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Crazy mattress nightmare

Not the best picture but you’ll get the idea

What a crazy few days it has been and I’m hanging on by the seat of my pants. Last week I finally did it and ordered a new short queen mattress for the Tiny Abode. Over the past three month’s I just couldn’t get comfortable. Partially it is due to the RA, but it has grown increasingly more uncomfortable and painful. There was only so much I could do with the old RV mattress and in the end after a quilted mattress pad later and memory foam, I had achieved “plush” but still no support and it was sagging in the middle. Let’s just say it was unforgiving, almost like camping on the ground. After doing extended research, reading reviews and watching videos, I quickly learned that this new mattress would not come cheap, especially if you have a chronic condition. I was hitting a point where a good night of sleep seemed it’s weight worth in gold, so I finally ordered it and disposed of the old mattress the day the new one arrived. The poor delivery guy offloaded it in front of the tiny abode and I couldn’t even budge it. Well, I should say I couldn’t pick it up but I could roll it a few inches to either side and let it roll back to it’s original position once I let go of it. So I had no choice as to leave it sit outside until late at night when help was available. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of the nightmare.

A Galliniper had snug into the house that night and I was frantically trying to locate it so it wouldn’t suck me dry over night. The wooden cabinets made this task almost impossible but he gave me 5 tries of spotting it, missing and having to wait, until I was finally successful. It was like finding a needle in the haystack and I still can’t believe I actually found him…5 times. Nevertheless was I getting worried of trying to drag the rolled up mattress that looked like a giant roll of carpet into the house. Mom always cautioned to turn off the lights so no pesky friends would sneak in. How was this mattress suppose to get into the house during the darkness! Low and behold it was rather quick, despite the heavy load, a two person lift done by one person only, and keeping the pests outside. Finally it was laying rolled up on the bed platform and it looked awfully long. Ah, it’s just because it’s compressed and once it expands to size, which could take up 72 hours, it should be fine. Okay, hopefully, although I wasn’t fully convinced.

Soon we found ourselves cutting away the protective clothes covering. It would be impossible to get the mattress out any other way. Task completed, what remained was heavy duty plastic wrap that kept the tightly wound and compressed mattress in place. Slowly inch by inch we cut away until the last bit ripped under the enormous pressure. The mattress immediately sprung into shape and covered not only the bed platform but also half the nightstand on either side which makes up the entire room (Picture above). Speechless we stood, mouth agape, unable to talk and shaking our heads. Long story short, what had arrived was a king size mattress with a short queen label that obviously was placed on the wrong product. Two hours later the shock still hadn’t completely subsided, but there wasn’t anything anyone could do at midnight and we crammed onto the couch for the most uncomfortable and longest night, dog included. Not only had we received the wrong mattress, but I was extremely worried and couldn’t see how we would get it out of the Tiny Abode, now that it had completely unfurled.

The next morning a call to customer service went extremely well and better than expected. No help was available for pick up or to wrangle the mattress out of here. In fact they didn’t even want the unfurled, pillow top, kingsize mattress back and extended a full refund plus a few hundred dollars for the inconvenience, having to rent a U-Haul truck to transport it and whatever else help was required. So in the end everything worked out in our favor, minus now waiting for a new mattress from a different company and still sleeping on the couch. Luckily I had room to store the kingsize in my storage unit and hope to sleep on it at some other time.