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My “0” day

A “0” day is a common term amongst thru hikers and stands for an off day and 0 miles hiked. A few weeks ago I started my 3 mile a day regimen to help kickstart the green juice benefits, but it wasn’t long until I added to it and before I knew it I was doing 10-11K steps a day. It used to be a distant goal of mine, something to strive for in the future and I had no idea I would achieve it so quickly. Now I do it most days and I can feel the difference. My body is slowly changing. It used to be that I was most active on my two hiking days per week, and it was then that I could accumulate the steps easier. Now it seems to have reversed and my hiking days at times become the lazier days. How strange.

I have also adopted one day per week I call my “0” day. One day to take off from the regimen and do whatever, without having to worry about getting all the exercise in. This day usually falls on Monday’s now, and I can focus on other creative ventures. Most of my days are planned by not planning for them. Sounds funny doesn’t it, but that’s exactly how I like it. I will never take such a luxury for granted and being able to do so is sheer bliss.

It was in one of my zero days that I wanted to re-focus on my online Etsy shop called Youniqua. It was long overdue and these essential oils diffuser bracelets were a few things I added to the shop. They are made from Lava beads and/or Rosewood and painted beads. They are amazing and just a few drops of your favorite essential oil let’s you enjoy the scent and it’s therapeutic benefits for hours to come. Each bracelet comes with a genuine tourmaline gemstone for protection, to strengthen the aura and raise your vibrations, while teaching you to expand limited thinking.

What do you think of them? Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. Maybe I see you there 🙏🏼

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As daylight fades

This picture was taken just yesterday, late in the day, as daylight was fading. Most weeks I hike on Mondays and Tuesday and the scenery close to my house just never get’s hold. How could it? Just look at it, it looks perfect. It’s my birthday week and Saturday I will add another year to the list. This place allows you to escape the crowds and party’s of Lake Tahoe which is also close to my house. The choice is yours and depends on what you want. Tahoe is the place if you like to party and love crowds and lots of noise. No doubt is the area beautiful around the lake, but during the summer month it gets pretty touristy. You know where you will find me. Well actually you won’t because there are far too many serene, secluded, and quiet, secret, spots with a view over here.

This week’s bonus wildlife included countless deer and stags, pronghorn antelopes, several snakes and a few marmots. I have to admit that snakes still startle me a bit since my accident where I almost stepped on one, over corrected, slipped and dislocated my elbow. So there is still a little hesitation around those sleek creatures but usually all wildlife is welcome, and their sightings always makes the trip even more special and memorable.

It is also on my hiking days that I fall behind answering your precious comments and I thank you for your patience while I catch up. You should here from me over the next few days. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this picture and have a great week.

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We’ve asked for it and it’s finally here. The seemingly never ending winter has made way to a heatwave and fire season. It is almost 100 degrees with hot air blowing into our faces. The good news for me is that it is dry air and not the humid stuff that always makes it tougher with the RA (rheumatoid arthritis).

The cold and shivering is over and already we are looking to cool off at an alpine lake swimming hole. The conditions are perfect and I’m sure I will bring the bathing along on this week’s hike and test the waters. But today it wasn’t only me who seemed to be sweating to the heat, and one of my little silverback babies (squirrel) enjoyed a little shade on the patio, legs stretched away from its body, just chillin and cooling his belly. They are getting big already and I enjoy their daily visits. Another cute thing I got to witness today was when Momma Silverback came by, grabbed the babies face with both hands and made contact which looked like a loving kiss. Awe… my heart melts and animals are the best.

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Under the sea

Have you ever met someone that spent two full days in a row at the aquarium? Yep that would me, and a few years ago I went to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The hotel offered a two day ticket deal for the aquarium, and we spent two full days there without getting tired or bored of it. Sounds hard to believe doesn’t it, but between watching the open sea, the penguins and sea otters, the giant sea turtles and numerous fish swarms to mention just a few favorites, it was a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere without any rush. The only time we left was for lunch to sit near to ocean at a restaurant called Bubba Gump, enjoying a clam chowder bread bowl. Another must when visiting the ocean.

Could you spend that much time in one place? And if so, where is your favorite hangout?