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Walking through a Winter Wonderland

It started snowing and snowing and it would definitely be a white Christmas. By the time everything was said and done we had between 6-7 foot of snow and were snowed in at the tiny abode in the middle of the woods. No doubt could this have been intimidating and frightening to most, presenting a situation where you are not in control. I have to admit there are a few things we can do better to prepare for the next time but given that this was a first, all tests were passed with flying colors. In my mind, it was exactly the Christmas that I needed and I, myself, cherished the silence. It will definitely be one I will always remember.

Christmas morning started in a pure Winter Wonderland as it snowed all through the night. I was barely up for 5 minutes as three Doe’s, followed by a Buck crossed within a few feet of my window. I saw it as a special gift and blessing. How magickal and what are the chances. Being snowed in brought much peace and time to really allow all stress and hustle to fall away. There was time for a special wooden puzzle that Santa had brought, and time for baking and watching movies. Time for naps and snuggles, and time for little home improvements that made a big difference and felt so rewarding and satisfying. Old valance’s with outdated floral patterns were dismantled and new sleeker, modern looking wood shelves with a black finish went up. What a difference. Finally a few days later, a trash run could be attempted, with two bags full of wrapping paper, household trash, and the old valance’s. Shovel in hand, trash in the other, plus a leashed Cinnamon, the first stroll through the Wonderland.

And yet later, sitting at the big window, sipping tea or coffee, there was a beautiful silence surrounding me. It was almost mesmerizing to watch the snow fall and alternate in size from regular to large fluffy flakes. But the shoveling though lol, and sadly I was pretty useless and no help at all. Despite of it all, finally the cars were freed and a path was plowed, courtesy of a courageous soul and a John Deere tractor. Bless his heart for beginning to plow at midnight that one particular night.

This Christmas has held a different meaning to me and something has changed, although I can’t quite put my finger on it yet to name it. Something is not the same anymore and while in reality it never is and we change from day to day, it’s perhaps the awareness of it that is bringing the different feel. Of being able to view life with a different lens. I’m not sure and for now I will say that this was a special little Christmas for me. And if you ask me as to why, you might end up getting a long winded explanation because I can’t pinpoint it in just one sentence.

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Earlier this year, I ordered two handmade dolls from the Hiraeth Gallery in Wales. These little healers are handmade from Sara, the owner of the gallery and are infused with a variety of energies. Both of mine carry healing elements and are said to aid with healing. I was introduced to them by a soul sister and felt called. I was in a bad way health wise, but I believed in no ordinary moments and that these magickal, energetic beings had crossed my path with a purpose in mind. I needed help and I was at a point I was willing to go to great lengths and try anything. Soon I find myself placing my first order and before it even arrived, a second order was placed feeling drawn to a particular doll. It’s almost funny to think about it now and see similarities between my Mom and myself. Mom collected dolls and has a few sitting in her living room, untouched, much like it was when Dad passed and the place became a dedication to him, now in the same manner since she is gone. We might have shared some dolls between us in our adult life, but I am certain that the meaning of them is completely different.

Once arrived, I gifted Mati and Rhaeadr with a special handmade cabinet, their own house, painted and adorned by me to pay tribute and thanks to their new home here in the United States. Of having called out to me and having chosen to help me. Further each was gifted a Bloodstone to aid with the healing properties. They sure have travelled a long way to be with me and we almost missed each other by a matter of a few hours. I believe that they, along with a bunch of other things have made a difference and again the RA is in remission. When I say remission it’s not that the pain is completely absent, that I don’t struggle through the day, but my life quality has returned by making the pain much more manageable. I thank Mati and Rhaeadr for being a part of my family and that process.

Today I came across the word Hiraeth and I had no idea about it’s meaning. It’s perfect for a new word post and again the phrase “No ordinary moments” comes to mind. I was meant to find them all along. Hiraeth is Welsh and stands for a spiritual longing for a home which maybe never was. Nostalgia for ancient places to which we cannot return. It is the echo of the lost places of our soul’s past and our fried for them. It is the wind, and the rocks, and the waves. It is nowhere and it is everywhere and I happen to relate to it a great deal.

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Magic vs Magick

I am thinking about Magick this morning. Of all the little things that can make a difference in our day to day existence. I am pondering about what they entail, and how we can gift ourselves with more of it. It’s been a week that I’ve experienced a magical place, and it seems just like yesterday that I got to sit and ground myself on the vibrant sandstone of the wave. You’ll probably will grow tired of me talking about it, but that place left a profound impact on me and I am still digesting it.

Recently I’ve noticed Magick spelled slightly different from it’s more common and more known version with a c at the end. It was spelled ending in “ck” and I felt intrigued to take a closer look.

The main difference between the two is that magic is just a form of entertainment. Magicians perform tricks and illusions for the audience to entertain them. It’s the act of staged illusions. Or supernatural abilities in fiction, where the hero can shoot fire or other such energy from their fingertips.

Magick on the other hand is about changing the world around you for the better, using natural forces around us. It is the art of obtaining results by the combination of visualization and will, to manipulate the energies of nature and direct that focus toward your intention. It can also refer to the energies produced by earth’s elements. Sometimes referred to as Spirit and believed to be at the centre of every living thing.

Coined by Aleister Crowley in the early twentieth century, it was spelled with a “k” to differentiate it from common tricks and illusions, but the concept has been around in every culture for centuries. It is said that it is now a very common term used within the magickal community.

I was questioning how well known and how commonly accepted the term Magick has become as my keyboard kept correcting it back to it’s old version with the c at the end. This morning I am pondering life again and how these two terms relate to us, us humans, as a society, us on an individual basis. This morning my mind is taking me on a new adventure, a new journey of exploration and musings. I believe that all of us have experienced magic but not necessarily produced magick. I believe that I, myself have grown up and went through life accustomed to the tricks and the illusions, the veils that have hidden from my very eyes, myself, and my most authentic being. Perhaps over time I have performed magic like a magician, for others, as a form of entertainment. Have I pulled out all the tricks, staged scenarios, presented myself as the hero. What was the price of it and what was the gain living in a world of illusion?

I know that at one point of my life the desire for magick grew. Not wanting to live behind the veil anymore but rather to lift it. They need to change the world around me was rising stronger in time and I took an active approach to be become a co-creator to my life, to change my world. Did you ever feel like you are not fitting into this world, that the majority of people think differently than you? I once read that if you, you were not meant to fit into this world, but you were meant to help create a new one. To me that is where magick lies and where each one of us can make a difference. Magick is whatever you make it, however simple or big you want it to be. It is you who orchestrates magick through your visualization and manipulating the energies. Be still, listen, trust your gut feeling, because you are nothing short of magick.