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New word moment

According to @hanneblank

One of my students has used the word “fucktangular” in an informal essay to describe a situation that was complicated and messy in multiple unpleasant and difficult ways. I am in the presence of greatness and I am stealing this word.

And there you have it, expanding your vocabulary once again. 😂 Happy Monday and have a great week.

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My story is still being written

New merchandise for my Etsy store and I’ve been working a lot with leather and metals. Copper has been my favorite so far, although I do love to mix pieces and use several different materials like in this one. The hand stamped plate is copper with stainless steel grommets on brown soft leather. The snaps kn the closure are metal gray given it’s a rustic and unique look.

Phrases chosen are mostly personal and whatever speaks to me. The phrase on the back one says “She’s a little wildflower with a lot of warrior underneath”. Who would that not speak to?

I hope you like these pieces and they will list soon. 🙏🏼

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Awesome Blogger Award is

So, let me tell you how badly I suck at this. It’s been at least a week (oops I am afraid another week has expired since first attempting to write this) since I was nominated for the awesome blogger award by my friend Michael who seems to believe that my humble blog is worthy of such an honor. Please stop by this funny, witty writer and tell him that Rhapsody said hi and thank you again. He is simply amazing and you are missing out. So what are you waiting for, check him out, after you read this post, of course. Ehemmm…

Let me tell you that it still blows my mind when I get nominated. I look around the room like “who me” as if there was some mistake made, although there is not another blogger living in my house and my humble heart knows darn well that I should accept such a wonderful compliment. It leaves me extremely grateful and in awe, to say the least. Still, the fact remains that I suck at the responses. For one I am not as witty, two…I write whatever I feel passionate about at any given time, which these blogger awards usually don’t fit that criteria and are very specific. They are special alright, but also hold you to a certain guidelines, but here we go and I will give it my best.

“This is an award for the Absolutely Wonderful Writers all across the blogging world.  They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers.  That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.”

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
3. Answer the questions you were asked.
4. Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
5. Give them 10 new questions to answer.


1. What’s wrong with you?

Way to go…loaded question right off the start. After contemplating if this is a trick question, this could really go any which way. Sooooo… initial response that comes to mind is “Not a damn thing”, but would that mean I live in denial or that I am just full of myself? Of course there are things wrong with me, and I have yet to meet the person that is perfectly content with everything about themselves. They surely are the ones living in denial, because nothing ever is perfect. At least that is what is widely believed to be the truth, but I think things can come pretty close to perfect. Not saying I am and I’m no different, but I see the the glass half full and I’m not a complainer, nor do I live in a fantasy world. Gee, how did this ended up here? Still need more proof that I sick at this? Here we go…

2. Do you prefer pie or cake?

Another trick question as I sit here trying to answer this seemingly easy question, but struggle. I am not a sweet person, well actually I can be quite sweet, but I am not a sweet fanatic and was talking about the food sweets, or so I thought, or…oh just forget it. Pie or cake, both are sweet and it won’t matter if it’s pie or cake if I should treat myself to the sticky sweet mess. Keep a piece of sausage nearby so I can neutralize the taste afterwards. Yep, to u won’t be the first laughing at this and I’m known for needing sausage after I indulge.

3. Can you be trusted with a lie?

No…I struggle with lies and they most always insult my intelligence. No matter how I twist it, a lie is a lie and I have a hard time warming up to it. You can trust me with brutal honesty though.

4. What’s your favorite swear word?

Whatever flows naturally out of my mouth at that time. Depending on the severity of the fuckery going on that would cause me to swear, various words have spilled out of my mouth in the past. Sometimes I’m English, sometimes in German and really depending what this cranium thinks of first.

5. Are you better at kissing or writing?

Kissing, although I pour my love and passion into both 💋

6. Have you ever mistaken Lust for Love?

Not in real life, but I can see it happen easily. Being attracted to that bad boy look alike that gets your fantasy going and you just can’t help yourself with your weak knees and all, but who is the last dirtbag (sorry gentlemen) in the world and doesn’t know how to treat his lady. It’s a matter of mutual respect and arrogance and control have no place in a strong, functional relationship. The goal is to have lust and love with the same person, then you really got it made.

7. When was the last time you slow danced?

Too long ago with this quarantine

8. Is there something you’d like to tell the world?

It you can be anything “Be kind.” Lift each other instead of putting each other down. Stay positive and stay the course. You got this and you are not alone. Gee there is really a lot I could say.

9. Who would win in a fight: Godzilla or Hello Kitty?

My initial thought is that it has to be the mighty, strong Godzilla, but I also like to root for the underdog. The one that goes in against all odds to prove something to themselves or the world. Having the courage to fight such a monster, much bigger than you, is already a win in my book. So here you go clever Kitty, you got my vote and I believe in you.

10. What musical instrument do you look like the most?

Ohhh this one is hard. I’m curvy and strong. Maybe a bass, hahaha.

11. What’s your first impression when you look in a mirror?

Mmmh, that varies from day to day as n out all days are equal for me, fighting a chronic illness. Some days are “hey, yeah I woke up like this” whole others are “geez you look like you have wrestled all night”. The way I look in the morning determines the actions I need to take and if I need a little extra pick me up.

12. Have you ever worn underwear from a person of the opposite sex?

No, and there is an easy explanation for this. Maybe a little TMI for here 😂

13. Finish this sentence anyway you like: “Bartholomew, I don’t know any damned Bartholomew …”

….but we both could use a miracle.

14. Do you think Ecru deserves to be a distinct color, or should it just go back to a being a miserable shade of boring-ass Beige and lose its uppity-as-fuck attitude just because it’s friends with beige

Beige is beige, no matter how uppity and higher class sounding you want to make it. Just because you call it ecru doesn’t give you the title to be more educated sounding than the rest of us, but knock yourself out with “Ecru” of you must.

Phew, I made it, hahaha….and it was fun, actually 😉


  1. How would you describe yourself and why?
  2. What are you attracted to the most with the opposite sex?
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  4. Are you ruled by the heart or your mind, and why?
  5. What’s your best feature?
  6. Do you dream in color or black and white?
  7. What song would you dedicate to the one you love?
  8. What makes your world go round?
  9. What does the perfect day look like for you?
  10. What’s your comfort food and why?
  11. What is better? To be jealous or laid back and why?
  12. What does freedom mean to you?
  13. Peace and harmony above a little fight here and there? Love, or make up sex?
  14. What would you change about yourself if you could?


Have fun everyone, and know that I wished I could have nominated many more. You all are fantastic and are so deserving. I love you all and thank you for your support and the love you spread every day.

Image by Canva

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Time for another word find.

Uff-Da (oo-fh dah)

Funny enough I have used this word before, and although I never knew it’s official meaning, I would refer to it when I made it through something a little tough. Something like “phew” or the likes of that. Finally I know what it means and it’s pretty close to what I thought it did, hahaha.

Uff-Da…of Norwegian origin, this phrase is used to express sensory overload. It can be used to express surprise, relief, astonishment or exhaustion. While not as widely used as some of the other MN phrases, it is perhaps the most stereotypical Minnesotan expression. 😳

Now don’t ask me where this German heard and used a Minnesotan expression of Norwegian origin. 😂

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Party of a lifetime

Burning Man recently concluded here in the US, and I wanted to share a sneak peek if you don’t know what it is. It is the party of a lifetime, filled with creativity, music, and art.

I live close to where this annual festival takes place and draws people from all over the world. It’s a place to express your own uniqueness with the opportunity to be anything and anyone you’d like to be. It’s pretend play where like minded stressed minds escape the reality of day to day life and dress in steampunk attire, various other characters, or little to no clothing outfits. You should see the lines on opening day. Probably worse than any traffic jam you ever found yourself in. Just to see the artwork would be amazing, and several pieces always get donated to the city each year once the festival concludes. The sheer size of them is amazing, and being covered in layers of fine white sandstorm dust surely presents a transportation problem.

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Hey Siri

Recently Mom was hospitalized because of an open wound on her leg. In all actuality it happens quite frequently since her skin is as thin as tracing paper. The slightest bump will cause an open sore that could lead to infection and not healing well due to her diabetes. She has lost a few toes this way already and it’s a scary situation for sure. Luckily she was only there over the weekend, starting Friday and being back to the nursing home by Monday. Coming to think of it, I think it was more of a safety precaution since Mom’s family physician went on vacation. He was worried Mom could develop a blood clot and in the end I think everyone was relieved to know Mom was in good hands.

This all happened during the week she was mad at me and hung up on the iPad. On top of it I got sick. Now with all of it behind us, I know that her anger towards me was fear driven about her leg, and the worries of what could happen. Calling Mom per FaceTime last Monday after the hospital, I found a completely different person. Immediately I could tell how relieved she was to be back, and that yet another scary chapter was behind her. We laughed and joked, it was a real pleasure talking to her. And then she told me a story that would send us both over on giggles.

Somehow Mom activated Siri on her iPad. Of course she has no clue what that is, for what one would use it, or how to even do it. It was an accident and I’m still unsure of what exactly Mom thinks happened. Clearly there can’t be a person stuck inside the iPad and the technology is beyond what she can comprehend at nearly 81 years of age. I wouldn’t even know how to explain it to her, but I tried anyways.

She proceeds to tell me that the iPad kept talking and talking and she just wanted peace and quiet. All I can figure is that Mom mumbled something and Siri couldn’t make out what she wanted. I’m sure Siri asked several times what she could assist Mom with. Mom mumbles back something and so the conversation between Mom and Siri continues until Mom finally has enough, and tells Siri to shut up already. 😂 But wait a minute, Siri understood that, and proceeds to tell Mom that this wasn’t a nice thing to say. (Rolling in laughter). I start cracking up as she tells me the story and Mom does as well. She puts her hand over her mouth as if she got busted saying something bad and now thinks she has to watch what she is saying because the iPad heard it and reprimanded her.


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A royal LOL

I’m already apologizing to my British friends, the Queen and Prince Charles for what I’m about to write, but it’s too funny not to post. It was a welcome and priceless moment. You have to understand that things are not always easy with Mom, so this lol moment was simply marvelous.

Mom loves her gossip magazines, especially the ones which talk about the royals and other famous people. Once a week I bring her two magazines and today was such a day. While she studies her papers, I often work on the blog, or otherwise just chill out.

Today she decided to take it a step further and vocalize some of the things she was reading. First came the story about the dog that stole the owners dentures and buried them in the yard, 😳 and if this wasn’t funny enough, there was more. Next on the agenda was poor Prince Charles. I guess we all have our ticks how we like things and what we prefer, and at first she shared with me that Prince Charles travels with his own bed. We looked at each other and even sympathized with his decision. I’m sure you have been at a hotel, just missing the heck out of your pillow. What was the icing on the cake and what stole the show was her next comment. Can you believe that he has his shoe laces ironed each day? Apparently that was too much for Mom. Maybe it is half as funny reading it, and it was just one of those moments you had to been there. But it was the way she presented her amazement to me, by saying “Can you believe it…..” in disbelief, that had us both in stitches and laughing out loud in the end.

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Witch Introvert

Hahaha…fitting. Have you ever done a quiz on Facebook or else and based on your answers your entire personality was determined? They can be fun and entertaining and recently I came across this one where you choose a broom that appeals to you to determine what kind of witch you are.

I choose broom number nine and the answer was that I am an Introvert Witch. Not really that surprising and it is kind of creepy how accurate these things pan out sometimes.

Here is what the detail description had to say about it.

You are able to enjoy ordinary life and calmly endure routine duties: cleaning boilers, cleaning the house and preparing potion. You don’t need to get along with other wizards: you like to help others and feel right. Most of the time you prefer being alone. You enjoy running away to the hills, where you get lost in your thoughts without having anyone around to bother you.

Sounds kind of lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m perfectly content and with the right company it’s bliss and a wonderful, relaxing and recharging experience.

While I no longer have the answer key, it would be fun to hear which broom you’d choose and why. Mine was chosen because it’s artful and whimsical handle. The plume looks full and healthy, while the little bend in the stick would be perfect for my bottoms to rest. This would leave enough room for my upper body to comfortably lay down on the remaining stick for a nap or two while flying through the clouds. Yeah, bet you didn’t think you get all of that, did you?

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Bless her heart

Dad’s sister and Mom

I usually bring the iPad with me when visiting Mom. I usually play music for her, show her funny videos of pictures of animals she enjoys. Anything that makes her smile and laugh is game here. Playing her favorite music group, she already warned me to not erase those songs from the iPad. Hahaha. Ok Mom, I should forever keep them safely in there.

The other day after showing her another set of raccoon pictures, she all of a sudden looked at me real serious and asked me if “that gadget” (the iPad) had new stuff in there every day? 😳😂

Bless her heart.