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Feathery friend

Have you ever taken a moment to pause the hectic, to slow things down, and pay close attention to what is going on around you? It’s hard to do sometimes, and we can easily get sucked into today’s busy lifestyle if we are not careful. But seriously, where you able to take a moment to notice the unusual, the not so common, have you perhaps taken the chance to witness the signs and messages that are meant for you? If so, then you know that the universe is trying to communicate with you, and nothing, absolutely nothing ever happens by accident or coincidence.

Life has been full of signs and reassurance for me lately, and it seems as if I am making up for the quiet times when the spirits were silent in Germany. From my recent oracle card reading which seemed to have been the start of everything, to feathers of purity falling from the sky, to my gemstone purchase, to my fortune cookie and now this unusual visitor. I’ve never seen a bird like this here, and for the longest time he was just sitting on my fence, turning occasionally to look at me. What kind of message could he have for me?

It is said that like the wolf, the bird spirit animal is associated with higher knowledge. It symbolizes freedom and strength, as well as harmony with fellow creatures. The bird meaning can apply to different areas of your life. Most of the time, the meaning of the bird signifies your ability to remain in control of your emotions, and your ability to beat hardships as time goes by.

It represents endings and beginnings, and the importance of not rushing or flapping furiously just to get to your destination. It signifies lightness of being, and having a close relationship with God. It represents your extravagant and intricate thoughts as well as your understanding of the worlds energies. The meaning of the bird represents the use of your voice to heal, to bring new hope, and to find every day joyful treasures.

The bird meaning signifies illumination and empowerment. It ushers in fortune and luck, and it represents purity, elegance, opportunity, and victory. The bird spirit animal also signifies your indomitable spirit and your ability to rise above adversities. When the bird spirit animal comes flying into your life, you can expect your luck to change for the better. It brings with it a message of power and strength, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and reach for the stars. The bird meaning is telling you to stop thinking less of yourself because you are so much more than that. It helps you gain clarity, come up with a plan to make your dreams a reality, and have to confidence to see it through. With the bird spirit animal, tomorrow is always a new day. You will always be moving forward and bringing new changes in your life.

You will discover more new beginnings than endings. With the bird totem, you will learn how to spring forward and break free from the chains. The meaning of the bird reassures you that if you leave all the weight of your past behind, you will experience a different kind of lightness and freedom in love.

There is much to ponder here and I’m reminded to reach for the stars and to believe in miracles. The time is here to pursue my dreams and to let worries fall to the wayside. I need to make a plan and give myself some deadlines to strive towards to visualize the desired end result better.

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Hayes Street

Flying back from Germany, my final flight landed in San Fransisco, CA. I got to spent my first day back visiting the ocean, and this famous site, which is this row of houses on Hayes Street. It was a perfect day, mild and sunny, quite different from the last couple of gloomy days I got to spent before leaving Germany.

It’s hard to believe this was a week ago already, and I’ve been fighting my way back. My body is still not cooperating a 100% and I have never experienced anything like this. It’s rather scary to lose control over your body, and it takes everything to a whole new level. I finally unpacked and struggled my way through some cleaning chores. I miss Mom, but I have been so consumed with my own struggles, there really hasn’t been much time for anything else. Not by choice, but because of reality. It’s really strange, but I think I am getting better.

The current struggle is to walk sure footed, the inflammation seems to have moved into my feet besides the shoulder. I don’t trust myself on uneven pavement, although I want to go out tomorrow and visit the vortex. Nothing has been easy this past week, but my silver lining is out there.

With this second day of a brand new year, I recognize this year as a transition year. Some things will be hard and tough, but it’s a part of the journey. My dreams are long realized, it is just a matter of timing. While this year will be about prep, lightening the load, and other choices, 2020 has a nice ring to it for a year or executing the prep.

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No better time as “Now”

There is no rest, and you might think sitting next to Mom’s bedside for the past ten months was all the rest I could ask for, but that wasn’t so. It was a different exhaustion all together, a mental one, that left me tired, out of shape, and battling many health issues, some due to inactivity.

Now I have to claw myself back, fighting through the pain and I am on my way. The entire house is a mess with layers of dust from being gone for ten month. You can’t simply dust, and everything needs to be washed down. Every counter, every trinket standing around. Another reason to get rid of 99% of all the stuff. It’s overwhelming and while this picture of my bathroom might not look all “that” bad, it was still taken after nearly five hours of cleaning. Notice, I’m not done yet, and I guess I’m doing my spring cleaning a little delayed.

  • Eventually I will have to look for work, but I’m in no hurry, and luckily don’t have to go right away. I need to get the house in order, while minimizing the possessions and throwing out what is not up for donation. With the mortgage hikes, I decided to get out of this house, and feel that I can’t do so working full time. It’s bad enough doing this with a chronic condition, but I have to remember that with each bag donated and gone, the weight of the burden is getting lighter and lighter. The time is now and a life in a converted bus as my home is still much alive, for when the time is right. I’m just preparing to make the transition easier when it does happen.
  • PS. I’ve spent the entire day in this bathroom. 😳😳😳 I’m almost done.

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    365 new chances

    I slipped into the New Year quietly. No big parties and celebrations took place this year and all I wanted was quiet and emotional peace. I’m still on my six day stretch and I’m working towards a day off to relax. Ha, I haven’t had a day off since last year.

    Mom had surgery New Year’s Eve and of course it was on my mind. I was nervous. It overshadowed the day and it was another reason as to why I didn’t feel like living it up. I was waiting for news and I was tired and tensed, all while trying my best to remain calm and optimistic. A flare up would be the last thing I needed and luckily I’m still managing to get by without the harsh meds for the RA. I went to bed before midnight and laid still for awhile while pondering the fleeting 2017.

    I had seen some neat places, hiked to unimaginable beauty and found myself wanting more. It had become harder to hike since most of the year was filled with a giant flare up that never went away until of late September. Still, I wasn’t ungrateful, but I connected with the feeling that those hours in nature were truly the times I felt alive. I did what I loved and I simply wanted to feel like this as often as possible, daily if I could. I knew that a full time retail job didn’t fit into the picture and something would have to give in the pursuit of happiness.

    I was thinking of Home and being able to go to Germany to reconnect with family and see Mom. Once again I wanted to feel more and missed being a close link of a wonderful family. It’s hard to be an active part from far away and sometimes I feel as if I’m missing so much. I’m away from the things that mean the world and a lifestyle that nurtures my sense of being.

    I was thinking about my spiritual journey, the enlightenment and how much this plain caterpillar was growing into a beautiful butterfly. How painful the journey had been, but how rewarding and without comparison. I learned so much this past year, I felt like a sponge, eager so soak up as much as I possibly could.

    I was thinking about my health and the journey ahead. The uncertainty of what’s to come, and a intuition so strong that it guides me to what needs to be done to take care of myself. I have been here before and my old soul recognizes the struggle. But not just that, and I believe it knows the solution for a life enriched with more beauty and less pain. I have not completely laid the foundation and such transformation requires a complete lifestyle change. What needs to happen couldn’t get anymore drastic and complex. Sometimes good things require radical changes. No pain, no gain and who ever said that it would be easy, right?

    I was thinking about my passions, my love for creativity, healing myself and being a spiritual inspiration/healer for others. I thought about discovering my oracle and tarot cards during the year and how fond I had grown of them. To this day they have not failed me and the messages have been spot on, for myself and for others. I thought about the many spirit animals I was lucky enough to encounter. To see the messages they carried for me and gain further insight. I thought about my ever growing hobbies and some new discoveries such as origami, my ukulele, Luna’s Landing, writing a book and this blog that I never seem to find enough time for. I thought about you and the many wonderful connections I have been blessed with. What a year…

    The thoughts kept coming and the memories and insights of 2017 flashed before my eyes. I wouldn’t change a thing and everything is always how it needs to be. I’m always where I need to be and when I’m ready, another lesson will reveal itself to take me to the next level. I feel asleep before the clock struck midnight but woke up from a few loud fireworks in the neighborhood. Bright lights were exploding in front of my window as I welcomed 2018 with a smile and the comfort of my bed.

    Although no New Years Resolution was made that night and I live my truths every day, I promised myself to continue on this path that I had started. To live a little more each day, to find more time for the things I love and to be radical in my wild choices this year. A blank canvas lies before us as we write the book of our life. 2018 is filled with 365 new chances, 365 new opportunities to get it right and to be relentless in the pursuit of what set’s your soul on fire. Be brave, brave enough to live 🦋💙