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Celebrating Independence

It’s Independence Day here in America, a time to celebrate our Freedom and Independence. Every year Americans celebrate this day with fireworks, picnics and other get together’s to remember this important day in history.

For me it rings true on a whole other level as I yet take another step towards that ultimate feeling of freedom and independence and what it means to me. Freedom can mean different things to us all and freedom is the word for a large umbrella that encircles so many different aspects. Freedom can be as simple as having the right to choose or as difficult as being enslaved with a life that is dictated and not truly yours to live.

Freedom this year and with a war still ripping our world apart, is surely viewed differently this year. Especially from the ones who are close, living this nightmare every day, trapped, yearning for that feeling that is freedom. My heart continues to go out to all who suffer and who have lost, who are separated and can only dream of the word freedom. This year we remember just a little more beyond the picnics and fireworks. This year we pray for a world united and at peace.

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Freedom revisited

Happy Birthday America

Today, we are celebrating Independence Day, and I can’t help myself but to feel the meaning of freedom just little more in depth these days. Perhaps it has become more personal in my circumstances. There is a different meaning and choices are waiting to be made. Choices on how I will use this new kind of freedom I have encountered. On how I will apply it towards the future. Up until now it’s been more of a survival mode, making it through each day, dealing with chronic pain and a heatwave. I realize that I am in this position for the very first time in my life. To make choices and decisions, armed with the wisdom and knowledge I have now. Surely I have always been a co-creator, to create the life I see fit for myself, but I also realize that this is new territory. That it has never been at this level and that the freedom to fully create the future has always been limited. It is now that I don’t see myself as a co-creator any longer but the sole creator of what’s to come. And yet I am learning that there are trade offs. Just like our horse spirit for July is forecasting, I have free reign, free will, free power of choice and it’s up to me. “Freedom is yours” it said.