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Time for a another new word post and this is one I got to experience all too well this summer. It’s Gallinipper, a noun to describe any of various insects that sting or bite, especially a large American mosquito.

And although this picture above does not represent a Gallinipper, this snake moved right in as well 😩, luckily on the outside and it gave me a good scare when I expectantly running across it a few times. I tried to get it to move on by throwing a few small pebbles in it’s direction and I finally think it did. Or it’s waiting for me to completely forget about it so the next scare is even bigger.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have been bit or stung this year, especially being outdoors more and moving into the tiny abode. I literally had welts on my skin that are taking decades to heal, as I am allergic to most of these critters. And spider bites are the worst and I don’t even want to begin to visualize it. These bites are the deepest and take the longest to heal. They itch like crazy and have left a poisonous red ring around the bite. Scratch it and you distribute the poison. It’s almost too much not to touch it and it takes a great deal of discipline. Yikes. Thank goodness mosquito season is coming to an end and the tiny abode has been prepped with spider repellent essential oils such as peppermint which the absolutely hate.

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Natural Stone Arch

Just a little picture for you today from my recent get away trip with the Cinnamon Girl. While I have been to this area numerous times in the past, it was during this trip that we discovered something new, a natural stone arch we never saw before. Just goes to show you that you can visit a place a number of times, and are still likely to see something new each time you go. Also different times a year, different seasons and cloudy days vs sunny days, all can pose an impact and might provide the feeling of seeing something for the very times, even though you’ve been here before.

Here is a picture of us en-route to have a closer look to the arch and to take some additional pictures. It wasn’t long after finding the arch that we discovered the little dome shaped cave that provided a good resting spot and escape from the sun. It’s times like these that turn into precious memories and have us look back remembering with a smile on our face.

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Cliff dwelling practice

I finally made it and got away for a few days. It wasn’t as if it was planned, and it just so happened. During the elimination of backyard weeds, it was decided to better remove Cinnamon for a few days to keep her safe. I felt guilty and downright panicky, thinking of the deadline ahead and that I couldn’t really afford to take a break. I still still think I couldn’t, but I ran myself right into the ground. Life and the current situation was taken a toll, rightfully and understandably so. Eventually my body weighed in and like so many times before, it told me differently. It made me aware that on a physical and emotional level, I needed this break perhaps more than I realized. It was downright essential and although I know this, a few shreds of guilt and concerns still remain.

This would be Cinnamon’s second overnight trip and I remember being in a great deal of pain during the first one, which in turn made it tough for me. I was happy that despite of everything, this trip turned out better and it provided that much needed break. Cinnamon had a blast and activities were kept minimal to give myself a chance to heal. Keeping stress and agitations at bay, the pain also minimized and I handled things better than expected. As always the time flew and before I knew it, it was time to return. My heart grew heavier knowing and anticipating what was awaiting me, but that’s for another day, let alone it being my confirmation and validation that the old life was killing me.

In the meantime and to describe the above picture, we went to one of my favorite places. If you’ve seen Iron Man than you know the backdrop and the area called the Alabama Hills. It was cool as always but it getting warm and Cinnamon struggles with the heat. I was on the lookout for a shady spot to give her a break (me too) as I spotted two little caves in the rock formations. The first was too small and onward to the second one which was slightly behind the first, it was. This one was like a little dome tent, enough for a few people, gear and a dog. It was clean and without any creepy crawlers, such as snakes or spiders. It was big enough to sit upright or to lay down and take a nap which we all did. Shielded from the sun and later the wind, this was our view as we watched a storm roll in over the Sierra mountains and Mount Whitney. It was very serene and peaceful, exactly what I needed and I will definitely go and revisited this beautiful cliff dwelling home again and again, over and over. I’m sure others have seen it, but it looked untouched and without disturbance. Always a bonus when restoring nature’s beauty and leaving it exactly how it was meant to be.

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Rain check

I have to give you a rain check and unfortunately cancel our weekly Reiki healing for today.

As another garage sale weekend is slowly winding down and the rest of the house is in shambles, I need to dig deep and find the energy to get it in tickety boo shape for tomorrow’s updated picture shoot. Today I am asking you to send healing vibes and loads of energy my way, so I can tackle all my chores. Thank you in advance, you are most appreciated.

I leave you with a picture of one of my favorite places on earth. It’s were the water runs clear in alpine lakes and streams. Where the mountains are majestic and boulders dot the meadows. It’s where the marmots run free and soak up the sun, sprawled out on rocks. It’s heaven on earth and I hope you enjoy as I send you into a new week and wish you much Love and light .

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“The Earthkeepers teach that creation – the earth, humans, whales, rocks and even the stars – are made of vibration and light.”

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

According to Alberto, the Earthkeepers are shamans who rose to the level of angels. Some are in human form and some are on spirit, but they have a clear mandate to protect and look after our planet.

Have you felt the urge, or heard the call to heal, to work towards bringing peace to our world? What connection to you have to your planet, to society, to life, it’s creatures, plants, wonders and humanity?

Buddhists call these beings bodhisattvas, while in the Andes and Amazon the Earthkeepers are called Laika. The Laika tell us that we have the potential to become Homo Luminous, developing luminous energy field of angels within our lifetime.

So how come we haven’t heard of these protectors keeping themselves secret for centuries? It’s undeniable that we live in different times, on the precipice of great change. Perhaps there wasn’t a need to step into the limelight before. Perhaps we weren’t ready to hear the call. I am not sure, but more and more of us are walking towards the light of enlightenment and more and more tribe members are recognized. We are growing and are no longer alone. Are you noticing?

“To an Earthkeeper, love is not a feeling or something you barter with. Love is the essence of who you are, and it radiates from you as a brilliant aura. You become love, prescribe fearlessness and attain enlightenment.”

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Breathe In Nature

The Poem you see below, I wrote several years ago..   Nature Heals ~ Sometimes when the world gets too much As our inner mind chews over such and …

Breathe In Nature

I love this poem from a new found friend here on WordPress and I love love love to find such special connections that speak to my soul. More and more the number of “US” is growing and it’s refreshing to find your tribe members and like minded kindred spirits. Life becomes even more meaningful in the process of it.

I would like to share these connections much much more in the future, so that as many people as possible can feel connected in whatever way and form fits their needs. It’s amazing as we uncover our stories, peeling away the surface levels to slowly reveal who we truly are. To be accepted for it, empowered and cheered on. It gives us wings as if there is nothing we can’t achieve. It’s so meaningful to spread motivation and inspiration when we are strong, but also find a place we can lean on each other and rest when we need to or have something on our mind.

Here, within your tribe, you can share those moments. Spread joy or vent and find compassion and understanding for the successes and challenges we face each day. Each one of us has a story and a reason why we are here and why we write. Let’s get to know each other a little better and share those special finds and moments. There is so much wisdom, knowledge and experience here that we can find an endless supply of resources and support. It’s about lifting each other and my friend Sue does exactly that. I hope you visit her soon and say hello for me.


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Welcome to new word Monday on a Tuesday and the New moon made me do it.

Today’s word describes how I felt last week while learning that my Uncle in Germany passed away from Covid.

Ambedo (n) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details – raindrops skittering down a window, which in my case was droplets and water on the shower glass door. It could be clouds of cream in your coffee, clouds passing you by, and really anything, that leads to a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life.

While we carry on with our business as usual most of the time, we are also visited with reminders, just how delicate, complex and fragile we truly are. Something could go wrong at any moment, no two days are alike and what was yesterday may not be our tomorrow. Each day is a precious gift. For us and those who get to enjoy our company. More than ever I am totally tuned in to this precious gift and it’s awareness.

I have made a big effort to stay in such a awareness. To not it let it go until another tragedy strikes where I am reminded of my own mortality, but to stay in its awareness and realize that my time is not guaranteed. Not to the point where it consumes or scared me, but to a point of constant and consistent gratefulness and appreciation of living yet another day.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”, has a whole new meaning and believe me that one day you will see that most of what you were sweating was the small stuff. In another context it is the small stuff that will add up some day and become the big stuff. So don’t take it for granted and take moment to admire the beautiful sunset. Somehow I have always known this and while I feel that I have always tried to stay aware, another level has been made available to deepen this awareness further, making it even more profound.

The way I do this is to marvel more. To stop and like they say “smell the roses.” Have you done this lately, touched a actual flower bud, felt it’s texture and saw it’s beauty? I try to see each day with new eyes, discovering the world like a child must see things for the first time. Innocent and in wonder and amazement. I try to make each day count in some way, doing something special, nurturing my soul the best I can. I am gentle with myself these days. I am entering my crone years.

I just thought of something neat that I might actually do myself. Most of us have phones that can quickly snap a picture of something, anytime, anywhere.

  • “What if you captured only one picture per day. Something that brought a smile, something that touched your heart. Put it in a special folder on your phone that you can pull up every time you need a little pick me up. At the end of the year you can arrange your pictures into a photo book and print it out. Looking back, smiling in gratitude, never taking for granted the beauty of each day. How cool would that be?”
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    Baikal Zen

    Via Colin Monteath

    Life and Mother Nature can be pretty amazing. Check out this beautiful occurrence and forget your troubles for a moment by filling your heart with awe and wonder.

    This rare phenomenon is called “Baikal Zen.” Rocks that have fallen on the ice of Lake Baikal are heated by sunlight and emit infrared rays that melt the ice below. Once the sun is gone, the ice becomes solid again, creating a small support for the rock above.

    How cool is that?

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    The many faces of the Sierra

    Picture from a recent adventure. The water was calm, reflecting a red sun as the smoke was rolling over the mountains, only to cover the landscape once more. It had done so on many occasion in the later part of summer, it was almost a daily occurrence. Winds were also a key factor, sometimes driving the smoke to settle in The Valley, while lifting it out and over the mountain range on other times. Burnt smells, raining ashes, and unhealthy air qualities usually accompanied these events. In this picture you can clearly see the smoke coming in, but the air quality was still good and besides a restricted view, it was ok to be out there.

    We had gotten lucky and it was clear most of the day. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps we had driven above the smoke line and it was beneath us. The entire drive up was gloomy and gray, and for a moment it appeared that we might have to cancel our outdoor adventure. Surprisingly it was clear on the top, and we got to enjoy a hike through a colorful aspen forests. A narrow trail meandered along Paiute Pass, constantly climbing in elevation. The views were breathtaking with golden glows, softly swaying in the breeze wherever the eye wandered. It was a new place to see as far as fall colors go and it didn’t disappoint. This picture was taken towards the end of the day and during nature’s last light. I hope you enjoyed it.

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    It’s new word Monday again, and although this picture dates a couple years back, this was definitely one of those moments.

    Today’s word is Ataraxia, a Greek noun that stands for the state of blissful and serene calmness.

    Can you imagine yourself sitting on top of this rock, with this views, caught in a moment of bliss, serenity and nothing but calm? Soaking up the warmth’s of the sun, in a t-shirt while gazing at the snow covered peaks across from you? It’s a magical place for me and I think this word is perfect in describing it. I hope you, yourself know of a place similar to this that brings you immense joy and a calm that is restorative and healing. 🙏🏼💙