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Meeting one another

Visiting St. Jakobs Church in Rothenburg o.d.T. with Dad

In a world mesmerized by speed and negativity, shaken by dishonor, and torn apart by violence, blessed are the moments we slow down to meet one another, to see the human struggle, and remember the bond that brings us back to our hearts, as LOVE holds us together.

~Susan Frybort

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Travelers of Life

We are all travelers in this life. Individually in each journey, uniquely ours, we share moments and memories, and sometimes years or even a lifetime together. We are formed and forged by our experiences, by the straight and narrows and the detours and setbacks that belong in that journey as well. Our opinions are shaped in every instance but if we can travel through life with curiosity rather than judgement then we really live a life worth living. One that is filled with magic and special moments every day.

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A medicine woman’s prayer

I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless.

I will not fix you, for you are not broken.

I will not heal you, for I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light.

Sometimes we don’t need the actual solution, but the guidance. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing we are not alone. The work always needs to be done and sometimes we just need someone who sees us, who hears the unspoken words. Sometimes it’s just a little compassion, a little humanity that makes all the difference.

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The people who didn’t say goodbye

Albena Vatcheva

There are people who cannot say goodbye. They are born this way, this is how they die. They are the keepers of promises and what moves them does not wear out. Their loyalty will tear apart your clocks. These are the people who can hear the music in songs. They are the Vow carriers. The grandmothers who always leave the porch light on. No one is lost to the one who sees. These are the women widowed by men they never married. These are the girls who wait even when you don’t come. These are the mothers of orphans, they can turn a fake into an original. They will hear the prayer in your self-contempt. As distance is measured, people do not end. It is one of those stories that cannot be written down except across a lifetime of open doors. There is a holding on beyond the letting go. There is a reunion in everybody’s chest. This is how we come to make a family from strangers. This is how we light candles. These are people who will remember you when you meet them. These are the people you can always call at night. They’ve are humans turned angels by your asking. With each separation they go to seed again. These are the men who carried you on their shoulders. This is the one you are lonely for, the one who begins and ends your hunger. This is something that does not wear out. It is the third part of any two people who join. It opens and closes. There are people who are alone who are not apart. This is why we listen to the madman when he speaks. People change but they do not stop. This is how we learn “Forever.” There are people you can count on. They are the keepers of promises. They are candles lit from each other. They can teach us eternity. We can get what we can give. This is the instruction. There are people who do not say goodbye. As distance is measured – you are one of them.

~Merrit Malloy

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The power of Empathy

It’s crazy to think that by now I have written nearly an entire month of blog posts that are prescheduled. I feel fueled to share my experiences and the inspiration and creativity is just pouring out of me. It is still unsure of what the Wifi situation will look like in Germany and my days need to be consumed with other important tasks of a much different nature. Yet I feel that the world and especially other souls need support and inspiration more so than ever. Together we carry each other home and I definitely don’t want to miss being a part of that. Today I was contemplating of re-posting and scheduling some older posts. Posts that don’t have much to do with my current journey, but that entail subjects still current and relevant now. I might do something like that although I won’t be able to respond to comments. Today I want to share a quote from Audrey Hepburn that spoke to me. It’s a quote for the empaths, the gifted people.

“Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering. Not a career. Not wealth, not intelligence. Certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we’re going to survive with dignity.”

Are you barely hanging on? Surviving? If you do, you are actually making it and your dignity is at your side. Let’s increase this by tenfolds and believe that your good actions come back to you with your own karma. After all we reap what we sow and it is the gifted people who are changing things for a better world, a better life, a better human experience.

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The power of mindfulness

I thought this was pretty neat as I stumbled across it. It reminded me of mindfulness and how everybody can win when we work together. We will always be stronger in numbers vs if we are alone. We will always accomplish more as a team, with many hands and a diverse background.

This picture shows a drop of water on a tree leaf. 12 ants have gathered to drink…what’s amazing is that the ants have divided themselves into four groups. This is to maintain the balance of the water drop from tilting and then falling to the ground. It is a science of ants to cooperate and divide the share of water equally among them and give everyone his right.

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Less time – my soul is in a hurry

Picture: unknown Word: Mario de Andrade

“I counted my years and discovered that I have less time to live from here on out than what I have lived until now.

I feel like that kid who won a pack of sweets; the first ones ate them with pleasure, but when he realized there were few left he began to taste them intensely.

I no longer have time for endless meetings where statue, rules, procedures and internal regulations are discussed, knowing that nothing will be achieved.

I no longer have time to support dumb peoples who, despite their chronic age, haven’t grown up.

My time is short: I want the essence, my soul is in a hurry. I don’t have much sweets in the package anymore.

I want to live next to human, very humane people, who know how to laugh at their mistakes and who are not inflated by their triumphs and who take on their own responsibilities. This is how you defend human dignity and move towards truth and honesty. It’s the essential that makes life worth living.

I want to surround myself with people who know how to touch hearts, people who have been taught to grow up with gentle touches of their soul.

Yes, I’m in a hurry. I’m rushing to live with the intensity that only maturity can give.

I don’t mean to waste any of the leftover sweets. I’m sure these will be delicious, a lot more than the ones I’ve eaten so far.

My goal is to reach a satisfied and peaceful end with my loved ones and my conscience.

We have two lives and the second one starts when you realize you only have one.”

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Only for a short while

Thanksgiving has passed and the pondering’s in my mind have been working overtime. I have work to do and haven’t been able to answer comments, nor attended to the blog too much. I can feel the words waiting to be written and a few posts about it will soon emerge. Words that need to hit the keyboard to make room in my head for more.

I feel peaceful today and for the first time in what feels like forever, I have some time to myself. Yeah there is a chore here and there, but the silence has returned and it has become obvious how much I need it these days. Too much noise, chatter and turmoil is draining me like nothing else, leaving me behind feeling exhausted and with a lack of energy. But today the sun is shining and the temps are mild. I can plan my day mostly for myself and perhaps a nap later will restore what is yet missing. But before that, I will take my little Cinnamon Girl for a walk to embrace every step while breathing in serenity with all the awareness I can muster. Hopefully it will be peaceful and we don’t have any bad encounters. The memories of being shot at recently still linger here and there, but I am ok.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how precious and how short our experience is on this planet, in this realm and in this way of being. We think of all the years we might have here in this lifetime, but in reality it is only for a short while. Shorter for some than for others and Dad has been on my mind recently having left us at such a young age. My thought have wandered to Mom as well, who had a much fuller life, but one that was filled with adversity and pain. And then I can’t help it but to think of my own and what is yet to be accomplished.

“Oh, only for so short a while you have loaned us to each other, because we take form in your act of drawing us, and we take life in your painting us, and we breathe in your singing us.

But only for so short a while have you loaned us to each other. Because even drawing cut in obsidian faded, and the green feathers, the crown feathers, of the Quetzal bird lose their color, and even the sound of the waterfall die out in the dry season.

So we too, because only for a short while have you loaned us to each other.

~Aztec Indian Prayer

*take care of each other, for we are here only for a short while. 💙🙏🏼

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A moment in time and the impact of decades lived through

Photo credit: Google

Something raw was touched a few evenings ago. Something that needed releasing without me being aware of. It’s amazing how we carry on so often, if not always, powering through the moments and our days, doing our best to be in the moment, full of awareness, yet our shields are up and our swords are drawn in self defense. It happens automatically in the form of self defense that we have learned and grown accustomed to over the years. Whether it is from the driver encountered on the roadway that cuts us off and endangers our life, whether we are misunderstood and judged, leaving us feeling defeated in an unjust situation, used or abused, taken for granted or abandoned, or whether it is in some freak incident and someone decides to shoot at us, we often don’t realize how strong we are and have to be each day. It somehow becomes a way of life. After all haven’t we been conditioned to be this way from early on?

It took a long time for me to come to the conclusion that there comes a time when you have to put yourself first. When you have to look after yourself as to not run yourself into the ground. Coming to terms and changing the mindset of guilt and feeling selfish is often the most challenging piece of the journey. And yet when we encounter someone that lacks all compassion and is fully self absorbed, that’s a turnoff as well and we might view them as cold and heartless. So how do we find the balance, the in between, while taking care of ourselves without coming across as selfish. More and more each day I am learning that everything we experience and how we view the world can be tied back to a delicate balance. A balance we must find to feel comfortable in our being so we can eliminate longing, wishing and discontent.

I think balance is a key word. It’s a place where we learn to give and care for others but not at the cost of giving selflessly and not keeping an eye out for yourself. And as I write this, I feel that this is yet much deeper than that. There are numerous branches leading from the main path, numerous experiences, lessons, emotions and feelings that are unique to each one of us. It’s not a matter of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Or I only care because of the benefits, of what I can get and reap from you. It’s never been about that, but tonight I was reminded that life beats us down sometimes. For quite a while perhaps, and we don’t even realize it. Day in and day out we do our best, wanting to believe and trick ourselves into thinking that we got it handled. Do we really? Is that the honest truth or did we skidded by, cheating ourself and everybody around us once more? Did we satisfy our conscience, or did we sent it packing? Sometimes these things lie under the surface and we don’t see them until something happens that is out of the ordinary and moves us.

A few days ago a man reached out to me who saw a post I made on a hiking website. He was drawn in by my story and my words and wants to know more while feeling a need to share his own story with me. Why and why he feels called to do so with me…he is unsure. This is not the first time that something like this had happened and people have sought me out many times before. Why, I don’t know and I used to joke about having missed my career goal of becoming a psychiatrist. Others have said it’s because I am rare, that I sincerely care, and that I haven’t grown up with the American culture. I am not sure what that is, but yes I have grown up under a different culture. But why is it that it always takes me by such surprise when somebody reaches out? Like it’s something so unusual, why would someone want to reach out to ME! It’s almost as if at those times I have lost my confidence, my self worth. Perhaps I think there is nothing special, nothing worthwhile to be gained, while other times I feel there is everything to be gained by reaching out to me because I am rare and different. Life has surely beaten me down a few times, gave me false beliefs and understandings, a wrong perception and self worth that struggled at times. Here and there remains a small reminder of a wound that was created and initiated a long, long time ago. But I don’t live in that reality anymore and when it surfaces, I cry or do whatever I need to to heal and reinforce myself with unconditional love and understanding.

To add to that evening, a dear friend contacted me. One that shares a strong bond despite of how little we talk and that we have never met. She stumbled across some seat-covers that would be perfect for my jeep and out of the blue asked what color the jeep was. She said that she wanted me to have them because I am special and that I am the best dog mom ever. It was a combination of the two that send me over the edge and made me cry that evening. It wasn’t because I was sought out, because I was to gain something of material worth, but because my own worth was acknowledged. Somebody thought of me, found me worthy, wanted to do something, a random act of kindness, directed at me. It made me think of how seldom these things happen. How strong we have to be the rest of the time, powering through our days with our shields drawn. It made me feel as if kindness has become something out of the ordinary. That we are so used to defend ourselves, why we withdraw so often and become isolated and sheltered. The risks are simply too high and yet I choose this road off the beaten path.

Here I sat, overcome, experiencing a seldom moment of kindness, being thought of and valued, realizing that my shields have been up, although I fight so hard to lower them. It might become a conquest for the rest of my life, and no matter how many times I get hurt throughout it, I will take that risk because a life with shields drawn is not freedom, nor the life I want to live. Maybe you find this naive, but I am not oblivious to what’s going on. I know things will happen, that some circumstances will be taken advantage off, friendships will be taken for granted or else. In fact you will get hurt many times over, but the only thing that is on me, is the opportunity to heal that hurt. Within myself first and within others. For they don’t know what they are doing.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Picture credit: The Vikings Queen

I am taking a break from the daily musings but I wanted to come here and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving whether you celebrate this day or not. I wanted to express my gratitude for you and send some holiday wishes your way. So with that said…

May you feel comforted and loved, thought of and surrounded by great company and food. May you realize your blessings, and may you feel gratitude for everything that is. For everything that you have and for everything you have achieved. It could change in an instance and not always for the better. May your basket feel full of abundance and blessings. May you feel content and full of inner peace. May you always find your way and never be lost for too long. May you always manage to process life in a positive light, even the hard stuff. May you never give up and may you always feel appreciated, loved, wanted and needed. For you are one of a kind and you are amazing.

Happy thanksgiving 🙏🏼💙