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The little Buddha and my outdoor space

As Mom was alive and in the nursing home, I used to read the stories of “The little Buddha” to her. They were short stories of wisdom and life experiences that soon drew us into all three books available at that time. During my recent trip to Germany I learned that two more books under the series were released and I had to have them.

I’ve always related to Buddhism and it not being a religion to out other religions down, but rather a way of life. So I always wanted a little Buddha for myself representing and paying homage to my beliefs and likes. I recently purchased this little guy to do just that and help transform my outdoor space in to a sanctuary of bliss and zen while bringing some personal meaning to it. In front of him is a Abalone shell that I brought from my ocean trip. The rocks lining the tree stump are also from the ocean and represent Hag Stones as well as rocks with white lines called wishing rocks. In the Abalone shell sits a gold colored dragonfly, symbolic to Mom and the one that landed on my hand after her passing. Dragonfly’s are said to help our deceased loved ones on their ascend to heaven. Over his hands holding the prayer beads sits a heart shaped stone, also from the ocean. It is overseeing all and stands for love above all. Love is the answer…always.

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The gentle gardener

It was a day of tears, a day of sadness, relief, and letting go, surrendering all that is not within my control. It was also a day of revaluation, coming to new terms, and a day of signs and what’s to come.

The days around Dad’s birthday are always tough for me. Still, nothing has changed after all these years, and I miss him. I got up and soon recognized a pattern that was all too familiar. Acting silly, trying to make light of things, and being funny, until I was reaching the point of exhaustion, and the realization of what was going on. I was trying to pull myself out of the rut, the sadness that slowly grew inside. It’s as if I become my own cheerleader and this usually goes on for a moment or two until I catch on to what is happening. After realizing what I was doing, the wall dropped and it was as giving myself permission to be sad, to cry, and to stop trying. The time has come to acknowledge those feelings, and allow them to pass, for they surely would, eventually anyways. It was around that time that I found out that the mortgage company would defer my house payments for three month, interest free. I was so emotional about receiving t news and this much needed break, that immediately I burst into tears, hands clasped together in prayer posture, while looking up and thanking my guardian angel and the universe.

Later that day I drew a oracle card, intended with a message for the world, for all of us. I drew the gentle gardener. Here is it’s message.

The gentle gardener is visiting you at this moment in your life to remind you that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the reality you experience. She is the embodiment of the energy within you that is sent out into the field of co-creation and ensures that all that you are is reflected in the world of form. Are you aware of your thoughts? What is their quality?

Believe in limitless possibility and you will see miracles unfold. The gentle gardener guarantees the integrity of everything you send out into the world. Stay positive and expect a wondrous return.

Your garden is abundant with beauty.

So what does one issue have to do with the other? Well for me it was an emotional day, dealing with the anniversary of Dad’s death and the scars that are still here many years later. The answer from the mortgage company actually brought a huge relief for worries and burdens I have carried and which have weighed heavy on me. Especially during these times. I feel the universe was giving me a break to gather new strengths under that normally heavy load. Further it was guidance as far as pursuing my own business and Etsy shop I recently opened. It was a message in regards to the current quarantine, a time that can easily get to all of us, as we feel locked up and so restricted. I used to say that I won’t get bored for a long time staying at home and I still don’t. But I miss the freedom of getting out when I want to, spending time with friends and loved ones, and village walks are getting old and are not enough. The days seem to have fallen into a routine, a rut that repeats every day, and I don’t like it. I was never a fan of routines.

Drawing this card was a reminder for me to gently realign my focus. I don’t have control of what is going on in the world, but how can I change my thoughts, and how can I expect a wondrous return in regards to the energy I am investing now? I believe it’s a question we should all ask ourselves. There has to be more than just making the days go by, one after another, while we wait. With that said, what can you do now, while everything is restricted, so you can reap the rewards later? Can you take an online class? Pursue a hobby you always wanted to learn more about? Can you become an advocate for your family and friend, spreading positivity and hope? Couldn’t we all use something extra to hold onto right now?

And here is another thing the gentle gardeners reminded me about. Whether we tend to a physical garden, or the garden of our mind, we will always get what we direct our focus on. With positive reinforcements that include our thoughts and outlook on any given situation, with a little love and effort we are rewarded with flowers and blooms, aromas and wildlife, a sense of beauty and peace, a calm and healing that soothes our own well being. On the contrary, if we consider what negativity and neglect brings us, the picture I see is much different. When we are filled with fear, anger, and not caring, our garden as seen before can’t exist. I see a picture that is dark, dead and overrun by weeds. I see hardship and a life that is much harder on ourselves and everyone we come in contact with. I hope these little examples and my experience can show you that we do have some control on how we tend to the garden within ourselves and the garden in our world.

Choose wildly 😉

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Orange beauty

One of the last blooms of the season has surfaced, and although the Fairy Garden is holding, the nights are considerably colder and so are the days. We almost hit the freezing point last night, and a small warm up is on the way. Summer is trying to hold on while breathing a few more breaths of color and beauty, but the days are numbered. The Fairy Garden is slowly entering it’s winter slumber and these beautiful sights will soon be gone. Hopefully a few more will come to greet me before the final season change.

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A little love

Here is a little love from the fairy garden for you. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone and say it with flowers today.

  • I’m thinking of you and I am here to remind you that whatever your facing today is temporary. Soon the time will come to make smelling the flowers a priority…hang in there.
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    Another beauty

  • Another beauty has arrived in the Fairy Garden and has added to my smile for the day. Each morning and each night I come to visit and sit in stillness while observing and greeting newcomers. It’s usually within a minute that Bember announces herself, and comes running down the catwalk with a purr. The catwalk is a concrete walking path that goes through the middle of the garden, and not so long it was covered by tall weeds. All you could see was the grass moving when Bember was near, forging her path through the Savannah. Now, with everything trimmed down, the walkway is exposed and it has become Bembers walkway.
  • For me it has become like a little ritual to visit the Fairy Garden, and it resembles a special place for me. It’s exiting to see what changed overnight, and feel the energy that emanates from this little space.
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    Eatable beauties

    The first eatable beauties have sprung in the garden. Not enough to make a salat just yet, but definitely exciting. It will be a first when I harvest those beautiful flowers for a salad, and I am looking forward to a new experience.

    Have you tasted any eatable flowers yet?

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    The mystery tree

    This is the mystery tree from Mom’s backyard. It appeared by itself and is growing quickly. The leaves have jagged edges and a oval shape that comes to a point. The underneath of the leaves is almost velvety feeling. The wood itself is soft and almost yellowish looking. Pruning it is easy and I feels like cutting through butter. The bark is greenish and smooth. It was not a fruit bearing tree, but something loves to eat the leaves, leaving behind tiny holes. We have no idea what tree it is and nobody seems to know.