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I always liked lilac. Back in my childhood, I remember walking the narrow path to church that was lined with lilac bushes. I have always loved the smell, as well as the look of the plant. It’s that time of year and lilac is blooming right now. So far I have seen shades of white, blue, and purple. I got to collect three small branches from a bush on public land yesterday, and placed them in a vase on my window sill. Soon the air and the room was filled with the fragrance of this intense smelling plant. I loved it, but my allergy game was strong this morning and I could hardly breathe. I eventually had to move the flowers into a different room and not entirely sure if it was my beloved lilac that is to blame for all of it. Patio furniture and even the streets are covered with fine yellow pollen dust. Most everybody is complaining about some ailment, ranging from a runny nose to itchy eyes or ears. Despite of it all and no matter the cause, lilac still remains one of my favorite and is such a romantic little plant. Doesn’t this scene look fairytale like?

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Red is such a powerful color and I once said that not everyone can pull it off. I might still owe a picture wearing red to someone special 😉.

Walking to see Mom today, I walked past this beautiful flowerbed of red and couldn’t help but snap a picture.

Sending you a little color on this beautiful day and spilling the beans to let you know that the bus will finally stop at a very special place this evening. I’m excited and you’ve waited a long time for “The bus stops right here” 😉

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Simple beauty

I bought flowers for Mom the other day, and immediately thought of her once I saw the bright bouquet. Plants and flowers speak a language all of their own and I will make it a point to enjoy them even more. It’s always the little things, that have the biggest impact, remember? I don’t remember the last time I bought flowers for Mom and that’s my point exactly. Maybe we all could take a moment and bring added joy this way to someone. Mom smiled and loved her bouquet. I know she will be studying it today, and her gaze will wander back to the arrangement while I can’t be with her. I know it has meaning to her, and therefore it becomes meaningful to me. What a wonderful way to let flowers do the talking in an old fashioned, proven way.