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Wild Lilac

I am not a “proud rose” kinda girl. I am much simpler, at least that’s MY claim. One of my favorite flowers are wildflowers, sunflowers and lilac. When lilac is in bloom you can smell it’s fragrance everywhere, even from a distance. And sunflowers remind me to keep turning my head towards the light and an endless array of possibilities. It’s true, I like the simple things these days and perhaps I always have. That’s not to say that I won’t appreciate a bouquet of roses, but some handpicked wildflowers will make me küsst as happy. Strangely, even picking flowers had changed and I rather admire them and leave them in their natural habitat vs picking them and perhaps shortening their life.

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I bought a new ring a few weeks ago. I’d love to become my own metal smith down the road, and as I saws this piece I felt drawn to it. I didn’t know what immediately appealed to me other that I always loved sunflowers and so did Mom. I remember bringing her one of the biggest sunflowers I could find from a field, while she was already in the nursing home.

If you are like me and you don’t believe in coincidence, you might understand me questioning the timing and what drew me to this ring. Could it be explained so simply, by saying “well, you just loved the design” or is there something else? I guess it depends on what answer sits well with us, and the simple, most obvious version does the trick a lot of times. On other occasions we might dig a little deeper like in this case.

I was surprised to learn that the sunflower is the national flower of the Ukraine. Many grow them in their gardens paying homage to this symbol that is known to stand for faithfulness, loyalty and love. Sunflowers will always reach it’s head towards the light and remind us to fear no darkness. Refugees have arrived here in Germany and it’s almost impossible to watch the news, the devastation and the war crimes committed daily against innocent people who jut happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who never has a choice to decide on who h country to be born or to grow up in, just like you and me.

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Beautiful Amaryllis

Oh my goodness, my heart skips a beat admiring this beauty I grew from a bulb that looked like it had nothings going on. Old and shriveled up I soaked it for one hour and planted it in this pot. It is beyond breathtaking to see it in person and that this grew from seemingly nothing. Well I can’t say that it grew from “nothing” as I talk and encourage her every day. 😉

It’s been a journey such as going from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. With three giant red blooms, she is by far the most beautiful plant I have ever grown. It just brings me happiness and is such a joy to greet her every day.

PS. Today is a special day and it’s the birthday of two family members that are very near and dear to me. Sending you both much love and a special birthday greeting with a virtual flower greeting. Love you very much and miss you. 😘

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Freezing point

The weather is changing quickly and is nearly hitting the freezing point overnight. The fairy garden is still holding, but you can definitely see the changes in preparation for it’s winter slumber. Who knows, these might be one of the last blooms for the season, but maybe a few more surprises will surface.

I finally broke down and turned the heater on last night. I’m glad that I did, and it was nice to wake up to comfortable temperatures instead of freezing. I felt better all together, although my hand still struggles and woke me up several times last night with a pain that was hardly tolerable. And I really can tolerate a lot. Overall, I’m not sure, but I do feel a slight relief from the pain as if it is getting better. It’s still pretty swollen and I hate to thing the reason it may feel better is due to an increase in the painkillers. I was very worried yesterday as we planted my grandparents and Dad’s grave. I really didn’t know how I would manage, and here too, I did surprisingly well. I did medicate before, but I don’t think that I can give it proper credit. I have found little relief from it lately, as if my body is getting immune to it. Perhaps it’s rebelling while trying to tell me that this is no solution. I agree.

Kneeling down at the grave, I first planted Dad’s grave. I picked three smaller silver bushes to add to the two green ones already there. In addition I picked twelve pansies. Eight in a lilac/lavender color and four with a yellow and purple face to be placed in the middle row with the lilac on either outside. I really liked how it turned out. It is unique, different from convention and beautiful. Most of all it isn’t that typical cookie cutter version that everybody goes to. Even the lady at the nursery where I bought the plants tried to sell me something different and didn’t seem to grasp what I was trying to put together. It was ok, I already had my vision and knew what I wanted. It was later at the cemetery, while kneeling at Dad’s grave and digging my hands into the soil that I forgot about my pain. It magically vanished and loved the feel of the earth within my hands. I guess I grounded and with it all pain left my body for that time. Perhaps it was Dad thanking me and watching over me that made the difference.

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Orange beauty

One of the last blooms of the season has surfaced, and although the Fairy Garden is holding, the nights are considerably colder and so are the days. We almost hit the freezing point last night, and a small warm up is on the way. Summer is trying to hold on while breathing a few more breaths of color and beauty, but the days are numbered. The Fairy Garden is slowly entering it’s winter slumber and these beautiful sights will soon be gone. Hopefully a few more will come to greet me before the final season change.