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Sky on fire

The sky was something else tonight and Mother Nature sure put on a fantastic spectacle of light and color. I was captivated by the variations of color and the contrast between the dark ominous clouds and the light that was peaking through in several openings. I sat, while I was watching the sky change and ate what felt like my last meal. After 10AM tomorrow I will be on a liquid diet until Wednesday afternoon when the medical procedure commences and lies behind me. I guess it’s a great way to jumpstart my new dietary lifestyle change for better nutrition and I’m not complaining. I have big goals and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Little dragons

This picture was taken earlier this week during my birthday hike. Dragonflies have come into my life in an abundance of numbers. A few weeks ago one landed on my arm and they have been a constant companion for me not only on my hikes, but also by encountering them in normal day to day places. 

One of the biggest symbolic meaning of the dragonfly is change and adaptability. It seems like the universe is sending me constant signals to reassure me that everything is normal and that I can do it. 😉💙🦋🐛 

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Lupine fairies 

The wildflowers are popping up with new sightings everywhere from week to week. Due to the long lasting winter, we were off to a later than usual start, but Mother Nature seems to be working overtime to make up for it. One of my favorites are always the lupine wildflowers. From their unusual star shaped leaves to the various shades of light lilac to dark purples, they look like something out of a magical fairytale. I’m sure fairies live nearby and come visit these beauties daily. 

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Doing what I love 

We don’t always get to do what we love and sometimes we have to make due with whatever it is, that we have to do. I think we can all relate feeling stuck a time or two, but hopefully we found the opportunity to work towards changing our stars so we can enjoy the things that we love. We can always make changes and we are only stuck as long as we allow the things to keep us stuck. Maybe I’m naive or a dreamer but I believe that there is always a choice to be made. 
It’s no secret that on my day off you will probably find me on the trail. Far from the crowds, I love the silence where I can hear myself think. Where often, there is no wifi connection and no important updates, messages and calls that need to be taken. For that day and for whatever time spent away, it is me who puts life on a little hold, even though it continues and goes on with or without my awareness. I’m simply not available. 

Today is no different and I’m spending my birthday in the mountains in the hope of escaping the smoke from all the recent wildfires. The brown-grey mass is lingering like a band of thick fog in the sky and I hope to maybe get above it tomorrow to enjoy a better air quality and the view of my beloved mountains. 

Have a beautiful day everybody. Xo 💙 

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Week of Birthdays 

A busy week begins and one of my prime goals is to catch up with everybody’s blog, acknowledge the nominations with the proper thanks and just find some time to balance time that seems to be moving ever faster. A warning flag goes off in my mind when it comes to time flying by and it is telling me that it is due to the routine I’m in. When I’m on the trail or design my own day, it does tend to slow down a little as I marvel in wonder and appreciation. Maybe it boils down to my adventurous spirit vs. being stuck with the mundane chores.

Today is my Friday and all starts tomorrow morning with a visit to the tooth fairy to clean my smile. Errands afterwards, maybe cutting some hair, I will find some time for the humble blog. Wednesday back to work, my Mom’s birthday and Thursday is the birthday of my Niece in Germany and mine. For sure a hike and the day spent on the trail will be in order. The rest of the week belongs back to work with more medical procedures and lots of rest for prep and afterwards on the way for the week after. At least I hope so. No trail time next week, but what has to be done has to be done with one more left to do in August.

Wishing you a happy start to your week with this sunset picture taken near Lassen Volcanic Park. 

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Rugged Sierra 

My first day off takes me back to nature after a seven day stretch. Finally… 

I’m exhausted but I will be happy and recharge where I feel at home. More detailed posts and replies to your blogs will follow tomorrow, thank you for your patience and still finding the time to stop by here and see what’s happening in my corner. 💙

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this picture of another favorite spot of the Alabama Hills (foreground) and mighty Mount Whitney dominating the back scenery. 

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Catch of the ocean 

I was watching a man walk out into the ocean. Dressed to shield himself from the water with boots knee high, he was standing amidst the foaming waves breaking ashore. A net in hand and a fishing pole ankered behind him in the sand, he patiently stood, waiting for the catch of the ocean. 

I was watching a man walk out into the ocean, but no sea creatures came ashore for us to see. I’m not sure how long he stood, to catch and release or perhaps fill his hunger. I was watching a man standing in the ocean waiting for his perfect catch. 

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Jamison Lake 

Another beautiful spot in the Sierra near my home and this Jamison Lake. It requires a steep ascend to get to the lake and we added a little extra with a side trip to Wade lake. All in all a 8 Mile hike with a 2600 feet elevation change. Out of all things you can imagine to see in the Sierra, we ended up seeing a River Otter playing in the lake right below us. Wow, definitely an unusual sighting and definitely a sign from a spirit animal to be followed up upon another time. 😉