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What a view…

Could you see yourself camping here? The high Sierra at it’s best in this heavenly spot near Mammoth Lakes. I would never want to leave, but then, what else is new. Xo 💙

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It’s not every day that you get to swim in an alpine lake, even though for me it is quite possible during the summer months, since I live amongst many. I’m lucky and don’t take it a moment for granted. I recently had a couple of opportunities to go for a swim and was reminded of how truly wonderful it is. 

I’ve noticed a difference with the RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) and came to the conclusion that the cold water helped with the swelling and restricting of the blood vessels. Less pain, which is wonderful at this point. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist on Tuesday and I’m hoping for insight and choices. I’m not a pill taker and I won’t be thrilled about that option. I’m sure it will be the recommendation as there is no money in other options for the pharmaceutical business. If so, I will continue to seek natural and alternative ways and the pill poison will be temporary until my lifestyle changes. 

But this is not really what I wanted this post to be about. There was something I noticed, looking at the picture afterwards. I saw the ripples that emerged around my body in small, circular waves, almost like a heartbeat coming from the center of it, from ME. I noticed the movement that came from me and that was created to keep afloat. I noticed how it was affecting my surroundings. I saw the ripples as messengers, vibrational emotions sent out into the world. Further I studied how they fit into the scene, where they disruptive, creating havoc or were they at peace. I felt that they were harmonious which I credit to the way Mother Nature makes me feel when I’m out in the wild. I have a passion for her and I’m at peace for those hours spent within her glory. 

Back to the ripples, I think there are ripples that we create each day. Some visible, while others remain hidden, everything is affected by our motion which is ruled by our feelings and the choices we make. Have you ever wondered what signals we are sending and how our ripples look like? Are there consequences of our doing, and how do they impact our surroundings / ourselves? I often find myself in deep thought, a dreamlike state, as how I would envision a philosopher, analyzing things like these, while wondering if anyone else truly ever thinks about that stuff. I’m sure and I can’t be the only one, but I do think that it is rare and a gift we should cherish if we can be still enough to allow thoughts like these to surface. 

My ripples are noticeable right now as I’m softly peddling to stay afloat, but they will change if I want to pursue the life I see for myself. There is a storm brewing inside of me, that has been suppressed for far too long, and that will increase in size and the strengths of my ripples. I know it will and I’m preparing for the eye of the storm. I’m not afraid and my ripples are still smooth. I know that at one point they will become huge walls that might threaten to drown me, but I have faith. The whole process of coming into myself has shaped me, with new meanings and understandings each day. A few require action to fight for what I believe in and I know that the time is nearing. As the ripples become stronger, they, or I will have to make some waves before everything will settle down and find it’s harmony like it was always meant to be. I can see the future and what will be. The path and the ripples might be rocky and wavy at times, but it’s a beautiful thing in the process of my journey and in the process of arriving.

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Winnemucca Lake Memories

During most backpacking/camping trips, we woke up early, but there was no rush for anything. It was still chilly from the night before and we decided to stay tucked in for awhile. First daylight was hitting Mount Round Top as we watched the rays casting it’s crisp glow through the mesh window. Silence and a comforting peace was in the air, the one that makes you stretch your arms out wide, inhale deeply and sigh with the deepest feeling of appreciation and gratitude. What an amazing place it was and how amazing to witness this splendor in all its glory. After getting our fix, we eventually got up since someone always has to pee at some point. TMI but the truth, and I say it how it comes to mind. It was then that we discovered that the obnoxious, screeching bird was gone, but had pooped on our cook stove. One last present hopefully and we didn’t notice his loud, piercing call for the remainder of the trip. He must had given up on us and realized that we were not leaving this beautiful spot. 

After breakfast, we wandered down to the water’s edge, to sit at our grassy patch and enjoy the serenity we felt. Everything was still as we skimmed the lake’s surface for drinking water. The water was clear and no filter was required. Soon the crowds would appear and as always we would watch them come and go, one group after another. Nobody could sit and stay like we did, or make it an all day event. It was usually off rushing to the next attraction in the old familiar sense of a fast paced lifestyle. A lifestyle that without trouble we were eager to put behind us by finding a beautiful spot and staying for a long, long while. 

The first people arrived, some loud, even reminding me of the loud, obnoxious bird and everybody obviously came out here for different reasons. Few are quiet and most like to party and seek some sort of adrenaline rush. It’s sad to say that in popular places like these, trail etiquette often goes missing and there is little consideration for the space and privacy of others. It’s public land and one can only hope the other has enough manners to not march right through your stuff and give you a little space. Working in retail it is obvious that we come out here to escape the noise and to find solitude and peace, but you often have to get off trail or backpack deeper into the high country not everyone is willing to put in the effort, to find that kind of quiet. 

This morning was no different and the noise came and went until we decided to further explore the area. We hiked to the far end of the lake, over rock piles and boulders until we sat high up on a cliff, overlooking the crowds below. We stayed as long as we could, taking it all in, while knowing that shortly we would have to break camp and make our way back down the two mile trail to where the car was parked. Once again thunderstorm clouds were moving across the sky to add drama, but just like the day before they vanished without a sprinkle. It would have been ok either way since we had the tent for shelter. There is something comforting and something I love in the sound of rain hitting the tent. I think it was only once that I wasn’t thrilled about it and that was in Canada and during a 30 degree, cold, wet miserable night, sleeping on the cold ground because we punctured the air mattress. And yet I have to smile about it now, thinking of the memories of that night that most likely I will never forget. 

It was time to pack up and make our way back. We stalled and procrastinated as usual, not wanting to leave while joking that we should call in sick to work. It was a joke and we had never done anything like that. Good, dependable and responsible people we are, we weren’t about to start a new tradition, even though it was tempting haha. The packs were lighter without the food as we took our first steps away from the lake. Turning ever so often and taking another moment and another picture, it was hard to leave this place behind. I had to remind myself of the beautiful scenic descend that was ahead of us, with the lush Meadow and the stone garden, the old dead tree that always draws me in and the wildflowers that were blooming amongst the few patches of snow that remained. We turned one final time as if to wave goodbye to our adventure of wonder and natural beauty. We stole one more memory of the stunning blue of day and the golden glow under a full moon. 

Until we meet again…

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Solid Gold

We woke up just in time for the magic hour. It’s my favorite and there is such an amazing ambience, a vibe and a mood that is hard to match any other time. Peeking our heads out of the tent, there was not a moment to waste and the mountain range across from Winnemucca Lake was already lit up. I grabbed the camera and hurried out of the tent to find a interesting composition that struck my eye. I wasn’t too picky and the sun was setting quickly, but I did find myself wishing that I had a little more time and had woken up earlier. The nap was great though, but it also stole my opportunity to get some different angles and a variety of photo ops. You get some, you lose some and life is a constant give and take I guess. Why should it be different in nature. In the end I couldn’t complain and believe I captured some magic. It only takes one good shot and I was ok with what I was lucky to experience during the “Solid gold”. It would only be the beginning and what was about to follow under the moon-lit sky, would have no shortage of packing its own magic. Fingers crossed I would be lucky enough to capture a fraction of what I imagined would unfold, for sure I would be a very happy person. But that, and upholding the good cliffhanger fashion, is meant to be told in another post, isn’t it? 😉

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Hello Winnemucca Lake

It’s been awhile since I first wrote about our backpacking trip to Winnemucca Lake and you can read the beginning of it here. There are more pictures and stories to share and tonight I will attempt to bring you another little chapter of that trip. After the boulder Meadow, you are literally a short distance away from the top and peaking over the rim. Be prepared once you reach that moment, because if you thought the two mile hike up was breathtaking already, you will be in awe once you see the lake spread out just over the ridge. Dark blue in color, with Mount Round Top dominating above it, it is nestled in granite, surviving glacier fields from last winter and a few small waterfalls that feed into the lake. It is one of those places that just never get old and we were looking forward to spending the night up there. To watch the sunset and camp out over a full moon rising into the star studded night sky, what could be better!

We reached our camp site (our favorite one out of the three) and set up the tent to store our belongings inside without having to lug it around with us. The site and the view was hard to beat and exactly how we remembered. What a night it would be. We spotted a marmot sunning on a nearby rock and I was in heaven. Little did I know that it would sadly be the only one that crossed our paths. Very unlikely compared to the other times and I’m looking forward to make up for this lack another time. We grabbed the lunch that I brought from home, consisting of hamburger bagels, fruit, and salad and our valuables. Towel in hand and camera in tow, we started heading down the short distance to a tiny grass patch right near the waters edge. We were hungry and the spot for a picnic was picture perfect. We had reached heaven for sure. We stayed for hours, cooling off in the water, exploring flowers and plants, taking pictures while watching other people that seemed to come and go without end. Nobody could stay and sit for awhile and off to the next attraction it was. It was early evening when we started to head back to camp and cooked dinner in the form of a hearty soup with saltine crackers. It was perfect and it filled the spot. The plan was to stay up to play in the moonlight, but we were tired from the early start to our day and the hike up with the heavy packs. A nap wouldn’t be a bad idea and we quickly set up the inside of the tent. Sleeping pad and sleeping bag….check. Pillow and items stored we didn’t needed….check, it felt good to just lay down. If the annoying screeching bird outside could take a break as well for a bit, that would be great. I’m not sure what bird it was and I usually love birds, but this one was so loud and obnoxious to say the least that it was hard to find something likable in the loud screaming. Despite the ruckus, we drifted off into slumber-land at some point and luckily woke up just before the golden hour.

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To be continued….😉

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Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush is one of the many wildflowers encountered on the way to Winnemucca Lake. This one has a special meaning to me as it ties together a few passions dear to my heart. 

I love wildflowers and really anything that has to do with the wild.

I relate in many ways to the Native American wisdom and on some days I wear a war bonnet for its symbolic meaning in regards to my journey.

Lastly, I’m artistic and love to paint. So the name of this beautiful vibrant wildflower brings it all together for me and helps me be still. Here is a closer look and isn’t she gorgeous?

Take time and smell the flowers….

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Pony update 

Thank you all for keeping your fingers crossed about “The Pony” and your inquiries. I don’t have her back yet and she is spending one more night, but I did the little “ungrateful fuel pump” injustice and it is working just fine. After all it decided to continue to work and my fingers are crossed she can forgive me for initially blaming her and calling her ungrateful haha. Problem is some other matters are still present and need to be addressed before I take “The Pony” home and I hope to know more tomorrow. 

In the meantime here is a picture of Mother Nature’s beautiful spectacle from a week ago. I hope you enjoy it. XO 💙🦋

PS. The human billboard already worked today and got my new mechanic my first referral. 

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Spot the deer, dear…

This picture was taken last week during what I call the magical hour. Dusk was setting in and I stayed out late to watch the sunset falling over Gold Lake. One of my little friends came out of the woods to visit and hang out with us for quite some time. Unbothered by our presence he roamed right behind us and in close proximity, looking up ever so often when a unfamiliar noise reached his ears. He never got spooked and eventually walked off into the sunset. It is always moments like these that remain with me in the end. They might not be much to most, but everything to me and I’m grateful to be allowed to be a part of them. I believe that our spirits connect in many different forms and shapes and this was definitely one of those moments.