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The High Priestess

From time to time I like to consult the cards to see what they have to say about a current situation, my progress or to simply get clarification and a glimpse of what lies ahead. Monthly, I consult my Spirit Animal deck to see what energy supports us for the upcoming month and personally I have found much value in doing this. These oracle cards have always made sense to me and have been a guiding companion. Over the years I have grown very close to them. Today was the day to seek advice and this time I used my Deviant Moon Tarot Deck. I only used it twice so far, but already the connection is deep and true. In my opinion Tarot is more complex than simple Oracle Cards and there is much more to learn about Tarot. I only have two decks of Tarot and soon I will be reunited with my Steampunk deck that I left behind in Germany.

Today the High Priestess showed up in my reading and it’s not the first time she made an appearance. It seems she shows her magnificence every time I am in Germany or about to go. Either way the subject seems to revolve around Germany when she crosses my path. And Germany has always held some challenging times for me, so I am not surprised.

The High Priestess is a Major Arcana card and there about 22 of them in a deck. Major Arcana cards indicate that the seeker is in the flow when it comes to where their lives are heading. This flow can be so strong that the seeker feels as if they have little control. This couldn’t be anymore true and reflects exactly how I feel during these crazy times. Yet it is very comforting to read that despite of it, I am in the flow of things in regards to where life is heading.

Further meanings of the High Priestess are that it is the most intuitive, connected card in the whole tarot deck. The High Priestess is a card of awareness and subconscious ness. This card urges you to listen to your inner voice and to follow your instincts. Your mind knows far, far more than you think it does, and the High Priestess embodies this concept. When she arises in your Tarot reading, stop looking for answers in the outside world and instead, turn within for the guidance you seek.

The Hight Priestess represents secrets, mystery, intuition, wisdom, magic, and making the impossible become possible. I think I am about to do that, ain’t I!!!!