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Picture perfect

Dreamy skies and a lush landscape was awaiting my little stroll yesterday. Wild flowers were peaking through the grasses and I could smell their fragrance fill the air. I felt alive, able to notice and witness every chirping bird, and every crackling noise in the underbrush.

The initial steep climb leveled to a more accommodating pace along the ridge towards Petersberg, at 504 m. A few minor climbs followed, with various sites along the way that I had never seen before. For the past few years I had always made it a goal to climb the hill, but always ran out of time to actually do so. Not this time and I won’t be my last. Perhaps I will make up for the years passed. Just like the initial steep climb, my destination was reached with another steep climb to the summit. I can’t help but think about yesterday and the freedom I felt while being out. I usually don’t hike by myself, but it was a breath of fresh air, and I can’t wait to go again. I was gone for four hours which was a short escape, given that my adventures in the States usually last all day. I had to smile at the reaction and the surprised faces of everybody I told. I could see that everybody thought that I was gone for a long time. All I can say is that next time will be longer 😉

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Bryce Canyon

Just a little distraction from what has become my every day, with a little picture from a previous adventure to Bruce Canyon. A must see to explore and a truly amazing place. We took a 3 hour Mule ride into the canyon, passed natural archways, and these formations called “The Hoodoos”. From the colors to the never ending rock spires, narrow, winding paths, and a few fearful moments of slipping over the edge, it was an adventure and scenic spectacle I will never forget.

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It’s crunch time and I’m finally packing. I leave on Tuesday morning out of San Francisco, but we have to leave tonight in order to make it over the pass. Another round of snow is on the way, and we should be able to make just in the nick of time tonight. These last few weeks have been a hell of a ride and more still lies ahead. Mom is hospitalized again, but left ICU today and is no longer in critical condition. For now. She might still face losing both legs, according to the latest news and based on doctors orders, she can’t come home alone anymore. Tough conversations are ahead of us, and I already know that she won’t agree to a assisted living home. I doubt she will understand that I can’t provide the proper 24/7 hour care she needs to live. I’ve beaten myself up over the past weeks as the news keeps coming and right now I mainly feel numb. I realize that I have to take one day at a time and see what happens. Some things may never come to fruition and there is no sense in driving myself crazy. I have to adapt and roll with the punches right now, doing the best I can, while realizing that most everything is out my control.

It’s a lot right now and I’m sorry that I have been absent. More is yet to come and I will get word out and post whenever an opportunity presents. I will try to make a few more posts until I actually leave and thank you kindly for understanding and for being there. Love you all…💙🦋

Throwback to the Buttermilk’s in California. What a beautiful day it was.

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Rockin my world

It’s no secret I love rocks. From gemstones, to painted and collected rocks along hikes, to my beautiful mountains, I feel happiest surrounded by peaks and arches. This picture was taken last year in the Alabama Hills at Lone Pine, California. I also love to be surrounded by all the wonderful and kind people I have met here on WordPress. You rock my world every day.

“The coolest people I have ever met have the most colorful pasts. They lived life’s of risks, made bad choices, learned lessons, explored and they are not afraid of being real. Tattered tapestries woven of similar threads, they’re my kind of people – My favorite shades of crazy”. ~Stephen L. Lizotte

Thank you for being YOU – My favorite shades of crazy 😉

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Lassen Volcanic Park

This picture was taken in Lassen Volcanic Park and I scaled the black cinder-cone a few times by now. It doesn’t look like it as it appears like a regular peak with a summit, but the top actually has an open crater that you can look down inside. The ascend is short but steep, and the lose Black Volcanic sand/gravel makes it tough to get the traction needed. It’s a little like one step ahead, two back as you slide backwards with every effort to go forward. A stair master at its best for sure, but if you can preserve, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the park and Lassen Peak.

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Special days

Days like these are truly special to me, when I’m out in nature, exploring and just being at peace while I enjoy being still. There are so many beautiful places in my neighborhood that exploring options never run out. I will have to find a whole new way to my special days while I’m in Germany, especially when it comes to the scenery and the pictures I usually share on my blog. Plus I might have to go by myself which I don’t like that much for various of reasons. The little farming town where I’m from will always be home but may appear anti climatic compared to the beautiful Sierra Nevadas. Hopefully I can find a different way to bring beauty to the table.

I surely will miss days like these and exploring beautiful spots, while feeling peace and recharging my batteries.

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Cottonwood Lakes

This picture brings instant happiness to me and a feeling of Home. It’s a perfect way to escape reality, even if it’s just temporary. I think sometimes we need those little breaks when we are dealing with tough moments and those little breaks are essential in giving us new found strengths. I’m not changing the subject from what is going on, I’m merely taking a break. I don’t have the time or energy to write about Mom at 1AM so Cottonwood Lakes is a welcome distraction.

I remember the first time I hiked to Cottonwood Lakes, just outside of Lone Pine, California. The road itself to the trailhead climbs up, up and away, leaving The Valley floor look like an aerial view from the moon. It was summer in California with the temperature degrees in the mid nineties on The Valley floor. Way to hot to comfortably hike for me, so we ended up heading for higher elevations. The trailhead is situated at 10.000 feet and climbs another 1200 feet in roughly 6 Miles one way. Arriving at the top, several lakes dot the landscape where Marmots sunbath on boulders, and where you hear the occasional whistle call they sound when danger is near. It was my first time to admire these cuties in nature and I have grown fond of them ever since. I have a soft spot for Marmots and their sight can cause me to giggle like that little girl that had to grow up way too fast. It was a beautiful day in paradise while people were sweating in the lower elevations. Until it started to snow on the top and truly put into perspective of how it could be in the nineties in town and how high we had climbed for it to snow. A adventure of the finest and although a long hike round trip, Cottonwood Lakes will always have a place within my heart. I’m sure you can see why….

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Crocker Point

This picture was taken in beautiful Yosemite National Park and will always hold a special meaning to me. It was a hike I will never forget and it took a push in getting to this high country spot, but by god, look at that view.

To the right is Bridalveil Falls and to the left, giant El Capitan with it’s sheer rock face. Yosemite is a magical place but can get crowded, especially during the summer months. Higher elevations of the kind of which you can’t drive up to, may offer more solitude compared to the bustling valley floor. But either way and no matter when you go, Yosemite is a must. Yosemite is a visit filled with beauty and wilderness that will stay with you forever and steal a piece of your heart.

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Ascending Wizard Island

This was the view climbing Wizard Island at Crater Lake, Oregon. The trail was short but steep in spots and I will never forgot this beautiful place. Oregon holds a special place in my heart and from Crater Lake to Mount Shasta and Portland, Oregon has impacted my life during times of personal growth and enlightenment. There is a feel, the comfort of peace and a overall well being when I visit Oregon, that I have seldom felt somewhere else. I didn’t know what it was at first, but I have since figured the secret of this magical place as it pulls me back over and over again.

I’m sorry for the cliffhanger (yet again), but stayed tuned as this deserves a post in its own. 💙🦋