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Harvest Moon

As a Moon-child, I don’t find it strange in the least bit that I often photograph the moon. There is something peaceful when I watch the glowing ball silently sway across the night sky.  There is always magic and awe, filled with moments of being mesmerized and eyes wide open. There is a draw to it that I can’t explain, it just is….

This picture was taken just a few days before the full Harvest Moon. It was still building to fill out into it’s round, full shape. I think it’s equally beautiful, full or not and in addition to being magical, the half moon leaves something for the imagination. Hidden and not yet fully visible, it appears mysterious, as if something was missing and incomplete. Still, we all know that it is whole, and just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Perhaps “Master Moon” is teaching us a lesson that at times there is no need to show it all, to keep some angles concealed, and remember that given the right time, the master of illusion will reveal itself in all it’s magic. 

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Calgon…Take me away…

Today belonged to me and I knew it would easily become my most favorite day out of the past ten. Initially I felt tired from my nine day working stretch, but I was able to ease into my morning and after all there was no work today. No deadlines and no chores, except laundry of which I dedicated myself to. I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but it seemed that today, I found an even greater appreciation for my time off and every minute was a gift.

The day started off with coffee while checking into WordPress and after some reading I was off to creating a new post. The morning seemed complete but it got even better. I got to chat with a dear friend and hear a familiar voice on the other end. It warmed my heart and even we don’t nearly take enough time to do it more often as life pulls constantly on the strings of time, (nothing but an excuse and I just need to make it happen instead of using it as a crutch), she knows that she’s my girl and I carry her in my heart.

It rained today and for the first time the temperatures plummeted into the 50’s. Nothing drastically, but still a sudden change that came overnight. The perfect day for bubbles and suds and I quickly turned to fill the tub for what I envisioned would end in a long relaxing bubble bath. And indeed it was….

Tuning to “Nazareth” the ballads (perfect for relaxing, I did it once before), I slipped into my bubbly cave, facing the window. I watched the clouds glide effortlessly across the blue sky, while drifting apart and giving way to the sun rays fighting to peak through the thick cloud cover. Moments later you could see them merge again and the world would fall darker. It was a constant push and pull, much like life itself. I watched the dance in the sky while letting my mind drift to think about nothing. Just observing the struggle between light and dark. Other moments were filled with the music taking over and with my eyes closed I felt the words of the song. For 1 hour 4 minutes and 36 seconds I had my own push and pull, my own dance between watching the universe and letting the music take me away. Music has always been such a vital part of my life and while not being tied to one specific genre, I believe that it is music that begins to speak when words end and can no longer convey what we we are trying to express.


Finally I had to get out of the bath if I wouldn’t want to end up completely shriveled up. Invigorated, relaxed and now standing in the tub, “Moondance” was the last song that played and had me dancing in place in that slippery tub. No, don’t worry, nothing happened and I’m perfectly fine, but I had a few slips and surprise, surprise, always something pointing me back to the moon as it grabs this moon child that resides deep within me.

I look forward to tomorrow and to another day off. And while enjoying a day relaxing in my castle (a cancer’s home), I’m ready for a hike and making some new memories. Due to a dry summer we already have fall colors appearing and I hope to capture some cool pictures. But either way I know for sure that I will capture some trail magic and any wildlife sighting will be a bonus. Fingers crossed….

Nothing wrong with a little Moon dance…check it out, just stay away from dancing in the slippery tub please. 😉