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Love at first whiff

She keeps a close eye on him and it’s no secret that she fancies him. For hours at a time she sits at the window, waiting to get a glimpse of him. More hours pass waiting at the door, looking into the direction he might appear at any given moment. She is dedicated, committed, she is in love.

It was love at first sight, undeniable, animalistic, direct, to the point, and in your face. She never made a secret about it and she made sure that he knew how she felt about him. Somehow she always senses when he comes around. She feels him, senses him, lifts her nose into the air as to pick up his scent. And then she catches a whiff of him, distinctly him and it begins, the yearning, the animal attraction and the need to be close to him. She whines and cries for him, she has trouble to stand still, she is begging him to come near her but he acts casual.

She is young and inexperienced, a virgin. He is her first love and she doesn’t have a grip on her feelings. She definitely does not believe or even knows about the game playing hard to get. No, she makes it easy. She is not a lady and her intentions are clear. She’s a bad girl, a wild thing, chasing what she loves. She wants him and that’s all there is to it.

He on the other hand seems much older, collected and well put together. When they meet and she kisses him enthusiastically, he neither returns her kisses nor does he walk away from them. It’s unclear if he fancies her in the same way she does him. Maybe he just wants to be friends. Perhaps she is too young for him. She doesn’t care about the age difference and something is drawing her to him. He drives her crazy and she wants more. She doesn’t think that she is too young and she is ready and able. Maybe it is him who is playing hard to get trying to teach her a lesson. I wonder if a love story will develop from all of this or if the first heartbreak is only around the corner.

Help, my little Cinnamon Girl (my dog) is in love for the first time, and she is acting like a little b…h. 😂

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It’s time for a little humor and fun with our unusual new words post. I’ll keep it short and sweet and let the smiles and laughter stand for themselves. But perhaps you even known a few Ask-Holes in the past and the memory of it leaves you shaking your head.

Our word for today is Ask-hole (noun) and describes a person who constantly asks for advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them. 😳🤔

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Time for another word find.

Uff-Da (oo-fh dah)

Funny enough I have used this word before, and although I never knew it’s official meaning, I would refer to it when I made it through something a little tough. Something like “phew” or the likes of that. Finally I know what it means and it’s pretty close to what I thought it did, hahaha.

Uff-Da…of Norwegian origin, this phrase is used to express sensory overload. It can be used to express surprise, relief, astonishment or exhaustion. While not as widely used as some of the other MN phrases, it is perhaps the most stereotypical Minnesotan expression. 😳

Now don’t ask me where this German heard and used a Minnesotan expression of Norwegian origin. 😂

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The random things you find mixed in at the local family grocer. And no, it wasn’t the only tin for sale. And yes, I bought it….too random to pass up. 😉

Have you seen anything funny at your store lately that made you say “oh wow” or pause for a second? It’s the beginning of a new week, let’s see if we can start it with some funnies and a few laughters.

Have a great week everyone. ♥️

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“Bember” and the “Fairy Garden”

“Bember” has become a regular and visits each day. Although she lives outside, she spends much of her time just hanging out whenever I’m on the patio. I have gone as far as feeding her occasionally, but not on a regular basis. I don’t want her to forget her hunting skills and be dependent when I return to the states.

Bember has found herself a “Ruling Rock” (a place from where she seems to oversee and rule the garden) near the fairy section, and the magical mushroom forest. It is also where I feed her and where her dish is.

Bember was sick a few days ago and she had been sneezing for awhile. But the other day, a discharge was draining from her right eye and it was nearly closed. Only a slit remained open and I felt so sad for her. I fed her right away in the hopes to provide nourishment for a quick healing. It helped and the next day her eye was nearly back to normal. Today, two days later, it is completely healed and she brought me a thank you present. A dead mouse… 😳. To her dismay, I was not so thankful and had a talk with her. I told her that I appreciate her gratitude, but that she doesn’t have to do this in the future again. Like….EVER, EVER, EVER again. Yikes…

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A new friend

A new friend has moved in, and quite honestly I’ve been looking for this friend since I got to Germany. I had a few close calls of seeing one, but in the end I missed the opportunity and never actually saw one. This is so special because I have never seen this friend anywhere else other than in Germany.

I remember back to my childhood as I was still living here. It was a warm summer day as I was walking home from school. I noticed something near the sidewalk and walked towards it to take a closer look. Almost completely curled up I found an injured animal. It appeared that it was hit by a car, and his nose was bloody. I wasn’t sure if he was alright, if he was in shock, or if he was dying. I had no clue how long he had been there, and it was hard to tell with the blood how extensive his injuries were. I picked him up and carried him all the way home, with my bare hands and without injury or pain. He knew I didn’t want him any harm and he relaxed. From there, mom came quickly to my aid and made a batch of chamomile tea. The chamomile tea would serve as a healing potion and a way to cleanse the bloody wound. After further inspection, we detected a gashing wound to his nose, and decided to keep him for awhile. He needed a break and someone to nurse him back to health, as he would be unable to feed himself for awhile. Daily I would feed him milk with the help of a doll baby bottle until he progressed to eat the worms mom would gather in the yard for him. This was not her favorite thing to do, and she got grossed out hacking the worms into bite size for him. It makes me smile these days to think of it. Not for the poor worms but for mom doing what was necessary for another to survive. We would keep him in the garage and each morning engaged in a game of hide and seek before school. He was hiding overnight and it was my turn to seek and find the little rascal. He used to find the most unusual of places to hide, such as grandpas shoes, and we had a couple of close calls.

If you are still wondering about what, or who I’m talking about, then please let me introduce you to my pet hedgehog which I later named Fritz. Nursed back to health, Fritz one day came to school with me for a presentation of show and tell. He got to sit on the Pult (the teachers desk) while I read my essay about hedgehogs. One by one, each kid came up to the desk to take a closer look, to touch Fritz and explain how cool he was. I was truly the hero for the day with my unusual pet friend Fritz.

Fast forward to my current time her in Germany, the backyard at mom’s house was like a jungle. It had always great meaning to her, but the signs of years passed, unable to tend to it were very obvious. The middle walkway was completely covered and it looked like tall savannah grass along with other various weeds. It was funny to watch Bember came through the grass, like a lioness through the savannah, all you could see was the grass moving until she finally emerged at some point. A wild tree (Mom doesn’t remember ever planting one) was going haywire and needed trimming badly. All weeds and branches were collected in a pile to the garden entrance to be hauled away at a later time. Until it happened and the noise of breaking twigs and rustling leaves came from the pile. Snorting sounds and further excavating noises followed. I knew what it was, and my wish finally came true, the waiting of a new friend moving in was finally over. I placed a bowl of cat food and cut up apples near the pile entrance and I have yet to get a good look and a picture for you. What I did get is special hedgehog food made out of meat, insects and eggs. Yummy.

Looks like Bember has a new friend and I hope her and Betsy will get along. 🦔 Yes, I already named her.

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Meet the mechanic

A special present arrived today and I am now the proud owner of my own bicycle. I plan to become good friends with it and ride it as often as possible to offset the times of sitting and to get some exercise whenever my joints allow me to. I know there can be too much of a good thing and wear and tear, but there is also the saying “If you rest, you rust”. I guess once again it comes down to balance and listening to your body.

I put the bike together as best as I could by myself. There really wasn’t much to do other than put on the pedals, tighten the saddle and install the front wheel. All I needed was air and I felt pretty good. After scheduling a quick appointment with my mechanic after soccer practice this evening, I rolled the bike to his house for further inspection and to fine tune the brakes. “Oh my god, quick, take off the front wheel, luckily the brakes are not broken” he almost yells. It takes a moment to understand him telling me that I assembled the wheel backwards and the disk for the brakes is on the opposite side of the brakes. I finally realize the severity of my mistake, but luckily I only pushed the bike and didn’t ride it to his house because the air was low in the tires. I have to laugh but he insist on a “Phew, you got lucky”. He must really know his stuff and I believe that I did get lucky that the air was low. Otherwise in utter and complete madness I might have ridden the bike and broken the brakes. I’m impressed and no wonder he is the # 1 fix it guy for the family.

Meet the mechanic ~ Noah

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Doctors orders

A little humor has never hurt anyone and this one was too good not to share. Please read this wise man’s advise, and choose at your own risk. I think a nap sounds great and I’m still needed around here. Have a beautiful weekend everyone and be good to yourself. Hugs….😉

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Virtual makeover

I used an app for fun today, to give Mom a virtual makeover. I think the fun was on me since Mom turned out looking pretty much like me. After all she was right with saying that I look more like her than Dad. Hahaha. I showed her the picture and she just stared at it, not recognizing herself. Finally after a moment of silence she said “That’s not me, where did you take this picture of yourself? Are you wearing my Pajama?” 😂