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Nature’s Blues

“Lake Tahoe”

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There has always been something magical about these ancient bristlecones for me. Whether it is their unique shapes, while whipped into place by Mother Nature and the storms of their life’s, or whether it is the twists and turns that have learned to withstand such force, bristlecones stand their ground and are one of a kind. Different from others, strong and special on their own.

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Fall is in the air

It’s another “Golden October” with mild temperatures and sunshine. We had a few cold days with near frost temperatures overnight, but the sunshine has returned and has replaced the chilly air with warmth’s. The change is obvious and Mother Nature is changing her wardrobe to greet us with hues of yellow, oranges and reds. It’s quite beautiful but short lived.

Have a beautiful start to your week everyone. ❤️

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Healing Forest

Come home to the forest

Where time goes slow and the breath is mellow

Where thoughts find rest and calm comes to nest

Come home to the woods

To be friend with trees and listen to the breeze

To wander through trails and mend your soul

Come home to nature

When you’re heart is hurting or your soul needs healing

When something feels wrong or you just need a place to belong

The forest awaits

Come home Be healed…

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Water ~ Wednesday

It’s no secret that I have many beautiful and favorite spots in the northern Sierra. This is an older picture showcasing the crest right above Winnemucca Lake. You can’t actually see the lake in the picture as it is behind the little spring run off pond pictured here and lies at the feet of granite wall. The area is amongst one of my favorite wildflower hikes in the spring and home to my Sierra Marmots.

Tonight, I still know that I am exactly where I need to be, and yet when those memories flash up like today, bringing this old picture my way, it’s hard not to reminisce and remember why I love this place so much.

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The Shire

Tonight’s bike ride was like scene out of the shire from Lord of the Rings. It was peaceful and quiet as Noah, Emily and myself set out for a short ride through the country. We stopped as a pond to watch ducks, saw a naked snail which is a snail without a house, kind of like a slug and watched a rabbit run across the fields for new safety. We ended up on a gravel road that turned into a tall grassy trail. It was leading into the woods, but we turned shortly after. It was getting late and I didn’t want to return the kids too late. They didn’t even had supper yet but wanted to come for a ride with me and I loved their company. It’s getting easier to ride the bike, but I imagine that once the gears are all checked, it might be even better.

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A love affair

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is a rapture on the lonely shore,

There is society, where none intrudes,

By the deep sea, and music in it’s roar,

I love not man the less, but nature more.

Lord Byron

High above and within beautiful Yosemite National Park.