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The peaceful warrior

A chain reaction is producing this post this morning. It started with the essential oil blend I will post at the end of this write up that is meant for the peaceful warrior. With so much self reflection this year, I couldn’t help but see some of me in that statement. From the warriors journey that started this blog, to it’s name change of Phoenix rising, I believe more and more I am turning into that peaceful warrior just like the character of Lagertha Lothbrok in one of my favorite TV shows, Vikings. She can fight a good fight if she has to and she is one hell of a shield maiden, but deep inside she prefers peace and exudes wisdom and life experiences. She is growing tired of the fight and a sense of belonging in the simplest of surroundings is quite ok with her.

But even before coming to this conclusion I found myself googling images of the peaceful warrior and came across a movie from 2006 called “The way of the peaceful warrior.” Immediately I’m drawn to the title and I watch the trailer. A tear jerker full of compassion and the human spirit. Something I relate to further and I decide that it is a must see movie I will watch at the next opportunity I’ll get. This is also the moment I realize that this peaceful warrior image search is not what I want to post with my write up and Lagertha pops into my mind. I relate to her throughout the seasons.

I love how things fall into place like this so often. I am in amazement of how these things play out once you learn to tune into them while your awareness increases. How we are given pieces and signs along our journey that guide us along and provide new insights. How new pieces to the puzzle are revealed and find their perfect fit when we are ready to receive and most of all when we are ready to process and utilize them. These pieces become the stepping stones, the important bits that change us forever. That touch something on the insight and stir an old song our soul recognizes. To me without seeing this movie yet, the peaceful warrior resembles the battles that take place on the insight of ourself. I believe that this is where the biggest battles take place and are fought. I believe that so often we are our biggest opponent. So whether this movie has come into my life as a tear jerker because I need a good cry, or to release pressure to start another chain reaction, or to motivate me and to help me realize my own accomplishments, to feel grounded in my successes and achievements, to further motivate me to keep going and riding this wave at the very top, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the timing and not missing the chance to take away the lesson it is carrying. I am sure that the way of the peaceful warrior will instill new hope, new amazement and a sense of an even deeper gratitude. Gratitude seems is what it’s all about for me lately. Gratitude and balance. Gratitude for being guided and always watched over by my guardian angels. I have seen and found a love like no other through it and it’s something that is hard to explain. It’s not tangible and it doesn’t make sense to the rational mind. Yet it is so and the way of the peaceful warrior has arrived as a reward to the harsh lessons learned. I further believe that there are lessons (the hard stuff and the hard work we do) and rewards for it, like the signs and the things that touch our hearts. It’s always up to us to see and acknowledge them. Perhaps this peaceful warrior blend will leave you feeling full of bliss and serenity.

1 drop Bergamot

1 drop Copaiba

2 drops Patchouli

2 drops Marjoram

3 drops Clary Sage

A blend fro gently and lovingly claiming your power back and stepping into your wisdom. Blend with 5ml of carrier oil and rub into your solar plexus, heart and lower back.

Relax and feel the magick unfold.

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It is well with my soul

Times continue to be hectic in my corner of the world and peace is a fleeting feeling right now. I do my best to balance things, but mostly it’s impossible. I can’t listen to my body when it begs me to rest because time is ticking away and I am frankly running out of time and energy, fighting the pain of exhaustion.

I do love essential oils and came across a diffuser blend for a feeling of peace. Let’s give it a try.

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Wild Orange

1 drop Geranium

1 drop Clary Sage

Mix essential oils in diffuser, inhale, relax and feel the peace.

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Essential oils & Allergy Season

Hello everyone, guess what…it’s allergy season. If you are like me allergies can truly make your life miserable and I’ve been battling these flu like symptoms for quite a few years now.

Maybe our exposure is limited with being in quarantine and at home so much but allergies can thrive within the home just as well.

You wouldn’t believe all the the things I have got myself into since the quarantine has started and there is no shortage of hobbies and new things to try. One of such things was to learn more about essential oils as they are so much more besides making your home smell nice. So far I have made a few roller balls such as a headache helper, a stress away, friendship and allergy blend. I have to say that I’m sold on essential oils and it’s such a wonderful, all natural way to address some medicinal concerns. I have never been a friend of the harsh chemical drugs, and a holistic and natural approach is my go to way. If you are familiar with essential oils, you might have your own recipe already but here it is anyways.

10 ml rollerball

10 drops lemon

10 drops lavender

10 drops peppermint

10 drops frankincense

Put oil into rollerball and top off with coconut oil. Apply around the ears and back of neck as needed. I usually do mornings and evening, with amazing improvements and results.

Sending everyone huge hugs from across the miles and take good care of yourself.

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No ordinary moments

I’ve been on a journey to improve my health and my life for quite some time now. I have learned that nothing ever happens over night, and much of this process requires time and the patience, as well as the dedication and staying power to see it through. Another thing I have learned is to listen to my intuition that gently nudges me when I’m ready to expand and take the next step. So no, I’m not a fan of coincidences or things happening by accident, but I am a fan of reading the signs, of listening to the messages that are always here for us, and I’m a fan of believing that there are no ordinary moments. I can’t tell you how many messages I might have missed already, but I challenge myself to pay attention and keep my perception open so I can recognize these moments. After all nothing is lost as I can’t interpret-ate these moments as missed. How could I not Ebene being aware that it is happening, however it just takes longer to get to where this path is leading me.

Last year one of these moments happened in a life changing way as I came across the powers of energy healing. Most of you have followed my journey and know what a difference it has made in my life and in my health. About two weeks ago, I feel another such moment presented itself to me in the form of making my own natural skincare products and working with, as well as diffusing essential oils. I couldn’t explain the sudden interest until I learned that these oils not only make your house smell amazing, but also pack a bunch of health benefits. I started to do my own research, still not having a clue that I would need to call on what I was learning very quickly. I just followed my intuition, believing there was a reason all this information was falling into my lap.

And then it happened and I had a number of days I just didn’t feel good at all. Some symptoms of which were scary in these current times, but I still remained calm and surrendered my energy, calling upon my guardian angels and guides to help me through this. Further, my left side was hurting a lot which took the attention from corona and indicated an inflamed spleen, courtesy side affect of the rheumatoid arthritis. A day later a migraine headache I couldn’t shake settled in in addition to what was going on already, which kept me woke most of that night. Between the pain in my side, the headache, nausea, and feeling like I was going to pass out, it was simply impossible to drift off to dreamland. Something needed to change and it did the very next morning. This was the perfect time to test my new friends, the essential oils. I made myself a rollerball I call headache away, and low and behold, I noticed a difference as soon as I applied the mixture to my forehead. Within that day in a matter of hours the migraine headache vanished completely, and I haven’t had any problems since. But I went a little further and made myself a immune boosting diffuser mix, placed it in this handy little guy pictured above and allowed it to mist and humidify the air for several hours. The next morning I woke up and for the first time in days I have no ill symptoms, and no pain in my side. I am beyond amazed and already, I am a believer. Coincidence…well, you know my answer.

I can’t wait to explore further remedies and see what this can do for my allergies. Have you had your own experience with essential oils? I would love to hear your take.