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Mineral deficiencies

Once again I had reached a point of dissecting all the reasons as to why I was in so much pain. I acknowledged each and every part of it, questioning everything. I did a lot of soul searching and boy did I learn a lot. On an emotional and physical level.

Seeing what’s different, it came to mind that I haven’t taken my vitamins in over a month. Could it be that it played a role in what was going on? Even if a minor one? Was I withholding important fuel and nutrients my body needed, especially now during this most powerful fight of my life. I decided to start my regimen again and I’m curious to see what happens. What could it possibly hurt!!! It’s only one thing that I’m touching on here, at least for the moment until other posts are written, but here are some other things on the radar that I’m watching and hope to implement for further improvement.

Once again I am watching my water intake and as always it needs to be up’ed.

I am drinking more of the tart cherry juice that has helped me with inflammation before. Drinking it regularly is the key here and not just here and there when I remember.

I am drinking green tea mixed with chamomile tea and coffee has taken the backseat to once a week.

Check out this additional list and see if you can spot anything useful for yourself. It includes sure tell signs of mineral deficiencies.

ZINC weak immunity, allergies, thinning hair, acne or rashes, infections, diarrhea

CALCIUM brittle hair, dry skin, high blood pressure, tooth decay, tingling in fingers, chronic itching, lethargy

MAGNESIUM sleeping difficulties, muscle spasm/pain, anxiety/depression, infertility/PMS, headache, fatigue

POTASSIUM abdominal bloating, cramps, heart palpitations, nausea/vomiting, ringing in ears, feeling dizzy, constipation

IODINE low body temperature, weakness/fatigue, swollen/sore tongue, cold hands/feet, pale skin, weak nails

SELENIUM slow metabolism, slow wound healing, memory problems, hair loss/dry hair, infertility, low immune system

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Manuka Honey

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Honey, a gift of Mother Nature, and the all important and vital Bee population. Packed with healthy properties, it is often used as a natural sweetener, but packs so many additional healing properties. Let’s take a closer look.

SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) Low stomach acid, Acid reflux

Acne and Eczema

Staph Infections

Burns, Wounds and Ulcers

Tooth Decay and Gingivitis


Sore throat and Immunity

Allergies and Sinusitis

Beauty Treatment and Health Booster

Improves Sleep

A pretty amazing list isn’t it? From what could you benefit from? Could you incorporate a little more honey into your life? I think I definitely can find some ways.

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I haven’t done a health segment in awhile and here is a quick and easy one we all can do and benefit from.

When you hang eucalyptus in the shower, the steam will activate the oils in eucalyptus to help with decongestion, headache, inflammation, stress, and muscle tightness.

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Anti inflammatory tea

In our health segment this week, I am addressing inflammation in the body. It is the cause for many chronic diseases and illnesses and is no friend of ours.

Inflammation in the body is caused in many forms and here are just a few of them. Poor diet, not enough exercise and stress are the main contributors to inflammation.

Do you have swollen joints, stiff muscles, flu like symptoms, fever, chills, fatigue, loss of energy, headaches, or a loss of appetite? If so you might be at risk of having inflammation in the body.

6 steps for reducing and managing inflammation in the body.

  1. Load up on anti inflammatory foods
  2. Control blood sugar
  3. Cut back or eliminate inflammatory foods
  4. Make time to exercise
  5. Lose weight
  6. Manage stress

An impressive list, but also one that’s not often managed so easily. We know how hard it can be to lose a few extra pounds and that stressful job is still needed to pay the bills. A vicious cycle that’s often hard to break. But here is one little thing you cc’s n incorporate that can make a world of difference and it’s as simple as a few cups of tea a day. It really helps.

What you need is a cup of green tea, with 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. Heat and stir well to dissolve as best as possible. It’s a little stubborn but can be done with a little extra TLC. You can also add a turmeric supplement to your daily routine and don’t forget about our Limes from last week to flush out the toxins.

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A little “Cinnamon” Cuteness

How about a little cuteness for you day? If you haven’t yet, please meet Cinnamon my rescue pup.

It’s hard to believe she has come into my life a month ago already. She s about 6 month old by now and like any new Mom would be, she has shown me what it’s like to have a new baby, feeling times of pure exhaustion, haha. Let’s just say that it continues to challenge me, fitting everything into my day, while keeping a healthy balance.

Despite those challenges, she has brought so much joy to my life and I love her to pieces. One of my favorite things have now are early mornings. The same mornings I used to despise and wasn’t fond of. But how could I now, when they include a little wiggling body, standing on their back legs, tail wagging like crazy on the side of the bed, waiting for me to lean over the edge, so we can see each other for the first time that day. It’s so cute and it definitely helps send the early morning blues packing.

It’s been a rewarding and yet trying time for this little one and me, the empath who still feels the effects of the tough first months of her life. Everything was so scary for this little one and walks were a nightmare, stopping every two steps to take caution from rustling leaves or other unfamiliar noises. We are doing much much better by now and it continues to take much positive praise and reinforcements to build confidence. Not all that days are equal, just like mine, and some days we strut with confidence, while there are still a few that are just plain scary.

We are still dealing with some skin disorders and are on a natural, raw, limited ingredient diet now. We have three spots on our little body where our hair thinned or got lost all together, most likely from scratching, biting or excessive licking. Hopefully it will grow back when this is all over and finally behind us. When we are completely settled and the anxiousness is subsiding. We have a natural, homemade anti itch spray, a soothing shampoo with oatmeal and baking soda and you name it. She is under close supervision to watch out for any scratching and biting. Omega 3 fatty acids have been added as well as organic coconut oil. We have cut out chicken and any other allergic triggers. What ones thought to be Ringworm and was treated with an anti fungal cream has been mostly dismissed, believing that this poor baby is suffering from allergies. We have also overcome worms in our stool and are luckily free and clear of that now. It’s a waiting game to find out for sure about the allergies. One that requires constant attention, and at times all I can do is hold her tight and tell her that it’s all gonna be ok. Maybe I’m telling more myself in those moments to soothe my own worried mind vs hers.

On top of it I have started a new endeavor that reduces my week by about 10 hours. Almost nothing if you think, but it feels like a whole day is gone that needs to be divided into the rest of the days, making them longer in the end. Plus it’s time away from the little one. A break that is welcome and which I can use at times having her 24/7, but also more time worrying about her until she will be a 100%.

I guess what I am saying is a big thank you if I don’t get back to you right away. You know I always will and it’s not a matter of you not being important or the priority to me. Sometimes this old body just needs to go to bed at 8PM haha.

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Reinventing time…once more

Warning: lots to say today and a longer one

The last couple of weeks have been kind of “meh” on the health front. I have fallen off of my exercise routine and step goal, and clearly I have been much less active than usual. I think the only thing I did stick to was to be conscious of what I eat, continue my green juice intake, and still get a few hikes in, here and there. Not too bad overall you’d think, but for me it was like taking a step backwards, an interruption, a halt, a standstill in the pursuit of my goals.

It wasn’t that I got lazy all of a sudden, but what brought everything to a head was a reminder of what it’s like to deal with chronic pain and that it can strike at any time. Things can change in a heartbeat and no two days are the same. You’re ok one day and the next one you don’t know to perform the simplest of tasks. All of a sudden the left knee started clicking and became painful. Walking was annoying, stairs were a pain and hiking became non enjoyable or possible. Then there was a lot of tension in my neck that spread to the shoulders and arms. I tore my entire bed apart, changing pillows for maximum support, all to little avail. The wrists were on fire, the elbow felt like the tendons were overstretched into a abnormal position, and at times I was unable to bend my arm to blow my nose, or perform other simple things. Even dressing was a drag and each morning started with a lot of time requirements just to get going. I needed an intervention, to reinvent myself.

Looking at my hands it was clear that inflammation had returned. The entire backs of my hands and fingers were swollen like plump sausages. It’s always there to some degree, but at various levels of intensity. It was back and it was painful, by no means how it used to be, but dull and naggingly painful most of the day. It became a every day thing again, and that alone can scare you to pieces if you ever experienced how bad it can get.

I made the decision to stop pushing myself. To put topping a record productivity week to the wayside and to listen to my body and let it rest. Continuing was not optimal or optional under these conditions. I felt I would do more harm then good, and I slowed down. My body has been working so hard to support me in my quest of a healthier lifestyle, losing weight and getting stronger. I felt guilty to stop so abrupt, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

Hadn’t I achieved so much already? Didn’t I accomplish it all? I was stronger, with more stamina, building muscle and endurance. I waived goodbye to fat, and by now I was almost 16 lbs lighter. Yes I still have a long ways to go, but it was undeniable of how much better I felt. Not just on the weight and physical side of things, but also on the mental and confidence side. It’s amazing how just a little can have such a huge impact.

Looking back, it’s been a fairly good year for me when it comes to personal progress and my chronic disease. I have somehow managed to manage it, but it took and continues to take hard work and commitment. It can slip at any moment. It takes drive and motivation. It takes making up your mind and just doing it, regardless of what others think, because no one else will do it for you and it’s your life to live.

This is what I mean with reinvention. In review and hindsight, first came eliminating some of the stress that had me in constant chaos. Next was Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master and Energy healer. Then I dabbled into the foods I was consuming, including elimination, portion control and times, as well as water consumption, staying hydrated and flushing the bad stuff out. I stumbled across essential oils and herbalism, choose a more active lifestyle once I grew stronger and was physically able to, and layered on increasing healthy veggies with my green juice. Each effort got me so far, steering me into the right direction, but each eventually became somewhat stagnant. The results were there but it appeared that no further progress could be made. I wanted to go further.

Stiffness and pains reappeared, just enough for an annoyance and to make things difficult and hurtful, but mostly to remind me that this was not what I wanted to go back to. It was time for yet another reinvention of myself. What was going to be next? What was my next building block to get behind in this grant scheme of becoming the healthiest, best version of myself. What was my next lesson.

It came in the form of another holistic approach to fight pain and inflammation. To repair gut flora and digestion for the proper elimination of toxins. To boost and strengthen my immune system. My Ginger Syrup came to the rescue, not just for myself but also to gain popularity in the world as well. There is a need for natural approaches and healing out there and I am truly happy to contribute my little part to it. Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to you who have supported me in this quest. I thank you for your trust in my product and your care. I hope you soon share similar success stories of how my syrup has made a difference for you.

Further I have made a natural muscle rub including essential oils. I have used it over the last couple of days, and the results are amazing. Pain and inflammation (swelling) is minimal again and my flexibility and ease of motion has retuned. I can function again and I am back with a vengeance.

So what’s the morale of this story. I guess there will always be challenges in life, times of stagnation when we feel stuck or perhaps on halt. These times will require you to reinvent yourself and everything you have been doing. You will need to layer on to what you have learned so far, and you will need to change. There will be days when what you have been doing will not be enough anymore. It will require a new way of thinking, new education, new wisdom, and a new YOU to propel you forward, not having you stuck in a rut. So how do achieve a new you? Never stop learning and pursuing the best version of yourself. Be your own best friend and listen to your body, your heart and your mind. Your soul already knows the way. Trust, believe, and reinvent yourself, because every next level will require a new and different version of yourself.

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Ginger Syrup

I dabbled back into my holistic roots and made some homemade Ginger Syrup. Ginger is an amazing and useful herb. It’s well known for its anti nausea and digestive properties, but it’s also anti inflammatory which is very helpful if you are suffering from chronic disease such as myself.

Further it is antispasmodic, diaphoretic, a circulatory stimulant, and appetite stimulant. It’s great for diabetics suffering from diabetic nerve pain and poor circulation.

Ginger is an immune booster and definitely a great helper with Covid cases still at large. The best part about ginger is that it is natural, health promoting, and great tasting, which isn’t always the case with other herbal preparations. It is delicious food as well as powerful medicine.

It’s amazing when poured over vanilla ice cream, stirred into oatmeal or yogurt. To use ginger for health benefits, take a spoonful if you’re not feeling well, if you’re nauseous, or if you’re suffering from sluggish digestion. It’s wonderful stirred into hot tea. You can also enjoy your ginger syrup stirred into mineral water. It makes a natural ginger ale that settles your stomach and tastes great at the same time.

I am thinking of making this product available on my Etsy Shop, of course fresh to order. I think it’s amazing with the flu season just around the corner and with a little extra that we can arm ourselves with.