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Doing what I love 

We don’t always get to do what we love and sometimes we have to make due with whatever it is, that we have to do. I think we can all relate feeling stuck a time or two, but hopefully we found the opportunity to work towards changing our stars so we can enjoy the things that we love. We can always make changes and we are only stuck as long as we allow the things to keep us stuck. Maybe I’m naive or a dreamer but I believe that there is always a choice to be made. 
It’s no secret that on my day off you will probably find me on the trail. Far from the crowds, I love the silence where I can hear myself think. Where often, there is no wifi connection and no important updates, messages and calls that need to be taken. For that day and for whatever time spent away, it is me who puts life on a little hold, even though it continues and goes on with or without my awareness. I’m simply not available. 

Today is no different and I’m spending my birthday in the mountains in the hope of escaping the smoke from all the recent wildfires. The brown-grey mass is lingering like a band of thick fog in the sky and I hope to maybe get above it tomorrow to enjoy a better air quality and the view of my beloved mountains. 

Have a beautiful day everybody. Xo 💙 

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The trail provides

A thru hiker would tell you that the trail provides and always miraculously lets you stumble upon exactly what you need. Sometimes it might me in the form of “Trail magic” that could be anything from a left behind ice chest with cold drinks for passerby’s, to people living near the trail providing a home cooked meal or even shelter. Perhaps it can be found in the form of other essential items that are missed while being on a long distance hike, things we often take for granted in our day to day life’s. Never having done a long distance thru hike, I have definitely dreamed about it and my friendship with a thru hiker has fueled my passion to consider such even though it most likely will have to be under my own terms due to rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain. I have a backup plan though and I know that I will have my own story to write in this adventure when the time comes. 

I have backpacked and engage in frequent/weekly day hikes. I have not found any trail magic in the form of ice chests and BBQ’s along the way, but I probably could if I hiked the right section of the PCT (Pacific crest trail) that runs through my neighborhood. Still I have found plenty of magic on the trail and I too would tell you that the trail provides. It has healed me in many ways and has been a place of balance, solitude and where I go to recharge my batteries. It has bestowed me with countless feelings of awe that took my breath away, given me a sense of accomplishment to feel proud about and opened my eyes to what truly matters. It has pushed me and kicked me in the rear at times and I would respond with “No pain, no gain”. You just have to put in the work for some things and nothing in life is free, so if you want the view that you can’t drive up to, well than you need to put in the work. I found love on the trail in too many forms to mention and I’m filled to the rim with an appreciation for all the beauty that I have been allowed to see. The trail provides and I made this little project that has been inspired from the trail providing in a different sense.

“The finished project of what the trail provided”

I found the “L” as the first letter on the trail a few weeks back and a vision came to life. I knew right way what I was looking for and what the trail was trying to tell me. I found the “O” the same day and half of my search was complete. On the next hike in the same area I found the “V” and it is a beautiful fact that I found the letters in the order they find their place in the word “Love”. I knew the “E” would be the most difficult to find and it took three more hikes all to same area to finally find it. I knew the moment I saw it that it was the one and my vision was complete. I’m amazed by the sequence of the letters and the order they were found, as well as their sizes all matching and being a fit within the first attempt. I never found another letter that didn’t match in size and all were the original finds.

“Finding the final letter”

The trail provides and this was a reminder that it has provided me with much love during my journey of peace and finding myself. It’s just a few twigs and parts of branches some would say, yet is has the meaning of some great treasure to me that touches my heart. It’s a part of my journey to nourish my soul, mend the troubles and learn to let go of the things that no longer serve me. And to me it will always have a much higher meaning than just a few pieces of cheap wood. It’s metaphorical and another sign from the universe.

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Steven’s Trail 

Steven’s Trail is usually one of the first hikes of the year. When the northern Sierra Nevada is still snowed in, it is a quick hop over the border into a warmer Californian climate. The trail follows along the river and eventually grants water access after several miles. The ridge is mostly tree less which leaves it exposed and unshaded. This hike is perfect early on in the year to escape the Sierra snow and beat the harsh summer sun later in the year which makes it too hot for me. 

It’s a great wildflower hike and a way to spot some first color. Further you can admire a cascading waterfall about 1 mile from the trailhead and views of the railroad tracks built by Chinese laborers. 

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Ruby Lake 

It’s my birthday month and Rubies are my birthstone. So it was a no brainer to post this picture and it only makes sense to revisit my trip to Ruby Lake. Not a bad place at all to spend the day. We found the perfect rock, leading into the water and enjoy a front row seat to the sounds of water splashing gently against the rock. 

I’m back at work today and I’m definitely dreaming of this place even though I’m still very limited, and I am still fighting whatever made me feel so sick the last two days. I still want to sleep and feel dizzy and lightheaded, so my posts will be shorter and mainly photography based with short descriptions until I feel better and can catch up with everyone. 

Have a beautiful day. Xo 💙

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Jamison Lake 

Another beautiful spot in the Sierra near my home and this Jamison Lake. It requires a steep ascend to get to the lake and we added a little extra with a side trip to Wade lake. All in all a 8 Mile hike with a 2600 feet elevation change. Out of all things you can imagine to see in the Sierra, we ended up seeing a River Otter playing in the lake right below us. Wow, definitely an unusual sighting and definitely a sign from a spirit animal to be followed up upon another time. 😉

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Sierra swimming hole 

The view from my “dancing like no one is watching” mountain ridge from a different direction. The ridge offers 360 degree views with various levels of decent and various mountains and boulders that frame Long Lake. The little pond in this picture is a seasonal swimming hole and if you look closer you can see man and pooch swimming towards each other to meet in the middle. 

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Life is good…

I took to higher grounds during the 4th of July and had a beautiful, peaceful hike at Long Lake again. I have been there a few times this year, but looking at this picture, I don’t think I get tired of the pristine landscape any time soon. It’s a special place for me and I’m sure you can see why. If you are ever in my neighborhood, it’s probably a place I will have to take you 😉. 

A few people showed up and it was here that I saw man and best friend take a dip in the cold waters, but overall it was quiet and peaceful. We hiked a little further then the previous times and revisited a special ruling rock where the “Wild Choice” our travel page was born. It was a great collaboration to come up with the name and this place and how it all came to be will always hold a special place in our hearts. I’m sure you can figure out who it was that contributed the word “choice” since I always talk about it. It’s simple and everything we do in life is a choice, you might as well make a few a wild one. 😉

Life is good….💙

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Winnemucca Lake 

This picture was taken last year and as far as this year is concerned, it’s almost hard to believe that Winnemucca lake is still covered in ice. The hike up to lake is a popular wildflower hike we do every year and albeit you can probably get up there by now, it will be a hike to be delayed this year. I can see a backpacking adventure to spending the night up there once the wildflowers peak and a full moon lights up the granite peaks. I have unfinished business and this is the perfect place to view th Milky Way as you gaze into the universe and it’s highway lined of bright stars.