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Crocker Point

This picture was taken in beautiful Yosemite National Park and will always hold a special meaning to me. It was a hike I will never forget and it took a push in getting to this high country spot, but by god, look at that view.

To the right is Bridalveil Falls and to the left, giant El Capitan with it’s sheer rock face. Yosemite is a magical place but can get crowded, especially during the summer months. Higher elevations of the kind of which you can’t drive up to, may offer more solitude compared to the bustling valley floor. But either way and no matter when you go, Yosemite is a must. Yosemite is a visit filled with beauty and wilderness that will stay with you forever and steal a piece of your heart.

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Ascending Wizard Island

This was the view climbing Wizard Island at Crater Lake, Oregon. The trail was short but steep in spots and I will never forgot this beautiful place. Oregon holds a special place in my heart and from Crater Lake to Mount Shasta and Portland, Oregon has impacted my life during times of personal growth and enlightenment. There is a feel, the comfort of peace and a overall well being when I visit Oregon, that I have seldom felt somewhere else. I didn’t know what it was at first, but I have since figured the secret of this magical place as it pulls me back over and over again.

I’m sorry for the cliffhanger (yet again), but stayed tuned as this deserves a post in its own. 💙🦋

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Mixed, everything…

It wouldn’t have been all that bad temperature wise, if it hadn’t been for the brutal wind. Heavy winds kill it for me which makes lower temps not enjoyable. The Sun was hiding for most of day and we were teetering the borders of the storm. Blue skies to one side and storm clouds and sprinkles to the other. We didn’t get out of the car much, but enjoyed a little drive in the country and managed a few short sprints before taking cover once more. It was a mixed day, from the weather to a variety of things.

I brought the didgeridoo with me and this time the painful sounds were not entirely coming from me alone. I can find my sweet spot and I can hold my drone now. It felt good to laugh about our attempts until our stomachs hurt. Those are the moments, filled with silly little stuff that makes your heart sing, things that stay with you forever. The stuff that years from now will bring a smile to your face when it crosses your mind again. It’s those things that I live for, those moments when I feel most alive and carefree. When laughter fills the air, it is truly joy at its finest. We had several cool lookout spots today, parking the car in one of the many spots. It was relaxing, which called for a little nap. We revisited a old mining site from the gold rush era and took some neat pictures. I photographed the smallest firehouse you have ever seen and herds of deer accompanied us everywhere. We finally hiked a 1.5 mile trail at twilight and in 40 minutes, including taking pictures. Yeah we kinda booked that one since it was late and cold, but it was worth it stretching the legs and getting a few steps in. We’ve been driving by it for years and finally can check that mystery off the list. And finally, I found a rainbow with my pot of gold at the end of a beautiful day.

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A beautiful day in the Sierra

A day off is never a waste and here is a picture of the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s. The jagged Sierra Buttes are in background, and normally this area gets snowed in pretty good. It must have been the latest we were able to drive the Gold-Lakes Highway to be treated to such views and it just never gets old.

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Trail music

A few years ago, I had the chance watching someone play the ukulele on the four mile trail. It was in Yosemite National Park as a small group of hikers passed us on the steep trail to Glacier point. I noticed the small music instrument strapped to one of their packs and I could only imagine the moments shared between this young group and the songs played. Memories would be made and special moments where waiting to be created. Wanderlust at it’s finest for sure.

Luck would have it that a short while later the young group was taking a break which allowed us to catch up. We were treated to a small excerpt from a song and it was simply magical. I will never forget this moment and it was beyond cool to experience this trail spirit. Ever since, I have been talking about getting a ukulele and the subject comes up here and there, although I don’t know how to play one. It was like one of those unusual things that all of a sudden pop into my mind, when I feel that there is some sort of connection with it. Kind of like the rain boots that I wanted all of a sudden to relive a childhood memory of jumping into the water puddles without a care. It’s something like that, something that will enrich the experience and soothe my soul. Well guess what’s? Look what Santa brought! Looks like I’m going to learn how to play the ukulele and Santa’s Elves made one for me. Heaven help the wildlife that I will serenade soon. 😉💙🦋

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Sardine Lake Lodge

A small resort lodge in the woods is the heartbeat to a few surrounding cabins at the Sardine lake resort. Each little cabin comes with a patio and views of Sardine lake and Sierra Buttes. Time slows down out here and you can finally breathe and take a break from the hectic that grips our lives on a daily basis. I have heard the bell a few times before, while hiking on the trail and it was a neat experience. The sound carried through the air, drumming up all cabin inhabitant’s to enjoy a meal together. I couldn’t help but see a glimpse of how life might have been, back in the days when this bell was sounding to drum up workers and perhaps sounded the end of a work day. It brings a whole new meaning to “Let freedom ring.”

I’m starting to figure out what exactly it is that draws me to the Outdoors the way that I feel drawn with such intensity. Although there are many reasons for it, I’m pinpointing the causes for me as I believe them to be different from person to person. When I look back to the beginning of when I started to hike, I find the fundamentals and the foundation of my love for it. I hear John Muir’s quote in my head, saying that “Thousand of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.” I know I was one of those people, and though I have managed to loosen the grip society has on me, I’m still not completely free. The Outdoors allowed me to combine my passion for photography, along with seeing amazing places I had to work for in order to see. “No pain, no gain” and those are the places that are pure and wild, the places you can’t just drive to. They are without a doubt the solitude and the stillness many need to refuel and recharge their senses to manage the hectic of a busy world that is reality for most. For me it was a time I could breathe, really breathe as I took in peace with each single breath. I got addicted to the feeling and the harmonies my body felt when it was at peace. I wanted more and with awareness I breathe in such feeling each time I’m out. I feel the stress melt off in the simplest of surroundings, having nothing but the dirt under my feet and experiencing the joy the small things bring each time. It is then that my body heals and the pain levels subside. I’m starting to see a connection and I have to listen…

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Little cabin in the woods

Last Thursday was a much needed reunion with Mother Nature and it had been a month since I was out. It’s an eternity for my standards despite that I enjoy my time off in the House as well. I love to just ease into the day, to sleep in, enjoy that cup of coffee while taking time to catch up on everybody’s blog and do a little writing in between all the muddling around. Even that time has been cut short with extra pre-Christmas activities and once again the struggle against time is real and I feel there is not enough time to read and write. Thank you for being patient, you know I’ll be back and catch up 😉. On the other hand, I love a day that is open to my creativity and is free of chores and errands. Maybe in February such time will return. The retail hectic of christmas will have past and we are heading right into inventory in January. Breathe….

The weather was decent on Thursday and in the mid to upper 40’s. It was a sunny day with no wind and the sun felt wonderful. We headed up to my favorite area around here, and you would think it to be Lake Tahoe, a touristy and well known attraction, but it is not and you already know if you follow my blog. You might find it hard to believe when I say that it’s not my go to destination, it’s so gorgeous and beautiful and many would only dream to visit, but it is that touristy feel that keeps me away and seek solitude to the northwest of me.

The sun is so low and the days are so short. I didn’t get my step goal in for that day, but I well made up for it at work with another 15K day yesterday. Today, Sunday and Monday will not be any different and my body is trying to adjust to the increased physical aspects. I hope I can hold up and a RA flare is far from any sight.

We ended up at Sardine lake resort, a tiny vacation spot that offers several cabins for rent at the base of the Sierra Buttes. It’s usually booked during the summer, despite it’s health prize and row boats are readily available to paddle through the majestic scenery. The settings are beautiful no doubt, but pack packing can be a great option as well and bring even more freedom. You could see nobody if you choose, and your neighbors are far and few in between.

Now in the winter, the resort is quiet and the cabins are boarded up until spring. This might have been the latest we have visited the area and the Gold-lakes Highway is usually closed already due to heavy snow. We felt lucky and appreciative to enjoy the solitude and wander through the resort without a care. It’s about the only time when you can do it if you want to be respectful to the ones that rent the cabins in the summer and not to interrupt their privacy. Everything was ready and prepared for father winter as we strolled through memories and laughter from the past summer.