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Orange beauty

One of the last blooms of the season has surfaced, and although the Fairy Garden is holding, the nights are considerably colder and so are the days. We almost hit the freezing point last night, and a small warm up is on the way. Summer is trying to hold on while breathing a few more breaths of color and beauty, but the days are numbered. The Fairy Garden is slowly entering it’s winter slumber and these beautiful sights will soon be gone. Hopefully a few more will come to greet me before the final season change.

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A little love

Here is a little love from the fairy garden for you. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone and say it with flowers today.

  • I’m thinking of you and I am here to remind you that whatever your facing today is temporary. Soon the time will come to make smelling the flowers a priority…hang in there.
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    Another beauty

  • Another beauty has arrived in the Fairy Garden and has added to my smile for the day. Each morning and each night I come to visit and sit in stillness while observing and greeting newcomers. It’s usually within a minute that Bember announces herself, and comes running down the catwalk with a purr. The catwalk is a concrete walking path that goes through the middle of the garden, and not so long it was covered by tall weeds. All you could see was the grass moving when Bember was near, forging her path through the Savannah. Now, with everything trimmed down, the walkway is exposed and it has become Bembers walkway.
  • For me it has become like a little ritual to visit the Fairy Garden, and it resembles a special place for me. It’s exiting to see what changed overnight, and feel the energy that emanates from this little space.
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    Eatable beauties

    The first eatable beauties have sprung in the garden. Not enough to make a salat just yet, but definitely exciting. It will be a first when I harvest those beautiful flowers for a salad, and I am looking forward to a new experience.

    Have you tasted any eatable flowers yet?

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    The mystery tree

    This is the mystery tree from Mom’s backyard. It appeared by itself and is growing quickly. The leaves have jagged edges and a oval shape that comes to a point. The underneath of the leaves is almost velvety feeling. The wood itself is soft and almost yellowish looking. Pruning it is easy and I feels like cutting through butter. The bark is greenish and smooth. It was not a fruit bearing tree, but something loves to eat the leaves, leaving behind tiny holes. We have no idea what tree it is and nobody seems to know.

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    The Fairy Garden

    This is a section of the garden that was recently preserved and I love the feel of combining the old while creating a new space. The board once lined a flower bed and is mostly deteriorated. Still it holds some nostalgia and the memories of the past. This board holds a lot of history and was cared for by Mom and my grandmother. It was meant to stay rather than being discarded.

    I believe it is now resting in a place where fairies live. Surrounded by tiny green ground covering that is sprucing up all over, it looks like a perfect place to dance between the soft green petals, or take a nap in the warm sunshine.

    The stones on top where stones Mom collected at some point and used for her own garden beautification. Who knew she liked stones as well. They now dot the board and are paired in perfect harmony. The frail (board) and the strong (rocks), as a reminder to overcome all obstacles and to stay strong during tough times.

    A few wild flowers, recently planted are sprucing up nearby. May they add color to the scene and remind us to always see life in color instead of just black and white.

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    Dusk is setting in and the world is slowing down. Mother Nature is shining it’s glowing warm light onto the garden, and a bird is singing nearby. It’s serene and peaceful as another day is quieting down, and we bit farewell to embrace the silence. All is calm and puffy’s (clouds) are dancing in the sky to an ever changing display of light. Here and there, peaks of light shimmer through the clouds, illuminating roofs and barns, plants, branches, blooms and leaves.

    The garden is watered and I planted lavender today. It’s winter hardy and I love the soothing and calming smell, plus it’s purple color. It looks pretty, as if it was meant to be in it’s metal bucket that has a Art Deco feel to add to the garden beautification. I learned that there are 47 known species of lavender, of which some you can eat. Apparently I picked the pretty kind Lavendula Angustifolia instead of the consumable one. I did plant some edible wildflower buds though, commonly used for a salat and we shall see. It could be fun…

    I still have the dirt under my fingernails from digging my hands into the soil. A wonderful feeling to feel the earth between your fingers, and it will stay there until I’m up for a thorough clean up. It was funny to notice that my fingernails have three different lengths, and neither one of them looks manicured or groomed with their jagged edges. Ahh the pains of physical work and gardening, haha. I’m not worried, but I’m reminded of my childhood days and playing in the dirt. I’m lucky I had a chance to play in the dirt and I’m sure there were plenty of times where there was dirt under my nails. I was such a tomboy growing up. Did I mention that my name was to be Frank if I was a boy?

    It finally rained the other night, and I managed to get a half drum full of rainwater. The sound of the water trickling into the metal drum beneath my window was simply magical. That, and freshly washed sheets would be a sure success to sleep like a baby, but it wasn’t meant to be. I was wrong, and instead I hunted little vampires once more and turned the zapper on way too late for relief.