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Seeing things again

I’m a goofball by nature and I love to laugh. Count me in if there is silly humor to be found and don’t be surprised if someone refers to me as a big kid. I know that I inherited the humor from my Dad’s side, and to this day something kicks in whenever I feel sad emotions creep up. I usually can combat them by trying to cheer myself up. Any which way I can, I will try to pull myself out of the funk because I don’t like to feel down. I don’t like to fight and I don’t like to go to bed mad, with issues unresolved. I don’t feel at peace that way and I can count on it to wake up in the same manner. I like things to be resolved and I don’t like to hold on to negative energy. I like to let it pass through me instead of harboring it. Sometimes it helps and I manage to save myself, other times I crumble and the load is to heavy to be dismissed. It’s seldom, but it happens. Last night was such a moment and I needed a release. There was not one thing particular, but the overall burden that caught up with me and I fell asleep in tears. I woke the same way and shortly afterwards was right back wanting to cry. I had no time and got called into work early. I had to swallow my feelings. Later at work, I cried again, learning about the passing of Ryder, a Shiba Inu that I had closed into my heart. I hurt to learn about the news, for Ryder and for his humans that have to cope without him. I’m so sensitive to animals being hurt and passing, I struggle to see them on the side of the road as roadkill. My heart sinks and I feel sick to my core. There are times I would gladly lose anything just to help and change the faith of an animal. But this is not at all what this post was meant to be.

Life is tough and shit happens. Sorry for the language, but sometimes you just can’t call it anything else. What I meant to write about is that I think the world needs more laughter, and we need to take every change we can to find it and to laugh from the heart. This is where my goofball nature comes in and prevails most of the time. I like to laugh and I enjoy making others laugh. I think we had a good laugh and plain clean fun with my recent “All eyes on me” post where the pansies were staring back at me. Luckily many of you saw the same thing and even thought it was Ewoks staring back. Thank you for restoring my believe that I haven’t gone insane. Yet. Muahahahhahahahaaaaa, but I made a commitment to myself and to you that I would not only share my journey, my photography and inspirational pieces, but also bring more laughter to this blog in the hopes to make you smile. So here it goes, what better way to start the week and this Monday off as with a little humor….but be forewarned as I’m seeing things again.

On the lines of Ewoks and Star Wars you might know the “caretakers” and “Porgs” from the last movie. Personally, (remember that I like silly humor) they were my favorites and made me laugh out loud. I loved the scenes with the Porgs and the caretakers, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I got a stuffed Porg for Christmas. It’s actually a dog toy, but who cares? I actually would have to fight the dog for that toy and I would put my own scent on in to mark it as mine. Don’t ask where that came from, I actually don’t know and don’t want to further contemplate on how exactly I would do just that. Back to the story. I love to rub the Porgs belly since there is some sort of parchment paper underneath the fur and it makes the comforting sound of rice paper for me.??????? Another unexplained phenomenon, I’m not sure if it triggers some kind of memory or where it comes from and why.

I decided to bring the Porg along for a hike the other day. En Route to the destination, I sat him onto the dashboard in the Jeep. Every once in awhile I’d grab him and rub his belly to make the comforting sound. Instead of being happy that the little Porg got to go for a ride, he seemed rather ungrateful. No matter how I situated him on the dashboard and what I did, why did he always appeared to be giving me the finger? You see it right? Come on, you can’t leave me hanging now, you stuck with me through the pansies, you surely must see the Porg flipping me off. As of now, his future is uncertain and he is under house arrest if he can’t behave in public.

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All eyes 👀 on me

After the last few tough days, I think a little humor might be in order. I’m either delirious and tired, posting what I’m about to, or…well I don’t know what else. Clueless maybe. This might not be my typical post, not saying I can’t be funny and have funny posts, I just might actually post these hilarious nuggets and easily amused pieces all too seldom. Change must come in the near future and I think Luna will just might be a part of that.

Ok tonight’s funny came from going through pictures for a post. I didn’t find the pictures, but I felt watched. Am I delirious, or do you see it? Stop and stare….

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The new Tenants

I got new Critters for Roda’s Critter Challenge this week and I have new tenants who are not even paying rent….

I heard it first a view weeks ago and it startled me at first to be honest. My house has two stories and I was upstairs getting ready for work. Above the second floor is the attic and me-myself, I have never been up there. There is no floor from what I know, just insulation and beams that run across and in other words, you could easily crash through the ceiling if not careful. I think I pass…for today anyways. There is probably spiders up there too and it is one thing I won’t do. I scream and it is the one thing you can make me really mad about. Chase me with one and our friendship most likely will end. It’s that serious and it dates back to a spider jumping on my head as a child. Yikes I don’t want to get sidetracked and I definitely don’t want to recall that moment.

I was in the bathroom, sitting at my build in vanity when I heard it, and something ran across…well…whatever it ran across…upstairs. In the attic, in that space you can’t even stand upright and have to crawl. Silence, and nothing more happened. I didn’t know what to think. Where monkeys scaling the house and sitting on top of the roof? I even went outside, stepped back, looked from all angles and saw absolutely nothing. My first thought was consumed with rats living under the roof. How did they get up there? Where they inside the walls? My thought process was most likely provoked by one too many shows of “Turtleman – Call of the Wildman”. Pure amusement, until now of course that something was running around in my attic. The thoughts continued as I visualized Turtleman pulling up sounding his typical call of a true wildman. Ok that’s enough, I’m bringing it back and no further noises were noted. I couldn’t be sure of what it was I heard, but it sounded close, within inches away from me. The thought of a rat crashing through the ceiling was less comforting, but for the moment I was safe again as all went back to normal. Life went silent up in the crawl space…

Days went by and no rats crossed my mind. It was quiet and life was without any creepy incidents, until of course it happened again. The same thing happened and I chased the noise out of the bathroom, down the hallway, into the office. Silence again, as I stood and listened with anticipation. Nothing…

The same would happen one more time, but in this incident I got bold and tapped the ceiling with a broom stick. I was forceful and careful at the same time, if there is such a thing. There was a scatter and then I heard the sound of pigeons or doves, and there were lots of them it seemed. I’m not sure where and how they have entered, but it appears their home is now under the roof out of the elements. I can’t really blame them and I think there is a broken vent screen on the side of the house. I have seen them approach from that way and although I have to get this fixed and evacuate the pest, I’m comforted it’s not rats. There might still be, you can never know, but I rest my mind imagining doves spreading peace upon my house.

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A few days ago I patronized you for feedback to an idea I clearly didn’t think through all the way. Lol. Or perhaps, I didn’t recognize the potential that this could have. Since asking what I thought was an innocent question, my mind has worked overtime as I remember an idea I had a long time ago. It would link to the possibility of what could happen here, and therefore it has to be perfect. At least in my mind it does and I have to know that I gave the best possible shot to turn into success. Can you hear the perfectionist coming through?Ahhh, life is tough when you have high standards about your creative ideas like this.

Many of you liked Luna and wanted to see more of her. Sure, I could easily post a picture or two, but the idea was to give you an insight look into her spoiled life by getting to know her better. What better way than to let her personality speak for itself in regular blog posts. There are a few ideas floating around and the negotiations have started with the little critter to see what kind of voice she wants to have. I can’t rush this and it has to be right. Future projects and ideas might depend on this initial first effort.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, you can comment on here or email me at This all has to remain a top secret….for now and I hope to share more soon. Ha, have you noticed that I’m putting more pressure onto myself without even trying? Here is a little insight without giving too much away about Luna and the life she lives.

She is the boss

She is pig-headed and independent

She has her routines

She is very smart given that she is such a little critter

She knows what she likes and everything has to be on her terms

She is very vocal

She is sassy and feisty to say the least

So if those personality traits spark an idea, I would love to consider all of them before the final decision is made. 😉 Thank you xoxoxo

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Ms. Luna

Why didn’t I think of that before?

I really didn’t have to go all that far to contribute this picture of Ms. Luna to Roda’s Critter Connection Challenge. Ms. Luna is a feisty guinea pig who thinks she is human and one of us. She is often referred to as being too smart for her own good. She utilizes different sounds to vocalize what she wants, or just nods her head in the direction of her favorite treats, in an attempt to order you into giving her one. Luna is very familiar with where her cooled veggies live and if given the chance, she has no problem as to self serve herself. See for yourself.

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Poor little Car-Horn

Earlier last week I wrote about the pretty penny my new car tires set me back. By now, I know they were worth each and every penny, not just because of the weather, but mainly because of other drivers. Life is getting so busy and no one has time anymore. The freeways are truly like survival of the fittest and it’s about to get even worse. Numerous times I had to slam on the brakes or depend on my new tires to perform in wet and slippery conditions. But while this is merely setting of the story for what’s to come, this is not a post about my tires and I have to share something else that crossed my mind. Since I’m still thinking about it, why not share it. It’s a bit different and it’s out there, but it makes me smile now and perhaps someone can relate.

The thought came to mind while driving to work and minding my business yesterday. I have gotten into the habit of scanning the area around, watching other cars and at times it’s almost like having a sixth sense. You know what I mean, and you know what it feels like to predict the dumb and poor choices, as well as the downright dangerous ones others often make. Luckily I paid attention and there was no shortage of head shaking action to be found. But the one that would follow required a little bit more than that. Someone decided to change lanes the last possible second and cut me off within inches. Oh no, it was no over sight or accident, try blatant disrespect for the life of others mixed with a selfish attitude of getting nowhere faster than the rest of us. Has somebody ever raced you to the stop light so they can wait a few extra seconds at the red light??? Have you ever wondered what the point of that is? I have yet to figure it out, so if you know, please fill me in haha. I might just start doing it myself, but like I said, luckily I paid attention and was prepared to the best of my ability. I was prepared to react in a split second, but I didn’t see that one coming. It scared the heck out of me and I had to slam the brakes hard or my left fender would have caught the rear of his car. Instinctively and simultaneously, all while pressing the brake petal, my fist hit the car horn at the same time. A set of the usual choice words spilled from my lips as my heart was pounding and trying to calm down. I have to admit that it was a tiny bit more than a friendly “Hey there, I’m right over here, please don’t forget about me”. Ok, well maybe it was a lot more than a tiny bit as I kept the horn depressed for five seconds or so. In actuality it’s a really long time, at least when it comes to sounding a car horn I thought. I finally let go. Nothing happened, no sorry wave, no gesture, nothing and then it happened and my mind took over. I bet you have been thinking all along that this is some rant, but not at all and here comes the thought evoking funny part.

Entertain the thought with me for a moment, but have you ever considered what a lousy job the car horn has?

It never fails to give off that warning sound to potentially protect you from getting hurt on impact. It’s dependable and does it’s job. An honorable job right, but not so fast. What does the interaction with your car horn look like? Have you ever touched it with compassion and kindness? Have you ever thanked it for grabbing someone’s attention which prevented a fender bender? Chances are you didn’t and you just rely on it to function. Instead you hit it hard and you keep it pushed to make your presence known. Most likely it is getting caught in the middle of your rage and anger while you do so and there is no kind word that is coming it’s way. Ever. My car horn is getting quite the workout lately and I’m not sure where the thought elaborated and came from. My mind likes to entertain weird things at times, but it keeps me humble to appreciate the little things and I think a little thank you is due for this object that has kept me safe while taking my abuse. So thank you dear car horn for putting up with me, for taking the brunt of my actions when something scares me and get’s the better of me. I’m sorry for hitting you so hard and thank you for keeping me safe. 😉

The end….

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Ooopsie – Daisy

I can’t believe that I actually named this post Ooopsie – Daisy, but it’s the first thing that came to mind and I’m sticking with it. I’m in the mood to write a “funny” but believe me when I say that this wasn’t something I initially found amusing. I would call myself lucky looking back and luckily, enough time has passed that I can laugh about it. So, what better way then to write about something funny and on top humiliate one self. Ok then, let’s get started, shall we. The unlucky, lucky incident occurred on the 17th of October. I had worked all day and had to run an errand by stopping at the store before heading home. I wasn’t particularly thrilled about going after such a long day, and this one said store is rather anti-climactic. But there was no way around it and I already had prolonged going until the last minute. So off to that boring store it was for the sake of time, and because it offered a one stop shopping experience to all the things I needed. It would have to do tonight and it was a chore more than it would be shopping for fun. 

Entering through the front door, the women’s clothing department was slightly to the left of me. Right away I zeroed in on a piece of clothing hanging towards the bottom of the rack, near the floor. It was the color and the design that captured my attention, even though I had no clue what it was that I had locked eyes with. Maybe leggings? Yeah, it must be something like that, yeah, I think leggings it is indeed. I walked closer, never once taking my eyes of that mystery piece that still needed to be fully identified. I squinted, eyes locked, but never did I lost my concentration. I must have looked like a predator, sneaking up on it’s prey, while observing my surroundings to notice if someone else had spotted the precious bounty. My steps are getting bigger and I pick up speed. I think I’m in good shape and it looks like I will make it there first. Whatever it is, I’m already sold on it and it shall be mine, regardless of fit and price. Now that I had came this far, the stars just must align, right? It must be meant to be, it just has to fit and how much could it possibly cost. I feel pretty good, I know I can afford it and no other predator is getting closer. I won’t have to beat someone with my purse. Ok the imagination is taking off here and I never, ever have actually done such a thing. But hey, there could be a first. Kidding….

I’m finally within reach of the free standing metal rack that is full of clothing items, although my eyes have been gazing at this ONE, single item hanging on the lower hook. I was right and leggings they are as my mind already pairs them up with other friends (complementary pieces of clothing) sitting in my closet at home. The motion never stops, one more step and my hand reaches down to pick up the mystery piece, but I never make it. I’m abruptly stopped by a loud noise and a force I can not identify right away. It takes a moment and I find myself stuck in an episode of dazed and confused. I catch on rather quickly as my hand instinctively travels towards my head and rubs my forehead. What the heck just happened, did I get struck from something falling from the sky? Within the store? It takes another moment to realize that I have been left pretty vulnerable in all my concentration and eye locking mode with this one piece of clothing. Apparently my peripheral vision went to s… and I ran full dab smack into the upper metal bar of that fixture. I almost cleared, almost, but I definitely hit it and I hit it hardddddd. “It”, the metal fixture never budged, but it brought me to a complete halt. Instantly a headache appeared but it was one of those moments when you are embarrassed and you think something like “Oh gee, I wonder who saw”. Still holding my head, I couldn’t tell how bad it was and decided to just walk away without drawing further attention to myself. Around the corner I went and found a mirror and the bright red mark left behind on my forehead. I had to hit pretty hard for it to leave this kind of mark. It actually stayed for a couple of stays and I might have had a slight concussion based on the headaches. But I guess I have a thick skull and all is recuperated and fine now. I can look back and laugh about it now, but at the time it was a dark moment and it literally scared the hell out of me. I never saw anybody looking at me funny, or giving me the indication that they had seen what happened. Still, I decided against the leggings and never went back to that rack again. Obviously the leggings were bad luck and I wasn’t meant to have them after all. 

No wound picture, but for a moment it got dark and I’m pretty sure that I saw some stars lol.

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MAYBE California 

I’ve driven by here a thousand times and today we finally stopped. I’ve been wanting to stop and what can I say, my mind is easily amused and it doesn’t take much. It could come in the simplest of forms such as this sign that always makes me smile in a big way.

If you pass through here, you maybe find yourself in Maybe, and maybe Maybe is located in California. Maybe not, and maybe it could be that maybe the sign of Maybe California is just located on a quiet stretch along the road. It is definitely real, and if you blink, then without a doubt and without a maybe, you will miss the sign of Maybe California. 

What just happened here, I should get some rest….I’m delirious.

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Not ready to go…

This is going to be a short funny and hopefully I will find a few of you who think this is amusing. I can think of at least one person and so I’m dedicating this post to my dear friend Linda, her funny Guest in Jest series that posts every week and is filled with funnies, sure to make you smile. Of course the ultimate decision will be hers of whether there is room for this post and there is no pressure to include it. I couldn’t ask for anything more than your smile and if you haven’t stopped by her lovely blog, please do yourself a favour and get acquainted with this funny dragon tamer. 🐉

The story starts with a little bit of an intro of what you should know to understand the circumstances. Yes I’m planning of fully humiliating myself so you can have the best laughter possible. On my account of course. I have a patio door leading to the backyard that is located just off the kitchen. It’s in a huge room that is known as the game room, and it is filled with a bar (imagine that I don’t drink), a soccer table, pool table/ping pong table (yes, I used to play like Forest Gump and have the trophys to show for), a dart board, a pup table and…I think that’s it. Few games go on in that room these days, but the pup table in front of the sliding door for sure sees the most action since I usually write there or paint in that room. There is a small wooden deck that oversees the rest of the yard, and it’s a place to house a small patio set with a table, two chairs and an umbrella. Further there is a grill, a little water feature and of course the large flower box that is now serving as “Dirty Jakes’s” – (squirrel) feeding ground. 

It was early in the morning and the sun was out in full force. A bright and cheery glow filled the room as I stepped into the kitchen to prepare my cup of joe. The aroma of the brewing coffee filled the house as I stepped towards the pub table to set a few things down. And then it happened and I didn’t even know what it was that I saw. A shadow in front of the still drawn curtains from the slider stopped me dead in my tracks. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, my eyes opened in horror and so did my mouth, except not a peep emerged in this silent scream. I even side stepped awkwardly while trying to back away and luckily the coffee was still brewing. It would have spilled for sure if I had it in my hands and it was one of those moments when you see  something that scares the living daylights out of you before your mind can even wrap itself around what it is you are even seeing. Catching my breath, my first initial thought was that the grim reaper was on my patio waiting to take me away. Or maybe it was a member of the KKK. Luckily it was neither (relief), and it took a moment to figure out that this visitor would return over and over on other sunny days and at the same time. I’m used to it by now and it even makes me laugh, but that first intial scare still has my heart pounding and all I can say is “Darn Umbrella” got a good one on me and had me believing that my time had come.