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October Full Moon 2021

The full moon is always a special time for me and as a typical Moon-child I have always felt drawn to it. I miss going to my monthly drum circle, drumming in the energy, singing and chanting, releasing what no longer serves me, and indulging in a short, lead shamanic journey. I miss this time being shared with like minded souls as the energy amplifies in a group setting. For the time being, it’s not feasible for me to attend this group setting and my rituals are performed mainly alone right now. Still powerful, I connect and tap into the energy of the Hunters Moon.

I woke differently this morning, with what I perceived as some fire energy from the full moon. My vision was off, somewhat blurry, and everything appeared to be rimmed by a small outline of burning flames. Soon all sounds were amplified, louder as usual with sort of an echo. With it came an enormous pressure on my forehead and honestly I am surprised now that I am well enough to type this post. Symptoms have decreased but they are not completely gone just yet. I am drowning myself in drinking extra water and perhaps a afternoon nap is on the horizon in a few hours. But first, let’s take a closer look at tonight’s Hunter Moon.

We enter the moon cycle and the last quarter of the year in preparation for Winter. The harvest of the season is over and preservation and preparation for the icy cold days and nights are ahead of us. Even in my corner of the world the first snow and frost has made it’s appearance and introduced gloomier days with less sunshine. I welcome a time of soups and hot tea’s, sliced latte’s and Chili’s that feel perfect for the gray, cold skies. A period of dormancy is starting and the spiritual meaning of this moon is focused on internal work and self reflection. Haven’t we done so much of this already this year? I know that I have and the work continues and is never done as we welcome the darkness and embrace the darker half of the year. For myself, I feel content, for I have really made progress working with my shadow self and the darkness. more than ever has the darkness been a part of my life this year and it has made a world of difference. I feel that I have befriended the darkness to a great extent, and love and light which are not always a given when doing spiritual work have been gifted to me almost like a reward because of doing the work. The hard work, the one that scares us initially, the one we have shied away for so long, afraid of what we might uncover in it’s process. I couldn’t be more grateful for the lessons that brought this darkness to the forefront this year and I wouldn’t change a thing, although some of it sucked a big one. Lol….

This is a wonderful time to reflect and to look back. To show gratitude and appreciation for all that Nature has given us, and also to recognize all the work we have done so far. To see our journey and to give thanks for all we have achieved. Take a moment to be still and reflect. What have you’ve been working on this year? Where were you at the beginning of your journey and where are you now? Pinpoint what still needs to change, what perhaps is holding you back, and you will know what to release during this full moon. As the Veil has grown thinner, magick is in the air and we are presented with spiritual growth and goal setting. Our ancestors and loved ones are closer to us, cheering and supporting us along the way. What is the next step for you?

The old farmers almanac states that if October brings heavy frosts and winds, then January and February will be mild. Although we are in a drought and need moisture badly to replenish reservoirs and lakes to combat a new fire season that surely will revisit us next year, I can’t help but hope for a milder winter as it is my first out of my big house. The winds were hauling last night and gusting strongly while the Tiny Boho Abode is undergoing winterization. At 1 AM the skirt to conceal the undercarriage was blowing down the road and had to be retrieved, hopefully to be finishing it’s install today before the next wave of rain and snow hits.

Besides gratitude and self reflection, this is also a time of balance, transition, developing your physic gifts, the afterlife, shamanic work, dream work, Arch Angels and much more. Whatever it is you are working on right now, consider yourself supported and carried by the energy of the full moon. I am decked out wearing silver today, which is one of the colors favored during this cycle. You might also try ruby red or dark purple, black, burnt orange, navy blue or gold. I am wearing some of my gemstones in the form of a bracelet, necklace or even earrings to further support this time and myself, absorbing as much energy as I can.

Let’s look at some activities and ritual of how we can celebrate even more. Maybe we fill our kitchens and houses with the aromatic smells of canning and food preservation. Perhaps that DIY project we never finished finds a new meaning and purpose. Candle light fills our space as we prepare for Yule and the Winter Solstice in deep concentration and meditation. Maybe this is a time we make hand crafted Christmas gifts that involve, touch, feel and smell. What about a healthy potion made with organic herbs, perhaps from your own garden, hand collected. Have you ever made handmade soaps? Do you knit or crochet? This used to be a time I spent with Mom knitting handmade Socks and perhaps this year through my healing journey I will be able to hold the yarn tight enough once more, being able to make a fist to support this practice before I forget how to do it. This is a time when I like to work on crafting and stocking up my inventory for my business at Youniqua. Unfortunately for the time being and other pressing issues still at hand that require attention, my online shop is not offering any handmade artifacts. I can still produce inventory however and it’s also a time for my Dragons Breath (Ginger potion) and Dragons Blood (Elderberry syrup). Whatever it is that we focus our energy on right now will bring more relaxation and enjoyment for the months ahead.

This is a time to continue our internal work. Don’t be afraid of the darkness within you and figure out how she is a part of you and who you are. Don’t judge yourself, just observe. Meet yourself with kindness and understanding. Be patient and forgiving. Acknowledge and forge a new plan for what you would like to see in your future. Perhaps you will journal your thoughts so you can revisit them as often as you need to remind yourself in the months ahead, until spring when your ideas can sprout into new life. Wishing you blessings on this full moon and always.

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New Moon in Taurus

Picture: Google

May 11th, the new moon in Taurus, signaling a fresh start and the beginning of a new lunar cycle. While new moon energy affects us each in it’s own unique way, this cycle is activating the need for change and bringing value to our situation.

The new lunar cycle is about empowerment and radical self care. It preserves the energy for what you truly value, while setting boundaries , and not neglecting your well being for the comfort of others. To me it seems a continuation of the energy at hand and previously written about, soliciting the knowledge of what spirit animal is stepping for forward to support each month. It seems to be right in line with everything else and nothing appears to be out of order, or out of place. With that said, take comfort that not much new energy is heading your way, allowing you time to work on what you already started, honing in on it and perfecting your craft. Don’t forget that Pluto is retrograde, opening doors that previously appeared tightly shut.

Another layer to this new moon is the connection with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. It is now time to no longer give away our power, to stand up for our worth and to remain grounded and firm. Now is the time to release guilt and all we have suppressed within outsell ourselves. Now, we choose the reality we truly see, deserve and dream of. New decisions can feel challenging and downright overwhelming, but this specific time is for our highest good. Everything is already on the way, so use the energy of this new moon to revisit your goals and dreams.

I feel like this new moon is speaking directly to me. Like it is giving me the pep talk to keep going, to stay the course, to be reassured that this pain I am feeling right now is not meant to last forever. As with every new moon, we set out intentions and clearly communicate to the universe where we see ourselves and what we are going to achieve. Notice that I am not using the phrase “hope to achieve”, as this leaves room for your manifesto not being as powerful. Envision it, see it in your minds eye as if you have achieved it already, be grateful, and consider it done.

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Full Moon energy

For some reason, at first unknown to me, I am still working with the energy of the full Snow moon from the 27th of February. By now it is clear that it was needed to bring what has been lying under deep deep covers, stored away for such a long time, as I was slowly becoming aware.

Being a moon child my connection to the moon has always been very important but it seems, the energy of this one was at an entirely new level. One that took me deep, encouraging me to face a few skeletons and bring these levels to surface. Something had shifted, a feeling that I was ready to begin peeling back the layers accumulated over decades of ancestral trauma. Wounds were calling to be acknowledged, understood, perhaps healed since a long time.

Leading up to the full moon things became increasingly more emotional for me. As if my glass was full to the brim, nearly flowing over, unable to take the slightest disturbance. It would surely push me over, I just didn’t knew in which way.

I was working in my kitchen the day before the full moon and actually felt great about everything I had accomplished. New Elderberry syrup was cooking on the stove, I processed my homemade Fire cider that had been fermenting for the past three month, made “Doggy Doo Shampoo” for Cinnamon, a Rosemary smudge stick (my favorite) wrapped in tulip blooms, which all took a few hours to do. Not sooner was I done and sat down, I felt tired and drained. Besides the accomplishments, a strange sadness crept in and engulfed me like a big dark cloud. A sadness that felt painful and isolated. All I could do is sit, hand on my heart, playing a video game in a fog like state of mind, observing a mindless wasting of time without caring much. I actually don’t know how much time passed sitting like this. I was drained emotionally, unable to think and worry, my mind had checked out, leaving me sit there, just being. I couldn’t explain what exactly brought me to this point and I chucked it up to the stress in my life, the uncertainties, the worries, the things that need attention, the void and what’s missing, the emptiness and what’s still waiting and needs my attention. It’s a lot, it truly is, but one step at a time, right!

The next day while on a hike with the Cinnamon girl the same happened. During a break and her chewing up a branch, the sadness returned and there I was, in a beautiful place, overwhelmed by whatever brought this on, crying silently, inward, without disturbing anyone or letting them help or console me. “You and your feelings”, “pull yourself together”, “what’s wrong with you”, voices of the past commanded me until eventually the moment passed.

Later at home I researched the full moon energy and came across an article from Mia Steiber. She explains that this full moon can ring alarm bells and that emotional souls out there can tend to feel overwhelmed by Virgo’s notoriously critical nature. Water signs such as myself (Cancer) may feel more delicate during this time and I think this definitely applied to me.

Further she claims that tensions will run high and that the undercurrents since the last new moon will come to the surface. As such, it’s important to be in charge of the energy you chose to invite during this time. I didn’t feel in charge of my energy at all and what I wanted to invite, but I knew that “this@ wasn’t it. It was time to dig deeper and get to the bottom of it, utilizing the moon energy that rules our inner self. I went inward the night of the full moon to find, meet, and hopefully heal an inner child that had left me emotionally so broken. An inner child that needed to be acknowledged and re-integrated with myself. I’ve been working with this energy ever since and great progress has been made I think. I have learned a great deal and I hope to share this experience with you shortly.

To be continued…

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New moon in Aquarius

“Where one find an obstacle, another finds a helpful resting point. Yet another, a secret passage.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never change the natural placement of the stars.

At any given moment, however, you are free to elevate the angle from which you experience them.”

~Jai Dev Singh

Aquarius activates our most idealistic, notions about why could, maybe, possibly be. Brainstorm as if anything were possible. One caveat: Before you action any of it, remember that mercury is retrograde until February 20th. But dream now and plan, because whatever you cook up will be double blessed half a year from now.

Happy New Moon. Be still for a few minutes. Connect with the energy of the new moon, dream big and set your intentions. Where do you see yourself in 6 month? See it as if it has come to life already. Let the universe know what you like to manifest and consider it done.

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Full Moon in Cancer

As Santa returns to the North Pole, the year 2020 is coming to an end with the last full moon of the year. It’s the full moon in cancer, my own astrology sign, and I can’t help but take the message of this full moon personal as if it was written for me. It’s a great message to end the year, and fact is that we all are in need of a great message to welcome 2021 restored, with open arms, and a glimmer of hope and a twinkle in our eyes.

According this last full moon is bringing spectacular blessings and soul renewals. The full moon in cancer will create the most magnificent energy for freeing yourself from the past. What an amazing way to close the year and tie up loose ends. The moon cycle marks the birth of your new life and the manifestation of new dreams. Your spirit will be renewed, your divine connection enhanced. Life comes full circle!

Get excited my friends, the universe is smiling upon each and every one of us and this is what we’ve been waiting for.

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December new moon and total eclipse

Photo credit: Google

We are moving “new word” Monday to Tuesday this week to make room for the last new moon of 2020. It’s also a total solar eclipse. It is said that the portal to the new world is opening on December the 14th, but what exactly does that mean to us?

Many have felt a heightened sense in emotions and energy over the last couple of weeks. Things we just can’t pinpoint, understand, explain, or put our finger on a 100%. Some of us have been more emotional, crying for no apparent reason, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, vulnerable and more fragile. Others grasp on to whatever they can for a glimpse of something positive, something that can carry themselves through the rough sea. And yet others are on the brink with hope, faith, and optimism that has dwindled into dangerously low reserves. You are definitely not alone here. After everything 2020 has thrown at most of us, it’s no wonder we feel off balance a little.

Personally and like so many of you, I hold on to the positives and choose to believe that everything is as it needs to be. It is said that the Sagittarius new moon is to flip the lens, helping us review life from a philosophical perspective. A lofty goal for a year that has tested our emotional resilience and empathy. However, Sagittarius is the eternal seeker and student of the zodiac.

A question from the new moon: What are we meant to learn from this? In what ways did we grow? Are there lessons still to apply?

Perhaps the answer is not easy and a difficult subject. Perhaps the answer is not likely to come from the usual sources. The December 2020 Sagittarius new moon and total solar eclipse gives us an opportunity to turn inward. Metaphorically, this is “lights out” for a moment that forces us to “see” with other senses besides our vision. What do you see when you turn inward? You might see your year like a movie reel rolling in front of your eyes. Perhaps there are things to I would change, but make sure you also acknowledge how far you have come. That you see and give thanks for the battles you have fought, the victories, big and small that have led you to this very moment. Maybe you have an epiphany about how to redesign your entire support system. So when you hear of a new world, it could be as simple as that. You might compare it with a New Years resolution, a promise you’ve made yourself, a goal you’ve set, a new found motivation, anything that is changing your life, allowing a new world to emerge. With it you change your vibration, closely matching the energy of this new world. You see the new world, the universe, our guardian angels and guides want us all to succeed and do great things with our life. They love is unconditionally and are always in our corner, rooting for us.

Here are a few ways you can tap into the visionary energy of the new moon and the total solar eclipse.

  • Redesign your sense of adventure. While restrictions have drastically affected our ability to travel, we have to dig deep on that one and get creative. Perhaps it’s taking up a new hobby without comprising your safety, or something like that. Get as wild as you can and want to. Maybe it’s time to take these online belly dancing classes after all. I will touch on that once more.
  • Reach out across “differences” and divides. Make the effort to connect to someone outside of your usual circle. And not in a superficial way!
  • Become a media maven or mogul. Maybe it’s time to open that Etsy shop, check out or Amazon’s createSpace. Maybe it’s time to discover your inner Picasso. Apply yourself to whatever you’re genius at.
  • Free your hips. More belly dancing anyone? Stiff hips can increase the load on the spine, cause back pain, and limit our overall range of motion. Yogis believe that the hips are the storage center for pent up feelings about control. Another reason to drop the control freak habits. Freeing them can bring amazing release, both physically and emotionally. Kundalini yoga is perfect to add to your list.
  • Let yourself be a little extra. Shed self consciousness and push your limits, in the name of fun and fearless expression. Don’t worry about being “too much.” When you’re fully self expressed, it creates a gap between you and other people, giving them something to rise up to. Sure they might laugh or be shocked at first, but they’ll soon be inspired by your courage and authenticity. And they’ll feel permission to be themselves too.
  • Download your dose of daily wisdom. “A quote a day, touches your heart in a special way.” Yeah, I made that up, but I’m sticking to it. Find your gurus both in and out of the “temple” or wherever it is you go looking. See the light of consciousness in every human. Better yet, be your own guru and have fun. 🙏🏼💙
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Geminids Meteor Shower

Picture taken from google

Today I learned that the Geminids meteor shower is starting Friday night and will dominate the skies on Sunday night with bright, colorful shooting stars. Time to make some wishes I say. With a completely dark new moon, it could make this the best years meteor shower. Unlike most meteor showers which come from comet dust, the Geminids shower are fragments of an asteroid. We will have a chance to see the brightest shooting stars of 2020.

The shower is expected to produce about 120 yellow, green, orange, red, and blue shooting stars per hour. The brightest of these meteors leave glowing trails in their wake. I have snow in the forecast over the next two days so it will be unlikely that I find myself stretched out under the new moon, making snow angels while admiring colorful trails in the dark night sky. It does sound wonderful though doesn’t it, and I might have just convinced myself to bundle up and look up into the sky for some magic.

With the shower peaking Sunday night, we will have a little extra magic for our reiki healing session . See you there. 🙏🏼💙

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New moon in Scorpio

We just had a new moon on the 15th of November, and the time around a new moon is important for manifesting and setting the intentions of what we want to see coming to fruition. Today we are making an exception by delaying new word Monday until tomorrow so we can tap into this energy and start the week off strong. So let’s dig right in and see what we can expect.

Ughhh, we are tired aren’t we? You have worked so hard, doing everything you could about this past cycle. You have walked such a long way with seemingly no destination. It’s always the same and old patterns repeat. You took it to the ashes and you are expecting change. A fresh start. You need a shift, a change of scenery, a new dream to dream and a cure. You might even lost hope, only to find it later at another point once more. You have found your core, what matters the most amidst the external lack of bright plot twists or fairytale. But hope is alive and the wheel is turning. The path resumes again.

The new moon in Scorpio is said to bring a light out the uplifting energy to our lives. And who couldn’t use a little boost to help us face forward and release the past once and for all. Aren’t we all ready to make some forward momentum?

We are given the encouraging opportunity to initiate new projects, adapt new habits, and follow new paths every 28-30 days around the time when a new moon grazes the night sky. Interestingly enough, farmers once relied on the cycles of the moon and would plant under the new moon. It was the time the night sky was the darkest which gave seeds time to sprouts before the the night sky became illuminated enough for bugs and creatures to easily see them.

Have you thought about what you could plant in the darkness of the new moon? Scorpio energy is all about transformation, sex, intimacy and death. We are encouraged to explore the depths of our being, weighing light and shadow so that parts of us that no longer serve our greater purpose can die. Only this way will we transform into who we are meant to be. Take a moment and ponder who this relates to you and if there are parts of you that are no longer essential.

It is also through this evolution that we are able to connect with others more deeply. We are invited to commit to goals, habits and projects that allow us to access a deeper part of ourselves. It’s time to address any addictions, anxieties, intimacy issues or debts to connect with the freedom we wish to feel.

It’s a great time to review the last year and take stock of our shadow that represents our Dark sides. We are given the momentum to finally make strides and move forward. Jupiter and Pluto both are sending positive beams of support, providing clarity to our mental processing and ability to communicate effectively.

This new moon affects all signs and everybody has the opportunity to do well in whatever comes their way. Sometimes, like the new moon itself, we can’t always see the light in a situation, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. We’ve just got to be patient and wait until it’s reflected back at us. Even if you struggle, this will be the best new moon of the year during which to step into your magic. The biggest question is, are you ready to transform?

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A new moon intention

We have a new moon tonight, November the 15th. A fully detailed post is scheduled later today so you can fully tap into this magical time. If there are things you’d like to change, this is a time of letting go and manifesting your desires, wishes and dreams.

In a moment of silence and uninterrupted bliss, speak this little poem with Intent to grandmother moon and claim your magnificent light that was always yours.

-cutting ties-

I release you, I release you

I set you free myself from this attachment

That binds you to me

I release you, I release you

I open wide the door

You already walked through there

For you live here no more

I release you, I release you

Good luck and good bye

I’m grateful to have loved you

But I can no longer cry

I release you, I release you

I reclaim my own light

May it continue to burn

Clearly and bright

I release you, I release you

I wish you the best

This chapter has needed

Now I lay it to rest.

Leslie Bertrand @Paradoxial Phoenix

Graphic art: “Red Ribbon of Fate” by Toiea

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Halloween – Samhain – Adult version

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo…it’s Halloween/Samhain, and a full moon on top of it. I have heard it’s a once in lifetime event. Houses are decorated with intimidating displays and large spiders crawling from the sidings. Little goblins can be found in the streets, eagerly ringing doorbells, rushing from house to house, showing off their costumes, while opening their bags in the hopes of gathering a lot of sweet treats. I can’t help but wonder how different this tradition might be this year with a pandemic still at large.

My Halloween contribution is slightly different as well this year and is focused on some adult fun.

We are making some delicious, adult, hot Bourbon cider to stay warm. Halloween is usually a time for the first heavy storm to hit in my region, so the timing is perfect.

Here is what you need

1 part Makers Mark bourbon (I’m not here to endorse any brand, so it you have a favorite, I’m sure it will work even better)

4 parts apple cider

3 cinnamon sticks

5 whole cloves

3 while allspice berries

6 while peppercorns

Lemon slices and additions cinnamon sticks for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan on the stove. Let sit on medium – low heat for 1 hour (covered) and then ladle into mugs. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon slice.

And now… let the goblins come. It could turn out to be a wild and interesting night. Oh, and don’t forget to pay attention to grandmother moon and release what no longer serves you. Perhaps you charge your crystals to the magic of this rare blue Hunters moon, or drum under the moonlight like me to release old energy that no longer serves you.

So, take a little sip or two, as goblins roam the street, while waiving hello to the moon and admiring her beauty. Your magic potion will keep you warm for sure.

Happy Halloween / Samhain my friends. Enjoy.