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Happy Birthday sweet Cinnamon

Cinnamon and her first trip to the ocean. I think she loved it, especially napping in the warm sand.

Happy Birthday sweet Cinnamon girl. It’s hard to believe this little rascal is turning two today. Where has the time gone? Please slow down so my time with you won’t go by so fast.

There will be lots of treats today. A new collar to replace the old faded, sun bleached one, a new toy to rip apart and lots and lots of love, kisses and smooches all over. Plus of course a nice hike with tons of playtime. A birthday for the little queen and person she is. She never fails to amaze me. How smart she is, how keen her senses are, how quick she learns and copies us thinking she is just one of us. She has sure brought much happiness and joy into my life and today I celebrate this little girl and thank her for choosing me to be her fur-momma.

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Two important people

Two important people share a birthday today. Two important people mean the world to me and both are family. One has been like the sister that I never had, while the other has been like the father I never had and lost way too young in life. These two, are my heart and I am so excited to be there to share their special day. It has been the highlight of my trip prior to going and no words can express how much these two mean to me. It’s like a once in a lifetime occasion now, one that I might not get another chance to experience.

The amount of help, unconditional love and selflessness they have shown me, simply because of being family takes my breath away and leaves me nothing short of amazed. Nobody is left behind and there is a place where “I BELONG.” I never knew where that place was for many years and it’s an emotional trigger for me. Another chapter to be seen, addressed and to be healed during this all important trip. I imagine I will have a lot to talk about once this is all over with. I imagine I will never be the same again as I prepare to shed yet another self, another layer. I imagine that this trip will blow my heart wide open, wider than I ever imagined it could be, and fill it with unconditional love, growth and healing. I imagine that I have seen nothing yet and if I believed my heart was open already, spirit might have a surprise in store for me and humble me once more.

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The last quarter Moon

Today is last quarter moon and it’s all about finding balance. Just yesterday we talked about waiving this year goodbye, to accept whatever will be and to stop interfering. Again it proves that it is all about that balance, that importance that we find harmony which in turn will translate to inner Peace. Today our energy turns inward once more and you may be questioning your impact on the world, as well as issues related to purpose. You might feel a push to purge and release, or at least sorting through memories and issues of trust and fairness.

The Crone is working her magic now, reminding us of gentler habits, to continue rest and restoration, setting down urgency and slowing down, while reflecting as the subconscious surfaces. This is a time to balance the creative, dreamy side with practical steps. It’s also a great time to share from the abundance of realized intentions. Just take a look around you and see all that you have achieved. Set aside some time for a session of alignment. Take a walk through your home and find gratitude for all the things you have attracted. Don’t forget that you are in the process of creating your dream life and it shouldn’t always feel like the chase. Marvel in what is and how far you have come. Even a race car stops every few laps to regroup. Give yourself that gift and room for self praise. Only you know what you’ve been through, and only you can bring meaning to the position of giving yourself the credit you deserve. Thank the universe as you find your connection without attachment, without fear, without control, without all the people, things , growth, and experiences, you’ve manifested. And guess what…this is just the beginning.

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For our hero’s

This is a new 8×10 canvas painting of a dot Mandela. I created it to honor our front liners fighting this pandemic. I wanted to say thank you to the ones working tirelessly in an effort to provide for others. The ones offering help to the less fortunate, as well as all essential workers risking the or own health to keep us going.

This Mandela is dedicated to t he survivors, the families that have been faced with Covid 19, and t he souls that have returned back home and left us way too soon. May we never forget these hero’s, and may we feel a heart full of gratitude for our C-19 hero’s.

Thank you for all you do. 🙏🏼

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Youniqua is live now

I finally did it and recently opened my own Etsy store, Youniqua. Definitely exciting for me since I wanted to do this for a long time. The quarantine and the shop itself has allowed me to create and share some of these unique treasures with you. Today I woke up to a nice surprise and my second sale…whoohoo. It was for this meditation prayer necklace, pictured above and went out to someone I recently extended reiki healing to. It warms my heart about the endless possibilities and how we can mutually support each other, feeling such gratitude and appreciation for each others actions. 🙏🏼