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Happy Birthday sweet Cinnamon

Cinnamon and her first trip to the ocean. I think she loved it, especially napping in the warm sand.

Happy Birthday sweet Cinnamon girl. It’s hard to believe this little rascal is turning two today. Where has the time gone? Please slow down so my time with you won’t go by so fast.

There will be lots of treats today. A new collar to replace the old faded, sun bleached one, a new toy to rip apart and lots and lots of love, kisses and smooches all over. Plus of course a nice hike with tons of playtime. A birthday for the little queen and person she is. She never fails to amaze me. How smart she is, how keen her senses are, how quick she learns and copies us thinking she is just one of us. She has sure brought much happiness and joy into my life and today I celebrate this little girl and thank her for choosing me to be her fur-momma.

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A warm welcome…eventually

On my way home from Germany there were so many mixed emotions. During the long plane right, each one had plenty of time to come and go and I found it hard to look forward to anything. The pain of leaving loved ones behind, just about outweighed the happiness to see other loved ones again. I was still in pain mode and it wasn’t until an hour prior to landing that the excitement grew within. I would see my Cinnamon girl soon. How I had missed her and how would she react. Doing FaceTime or any other way to let her hear my voice and see me only confused her and seemed to make her even more sad. Eventually we stopped making an effort to include her in any conversations. Now it was finally time to reconnect.

It was dark already as we picked her up and she couldn’t make me out really good. In good old Mohawk style her hair stood up from her neck down the entirety of her spine. She barked up a good one for a moment until I started to speak to her and then it was over and she realized that it was me. She went absolutely bonkers, flying and jumping across the furniture, attacking me nearly licking me to death. The whole spectacular lasted like what felt an eternity. Over and over she jumped up at me again until we were all exhausted…eventually. Needless to say, she has been my little shadow since I arrived. Snuggling just a little more, loving me just a little more and not leaving me out of sight…yeah…just a little more.

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My special lil girl

Being away from this little pumpkin has been difficult for me. I miss my little cinnamon girl a great deal. I try to FaceTime with her here and now, but it seems like it’s only confusing her even more. She hears my voice, turns, and looks everywhere but never finds me. It appears to be more stressful for her and mist of the time it ends with her curling up in a ball and turning her back. It hurts to see her said, but it would it make things better if she didn’t miss ne st all. I suppose not.

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Happy Anniversary Cinnamon – Home for 1 Yr

One year ago, to this day, this precious little angel choose me and came into my life. It’s almost hard to believe that an entire year has passed, which only raises more awareness to enjoy and love every moment I am gifted with her to the fullest. It’s been many years since I had a dog after Nikki, another beloved Fur-Child has passed. I missed having an animal but it was simply too painful and too new yet, and strangely it felt like there was a certain loyalty to Nikki that needed to be upheld. But for the most part it was not wanting to go through the pain of having to say goodbye some day again. For me it was like losing a loved one, a person, a human, my child, and I am not good at saying goodbye, at all. I feel too much and never got over Nikki’s death. Here I was, waiting to numb the pain, for things to get easier, while suffering in many other ways of not having a special pet. And then she came into my life, unexpected and unplanned, and even though things get complicated at times and more difficult with an animal, it remains a lifestyle choice with adjustments, sacrifices and commitment. In short I wouldn’t have it any other way and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

She is a bundle of sass, and she definitely thinks she is one of us. Well she is and there is no arguing about it. She mocks you and she is a quick learner. She knows that pillows are meant to lay your head on and therefore you might quite frequently find her sleeping just like a human. She has her routines and she knows that a treat awaits after she goes out in the morning and does her business. She is so used to it by now that she will sit patiently, waiting, but also has no problem of reminding you in a way that says “hey, I am still here, waiting, on that treat you are suppose to give me, buddy.” Cinnamon has many quirks and she will without a doubt make you laugh until your belly hurts. There is no shortage of horsing around time in the day, and she is definitely unique and strangely different in the best way possible. She is sensitive and intuitive, she will check on you throughout the day to make sure you are ok. She knows when I am not and she gives kisses when she feels you are sad and she snuggles just a little closer, sending a message that says “I got you bud.” I love her affection and that I can cuddle her as often and as long as I want to. She has complete trust in me putting her snow jacket on and off and waits patiently if some sap needs to be removed from her soft fur. She is 41 lbs now and pure muscle, just try moving her when she plops herself down as close as possible to you and you have to lay like a question mark in bed because for one, you don’t want to disturb her, and two…you couldn’t move her if you tried. Fur child parents who allowed their furry children into bed know the struggle is real.

Animals are something else and I will continue to say that we could learn a lot form them. I am her hooman and she loves me unconditionally. I know we definitely came across each other, at a time of our life when we both needed each other. I thank her every day that she has chosen me to brighten my days. And likewise she is thanking me, without the physical words that yet speak truer and louder as if spoken. She is a picky little rascal and gets the best food. Allergic to many things it was essential to avoid as many triggers as possible which has resulted in a soft and beautifully, shiny coat.

Dear sweet Cinnamon, I hope you are enjoying your little adventure to the wave and hiking every day with your favorite humans. I love you to the moon and back and here is to many more years shared. Thank you for being such a special part of my life.

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Little trooper gets a clean bill of health

This little girl has been a trooper and had a vet appointment last Friday. I wanted to follow up on her allergies and a few other concerns I had. Her fur is really thin in places and perhaps it’s just an attempt to strip down into the buff, lol, as she doesn’t deal well with the heat. It’s just in spots though and so I wanted to make sure. Also a few weeks ago she missed the couch completely trying to jump up onto it and got herself a nice scratch from a nearby piece of furniture, ughhh, right in the face. And then there were a few times at the lake when she seemed unable to spot the stick in the water when it was close by. Well it turns out that everything seems ok with her sight. She is getting an extra dose of Omega’s Fish oil derived and is on allergy meds. We should see what happens and if the fur grows back thicker. It’s mainly on her belly which reminds me of a little piglet now. It’s perfect for kisses and cuddles, but then that’s a fur child Momma talking who is glad her Baby is ok.

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Cuteness overload

It was a gloomy day and I felt under the weather a bit. A headache settled in, I had alternating hot and cold flashes, pressure made itself noticeable in the chest area (heart – always scary), and the overall feel was kinda blah. Nothing too serious and perhaps just tiredness, but it’s incredible how the mind wanders, traveling down the path of Covid, right away putting doubts into your head, assuming the worst. Luckily I can recognize these attacks most of the time and hold fear at bay from taking over. With my increased focus on getting back on track, I wasn’t too terribly worried about and it’s only been one day that I focused on my increased water intake. If I just stay the course….keep the thoughts under control….not think too much….I knew things would be ok.

A storm was moving in, bringing rain to the Valley floor and much needed snow to the mountains. It hadn’t been much of a winter so far and temps were forecasted to be in the 50’s for the upcoming week. I didn’t mind, but of course it wasn’t the best news for water reserves and lake levels. Anyhow, it was the perfect day to follow up on a few things, ponder moves and possibilities, reminisce, perhaps craft a little bit, work on the Etsy shop and get a cuddle in with the fur child.

The spoiled bundle sleeps in bed with me more time then none overnight, and yeah I caved and invited her in, while accepting to wake up in question Mark position. Mind you she is over 30 lbs now and she wants to be soooo close. It’s usually me finding a way to cradle and wrap my limbs around her body wherever she plops herself down, which by the way is usually the middle of the bed. No, she is not dumb haha.

We have a vet visit next week to conduct some allergy testing and hopefully address and pinpoint a few balding spots on her fur. She had a faint one in the face when I got her and two more developed, on her back and leg. 😞 It’s been worrisome for this fur mama who of course wants the best for her child. What was believed to be a reaction from a difficult first couple of months, worms in her stool that was treated with a dewormer, to a fungal or bacterial infection-treating the spots with anti fungal cream, relocation to a different state and potential environmental allergies, to stress, a new home (again), food allergies and finally finding a food we like that is healthy and good, (after cycling through 4 others). It been a lot, but mostly for me I think. Overall she is a happy pup and a most grateful angel. There are no signs of her life quality being affected in any way, besides the occasional scratching and licking that has slowed dramatically with the new food. I think she had a few hot spots and licked it scratching the hair right off. I haven’t noticed much anymore unless it’s at night, another reason she was allowed into bed, as I would wake up if she did. My fingers are crossed that the hair will grow back and that this will be behind us soon. It’s time to find out what I’m dealing with here and get some answers. I hope it goes well. Further concerns are that we still find other dogs and other humans a little sketchy and growl or even bark at them. It’s hard to associate her with Covid, so I have my fingers crossed all goes good. But just look at this cuteness. 🤗💙🐕

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Cuddle bug

This little Cuddle bug is never too far from my side. This particular picture was taken at night during low light, but despite it’s poor quality it makes up in cuteness, that’s for sure. Here we were, cuddling in t recliner, just spending some quality time being close. She often lays and sleeps on her back, feet sticking straight into the air. She is a good ball with unique traits that often just make you laugh out loud. Just like people, animals too, are unique and special in their own ways. It’s fun discovering and letting these traits unfold, learning a little more at a time and see what this little body and beautiful heart is all about.

She picks up on the vibrations/emotions around her and knows just when to snuggle up and give some extra lovin’. Especially during the last days, I was very grateful to touch and pet her, to soothe my aching heart and mind. At times just laying my hand on her side or back, it feels as if an energy transfer is taking place where either energy flows from me to her or vice versa. It is very comforting and soothing to say the least. It’s a silent pact that everything is going to be ok, that you have each other’s back, and protect the other with your life. Yes it can and is all of that. Have you ever felt a relationship like this with an animal?

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So this happened last Friday and I am a furbaby Momma again. This little girl is a big reason as to why I’m late answering your comments, as well as reading your posts. But could anyone be truly mad at her?

Meet Cinnamon, a five month old rescue puppy that miraculously, and completely unplanned has shown up in my life. She was rescued from an orchard in California along with her three brothers. Nobody knows how long she was out there, without any signs of Mom. She was scared, hungry and pretty much feral.

Already by the next day she had stolen my heart and filled something within me I didn’t think could be filled. She is not here to replace my previous two pooches that have long crossed the rainbow bridge, but she has balanced the big void I have felt ever since the loss of my furry friends. She has brought joy and laughter back, as well as the wonderful feeling of caring for someone or something. Yes she is like a baby to me, and I think any animal has always been.

Lil_MissCinnamon is an cuddle bug and the sweetest baby. You can follow her adventures on Instagram under Lil_MissCinnamon. I’m sure she’d love to see you there. That little thief has my heart and my number. Already…