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Zen saying

You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day…unless you’re busy. Then you should sit for an hour. ❤️🦋

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Lake Tahoe Marina

I live in a beautiful area no doubt. One that has beautiful bodies of water, alpine lakes, and the mountains to play in.

Here is a recent picture of the beautiful blue waters at one of Lake Tahoe’s Marina’s. There are several Marina’s around the lake and it sure never gets old to visit. It’s like escaping, going on vacation in my own backyard with every visit to Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America.

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Shadow play

A perfect ending to another perfect day. The golden hour when the light is soft and the world becomes still is one of my favorite times a day. Everything appears so peaceful, and everything is ok while everyone and everything settles in for a night of rest to face another bustling day. It’s as if the world takes a final deep sigh in perfect warm harmony, saying “We did it, now rest assured and be still.”

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Finally it’s swimming weather here in the Sierra. I know others have braved the frigid cold before me a few weeks back, but I finally made it and inched myself slowly into the cool blue. Awe, how I do admire those that can just jump in and be done with it. No not me, I have to get acclimated, maybe it’s fear my heart will stop from the cold shock, haha.

While inching my way forward every few minutes or so, I slipped a couple of times which resulted in wild arm flailing to get my balance back. Goodness gracious, what a spectacle. Needless to say that I choose my precise timing when I make my attempts of going in. Yep, I do try to spare you the sight, or deny you that entertainment, whichever you prefer.

Well everything is good now and from here on out until the season ends, I once again enjoyed the best natural swimming holes and it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Secret waterhole

This picture came about on the way up to one of my secret waterholes. Yes, you pass one gorgeous lake on the way to an even more gorgeous lake. If that is even possible,

It’s a short but in parts steep hike to the upper lake which will get you closer to the granite mountain peaks looming above. I remember the first time I hiked it, many years ago, younger but strangely struggling much more than I do now. I had to stop and catch my breath, pausing ever so often. One would assume that you health declines over the years when we got older, especially with the RA, but I seem to have grown stronger, and the trail doesn’t bother me anymore. You could say that I have found my stride, my pace, my rhythm in this life and I can do it without breaks or having to catch my breath now. At least that part of life. Good for me and I am grateful, especially when I think about the painful days.

The upper lake has a great flat rock at the waters edge which is perfect for napping and listening to the soothing sounds of the water. While most flock to the busy shorelines of Lake Tahoe, this is perfect for me and finding a little quiet place with nothing but solitude.

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As daylight fades

This picture was taken just yesterday, late in the day, as daylight was fading. Most weeks I hike on Mondays and Tuesday and the scenery close to my house just never get’s hold. How could it? Just look at it, it looks perfect. It’s my birthday week and Saturday I will add another year to the list. This place allows you to escape the crowds and party’s of Lake Tahoe which is also close to my house. The choice is yours and depends on what you want. Tahoe is the place if you like to party and love crowds and lots of noise. No doubt is the area beautiful around the lake, but during the summer month it gets pretty touristy. You know where you will find me. Well actually you won’t because there are far too many serene, secluded, and quiet, secret, spots with a view over here.

This week’s bonus wildlife included countless deer and stags, pronghorn antelopes, several snakes and a few marmots. I have to admit that snakes still startle me a bit since my accident where I almost stepped on one, over corrected, slipped and dislocated my elbow. So there is still a little hesitation around those sleek creatures but usually all wildlife is welcome, and their sightings always makes the trip even more special and memorable.

It is also on my hiking days that I fall behind answering your precious comments and I thank you for your patience while I catch up. You should here from me over the next few days. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this picture and have a great week.

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Paint the sky

Surrounded by “Blue” and wispy clouds, painting the sky at one of my secret spots. Have you ever taken a moment cloud watching? How would you rate your imagination, did you see all kinds of shapes, or did you struggle and thought it was boring?

Lifted by the wind and swooped across the sky in their ever shape shifting forms. To gather at times and to fall apart on others, vanishing into thin air. Thick and puffy one day, transparent and frail the next.

Call me a dreamer as I often sit in silence while watching them dance across the sky. Spotting various shapes, a past-time we surely all have done at some point or another. Perhaps as kids or adults, remembering these precious moments of peace and serenity.

Watching the sky reminds me of the unseen forces at hand that surround our daily life’s. Sometimes lifted by blessings, we soar high and glide along, and sometimes life explodes into a storm to relieve pressures. Neither can be controlled, and while Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, we also get the chance to make the best out of every given opportunity. Choose wildly 😉

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Chronic Pain

This picture was taken a few years back at another favorite spot where the marmots run wild and whistle to signal you are near. I will never forget backpacking and camping at this beautiful spot under a starry night and a full moon. It was light enough for the mountain to reflect in the lake as the glow of the moon was casting it’s soft subdued light everywhere.

I love to hike and I have seen some pretty amazing spots over the years with some help. Fact is I am dealing with chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis that can cause joint damage and erosion. It’s always a struggle to hike these days and most days I say a little prayer to say safe out there. For my joints to hold up, for my ankles not to buckle and the strengths to manage the often rocky terrain. It’s painful, always, and it’s only the pain levels that vary. On a mild day more tolerable and manageable, making you feel alive with a actual quality of life, and on bad days crippling and debilitating where the simplest of tasks become a challenge. In addition to the pain, the second worse thing is the fatigue, being tired all the time, having to force yourself to move, to be active, to live a normal life. Everything takes effort on top of the pain and I have listened to my body to let it rest, to observe the signs, to be gentle and not push too hard, and at the same time push myself when I feel I can to get my strength back in order of being able to face daily life. It’s a struggle and no two days are equal.

We’ve waited so long for warmer temperatures and the humidity to lower, which have finally arrived, actually weeks ago and all June has been nice. The pain though hasn’t vanished and I am still struggling. The other day we talked about this potentially being my new reality and my way of how life is for me going forward. I struggled even more, and couldn’t accept that to be my truth. In a way it would feel like giving up, surrendering to it, giving into the fight, and it didn’t feel right. Not just yet, and while I believe that this is valuable, sometimes, that we have to pick our battles and go with the flow, I also believe that certain things are worth fighting for and this is one such a thing. You see I have been here before, not for this long as it has been now, and not as bad as it has been now, but I have been here and have witnessed it all go into remission, giving me years without pain. I have to believe that this is also a possibility and could be my truths. So perhaps the chances are 50/50 and this dreamer believes in miracles.