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It’s new word Monday as we kick off another week, and the perfect word has crossed my path. It’s one I got to experience, and it’s also one with perfect timing as fall briefly colors our world into it’s own wonderland. Besides, who says that a wonderland has to be white all the time? Perhaps this one is called a Fall Wonderland.

Psithurism (n) the sound of wind in the trees.

Have your ever listened to this sound? It’s simply amazing to hear the rustling leaves, and it always spreads a sense of calm and tranquility within me. Nature is such a great healer. And still there is more than just hearing the wind. On the day this picture was taken, it was like walking the yellow brick road, a trail of fall colors, covering and carpeting this magical place. A little small stream meandered alongside the trail adding to the ambience with it’s trickling waters. Here and there the wind would gently sweep through the trees, shaking them softly in its breeze, alternating Phithurism with the sound of the stream. Yellow leaves fell from the sky like snowflakes adding thickness to the already covered forest floor. I just sat and stayed for awhile. Watching and observing my wonderland of serenity and peace. 🙏🏼

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Autumn Equinox – Reciprocity Ritual

It’s that time again and the autumnal equinox, also known as Mabon, is one of two points of the year where day and night are equal and in perfect balance of light and dark.

Many believe that for magic to manifest, you must reciprocate or give back in some way. Mabon provides a natural time to reflect on your exchange of energy. It’s also a potent day to make shifts, cuts, or rebalance what feels “off.”

For this little ritual you will need: Wine or tea. Bulbs to bury or inside herbs to plant (optional).

WHAT SHALL YOU REAP? Have an honest look at your life. Do you feel stuck? Have you outgrown parts of your life? Think about what you need to cut or change through the perspective of harvesting. When you harvest, the food gives you sustenance, then transforms into your life’s next expression. Do the same for big changes – take them in, be grateful for the lessons, and accept the transformations.

WHAT SHALL YE SOW? What are you planting to give back? You might empower others or make beautiful things. Perhaps you volunteer or grow things in your garden. This is a unique proposition between yourself and divine spirit, and it may be more mundane than you think.

THE RITUAL: Set up an altar that represents balance within yourself. Burn Yerba Santa, rue, or sandalwood to help clear your emotions. To signify what you are reaping, toast (with wine or tea) to the life and death of anything that you are letting go of. To dedicate to what you will sow, plant bulbs or herbs that represent what you’ll give back.

Excerpt from my magical planner by Amy Cesari

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Mabon – Autumn Equinox

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, and a different chill filled the air. The breeze was cooler than usual, and the days are already getting so short. For a Nature lover like me, it prevents a challenge to get all of my fix in before daylight fades. It sure felt like it yesterday, but it was a time of stillness and reflection. A time of peace and surrender. A time for grounding and a time for healing. There are many current worries with Mom’s health etc. but my heart was calm and at ease. Calm, like this beautiful first day of Autumn that made me feel as if I was seeing the world anew once again.

Mabon is a time of balance, when light and dark for a moment are equal. From this time onwards, the darkness will consume the light until it is reborn on the winter solstice.

Mabon marks the first official day of Fall. It is a time to reap what you’ve sown, both literally and figuratively. It is a time to reflect on the previous year, when we can celebrate our successes and assess which dreams didn’t come to fruition.

This harvest festival is the time to express gratitude, complete projects, and honor this moment of balance.

PS. Monday was the first day of Fall but Winter is making an appearance by this weekend with snow in the forecast 😳 It’s tooooo early and I’m still snowed out from the last winter.

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Fall is in the air

It’s another “Golden October” with mild temperatures and sunshine. We had a few cold days with near frost temperatures overnight, but the sunshine has returned and has replaced the chilly air with warmth’s. The change is obvious and Mother Nature is changing her wardrobe to greet us with hues of yellow, oranges and reds. It’s quite beautiful but short lived.

Have a beautiful start to your week everyone. ❤️