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Lower Sardine Lake

The Mountains….

The Lakes….

The View….

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Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon was a neat place to visit and the unique formations of red rock and limestone were unreal. I heard the warning sound of a rattlesnake for the first time in person and carefully changed my path. Red Rock Canyon is located near the Mojave desert and is definitely worth a stop. Just be careful where you step 😉

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Phantom Ship

The boat tour at Crater Lake, Oregon is a must when you visit. The waters are some of the bluest you will ever see and I felt like gliding through thick, blue syrup over mysteries that rest below. The tour circles around “Phantom Ship” a little island in the volcanic lake crater. Put a little fog into the mix and you find yourself in a spooky yet so beautiful dream.

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Pop of color 

A few storms have moved into my neighborhood. Not only in the sense of a few unrestful feelings, but also in the form of lower temperatures and mountain snow. I recognize that my creativity peaks whenever adversity strikes and the ideas are just pouring out of me. I have no choice but to jot them down for times when I will be able to engage in the process of bringing them to live. 

I’m seeking solitude in nature today and trust her to calm my troubled soul. I’m ok for the most part, but I’m still working through the helplessness of not being in a position of changing things a whole lot right now. In the meantime reality still causes me some grief and remains unchanged.

Today my wisdom reminds me to seek a pop of color whenever your skies are gray. This picture was taken last week and shows that your pop of color can come in all kinds of shapes and all kinds of places. It doesn’t matter where it is, or what it is you do, just find the spot that puts your soul at ease and allow the stresses to melt away. Xo 🦋

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Straight out of Afrika

I always find myself amazed and it’s hard to believe that these sightings are in my neighborhood. The day is off to a good start with the encounter of 35 Pronghorn Antelopes. I always feel like they don’t belong here and that their exotic looks belong in a place like Afrika. However, it’s not the first time to see them and I usually find them grazing along this one stretch. I look for them each time we drive by, but I haven’t seen them anywhere else but here. Today it was the number of animals that I found unusual and unique. It takes me to believing that there is some significance and that it is a sign. Perhaps to explore the symbolic and spiritual meaning of these beautiful animals in a different post.