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August Full Moon

Artist: Unknown

Have you felt the powers of this Full Moon? It felt like all recent incidents lead up to this point for me, to be fully aware of what needed to be released and to do so during the powerful Full Moon and time when the Lions Gate Portal is still active. This has been a week of dealing with some heavy issues and the first two days have definitely been rough. Then, once I wrapped my head and my thoughts around it, things became much easier and a lightness returned to my heart.

We are at the doorsteps of harvest season and to reap everything we have sown. Slower and more peaceful times are ahead of us as we prepare for winter. This Full Moon is a balance between hope and fear. We even have begun to harvest some things but the remaining crops are still in limbo. Our hope is that the universe continues to support us and shine it’s light upon us. Now is the time to face that shred of remaining fear and doubt and ensure the steps for our success are in place. What landscape are you finding yourself in at this moment of your journey? As I sit here and reflect on the year so far, I notice several landscapes I have been to. I see myself on the “Rollercoaster of Fear,” the “Valley of Loss and Doubt,” and the “Alps of Letting Go.” My new landscape has changed this week and I see myself as if I am approaching the promised land. I am at the doorsteps of “Adventure Land” and I am exited about what lies ahead. I am knocking, and I am knocking with conviction. Convinced that I am supported and that I am deserving. I am reaching the pot of gold that is always there for us at the other side of Fear. In my dreams, in my intuition and vision, I have already seen it unfold and I know that I will build my home, my sanctuary and a place peace in the upcoming months.

During this past week I have worked on some other things dear to my heart. Things I needed to make peace with, that I didn’t want to delay. All we ever have is today and all I can ever be responsible for are my own actions and not the responses or actions of others. Nor can I be responsible for their journey, their decisions and their choices, as long as mine are in order. I feel that this Full Moon has been another rebirth, another shedding of what no longer serves, a new me once more. I can’t keep track of how many new versions there have been of me this year and it has been a major learning curb. This year summarizes all open ends that have been in my life for many years. Most have been dealt with and have resolved. A few still need release but they have been acknowledged and are being worked on. It feels like I had to come to terms with everything all at once and through every experience a new me emerged, wiser, more knowledgeable and stronger. And I am grateful…

Have you felt the power of the Full Moon this month?

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To dream bigger

Walking the Cinnamon girl, I found a hawk feather the other day. They are beautiful, but then all feathers are beautiful for me and I am known to arrange feathers in a vase instead of flowers. I picked it up and my day was made. Not too much further Cinnamon picked up a scent and what I saw next was an entire hawk wing. Carefully I picked it up to carry it back to the car. I was blessing the animal this wing once belonged to knowing that it’s life had ended and made myself on the way.

At home I couldn’t help myself but to look up the spiritual meaning of the hawk feather. What stood out the most was the phrase to dream bigger. It spoke to me and made perfect sense as I find myself in the most important manifestation period of my life. What a time to be alive. I know that I have said it before but with all the knowledge and new wisdom at hand it truly shines a new perspective on it. I am given the opportunity to use all that I’ve learned to come home and turn myself into that very person Ive always was meant to be. There are no more false attributes, no more fillers. Just authenticity and I decide what stays and what has to go. There is no stress about it as I am doing this for myself. No critics, no failing, just an honest look and supporting myself the best I can. And yes, it is time and I am deserving.

It’s good to be “here” at this moment, at this time. God knows I’ve yearned to arrive at this point and finally “here I am.” I could have never imagined but I am grateful that I kept going.

It feels good and a relief settles over me. A calmness and contentment has found my heart that still knows how to skip a beat or beat with such intense pounding that it’s threatening to tear my chest wide open. Yet it’s all different now and the fear of past times has turned into gratitude, unconditional love and appreciation for each emotion that must come and go. And here is to me and all of you who have endured so much. Dream bigger and without limits. Nothing is impossible and getting this message in the sense of a whole wing worth of feathers is a urgency I cannot ignore. I nod my head like Jeannie in the bottle, smile and consider it done. I see my dreams as if they have come true already. And so mote it be…🙏🏼

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New moon in Cancer

We just had the new moon enter in Cancer a few days ago and new moons are perfect for setting new goals and manifesting dreams. With every new moon we set our intentions of what we want to achieve during the month and with every full moon we release the energy that no longer serves us.

I came across a great little affirmation for the Cancer moon and we can use it each and every day, not only on the new moon. Since Cancer is my birth sign and this affirmation feeling right for me at this part of my journey, I thought I remember it and use it throughout the month. Just imagine how powerful we can build this energy up to. Please join me if this speaks to you.

“I build my dreams for the future on solid ground. My goals are rooted in my deepest truth. I manifests my desires into reality. I am supported fully by the universe.” ~Ara

And by the way we have a new spirit animal that has stepped forward to support us through July. Check back tomorrow to see how it can relate to you.

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Manifesto of Zen and Zorba

“My manifesto of Zen is that Zorba and Zen are not antagonistic to each other. The Zorba can melt into Zen, and only then will both be complete. The man who has lived outside has lived very superficially. And the man who does not know anything about the inner, knows nothing about the existential, about the eternal…The outer and the inner part of one existence.

I want Zorba to be Buddhas and vice verse…In the completion of Zorba and Zen, a tremendous quality comes to your life; you relish every moment of the outside world, every flower of the outside world. And you relish simultaneously the inner freedom, the inner joy, the inner drunkenness. Humanity has lived in a divided way, and that has been a catastrophe. It is the people who are meditators not to allow themselves to escape from the world…Only in completion is there bliss. Only in completion have you come home.”

Osho, Zen Manifesto

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April New Moon in Aries

A new mom. Is grazing our night sky tonight. It is said to be the beginning of major progress and deep passionate love.

With every new moon we set our intentions. We cast our wishes and hope to manifest and harvest those accomplishments by the time the full moon comes around.

It snowed in my corner of the world today and inch after inch is blanketing this gorgeous medieval city I live so much. Snow is sliding off the steep roofs like avalanches and for the first time it is apparent to me as to why there are metal guards on the roofs to brave the fall of a heavy snow load that has no other place to go but down.

Today also my cousin and soon to be half brother got married and for the first time since my arrival here, I decided to take an off day and join the festivities and simply rest. Other complications have been added and I learned yesterday that in a week I will be without a car because the person my uncle made a deal with, needs it back. So you can imagine what part of my casting wish list will be.

Either way, tonight with the new moon we enter the ritual of rebirth and new beginnings. A new spirit animal has stepped forward to support the energy for April. New goals emerge, new energy is here to support our dreams, as we step with clarity, growth, and the understanding of our actions towards our birthrights. With renewed feelings we commit to who we want to be. New hope connects is to our deepest desires of the heart and soul. Deep love will manifest over the next four months, but also good luck and good fortune. Can you feel it, are you ready? Make a wish and expect magic.

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In a land far, far…away

If you are new to this site, I welcome you to my blog and my little corner, here on social media. I am grateful you have stopped by, perhaps you have left a comment, or even began to follow me. Blessed be….and I hope we support each other, and find great comfort in our words.

I am currently away as you are reading this, and I have returned to my birth country Germany to do some of the most important work I will ever do. It’s the deep work of my life and I will emerge a changed person once it is all done. While many posts are pre scheduled, (all the way through April 18th…can you believe it?), it will be this one that is pinned to the top of my blog to explain why I won’t be able to be as active, comment back, and interact with you. My time is limited to get my work done, and wifi might not always be abundant. Personal relationships and time with loved ones will take priority, but I still hope to keep you updated. I will be gone until the beginning of June and promise to catch up, read you and your insights, whenever I can.

I thank you for your continued trust and loyalty. Your friendship and support means the world to me as you guide me through the next months. I wish you all the best, while sending nothing but love and light. Stay safe and take good care of yourself.


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Reassurance at divine timing

My last weeks countdown before Germany has begun, and everything is falling into place. The tasks are getting fewer and the checklists are getting shorter. With it, an oracle card came forward to my question in regards to the upcoming journey. “Trust yourself” was the message and I saw it as a powerful reminder to what’s been out of balance lately. It’s crazy how much pain distorts, how much it robs your sense of positivity, and how heavily it overshadows everything good in your life. I have learned that a life in pain is no life at all. You are a prisoner each and every day, merely existing, hoping for the best.

Trust yourself. I don’t think I have trusted myself in awhile and my confidence has been stripped. For months I allowed circumstances to throw me around like a rag doll, but I also see the fight and all the hard work I have done on a conscious and subconscious level. Now, with only 6 days left until departure, the survival mode has kicked in once more and many worries have dissipated. I find myself amidst the process, the journey and I am no longer looking in from the outside. I have become the journey and I am trusting myself to embark on a new day, a new journey, and a new life. I will never be the same by the time this is all over, and this time I will experience this shedding of an old version, the becoming of something new, on a conscious level, making every moment, and every minute, every experience and every feeling count, for this will be the most important work I will ever do. This is the time I set myself free and I trust that I can do it.

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New Moon in March & a Prayer for humanity

Art by Tessa Mythos

With every new moon a new cycle starts and signifies a new beginning. With it comes a new opportunity to manifest and focus on what we would like to achieve and see come to fruition over the next month. While having my own big dreams and challenges, they are insignificant considering what is going right now. We are still at large with a virus worldwide and as one with the world, I want to see peace and an end to the turmoil (war) that has recently started. power and greed are the destruction of humanity in my eyes and there is much that can be said, but I will hold me peace right here, and instead send a prayer for humanity.

The energy is still intense and we felt this in January as well as in February, but it is also paving the way for magic we are just about to discover. A new cycle of building, learning and growing has started and we are ready for that lies ahead. The new moon allows glimpses of our progress which gives us that needed boost to keep going. The new moon in Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, representing healing, intuition and seclusion. We are asked to focus on completion and surrender and this couldn’t speak more to me as I embark on Germany and what is waiting for me. We are also asked to release something, something big we have been dealing with for some time, so we can step into the reality of what we’ve been manifesting. We have to make room for the new and part with some of the old. This could include material things, thoughts, habits, or simply a new way of being and seeing our life. No matter what it is, it is big and we will feel much lighter, lucky, even magical as the energy shifts around us. You should feel inspired to close some old chapters and walk towards something that truly inspires you. Self-care is still a prioritization, so make sure you meet yourself with love on all aspect

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A rare and special day in numerology, with a message from our angels

Picture: Facebook Alex

Do you believe in numerology and angel numbers? It is said that seeing like numbers such 1111, 555, 444 and others alike have meaning and are messages from your guardian angels to communicate and perhaps nudge you into the right direction. I have seen these numbers a lot lately, almost daily. I have in the past, but never as much as now. It is easily said that during this time of most personal transition, I have needed more guidance or nudges for sure. Perhaps it is now and with ever growing consciousness that I am noticing these nudges. Maybe they have been here before, but I wasn’t ready to see. I am seeing now and who knows, I am sure there is yet more to see that I am currently missing. I know the information will come when I am ready, when my vibrations increase and when I am ready for the next step.

This has been a whirlwind of a month and we have been evolving at a rapid rate. I am feeling it and I am sure you have been too. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, euphoria and sometimes a sense of drowning, being overwhelmed and pushed right to the edge. And supposedly this energy shift started on 2.2.22, the beginning of February when everything we’ve worked on intensified and took us to another level. Today on this day also known as “Twosday” we are adding another 2 into the mix to make it 2.22.22. It is however the last day and this supercharged portal is closing, signifying the ending of an old chapter and marking the beginning of a magnificent new beginning. What makes today rare is that we will not experience another date with only 2’s in it for another 178 years, making today a once in a lifetime date. That is pretty cool in itself, but for me it has been all about the progress, the journey, the arriving here, where I am today. And what a journey it has been. It is still changing, still evolving as one piece after another slowly falls into place. The weight is getting lighter, I can feel it and a burden is lifting, although there is work to be done yet, but on this day of positivity and powerful energy, I don’t feel overwhelmed but a sense of serenity washing over me.

The number 2 relates to balance, harmony, friendship and relationships. It brings positivity, so we can expect genuine connections to be renewed or strengthened. 2 is a karmic number, and it is possible to experience many energy shifts throughout today, feeling old stagnant energy clearing as our vibrations elevate.

Number 22222 is an important message from your angels to pay attention, to be mindful and follow your intuition. It is also a sign that your prayers are about to be answered by divine guidance, support and help. 22222 is the universal code for receiving very clear messages from your guardian angels. It is a sign that all of our hard work and care will be rewarded. It also lets us know that we have one last effort before we notice this change in our life for good.

In numerology, angel number 22222 is here to guide us, to show us love and support to find our direction in life. We can expect confirmation that we are on the right path to attaining spiritual enlightenment. That we should continue walking the spiritual path we choose without felling guilty about it. And again we are reminded that we are at a point in our lives where we need and seek balance. Balance seems to be coming up so much lately and for me it has been a key word. One that is rooted deeply and just like love is the answer to all.

Happy Twosday….

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Hello, Cinnamon here…

I thought it was time I show my face here and it’s been awhile. Just wanted to wish you all a great start to your week and be kind to each other. Mom has a lot going on right now and I’m busy shredding toys hehehe. She says this is an important year, filled with many changes and transitions. It’s the year of the Water Tiger. Beats me what that is but she is emphasizing on making bold changes, boosting career satisfaction, recharging near the water, being open to change, being patient and trusting your instincts. Hope that helps. Get ready, a new month is on the brink with a new spirit animal supporting the energy for February.