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Words by Anthony Hopkins

“Let go of People who aren’t ready to love you yet. This is the hardest thing you’ll have to do in your life and it will also be the most important thing. Stop giving your love to those who aren’t ready to love and appreciate you yet. Stop conversations with people who don’t want to change. Stop showing up for and showing care for people who are indifferent to your presence, who display temperamental emotions, who show disrespect or block you out and keep you at bay, despite your best efforts. I know your instincts attempt everything to win the good mercy of those around you, but it’s also this impulse that will steal your time, energy and mental, physical and spiritual health.

When you start being yourself in your life- completely, with joy, interest and commitment- not everyone will be ready to find you in this place of pure sincerity. That doesn’t mean that you have to change who you are; or play yourself down to suit the judgements projected into you by those who do not care. It just means you have to stop bothering with people who don’t want to love you yet. The truth is that you’re not for everyone, and that not everyone is for you. The most valuable and most important thing you have in your life is your energy. When you realize this, you start to understand why you become impatient with people who don’t suit you, and in activities, places, situations which don’t suit you.

You’re starting to realize that the most important thing you can do for your life, for yourself and for everyone you know, is to protect your energy stronger than anything. Turn your life into a safe sanctuary where only people who are truly compatible with you are allowed. It’s not your job to exist for people and give them your life, little by little, moment after moment. Decide you deserve only true and equitable friendship. Then take a moment to notice how things are beginning to change.”

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Laughter – one of the best medicines

We say it each time we meet, not to let too much time go by until we meet again. And then weeks pass and life catches up once more.

But yesterday was finally the day to meet with my dear friend Andrea. An afternoon of laughter, cuddling her dog Mick (Jagger), a walk through the neighborhood and before we knew it, five hours of chatting had passed while sipping on homemade Glühwein.

Time and time it proves that it’s often the simplest of things that are needed and mean the most. These hours of laughter, spending time in perfect company was exactly what the doctor ordered. Let’s do it soon again and thank you my sister. Xoxoxo

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A sense of wholeness

Where do I even start with this one? Why does it still matter, now after days have passed? I don’t have to vent anymore and God knows this post has been rescheduled and rewritten a hundred times.

I think I know the answer and it stands to aid nobody but me. It serves as a learning process to dig into the deeper workings of myself. How I operate, react, feel and handle things. How I learn my lessons and ultimately mold into who I am. It brings awareness to how it all comes to be, so I can understand the process.

Be forewarned though, I have a feeling it will be a long post.

It started the beginning of the year when I got a surprise message with a New Years wish. Nothing uncommon really unless it’s from someone you really are not in contact anymore. The split was a mutual agreement, although not initiated by me, but in the end for reasons understood and I really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I’m still figuring out if this message was a surprise, a happy one, or a message that might have set me back initially.

The message came from someone I once felt very close to, who was there during a crucial time in my life and who got me through a whole lot while I was caring for Mom. And I believe I equally got her through a few things she was dealing with. It sounds like an exchange of services. Angels that come into our life’s for a period of time before moving on again. Angels we lean on or help in their own journey. Still nothing out of the ordinary or that unusual.

Mom was very sick and while she was fighting for her life, I was by her side, fighting for her love, her acceptance – as her daughter and her willingness to accept help from me. It was a rough time and I developed a very close bond to this person on the sidelines, who would pick me up and gave me hope, strengths and motivation to see it all through.

Now months later, after no significant exchanges, this message caught me off guard, a message that perhaps in my own sense of awareness or unawareness questioned my wholeness in regards to the situation. I realized that closure wasn’t mine yet. I was still stuck on the pain of losing such connection. If I thought I was over it, I must have fooled myself.

At first it felt nice and my heart was touched by the message, leaving me with a sense of being remembered. I was grateful for the thoughts and wishes, but it soon subsided. On the flip side it brought back an emptiness and sadness. You see, I am one of these people that gives you a forever friendship once I close you into my heart. I have your back with my life, and I have a hard time walking away, even if it is mutually agreed like it was here, and the parting happens on good terms.

So here it was, one unexpected message, and everything bubbled back up. Would it have been better not to hear anything vs getting the message? I honestly can’t tell and it ended up taking me through a few emotions. In the end I got some distance from it, and by now I actually believe that it was needed. It made me face a few things. Even with this post. It was written on that day to clear my mind, and honestly it looked a bit different at first. Even longer and even more detailed, upset in parts, hurt, perhaps disappointed. In some ways not being so understanding but lashing out. Maybe that’s too harsh to call it lashing out, but it was definitely unfiltered.

I am getting off of subject here a little bit, but recently, in a different post, I was asking all versions of myself to join forces and support each other for one common goal. I believe that one of those versions made itself known to me and that a visit from my shadow self begged me to rewrite this post, to soften the hurt bits. The shadow self often represents the struggles in our life’s, carrying our burden and challenges. Leashing out and acting out of character is often referred to as a shadow self response. A moment, an initial reaction, a headed situation, a temper, perhaps the need to get back at someone, revenge and act below, beneath, the way one would normally act. All cases are reactive, something you might say or do in the heat of the moment when someone gets the better of you. Was this the case, had I allowed someone or a situation to get the better of me? I believe it was my shadow self asking me to transform the negativity and hurt into unconditional love.

Here is a little more insight why I struggled with this unexpected message.

“I’m still here, always” it said at the end. Like I got you, I haven’t left, I’m here for you if you need me, if you need to talk, or a shoulder to lean on. At least that’s how I interpreted it, and perhaps there was a time when it was what I had wished for and needed. An invitation to re-connect and like a fool I started blabbering about how much I missed our friendship, how things have not been the same, and that I still believe that there is a soul contract at work here. Yada yada and so on. Honestly I felt like a fool afterwards.

I knew that I had spoken from the heart, that I let it all out, and yet I was almost mad at myself. It must have sounded somewhat desperate. Was this the case and why did it matter? Shouldn’t I have moved on by now? Did I feel mad because of fear to sound dumb, being vulnerable, desperate, volunteering too much, being the first to say so. Surely these feelings wouldn’t stay this way forever. There had to come a time, a point of no return, a point to sever this emptiness and cut all ties in order to move on. Was I saying that this door would never close? My jibber jabber indicated that I’d be here forever, and so what if I was? But that wasn’t the case, was it? I knew that in reality with each passing day the separation only deepened. Maybe I was frantic about it without being conscious of it, fearing this point would be beyond my reach? I was still holding on to a possibility, the endless believer, dreamer, silver lining, supporting positive outcomes person that I am.

Well, after a brief exchange in regards to the message, it ended up not being an invitation to re-connect. It was just a simple, “innocent” wish for the new year. That’s what I was told, but on my end it wasn’t all that simple. It came after weeks and weeks of silence. After a silent Christmas and throughout personal challenges that could have really used someone to “still be there.”

I realize that I’m viewing this thing from all angles, that I am dissecting it into a thousand possibilities, asking the W questions of what if. I am over analyzing it, but in a way I need to, to understand even if no answers can be found. I was contemplating the why now, why was it important to say “happy New Years.” What was it about? Just a spontaneous moment?

It took me back to where we left off, confused, brain washed and unable to rely on my intuition, frantically trying to justify myself, setting the record straight in a desperate attempt to be heard and not falsely accused. Why would I even want that back? The message felt like casting a lure to test the waters and to see what the overall feel was. Was I still there too? And I guess I was, and boy did I ever volunteer the feel of the situation. This paragraph still holds some of the shadow self energy but it is the truth and perhaps will stand as a reason as to why we will never connect again. It would be too much to realize this for you.

If nothing else, it became obvious of how vulnerable the subject still is, how much hope there still was, and how much I still mourned a connection that used to complete my sentences. A connection that truly “got” me. Which always gave me a sense of being understood. I miss this kind of connection and friendship, the sisterhood, the weird tribe that get’s you, the silent language that is confirmed with a smile of knowing that no one else catches. The sincere connection that can exist without any selfish motto’s or what is to gain and in it for oneself. Those are rare and increasingly harder to find.

After responding to the New Years greeting, I learned that we can only meet in the energetic, where it is safe, where neither can harm the other or say something that may be perceived wrong. In the energetic only, where everything is perfect. Where we can create our own outcome to soothe and comfort our minds. I know it’s not that simple and what is revealed to us during those times is so much more, and has little to do with make believe, but still??? It’s a place where no conversations take place, at least not in the physical sense, where one can ask for advice or lean on the other, feeling the benefit and support of such a friendship and soul connection. Could I get to that point of letting this be all, letting it be enough, to fill me completely? Could I envision a hug in the energetic to become more important then a real life hug? It seemed far fetched for me and since I do live in the physical world, I also crave a physical hug/contact. Maybe down the road, some day maybe. Exactly what you said, and while I am one to mostly go with the flow, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. The point of no return dark cloud lingers over me as I think about this.

We have moved from a close friendship to a soul connection only. To answer my above question, it’s not enough for me to be honest. Maybe this kind of connection is the hardest to find and perhaps I should feel blessed. Yet I need more, but what I don’t need is “perfect.” I am not afraid to make mistakes and I don’t place “perfect” expectations on someone. What I need is “real,” where real people do their best, have no intentions of harming the other one, where people will make mistakes along the way, unintentionally, while the other trusts this to be true. I know we both needed more, in different ways and there is much more that could be said, but I’ll leave it here.

This is my question for you…

How can you tell someone I’m still here, always, but only in the energetic sense? I know the answer and you would say to heal, to protect ourselves throughout the process. I feel I should be grateful to know someone who is holding space for me. Being an energy healer myself, I understand the power of the energetic world and it is a beautiful and healing place. I visit it frequently myself, and many of you have been a part of it during my weekly reiki healing sessions.

I guess what I struggle with is the need for perfection and the fear of disappointment. I can’t compete with that, nor can I live with the burden of messing up, of bursting someone’s expectations of me. Of crushing the illusionary image of myself. It’s a non winning battle. I can only be myself but have no control over the perception of someone else. It’s a ticking time bomb when we place expectations onto others and it becomes and unmeasurable burden. It’s a lost case when we don’t give them a chance, or accept them for who they are. Out of fear it turns into control, a defense mechanism to protect oneself at any cost. Even that I understand, but help can only be given during complete surrender and no expectation. During trust and vulnerability.

Today, I am revisiting my sense of wholeness and what it takes to move on. It takes letting go and respecting individual choices, allowing things to be as they are, being and embracing others for who they are, their motives and reasons. It means embracing that beliefs will differ. To let go of an illusion, a wish, the hope and a dream that is one sided and cannot be returned nor shared.

Today I remind myself of my potential, a sense of wholeness and a continuation to heal in whatever way and form one might choose. I am letting go in the physical sense knowing that if there is a need, I can always connect in the energetic. So be it…

This quote comes to mind

“A sense of wholeness can arise when we embrace all the aspects of who we are instead of denying those “selves” that we might find impractical, embarrassing, or intimidating. The ancient symbol of the ouroboros, a snake swallowing it’s tail, reminds us of our potential.”

~Carl Greer

You have always been fond of snake energy and I have always feared it, not in the symbolic sense but in the physical sense, getting hurt by a snake a few years ago. It’s quite symbolic for me now and I guess there it is, isn’t it. All of a sudden it makes a lot of sense and I am not mad in the least for I have gained much more than I have lost. I am not ashamed of putting my honest feelings out there, of making a fool of myself, fighting for a friendship and everything else I once held dear. I will never regret crossing paths with you and in my book you are still as amazing and powerful as ever. A goddess, a shining light, a gentle and beautiful soul that has endured pains she should never had to. I hope you believe in yourself and find a place in the real world as well while you are still fulfilling this journey of your soul in the physical. I think you are well on to it way, and perhaps my lesson was finally learned. 🙏🏼

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World friendship day

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Today is world friendship day, also known as international day of friendship, and for me it is another chance to say thank you and honor all the amazing people I have encountered since starting this blog. What a journey it has been. Together we have grown, encouraged each other, listened and empowered each other. We shared our voice and because of it, we didn’t feel alone but in it together. Together we have found an outlet to let this voice be heard and side by side we have walked this path in the journey of our life. Today I give thanks once more to all of you who always check in and support me with your love and kind comments. I can only hope that I am returning a fraction of all the kindness I receive from you. 🙏🏼

The definition of friendship can be interpreted in various ways from person to person, with our own interpretation. The dictionary defines it as a relationship between friends, a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations. A state of being friends, friendly, relation, attachment to a person, and affection arising from mutual esteem and good will.

I think that along the way we meet new like minded spirits that share our story. Eagerly we embrace the guidance they have for us. We have our lightbulb moments and learn and apply what fits us. We feel understood and guided to keep going. But we also lose old friends along the way, sometimes even life long friends. I guess it’s normal and sometimes people outgrow us or vice versa. It’s merely that our priorities have shifted and that we pursue different goals without it being anybody’s fault.

The art of being a good friend is something you have to study for years. They say that friendship is about learning new things each and every day. The term of friendship is often used loosely and lacks the true meaning that holds true for me. A true friend is loyal and has my best interest at heart. He/she wants me to succeed and is not in it for themselves or personal gain. There is a silent understanding, a knowing, when you truly “get” the other person. Where you sign up to play life with and walk down that path in good times and in bad ones. A true friend is always there regardless of how often you talk. A true friend accepts you for who you are and time spent together flies because you can always be yourself.

Friendship day is derived from hallmark cards around the 1930’s and was declared as international day of friendship.

Have a great day everybody and thank you for being there. You make all the difference with your fabulous self. ❤️🙏🏼

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Birthday countdown Day 2 – Laughter

After nearly 5 month of absence due to the pandemic, I gave myself the gift of laughter and finally spent some time with my girlfriend. Of course still being extremely careful since the virus is nowhere near to being controlled, especially here in the states, but we made it happen.

We chatted for nearly 6 hours, and it’s crazy how time can pass so quickly when you find yourself in the right company. One of the most important things that happens when you hook up with your tribe is that there is an understanding, an acceptance for who you truly are without having to pretend, and there is laughter. The healing laughter that takes you away for a little while and life becomes just a little brighter. We know it does and yet sometimes there simply isn’t enough in our hectic schedules.

At the end we alway look at each other, knowing that we have thoroughly enjoyed our time, and one of us will says “let’s do this soon again.” I think birthday week was perfect to reconnect and have a change of scenery, adding good old fun, and laughter to the equation. Now let’s just do this on a regular basis.

PS. Did you know that laughing is strong medicine? Benefits of laughter include strengthening your immune system, booting mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. Nothing works faster to balance the body after a bout of anger. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hope, connects you to others, keeps you grounded and focused. Laughter relaxes the whole body and triggers the release of endorphins. Laughter protects the heart, even prevents heart disease, and burns calories. The list goes on and it might even help you live longer.

I know life gets busy for all of us, but with a list of benefits like these, it might be a good idea to rearrange our priorities and make some time for laughter.

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My old friend “Red”

Driving home last night, an old friend from my neighborhood crossed my path. I haven’t seen “Red” for some time and he reminded me of the meaning of friendship.

  1. F Favorite Memories
  2. R Real Feelings
  3. I Intimate Secrets
  4. E Embarrassing Moments
  5. N New Idea
  6. D Dreams of the Heart
  7. S Successes and Failures
  8. H Hard times and Celebrations
  9. I Inspirational Talks
  10. P Playful days and serious times

So if you have a friend you can share all these things with, consider yourself lucky because true friends are rare and a true treasure. I’m not saying I share all these things with my buddy “Red” but friends come in all kinds of packages, making them unique and special alike.

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    Conditional loss and others

    The last couple of weeks have been emotionally and physically tiring. I feel the drain, and have talked about it in previous posts. I’m not complaining, my breathing is fine 😉, and I’m just plugging away. I’m just being observant to what’s going on, so I can take care of myself, the thoughts I’m having and the feelings I’m feeling. And then of course there is mercury retrograde again which explains it, doesn’t it?

    My time is occupied with serious family matters, friendships and trying to get something going as far as “youniqua” the business I’m trying to build is concerned. All my creative energy has been put into this project. I don’t have to think much and it’s calming and soothing to me. But I should start to earn an income again, better yet I need to, and it’s been two years. Two years of which I spent 13 months in Germany, making Mom and later myself the priority for healing. I’m lucky, I was able to do so, as I feel I might not be here if I had to indulge in the stress and all the other hectic that contributed to my own chronic illness.

    In between, I have tore the entire house upside down to eliminate potential allergies Ive struggled with. I’ve cleaned and donated much to the needy and chronically ill. I have to do another round and start all over to get rid of more. I’ve been more active, changed my diet for a healthier lifestyle and have lost 8 lbs so far. People have come and gone in my life and today I struggle a little with loss in general.

    It’s been a lot of loss over the past year. I lost Mom, and it’s natural that some days just catch up with me and remind me. It was around this time two years ago everything started going downhill as I was confronted with having to admit her into a nursing home. Despite all odds we became closer then ever, and it’s hard to believe that she has been gone for over 5 months. Shortly after that there was the loss of my aunt who passed as well, and the pain cycle repeated all over. I lost my girlfriend of many years, even decades, although the friendship was over a long time ago. It was amazing how little we had in common left. Actually I couldn’t name a thing now other that we played ping pong together. It just never became that apparent, living that far away from each other and seldom seeing each other. I lost someone special due to love and not being able to answer that call. I still struggle with it and miss that connection more than I can say. Others have distanced because apparently there was nothing material to be gained. I get it all, but felt used and if no use. I know many of our encounters, simply run their course. We enter each other’s life for a reason, to help and support, lend a shoulder to lean on, or a helping hand. Sometimes we receive and sometimes we give. I even understand that we outgrow people as our journey changes and our path becomes different, or is it our priorities that change and why it feels so painful? Maybe it’s because I never feel that is me doing the leaving. To no longer be that priority, to feel discarded and replaced? I don’t know, but regardless what loss it is we experience, I wish for a break for awhile. No more loss and friendship that celebrate the true meaning of friendship, valuing each other for our humanly assets not the material ones.

    Thank you for letting me speak my mind. I’m ok, just didn’t want to hold on to that energy.

    Don’t miss tomorrow segment of “Created by storms” as another shoutout is due to another special friend.

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    Nothing lasts forever

    Yes, I have heard it too. That nothing lasts forever, that everything has it’s time, and that people will come and go in our life. I wish it wasn’t true. I agree that sometimes people outgrow each other, simply by traveling different points in their journey, and it’s really nobody’s fault. It’s nothing personal or that you had a falling out.

    I agree that each journey is different, unique, beautiful, painful, and filled with many lessons. And still, I don’t understand the part, why we meet so many wonderful people along the way, only to lose them in the process of it all. How glorious it could be to share some of these experiences, but I do understand that it’s just not possible, and that others on a different path wouldn’t understand, lacking some of the experiences we may already encountered.

    I think it’s a process complex and painful, one that comes with a price to pay. It just doesn’t sit well with me, not that I could change a thing, and I don’t know what makes me believe that there is a “forever”, something that should be different. Something that would keep the people that touch our life’s close. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, a little Rebell attitude that just can’t grasp this concept and tried to defy it each time. Why can’t some things stay? Why do people come and go? Couldn’t there be some that actually stay? Why do friendships and sisterhoods come to an end, where they once so much enriched our life?

    I have heard of a wise person saying that people will always come and go through your lifetime. That everything has it’s time. Some people will teach you lessons, some will find you, so you can help them through a rough time, and when that time passes, so does your relationship, and your contact with each other. It reminds me of a never ending tug and pull. Sometimes strong to lend support, other times seeking a shoulder to lean on. And with it, everything passes and is subject to change.

    But then there are the few, the rare, the ones that stay with you forever regardless. I guess I always wanted to defy the “nothing lasts forever” theory, but I never quite made it to that point. As memories catch up, today feels heavy at the thought of a forever friendship. And the weird part is that I understand all of it, the reasons that made it impossible, even the reasons that prevented me to fight for it. Not for my behalf but that of another. The confusion of not being able to convey my deep understanding of what was going on, and still I did, but unable to change things. I understood that it was too painful to stay, I understood the feelings involved, and that I couldn’t meet some expectations, and still nothing helps or matters, it’s still hard to move forward. I wish things could be different.

    I have to accept that the line where we go separate ways, was reached. That the moment has come where we convince ourselves that we are better off alone, knowing that these feelings will always return soon or later. To suppress them would only be living a lie. I don’t know if I will ever get used to that because those things simply didn’t apply to me. I don’t know if I will ever consciously try to see my life better off. I feel I would lose myself. I believe in challenging the status quo, fighting the things that don’t align with my soul beliefs. I am a dreamer, perhaps too naive, living in a fantasy bubble, with a world that has moved on, leaving me behind with my old concepts. I don’t know. I do know that I feel too strong and too deeply, but I don’t know how to give only a little. It’s all or nothing, and yes it does leave you vulnerable to be hurt and taken advantage off. Not that I feel this was the case. I think it takes courage upholding these kind of values, because disappointments may find you more often then success. Yet I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I feel hurt because of a loss in my life, a dear sister and friend, someone that used to enrich my life in so many great ways. Once more I learn that not all losses end in death, and that loss encompasses many different things. I feel pained, and yet I am grateful for the experiences shared together. I look back with a smile on my face at the memory of you, and know that this very moment brings a whole new lesson. A lesson that with every loss, we will have to prove our hearts over and over again. Not to anybody, but to ourselves, choosing to not close it and become bitter, to be willing to take the risk and yet another chance to find “forever” once more. Wishing you all the best in your journey ahead and thank you for everything you brought to my life. I truly do see you and I will miss tremendously. Now go and spread your wings, you are ready, and you have waited long enough. You will be fabulous and you live on within my heart where I will always cheer you on and walk besides you.

    All you have to do is believe in yourself.

    Namaste 🙏🏻

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    Invisible Nets

    Picture taken from Yahoo

    This one is for the wonderful circle of strong women (and men 😉) out there. Bless you all 🦋

    I believe that we all have the power to lift each other, but sometimes it is the invisible nets, the unspoken and unseen, perhaps the magic of never even meeting face to face that makes a big difference in our life.

    I believe that the circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we are strong. Let’s lean back and let the arms of women’s friendship carry us and help us know ourselves better, and love our lives together.

    And our circle of wonderful and kind hearted Men is just as important.

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    Blogger meeting with Streets of Nuremberg

    Last Saturday was a special day for me, I’m not soon to forget. I had my first ever blogger meeting with the very talented Marcus from Streets of Nuremberg. A big shout out and thank you goes out to him for making this day possible. I once said that one of the biggest, most precious gifts we can give another person is our time, and Marcus did exactly that.

    After a few suggestions, we decided to visit the town of Schwäbisch Hall and capture some magic. Marcus is a master of the most amazing street photography so it was a real treat to be right there on location with him. Please see his images from our trip in my prior post (re blog) called Rhapsody. I had to smile at each cool shot, remembering exactly how it came to be.

    The images here are my own, and my answer in addition to what you already seen from his post. I would never dare to compare myself to him, and yet I believe that we both captured some pretty neat shots that day.

    We had a great time and it appeared that we complimented each other in many similar ways. There was great conversation right from the beginning, just like long friends that get together to have some fun. You would have never guessed that this was our very first meeting.

    It was so much fun to exchange perspectives and ideas for our shared hobby photography, but also when it comes to few life goals, simplicity, and finding more time for the things we love.

    After exploring the city and climbing the majestic Bell Tower, we found ourselves enjoying the arts and culture at local museums and churches.

    Just like Marcus, I share a passion for black and white photography, and feel that a monochrome finish can add more drama and impact to a picture. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and it does. It should also bring Mystery and emotions to the table, while taking the viewer to a special place.

    The lighting was perfect during our trip. On the outside it was a crisp, but beautiful sunny day, and on the inside the light was following us. Flooding through the windows of churches while castling beauty of light and shadow play everywhere you looked. It made for magic.

    There are not enough good things that I could ever say about Marcus. From a professional standpoint to his shining and fun personality, he is one in a million. And he is my friend….friends for life.

    Meeting Marcus in Person was wonderful. I didn’t have any expectations going into our meeting, but if I did, he would have blown each one out of the park. A friendship for life was formed a long time ago as our blogs crossed paths, but solidified even more on our blogger meeting this Saturday.

    I am grateful and blessed for the time that we shared, and I am already looking forward to our next meeting. Perhaps in the US. You never know.

    Don’t forget to stop by and visit Streets of Nuremberg if you haven’t done so by following the link above. You will find posts full of beauty and information. Just simply stunning.

    Thank you for everything Marcus. It was a much needed distraction and overall great day for me. I thank you for your friendship and a wonderful time.