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Sneak peek – “Wave” teaser

I just can’t help myself and I have to interrupt my regular scheduled post, to bring you a little taste of “The Wave.” If you follow this blog then you know that I embarked on a huge adventure for me and here is one of my very own pictures. The full write up or write ups will follow shortly to describe this 10 mile journey round trip with all its challenges and obstacles. But what a reward and it’s definitely a magical, spiritual place. In the meantime we are homeward bound and safe and sound. Stay tuned…

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On top of “The Vortex”

This picture was taken on top of the Karwendel mountains above the town of Mittenwald Germany. I made several trips there during my stay in Germany last year and it reminded me of a little place that I have here in the states, close to my house, I call “The vortex”. There are many places like this here in the states, but the one that comes to mind is the closest one to my house, which provides a quick get away.

I know you may think of a vortex like a swirling mass, sucking up everything within it’s path, but to me it has a different meaning. Surely you have heard of the healing vortexes in Sedona Arizona, or Machu Picchu, described as a “healing energy vortex”. Millions of people flock to these areas every year to experience a calm and tranquil feeling of serenity they can’t explain, but which is said to come from these healing vortexes.

This is what this place in Mittenwald resembled to me and smaller vortexes can be found all over the world. If you are sensitive to the energy of such vortexes, you might be able to pick up their soothing qualities in other, not famous or well known spots of the world. Every time I feel that peaceful bliss, I always connect it to being within the vicinity of a vortex. If you have ever noticed a circular patch of grass in your lawn that seems to grow just a little faster with a color that is deeper and more saturated, it is compliments of an energy field, a vortex.

A vortex is not something that you can see, although you can’t deny the stunning beauty that was surrounding me in this picture, but it’s mostly something you feel. It’s a place that speaks to your soul, a place that lets you put your worries aside and breath in deeply. With every breath while you feel a sense of calm flood your veins, you feel more alive than ever and your batteries are recharged to handle and deal with the demands of everyday life. I have to warn you about that once you become aware, and once you have experienced such a feeling, it is highly addictive and you will crave it more and more. Excuses will fall to the wayside, and you will always find ways to make it happen somehow, each and every time. You will yearn for the experience to submerge yourself in this feeling as often as possible.

Have you ever taken the time to experience this somewhere, have you got a spot that makes you feel like that? I’d love to hear all about it.

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The Vortex – Part 1 Sedona Azeztulite

It’s time to write about vortexes, what they mean, and how they came to be for me. How they still change my life, and why my soul seeks their nourishing powers to be still.

At first note a Vortex is described as a mass of whirling fluid or air, especially a whirlpool or whirlwind. If you ever witnessed a dust devil kicking up sand, you have witnessed a Vortex. But what I’m talking about is a place in nature where the earth is exceptionally alive with energy. There are places all over the world such as Sedona, Muccu Piccu, or Mount Shasta to name a few of the ones more known, where it is said that some may pick up in the energy of that sacred, healing place. There is a calm that surrounds, a well being, and inner peace that is credited to these amazing sites that flocks people from all around the world.

The term Vortex in Sedona refers to a place where the earth energy swirls and draws to its center everything that surrounds it like a tornado. These vortexes are created, not by wind or water, but from spiraling spiritual energy. I have never been to Sedona to witness these vortexes, but I have been to Mount Shasta where I definitely picked up on the energy, long before I even knew about vortexes and their healing properties. I have been hooked ever since and I chase this feeling, picking up on other sites, unknown where I get that sensation. Maybe not as strong as these well known places, but it’s still there if you pay attention and are in tune with what it is. I will explain more about this in part two.

I was a little nervous yesterday, wearing a very special necklace of an sedonian Azeztulite, a birthday gift made by my dear sister Amanda. Nervous, because in the past, things that had great meaning to me have always had a tendency to break or turn up lost, such as my necklace from Mittenwald. Without a doubt is this one a great treasure for me that started with the compassion, the followed thought, the vision and the final end result as it is today in this beautiful necklace. It is me all the way and my dearest soul sister knows my heart as if we’d known each other for decades. Perhaps we have, and walked together in a different lifetime. I certainly feel like we have, and there is a comfort and knowing in each other that is simply beautiful. I’m still blown away of the love and friendship this piece conveys every time I see it. So yesterday I wore it for the first time. Touching it ever so often to make sure everything that it was still perfectly safe, I got sidetracked by feelings rather then concentrate on it’s true purpose. Still, it was wonderful and I’m already looking forward to wearing it again.

Sedona Azeztulite is a newly discovered variety of Azeztulite, from the the Red-Rock areas around Sedona, Arizona. Physically, it combines pure White Azeztulite with the iron rich rock of the Sedona landscape. The quality of the stones availability thus is very limited.

Robert Simmons writes: Sedona Azeztulite are astonishingly powerful stones! They embody the intense Vortex energies of Sedona, as well as the Nameless light currents of the great central Sun. When one holds a Sedona Azeztulite to the 3rd eye, powerful and fast pulsations move in immediately. If one places one at the 3rd eye and another at the crown chakra, the entire interior of the head becomes quickly filled with highly uplifting and very powerful energy. These stones literally create an energy Vortex within the body – a field which, because of its high vibrational level, is one of absolute purity and light.

The initial spontaneous response of ones Liquid Crystal Body, when one encounters this stone, is one of joy and excitement. As one continuous meditating with it, this joy evolves into an elevated sense of serenity, and an expansion of awareness. This is a stone capable of opening one’s mind to cosmic dimensions, and of raising one’s bodily vibrations into resonance with the highest spiritual realms.

Sedona Azeztulite is a very active interdimesional stone. It can facilitate rapid access to communication with one’s spirit guides, angelic guardians, benevolent ET’s and even the Azez themselves! Sedona Azeztulite is a stone of the Universal Tao, the river of energy that flows through everything, appearing as the unfolding of time and the manifestation of all things. It is a stone of the wisdom of the Earth, and it encourages us to join in the joyful co creation of the infinite potential of the future, crystallizing into each present moment. Sedona Azeztulite helps one awaken to this co creative dance, manifesting one’s highest intentions.

Sedona Azeztulite brings spiritual light into the emotional and physical bodies, facilitating one’s natural healing process. It has the capacity to acquaint the emotional body with the energy of ecstasy. Sedona Azeztulite can stimulate the torus energy vortices that emanate from each cell of one’s body, aiding one in bringing one’s body into alignment with the Divine Light. This attuned one to the body’s Divine Blueprint of perfection, and the ancient alchemical ideal of immortality.

No wonder I am so protective of this precious gift and the stone itself. I know you understand, and besides….how cool is that?