with the six page application that was asking for career goals and where I see myself in 2019 and 2020. What was my goal for salary progression and what was I working towards. I didn’t think retirement and a life in a tiny home, “The bus” was a sufficient answer. It caught me by surprise and reminded me that in all actuality my career was behind me. I had little aspirations of promoting, of becoming a store Manager or earning a certain income. Of course I would want to earn enough money to live comfortably, to support the few things that are important to me, but that could have been easily made me look like I was a person with no goals. How would I explain that memories and moments, that experiences and a passport full of stamps was more important than financial wealth and a house full of stuff?

It took me longer to fill out the application than the actual interview lasted. Within five minutes it was all over with, and to me that had never been a good sign. In my time interviewing others, it meant that the candidate was simply not the right fit. I always spent more time with people I was interested in as I was eager to get to know them. In my case being the interviewee, there was little to no connection, and although the interview, all five minutes worth was really good as far as a professional level is concerned, I felt that I was not what they were looking for, and I felt it coming through. It was as if I was politely and complimentary rejected as we said our goodbyes. This morning I received the official email telling me that the decision was made to go with someone that had prior experience, wishing me nothing but the best of luck in my job search.

My thoughts were confirmed, but I couldn’t help feel rejected and not wanted at first.

Rejection: The dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc. Nonacceptance, declining, turning down

It is still a blow to someone’s ego, knowing that you didn’t make the cut, and it leaves you wondering as to why. Perhaps you didn’t fit the image, perhaps being too old didn’t fit the image. Sometimes similar experiences such as dealing with the public and years of customer service are not enough when it comes to competing with a younger, perhaps more attractive face. This is exactly how it left me feeling, and the fact remains that it is much tougher to find work being older, closer to retirement. I think there is a stigma, a certain label that gets attached, a liability that comes with age, although due to laws such opinions would never be expressed. At the end of the day, I will not harbor and entertain such thoughts, but I am not oblivious to them. I will focus on that it simply wasn’t meant to be, just yet, and seldom do we ever get the first job that comes wandering our way. The perfect opportunity is waiting out there, and I will know when it comes my way.

All is well, and if you are rejected for whatever reason, personally or professionally, remember that something better is on the way, and that it wasn’t due to you.

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Strong enough

“Be strong enough to stand alone.”

Don’t forget to listen to your heart, it already knows the path. Sometimes it is more important to risk and take a leap of faith, jumping into the unknown, vs. playing it safe, and spend a life wondering “what if”. Life has always found a way to work out how it is meant to be. Trust the process and believe.

Would you rather have loved and lost, or not loved at all? Would you put yourself last and lose who you are in order to please and accommodate others? Would you make excuses for your decisions and your personal needs, to not disappoint those around you? Do you feel it is necessary in order to be accepted?

These are some of the questions we face each day and the answers will vary from person to person. Perhaps there is no right or wrong, only a matter of preference, maturity and personal choice. I always try to remember this when meeting others and there is no “one fits all” type of approach. It allows us to respect and appreciate each other, even if our opinions and choices differ.

It might difficult to find the path at times and to muster the courage to hold our anxiety at bay. But no matter which route you choose, make sure that if you have to, you stay true to yourself, and….

“Be strong enough to stand alone”

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A talk with myself

Sometimes I need to reminded that I’m not superwoman. That I can only handle so much, and that everything has a breaking point.

Sometimes I need to be reminded that not everything is within my control, no matter how much I wish that I could help.

Sometimes I need to be reminded that I can’t please everybody, and chances are there will always be someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with me.

Sometimes I need to be reminded that I can’t save everybody, not the ones who don’t care to be saved, nor can I save the world.

But I will always remember that every good deed makes a difference, and that change is influenced by one random act of kindness at a time.

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More Days then none

Picture: An old memory, but always current in my heart. Walking a narrow grassy patch at Slim Lake. ❤️

Of course she’s winging it; running on playlists, faith and caffeine. Building a life out of busting her ass, messy buns, and daydreams. And maybe that’s everything. Because, in a world that’s lost its magic, she’s picking hers up as she goes. And there ain’t a wand in that girls way too heavy to carry.

~Stephen Lizotte

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The Roots of this Blog

A comment to a recent post made me think and revisit the reasons as to why so many blogs, including this one got started. Some of what I am about to say, are no facts and I can only truly speak for myself, but they are my personal beliefs and observations. I might not hit the nail on the head in all cases, but I hope you can recognize a common reason here.

I believe that many blogs get started out of adversity, because of a void and because something has gone missing in life. Society can be self absorbed, leaving us without a voice, in expectancy to follow the herds, scared to stand up on our own. We fear how we are perceived and going against the grain seems daunting, yet I’m here to tell you that I have never felt more free as to when I started to care just a little bit less about that. Sure we all seek acceptance, but at what price and what are you willing to sacrifice?

Maybe the blog serves as an outlet, to speak your mind freely, to tell the truths without fear of judgement. After all, nobody really sees you behind that keyboard and you don’t have to be nervous. You can lay it all out, and it automatically creates a comfort zone without the fear of discrimination and rejection.

Maybe you feel alone and nobody would understand your troubles in the “real world”. Maybe you fear to be perceived as weird and strange. Maybe you hold secrets nobody knows, you are ashamed of, or you had a traumatic past so painful that it is easier to write about. Maybe you feel that society is not ready for you and what you have to say.

Maybe there is a need to be heard, to tell your story, to find understanding and to be acknowledged. Things, we might think should be a given from our fellow humans, are often not and disappointment continues to build without a way to express yourself.

Perhaps your experiences are hard to relate to, and others at a different stage in their life, how no clue. You need validation that you are not the only one. You need comfort and a sign that you are on the right path.

And just maybe you find your purpose from sharing your experiences, to help others, to talk through the pain and to shine your light as a beacon for others to find their way.

I’m sure there are many more reasons as why people start a blog, but I think those listed may be some common starting points. For myself, I have been in management for the majority of my career. It was hard work, dedication and reliability that got me promoted. I always felt the need and want to pay it forward. I wanted to be in a position to help others promote and achieve whatever goals they had set for themselves. I became a mentor and I was that person that took the young aspiring worker under her wings to help fulfill that dream. I believed it was what it took, and at some point we all needed a person like that in our life to make it. For years I was that person and still I am today, but things have changed. I still help people promote and climb the corporate ladder, but it is no longer a career I seek.

A few years back after facing a number of my own struggles and adversities, I needed an outlet. I needed a bigger purpose and I felt stifled being confined to the four walls at work. It was no longer enough and the hunger to reach more people grew. My strong intuition was already developing and while I knew things without being able to explain how I knew, I felt that others needed that validation. I was never afraid to go against the grain and I was learning that it is essential at times, especially when it comes to finding yourself and the purpose you are meant to bring to this life. The right people will love you for who you are and this cool quote only confirmed what I was already feeling.

“In society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act”

Going through my troubles was a trying time and at one point I felt as if I was losing the battle and myself. I was suicidal and in the end I was afraid of myself and what I might do. Luckily that choice was never optional and I also believed. Several catalysts later I was beginning to travel a more enlightened path and felt a greater purpose, meant to be achieved. I wanted to be a voice and share my experience. I found WordPress and this blog got started. It was a means to reach beyond the four walls, a means to impact and to expand. I wanted more, and I wanted no restrictions that would limit me as to how many people could be reached. My goal was to share my story without fear, to be an open book and to wear my feelings on my sleeve. For me it is the only way and I’m not afraid if someone is trying to take advantage of it. It would be on them if they did and although it would leave me feeling sad, I have no control over it and don’t need to have any. Luckily this is a great community that is loving, accepting and non judgmental. Thank you.

I’m no expert, but what I write about comes from the heart and is a real as it can get. I’ve been blessed with meeting many special people on here and my wish to connect with more people has come true. A few days ago I wrote a post called FEELING YOUR VIBE. It talks about being an EMPATH and describes the intuition I feel about your struggles. It has been confirmed and some of you have contacted me and shared your struggles or simply voiced that you are facing tough times. I can’t explain to you how I feel these things, but I’m grateful for your trust and for being there for you. It was me who was hoping to reach more people, to make a difference and to shine a light when life gets dark. To show you that there is always a way, that silver linings do exist and that we have the most control when we surrender and give up control.

You have given me that purpose, although this not at all about me. It is about you, how you feel and what this blog can bring to the table for you. I plan to streamline the blog a little more and to include a contact page, should you ever need me or feel the need to contact me. I’m still unsettled and I still feel the troubles in your world. Please be good to yourself and take a deep breath. I’m a prime example that everything passes and so will this. Every moment brings you closer to a brighter day and I’m sending much strengths and love your way.

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Planting the seeds….

It was in the literal sense that I planted a few seeds last week. I felt the urge and the desire to grow some beautiful flowers and perhaps I felt like getting my hands dirty in a more soothing way then usual. Just a little while ago, I had bought three little flower growing kits, a Sunflower, a Lily and a Daisy. All favorite flowers and I’m surprised that this is my very first attempt to grow them myself. There they sat for a couple of weeks as I got too busy to tend to the kit to get it started. That was until last Wednesday, and in no time I gently pushed a few seeds into each planter while misting the soil afterwards to provide nourishment and the environment to stimulate growth. Today my sunflowers started to peak through the dirt and I find myself checking them every other hour. Protective and caring, I have to ensure that the conditions are perfect for them to grow strong and tall. I think they did grow some more from this morning and I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers develop as I watch their progress.

The whole process of planting the seeds was gentle and calming to my soul and reminded me of the seeds we all plant daily. The seeds of our lives, the ones defined by the ACTIONS we take and the CHOICES we make. Maybe the result are not immediately visible, and our seeds remain planted over time, hopefully growing into the RESULTS of a beautiful flower. The choice is ours of how our path will look like, if it is lined with beautiful flowers or if it is scarce with our flowers never quite able to break through the surface to find their unique beauty. 

Are we going to stand tall and grow, or are we going to get swallowed up and lost in the dirt? Every day anew we are granted another chance to plant our seeds and to get it right. To grasp the opportunity to grow our LIFE-PATH full of beautiful flowers. To enjoy the sweet smell of what is to come and live with a lust for life that keeps our seeds protected and contagious to all we come in contact with. The choice is ours…..

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A Christmas wish…

Christmas is a magical time for me and has always been. It is easy to see as to why I feel connect in so many ways to this extraordinary time of year. And if I allow my analytical mind to engage, I know that it connects to my inner core and my beliefs, which are so much more and a way of life for me. I know that it will always be more than just a seasonal Christmas wish and it might be a wish for world peace – to heal the world. Here are a few thoughts that come to mind.

Oneness- It’s a time we huddle together when storms whip through the lands. When we remember friends and family and come together as one. It’s a time we make it a priority to spend time with the ones that should always matter the most. And if distance keeps us apart like me and my loved ones in Germany, it is a time I’m closer than any other time as I wrap them deep within my heart. I miss you beyond words….
Festivities and decor-It’s a time we string the house with lights, decorate our dwellings and shine just a little bit brighter through the dark of night. As we light up the sky, a beacon shines bright as we are never lost and always find our way back home. 

Mother Nature-We incorporate Mother Nature into our homes as a festive tree casts its golden glow. Blinking lights or a steady stream, the magic of a fairytale is casting dancing shadows onto our walls, whisking us away to a wonderland of dreams and make believe. Don’t forget to breathe deeply and relax in believe. 

A season to give-May we be reminded of how good it feels to give. Smiles fill the rooms, with eyes open wide as we unwrap the thoughtful gifts and dance with excitement. And while many are less fortunate than we are, let us not forget that it doesn’t cost a thing to give a smile, a hug and a little compassion. We may even make a strangers day and instill the hope of a reminder that not all is lost. 

Spirit-It’s a time we get into the Christmas spirit and sing Christmas carol’s from the top of our lungs. A saying (Quote) hanging at my mothers house describes that he/she who sings that everything echoes each day, is believed to live a long happy fulfilled life. I’m not sure how this quote came to be and who believed in such, but maybe it’s a metaphorical reminder that we should sing from the top of our lungs a little more often. So maybe just go for it….

Family activities-It’s a time we fill the house with the sweet smell of baked goods and kick back to marvel in old movie classics and new ones. We wear ugly Christmas sweaters and might even make some new Christmas traditions.

It’s a time we go sledding, snowshoeing, skiing and engage in all kinds of winter fun. And it is usually during those times that we do laugh out loud, with heartfelt humor, all while making the memories we will hold dear for years to come. 

It’s a time of magic and wonder, a time of opening our hearts just a little bit more and a time to believe in all mankind and humanity. A time to hold our loved ones near and a time to bestow a little blessings through the act of kindness. 

My Christmas wish for you is that you enjoy all of these wonders, that you feel loved but also remember to love. May your season be filled with warmth, wonder and many special moments and memories. 
And if you want to, you might even ask yourself “Why stop here and why not carry a little magic throughout the year”.

Happy Holidays….

Xoxoxoxo ❤️