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Bike – Rides

I think a little ritual has formed already with nightly bike rides. I’ve gone several times now and the last two nights, I rode with my cousin and nieces. I’m slowly getting used to the bike again and getting my endurance back. It’s only the heat that still causes me to struggle. I hope it gets better.

After a little evening (it’s what my family calls a little get together to chill and enjoy each other’s company last night), we recruited three more family members for tonight’s bike ride and this will make us the mighty seven 😉

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Remember when?

Do you remember the innocent days about your childhood? When pressing responsibilities were far away and a slumber party was the greatest thing. Do you recall staying up as late as your heavy eyes would allow it to before you finally drifted off to dreamland. I remember those days, although I had to grow up and learn about lives seriousness way too early. But there were those times. Since coming to Germany, I feel that there have been times I lived vicariously through my cousins kids. I might soon find myself racing up and down a quiet street on a bicycle, feeling the wind in my air and smiling from ear to ear. Mouth closed hopefully as there are some pretty good sized bugs here. Ewwww.

I bought a hammock style lounger for the patio a few weeks ago. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet and I really need to take more time for myself. Fingers crossed the weather gods agree when the chance arises. Last night I had two visitors, and my nephew and niece paid me a surprise visit. From the looks of it, there might be a stargazing slumber party coming up in the near future. Further details were already nailed down with who get’s to sleep in the middle.

Ah what fun and innocent times to remember.

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Technology crash course – Mom Edition

Wednesday is new magazine day, and so it was with no exception. Mom faithfully reads one magazine to stay connected with all the prominence and the headlines. Personally I believe that maybe half of it is true, but I feed her enthusiasm and buy three magazines to provide something to her busy when she is alone. I try to keep the magazine until it’s time for me to leave, because if I pull them out too early, she claims to only wanting to read the headlines, but soon sits there and has to read further. Then I’m forced to snatch the papers back and say “How rude of you, I am here now, you can read your papers when you’re alone and I’m gone”. 😉 It has become a comical play as she forgets each Wednesday. I reach for her magazines whenever I see fit. Sometimes I do it to keep her occupied so I can answer a few comments and write a bit, while having WiFi. Sometimes I just need a break and there is nothing happening in this little town to bring news to her day after day. I’ve been forced to care about something happening, as it is often the first thing she will ask. “What’s going on in town?”

Last Wednesday was such a day and I pulled the magazines earlier throughout our visit. She soon flips through her pages and it doesn’t take long as I hear a heightened voice say “Awe, you two, what do my eyes see, just continue to sing as nicely as you do.” I inquire and learn about one of her favorite music groups called “Fantasy”, a german Schlager (hit) sensation. I hear about missed shows and finding out too late that the beloved two man duo was to perform. I learn about that the missed show was upsetting for days, and that we still wished we could have seen the performance. I’m intrigued, and now I wonder, I want to know what the deal is and see for myself. After all I never knew Mom’s favorite musical group and the radio remained mostly silent, a piece of decoration on most days. Every day at the same time she’d turn it on to listen to the horoscopes, and turn it off right after. We still read the horoscopes in her magazines. Mom’s in for a treat and is about to get a lightbulb awakening, crash course in what technology can do. I bring up YouTube and soon the first video is playing on the iPad. “Ja, ja, ja” she exhales while being glued to the screen, smiling all over the place. One song after another plays, some she knows, and some she listens to with surprise and disbelief that she never heard it before. “You have had this gadget (the iPad) all this time and you are just now telling me that they (the music group Fantasy) are in there? If you delete this, I’ll be mad, she says.” Apparently Mom thinks that like in good old cassette fashion I have somehow recorded the songs and stored them on the iPad. Again I try to reiterate that the iPad is the all knowing oracle and that you can call upon anything at any time. Mom is not listening and claws the iPad. She is in her own world and she is not letting go. She must really like the music, so I think, but then comes the kicker.

I have already learned about their names being Freddy and Martin, I have listened to comments about Freddy wearing white a lot, how good it looks on him and how successful the group is. That they just recently had their break through (it’s been twenty years I would find out later and that they are on a greatest hits tour). On and on it goes. Probably ten songs have played and I try to claim the iPad back by saying “Ok, enough of this for today” but Mom holds on to it and makes it known that she has to decide whether she wants to return the iPad back to me or not. As if she even knew how to operate it. She wouldn’t get passed the screensaver and the Passwort. “Don’t you just love it” she asks without caring for an answer. We have to at least finish listening to the song that is currently playing as she melts away on the screen. I watch her smiling myself, as she watches with great intent and shakes her head smiling. “Couldn’t you just get a weak moment with this one” she says? I learn about her additional fascinations and it’s the first time ever that I hear Mom say anything like that. I think so, she finishes her own sentence, smiling. I tell her that Freddy, the one she is crushing on is nearly half of her age and she says…I can always fantasize. I wonder if she knows what the name of the group (Fantasy) means. By now I can’t help it any longer, and start busting into laughter. Mom has a little crush and has found herself some eye candy. It just goes to show that we may get old, but our feelings can survive, that we can stay young at heart, always welcoming love and fantasy. I will never forget that moment, and I guess I have no choice but to become a fan of Fantasy myself now, for the mere memories and reasons they now portray.

I had to promise to not erase Fantasy from the iPad and that we will listen to it again very soon.

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Doctors orders

A little humor has never hurt anyone and this one was too good not to share. Please read this wise man’s advise, and choose at your own risk. I think a nap sounds great and I’m still needed around here. Have a beautiful weekend everyone and be good to yourself. Hugs….😉

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Fizzy Prosecco Party

It was that kind of evening. The day ended with a white grape / peach bubblebath and red wine out of a Pilsener glass. I’m sure Mom has wine glasses somewhere, but I relaxed and dreamt away anyways.

The mild evening sky looked like Marmelade and all the stars were hiding in the cool glasses of Prosecco…

Flip-Flop’ed feet were dancing through the sand, laughter echoed, hugs and stolen kisses…and all of sudden dawn was already here.

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Tired Warriors

The legs of my niece Emily after today. We shopped until we dropped hahaha, and had a wonderful “Girls out” day in Würzburg. Obviously the day left it’s signs on us in multiple ways. Our wallets are lighter, but our feet feel heavier. It looks like Emily needed a foot bath, while I indulged in a relaxing bubble bath. I wonder if the remaining three warriors did something similar to soothe their aching bones. 😉

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Polaroid Fun

No matter how challenging life can get, don’t forget to look for, and allow the funny moments. Fun can lighten the load with moments of light and laughter. Fun will nourish your soul and remind you that your struggles are temporary. Fun is essential and this picture with these lovely ladies, my nieces, came last night as all of our tongues turned blue from eating sour candy. An added bonus, as the “sour candy face” was pretty awesome already.

The perfect Polaroid moment…

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Rain, rain and more rain

It rained nearly twenty five hours since yesterday and some areas reported over twelve inches of rain while the higher elevations endured snow. The winds were gusty and strong enough, creating big enough waves on Lake Tahoe to make surfing a possibility. Not my cup tea and rough waters like that are scary to me. I know it stems back to my childhood and almost drowning as I was little.

The skies remained dark and dreary today and the rainbows stays absent. Driving to work I was thankful for my new tires as I noticed much water on the roadways and people were driving way too fast, as usual. But nothing disturbed me and I kept driving with a big smile on my face. The reason was simple and the time had finally come to wear my rain boots. It was last year when out of the blue I wanted nothing more than rain boots. Don’t ask me where that came from, I don’t know myself, but I had the image of me wearing them burned into my mind before I even bought them. Arriving at work the water was rushing along the sidewalk and the image reappeared. I knew that it would be the perfect time to make the vision come to life and the moment had finally arrived. I had waited a long time and found myself a good puddle along the stream. What happened next, mmmh, well the evidence is in the picture. 😉

Xoxo 💙🦋