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Reflecting on another week

As another week is coming to an end and a new one is heading our way, I am reflecting on everything that has happened so far in 2020. It’s been quite some year, hasn’t it? Life seems to have changed overnight in such traumatic ways that just recently would have been hard to grasp and imagine. Earlier today I heard that this is the biggest mass awakening for humanity. No doubt, things are scary, how else would we learn and notice? But there is no denying and turning away from the good this has brought to our environment. I truly hope the ones in charge, the ones who can make a change are listening.

I’ve been out walking must every day, and I always try to see the world as if it was for the very first time. Gratefulness for yet another day, to have woken up, able to choose my attitude, and in search for what beauty I might find today, has become a priority to me. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and is so much more than just visual. Besides what you see, it can be a feeling, an act of kindness, gratitude, helpfulness, the act creation, a smile, and so much more. Today my inspiration was found in nature on my walk and the above picture.

How do you stay inspired?

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Our beautiful Mother Earth

Have you noticed how beautiful Mother Earth is lately? Have you noticed anything different lately?

I know many are afraid, while living in uncertainty and fear. I don’t blame you, but I also think Mother Earth is healing herself, and many of it’s creatures. There is much to mention, but here are just a few…

Dolphins and fish have returned to the lagoon in Venice, Italy. The water has become clearer, improving it’s quality.

Pollution over major cities has lifted, improving air quality and visibility.

Rush hour traffic jams are almost non existent.

Stay safe everyone and don’t remember to focus on something positive each day. 🙏🏼

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Bald Eagle spirit sighting

Lake Tahoe is a magical place when it comes to scenery and beauty. Thousands of people travel from all over the world to visit this place I call my backyard every year.

Last Monday I had a Bald Eagle fly over my head, bringing a spirit message and giving me a good look of how majestic these birds truly are. Bald Eagles are linked to my birthday as a spirit animal, and I was gifted a few feathers from this magnificent animal and Mother Nature.

I was amongst a crowd of people as this happened, but only one other person (with me at the time) noticed this awesome event. As I looked around everybody continued what they were doing, having no clue, staring at their phones, in a place like this. Haha, I must be getting old, unable to relate. Perhaps the same experienced from generation to generation.

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I am struggling a little at the current time and feel uninspired. Kind of hard to imagine, looking at this beautiful picture, but at the moment it is merely a filler, giving you something beautiful to look at. It’s another favorite spot.

Irene my friend, you are right and the lack of inspiration comes from the recent worries and stresses about Mom being in the hospital once more and not doing well. Today was a tough day, and while I need to, I can’t talk about it right now and all my attention and love is with Mom. Payers are definitely needed…thank you. ❤️

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Last days of summer

As the last days of summer dwindle down, the temperatures have teetered between mountain snow and lakeside swimming weather. It poured rain last night and I loved listening to the rhythmic sounds of droplets splashing against my window at night.

Fall is a time to slow down and restore more stillness within. It’s a time to nurture and sit back with a cup of tea, or indulge in a hot bubble bath. It’s a time for cozy onesies and to snuggle up to comfort and a movie. Everything slows down and the struggle for making the most out of my days becomes even greater as daylight is getting shorter and shorter.

This week, I have found myself less inspired, and though I want to write, I struggle to find content I really want to talk about. Monday I dropped off Thundr1 (my car) at the repair shop. My fears were quickly confirmed and the clutch was in need of replacement. It set me back a pretty penny, especially since I am not working and still am trying to heal my body to function better. Tuesday I got to talk to Mom briefly after nearly not talking to her for three weeks, due to hospitals and iPad troubles. The next day she was already admitted back into the hospital for acute breathing problems. It’s a little like rolling with the punches this week and perhaps m spirit is a little dampened by the weather and recent news. Perhaps it’s just normal and we all experience writers block or times we feel less inspirational. It will pass in no time with better stories to report.

Take care of each other…❤️🙏🏼

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Painted Dunes – Lassen National Park

Flashback to the painted dunes with Mount Lassen looming in the background. What a beautiful place just a few hours from my home. I do live in a diverse center of an ever changing landscape.

To the north live my volcanoes and the volcanic scenic highway promises a beautiful feast for the eyes. Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta are just a few favorites with a vibe and energy that will surely stir something within. It did with me and I will never forget my initial visit. Today I think that spending time at the base of Mount Shasta in Oregon was the beginning of my spiritual journey and I have never been the same since. In a good way I hope and so much has happened since. In a sense it is my true north as far as connecting with spirit and if I had to pinpoint it on a map.

To the east of me is more desert and it’s probably the least ventured area I travel.

To the south are more of my beautiful mountains, which grow bigger and bigger the further you go, forming the Sierra Nevada’s. It’s a diverse landscape with granite peaks and limestone boulders for climbing or perhaps the backdrop to an Iron Man movie. This area includes the Alabama Hills and The Buttermilk’s, which make favorite bouldering areas.

To west lies the ocean and a warmer Californian climate that I often seek during winter escapes. There is something soothing listening to the waves and watching the mystery of the fog rolling in from the ocean.

Each landscape is so unique and special in itself, that I am truly lucky to have this diversity and the ability to see these ever changing places that are all within driving proximity. I don’t ever take them for granted.