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And another pair

Mom proudly holding up her new pair of socks. It’s the second pair I knitted for her and I just finished. Having made a few pairs, I have to say that they get easier and easier to make, and most instructions are memorized by now.

It’s incredible how much work and time goes into a pair, but it’s also a ton of fun since no two pair turn out the same. My favorite part is making the first sock, when it becomes obvious how the patterns will unfold. Plus it’s rewarding when they fit and find a loving home.

  • My time in Germany has turned out making and learning a few new crafts. From branch weaving, to stick wrapping, to Amigurumi, it’s been fun and entertaining. I realize that some of these crafts have helped to bridge a gap to Mom as she can appreciate the workmanship and talent that goes into making such crafts. In one respect it makes me sad having to resort to things like that for a little recognition and for her to feel proud of me, but it is what it is.
  • Do you enjoy creating and crafting? What was the last thing you made?

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    A thousand ways to love

    The picture above resembles some, yes not all of the socks Mom made for her girl, me. I had no idea until recently, that in all these years she kept making socks for me. While I lived far away, she would stay close and connected, through her socks. It was her way of staying busy and keeping sane within her four walls. You see, Mom has no drivers license and knitting was one of her only distractions besides the TV.

    Some would consider it sick and I can actually see people shaking their head as I try to resist the urge to explain. Others would say that she was a hoarder, perhaps making similar assumptions that lack the real reasons, compassion and understanding. I even got the advice to give them away or to sell them cheap to get rid of them, because after all, what was I going to do with so many pairs of socks. The problem is you see, that each pair has her touch, her love and her feelings knitted right into them. She made them for me because she loves me. She may has never told me in so many words, but these socks speak a thousand words to me. Each pair is special and holds their own unique memories. I can close my eyes, and feel the love of a mother who has missed her daughter in all these years in each and every pair. How could I ever part with that?

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    Finitto (Finished)

    With the first famous pair of socks that Mom and I made together, I have just completed my 6th pair. I try to make one pair per year so I don’t forget the process, but took a two year break. Life got busy like so many times, and I just never got around to it. Thank goodness for the detailed written instructions I wrote, while Mom and I made our first pair together. Still I need those instructions each time and have managed so far to complete my socks with the help of my notes. The other day, Mom got me so confused during a part that requires a lot of concentration, that I didn’t know what was happening anymore. I lost track and tried to find my way back, while trying to ignore her yapping in the bed next to me. “Did you make a bigger stitch. Sure you did, I can see it from here.” Several times I asked her to hold on for a moment. Nothing and on she went. Finally I had to lean in closer and asked her if it was possible for her to be quiet for a moment. In my mind was thinking “Gee, shut up already” haha, and I’m not sure where my usual calm went, but man was I getting frustrated. With the situation at hand and with her. One short pause; do I really want to do this, yep I have no control over myself and pulled all the needles out. A scary and dangerous move since all the stitches can run into oblivion. It did happen Kris, lol. You were just talking about it the other day. You should have seen Mom’s look on her face, totally shocked, mouth wide open, she managed to say “I wouldn’t have done that.” Well I did and now I was fueled with some stubbornness to show her that I could put it back together. I did, but it truly is a pain in the…You know what. Thank goodness that I only did it like once before, it’s difficult. After awhile all the stitches were back on the needles, and I was back to square one. I had enough for the day and packed it away. Today, I pulled it back out and finished the second sock. Mom was quiet and only made occasional comments when she saw a chance of not distracting me. In the end she added the finishing touches and stitched all the tails in so they wouldn’t untie. I don’t care for doing this and it’s probably my least favorite part. She knows and offered to do it, which allowed her to help and be a part in making the socks. And yes, she complimented me once more on the finished pair and the even stitches.

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    Number One

    I finished “Number One” the other day, and Mom was very pleased that I still remembered how to make the socks she once taught me how to make. I have to admit that I was slightly worried since I haven’t made them for about two years, but all went fine and I did it. Just goes to show that it pays to take good notes. Haha. Somewhere in the near distance I shall make it’s companion “Number Two”, and I hope I can get them to match up in design.

    I heard that self knitted socks are a hot commodity and highly desired. Apparently fewer and fewer people know how to make them, which in part, besides the quality is the reason as to why they are so popular. I even heard people selling them at craft shows or Christmas markets. What do you think of knitted socks? Would you buy a pair, and how much would they be worth to you?

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    So far, so good

    I recently wrote that Mom and I used to knit quite a lot together. I eventually left to move to the US, but Mom continued our tradition and remained close to her daughter, and the memories in that sense. For several years after she had taught me how to knit socks, I tried to squeeze at least one pair in per season, so I wouldn’t forget the process. Knitting socks is time consuming, and in recent years I didn’t manage to find the time. Well, I have started to knit a pair of socks and this was the yarn I selected from Mom’s stash. Per request from a dear Foot fanatic, I will post the progress here. I hope you stop and check her blog. She is simply amazing, and I hope so will be those socks when they are done. So far, so good, and I’m managing with my written instructions. Mom hasn’t had to bail me out yet haha. The sight of the socks in progress, brought her much joy the other day, and made my heart dance. What more could I ask? ❤️