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This weeks Reiki healing

Dearest readers and friends. With a heavy heart I have decided to postpone and skip this weeks reiki healing to be selfish and tend to my own healing. I feel it is necessary and needed given recent events and I hope you can understand. I came to the conclusion being unsure if I could focus or concentrate, and it is my wish and goal that your healings remain of the highest quality and effectiveness. I don’t want to take the risk of my own energy not being where it needs to be. So please bare with me this week. Thank you so much.

We will resume again next week, Sunday at the regular time of 7 PM PST. Thank you for all your thoughts, comments and care in regards to recent posts. You are amazing. 🙏🏼💙

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Reiki healing 12/20/2020

Our Reiki healing was at 528 Hz tonight for a whole body regeneration. It was performed to include emotional and physical healing for the entire body.

528 Hz is associated with repairing DNA, stimulating love, restoring equilibrium and inducing deep inner peace. It is the frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” Known as the miracle tone it is said to bring remarkable and extraordinary changes.

I hope you wake refreshed and at peace my friends. May your heart rejoice and may you feel loved and valued.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with this amazing gift?

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Reiki healing 12/13/2020

The snow was silently falling this evening, covering the world in purity and innocence. Is was silent and peaceful and my wish for you was to find and feel this peace within your hearts. Our Reiki healing commenced during gentle music at 853 Hz to help let go of fear, overthinking and worries, to cleanse destructive energy and to awaken intuition.

I started with lighting the candles and smudging the room with Palo Santo. It is known from the Native American tribes as the holy wood, and is used to transmute darkness into light and abolish mala energy – the negative energy. Palo Santo does not just cleanse negativity, but transmutes it into positiv, magical energy. The energy is a mixture of love and light and soothes emotional scars. My wish for myself as well as for you.

Tonight I felt called to hold in my non dominant hand (left) a large Selenite wand. Selenite further assists in cleansing stagnate, negative energy. It helps activate the third eye and crown chakra. At one point it left my hand and I allowed to rest right in the middle of my forehead, where it stayed until the end of our session. By the way if you ever wondered, our sessions usually last 30+ minutes. Selenite can help us connect to the angelic realms while promoting clarity of mind and radiating divine light.

Today’s session was peaceful and I could feel a feeling of re instilled comfort flowing through my body. Again it became so obvious that what I started as a gift to you, is actually something I really need myself. Like all sessions I felt filled with love and light. It filled not only my chalice but was forwarded to you to keep you safe and sound.

Today I dreamed of the silent snow falling outside. I was walking through a blanket of pure white, leaving the footsteps of my journey behind me. So many of you had come to participate in tonight’s healing and the snow softly landed on our hair and faces, and later stretched out arms. In silence we smiled at each other and words weren’t needed nor could they have conveyed what was felt within the heart. Tonight I walked up to each and every one of you and wrapped you in a blanket of light and love. This act and seeing myself doing this was symbolic of wrapping you up in care and warmth, in keeping you safe and sound for the new week ahead. I hope you sleep like a baby and wake refreshed and pampered, with a new pep in your step and a smile on your face.

Namaste 🙏🏼💙

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Reiki healing 12/6/2020

Hello my soul tribe,

Your weekly reiki healing is complete now. Rest and feel yourself cradled in white light, love and comfort. Everything is as it is meant to be. Trust that the universe has great plans for you and know that you are valued and important. My spirit guides and animal helpers reminded me again of how special you are and you are loved unconditionally and beyond anything.

Your healing commenced at a frequency of 741 hz to cleanse infections, boost the immune system, remove toxins and negativity, cleanse your aura and aid in spiritual awakening. You have been recharged and your chalice is full with white light to assist you with whatever you hold most important throughout the week ahead.

A special connection was made with all of you struggling in some sort of way and I asked for your burdens to be lightened. Thank you so much for tuning in and your trust. A prayer found itself into tonight’s healing.

May those who are fearful be reassured and guided. May doubt be replaced with guidance and a gentle flow. May tears dry up and a smile dance around your lips. May those who suffer in pain find comfort and ease their struggles. May hope be re instilled in those who have given up and lost their way. Heal sicknesses and replace them with health and a joyful heart. May those who are isolated never feel alone. Let compassion and a helping hand find those who are mentally struggling to keep it all together. May those who can barely make ends meet to provide a roof for their family never forget their riches and bless them with kindness and a miracle so they can go on. Shine your light and illuminate the path so we may never be lost. Let anxiety’s subside and be replaced with reassurance. Curb depression and mental disorders with unconditional love and understanding. May angels spread their wings and keep everyone safe during a pandemic at large.

Tonight’s healing was extra powerful for me and earlier this week I learned that my uncle and aunt in Germany have been hospitalized with Covid. Extra healing was given tonight for a speedy and full recovery.

Tonight I also had Mark and Wendi repeatedly show up during the session. Two amazing individuals, mostly silent, carrying a challenging sentence many of us can hardly imagine, they continue to shine their light and never ask for anything. Unselfishly, they manage a smile even when pain threatens to consume and steal their quality of life on some days. Both of these individuals have become dear friends to me that I value and respect in the highest form. Tonight, both showed up, and I held the space surrounding them in white healing light, sending extra love and care their way, hoping to repay just a fraction of all the kindness they spread on a daily basis. May you rest well and wake refreshed and cradled in comfort.

Until next Sunday my soul tribe. Be well, take good care of yourself and know that you are amazing.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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Energy imbalances between the masculine and the feminine

It all started with my left index finger being swollen and very stiff upon waking up on Saturday morning. It was unusually thick at the base of the finger near the hand and it was hard to curl or make a fist. Partly this was due to the swelling and the inflammation that had settled in my finger. I am no stranger to these moments, and each morning usually starts with a self check in to see what kind of day it is going to be. Saturday started like any other morning, and at first I didn’t think much about it. I merely noticed the swelling, the discomfort, and briefly checked on the weather, as barometer drops can cause these issues too. It was sunny outside and that couldn’t be it, so I moved on recalling what I ate the day before that could have been a possible trigger. Nothing really stuck though.

Ugghhh the arthritis struck again and this was the body part it had chosen to attack this time was my final determination. No further thought was given, and I went on with my day, chatting with my cousin in Germany via FaceTime, which I enjoyed greatly. It’s always great to see her and I felt a little nostalgic since an entire year has passed that we’ve seen each other in person.

Afterwards, I took Cinnamon on her 3 mile adventure and walk through the neighborhood and bordering BLM (public land) access. I could feel myself slowing down and being on the homestretch, it felt like I couldn’t get there fast enough all of a sudden. It was during the final blocks that an awakened consciousness came over me. I wasn’t going through the motion anymore, completing a walk, a task, a routine. Everything was pronounced, feeling the weather and sunshine, the smell of the earth, the birds chirping, a peace within and feeling alive, truly alive and aware, treasuring these moments. Time slowed down as we made our way back home and we strolled through the streets as if observing and seeing the world for the first time.

Back at home, the feeling subsided, and instantly I felt really tired. At first I chugged it off to my walk, although 3 miles is not really a big deal and I have gone much further before. But today, well today, it was a big deal apparently.

I had great plans for the day, with millions of things to do and yet, they all didn’t seem that important anymore and just relaxing, binge watching on Yellowstone seemed to be a far greater idea. I don’t even remember the last time I did something like this, and it’s usually go, go, go for me, always staying busy. I even find myself in the middle of a joke because of it. But in hindsight I can see what was going on here, and my body starts to strike when things get too much, forcing me to step back and take it easy. It’s not the first time this happened, but how it happened, sure was a first.

Kicking back in the recliner, the little pooch by my side, halfway laying on top of me, my shoulder made itself very noticeable. The pain that I’ve been feeling for days, perhaps even weeks, coming and going, decided to make a comeback. It was on the left side, shooting down my entire arm to meet up with the pain of my left index finger. Several times I resorted to the aid of stretching exercises for range of mobility, but nothing really did the trick. All I could do is situate myself in the most comfortable position as not to add to the pain that was now noticeable throughout the upper half of my body.

It was manageable for awhile until the left knee was starting to throb. What the heck was going on? The right side felt perfectly fine, but the left side of my body felt as if I got run over by something. Sluggish, slow, limping, I tried to walk it off, and yeah, it didn’t get me very far, but it sure had my attention now. Left side, stroke warning, heart feeling ok, no blue line running down my arm, I didn’t feel this was the case but it surely crossed my mind.

And then I remembered a subject I’ve once touched on, but never pursued any further. It’s the subject of carrying divine feminine and masculine energy within the body. We all do, and it is said that the right side is the masculine side, and the left side of the body is the feminine side. I’ve also recently talked about the Energy update that is currently going on that many of us are experiencing and feeling in various ways, and which could also have something to do with it.

Ancient and current traditions suggest that having problems only on one side of the body stems from overusing the energy of that side. Under normal circumstances masculine and feminine energy is in balance throughout our body, unless we use / overuse the traits of one side causing an imbalance. This made perfect sense to me and I knew that somehow I was guided to find and answer the phenomenon I was experiencing.

Some of the traits included with feminine energy include…


















It was easy for me to recognize the overuse of these traits, ultimately causing my own imbalance and pain. It also seemed that as soon as I answered this question as to what was going on, and was led to the subject at hand, that my pain eased and almost completely subsided. There is still some swelling, but my attention is redirected at balancing the energy within.

Strange, and I can only come to the conclusion that it was important for me to become aware of this to understand it, recognize it, and get back into a harmonious balance. It is truly amazing what delicate beings we are and how everything is connected in energy and vibration. How we are affected and how we are often become our own healers by just being open to the possibilities and signs. This was definitely an experience that enriched me and gave me a glimpse into our energetic body and self at new level.

I will see you tonight lovelies for your weekly Reiki distance healing at 7PM pacific standard time.

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Reiki healing 11/29

Tonight’s healing is complete and I wanted to share the experience with you. Together we did a full body healing, a restoration of healthy light, a shining aura, and removal of any blocked energy. The healing frequency was 222 hertz, also an angel number. On a side note and for you who would like to know, 222 is a sign that you are heading into the right direction and need to keep the faith.

Tonight’s healing was partly a reiki session and partly a shamanic journey. It wasn’t planned that way, but being a conduit for energy to pass through, there is no control of what actually does come through.

Right from the start I felt a warm welcome from you who had tuned in and who were waiting for me. There was so much love and warmth’s, it was simply beautiful and a feeling I cherished deeply. It immediately made me smile and just seeing you, coming together, empowering each other with support and love, was a beautiful thing. Slowly I nodded at each and every one of you, hands in prayer position 🙏🏼 letting you know that I see you in all your glory and beauty. Together we marveled in love and light.

I could feel the divine energy passing through my body. Entering my head, flowing all the way down to my feet. It was like a gentle river and I could feel it’s movement. Unobstructed, I could feel each chakra kicking in, spinning in harmony, letting me feel that everything was in order and exactly how it was meant to be.

I stayed like this for awhile, truly enjoying the feeling of this moment. Soft and gentle, calming every last cell in my body, everything was restored and whole once more. I proceeded to pass the pure light on to you and watched it fill you with new strength, love and hope. Your cup was full once more and you looked beautiful.

This is how I held your image, until I felt something more. I called on my spirit guides and helpers to show me what it was they wanted me to know. Somehow I had the feeling as if I was needed to relay a message to you. A regal dog stepped forward out of the fog. Next came a black horse, majestic, a stallion. The fog behind these animals, spirit guides, slowly lifted and I could see a woodland area emerge. But wait there was more. The clearing and wood’s edge was lined with people. The women were wearing long white flowing gowns and the men were dressed in white also, standing behind the women. It was like a scene out of the Middle Ages, and then I saw it. Mom and Dad in the middle of everybody. Waiving at me, letting me know that everything is fine. That they are ok. To take comfort and to grief no more. It was in that moment that I finally felt accepted, supported and loved beyond measure.

I couldn’t make out anyone else who was standing at the forests edge, but I believe it was your loved ones, relaying a message through me. It was a prime time since I energetically connected to you in this reiki healing.

This has never happened before that a reiki session mixed with a shamanic journey but I am not surprised. Energy is energy and perhaps I was a conduit to relate a message to you. A message of love and light and that everything is ok. That your loved ones live on in another dimension and plane and are always with you. I know there is a reason it happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again.

Maybe this makes sense to some of you. Some who may still struggle in some way and who need some closure. Maybe some of you don’t relate at all, but I doubt it and if you tuned into this session already, you are likely open minded to the amazing powers of energy healing. Whichever the case, I hope this has some meaning to you and perhaps helps in some sense.

PS. And it was great seeing you all. Thank you for being there.

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Reiki healing reminder

I wanted to come on here and send a loving reminder that tonight kicks off our weekly reiki healing for anyone who needs a little extra help. These healings will reoccur weekly at 7PM pacific standard time.

There is no need to set your alarms, or to set time aside during that hour. Just know that you are embraced and held in the purest of white light. That healing and love is on the way to you, filling your energetic being with light and blessings. Go to bed with a smile, open your heart to receive, and take comfort in knowing that everything is fine and as it should be.

I meet you tonight as I prepare myself, in being the conduit to pass this energy on to you. I will see you soon dear ones. 🙏🏼

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Weekly Reiki healing

I have thought about it before and even solicited input on the subject of doing weekly reiki distance healings for anybody that wants to tune in. The question is probably coming up in a post that is still scheduled or may cross with this one. Having a new Baby, one as in myself has to write whenever a moment presents itself haha.

Anyways, the idea is to offer this service, free of charge of course, in a time I feel many need a little help. Including me and it is always a special time for me to tune in with you and be a conduit for healing to commence. I have recently done such a healing and the energy was overpowering. I felt a strong need, a sign that more of this was needed, and the initial healing, I actually had to disconnect prematurely due to the overwhelming pain I felt from you. Well, I have decided to go forward, and set a weekly time that you can mark for yourself if you feel called to and want to join. Before we get to it, I want to talk about a reiki and it’s benefits a little more to expand the picture for you.

A reiki healing includes channeling the universal life force energy to bring about holistic wellness. You can expect…

Mental Clarity: helps connect you to your intuition, or higher self. This brings about a clearer sense of direction for challenging issues.

Emotional Cleanse: helps you to release negative feelings and emotions. This allows you to let go of the past and move forward.

Physical Health: helps relieve stress and promote relaxation. The enhances a greater sense of well-being.

Energetic Balance: helps to balance the chakras, or energy centers of the body. Balanced chakras leads to higher vibrations and improved health.

If this sounds amazing to you, then please consider yourself invited to join me every Sunday at 7PM US pacific standard time. You don’t have to be woke or set your alarm. Just know that your healing will be done at that time and go to bed with a smile, open to receive. Like the last time, I might share the experience with you if I come across something you should know. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Namaste and see you soon 🙏🏼🦋💙

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World healing – Monday November 9th

Picture taken from google

Many of you know that I did a Reiki healing for the world and anybody who felt that they needed one. Some of you set your alarms or otherwise confirmed that you would be there, to meet in the energetic world. Thank you for honoring me with your presence and being there. 🙏🏼 It wasn’t until after the session that I decided to share my experience with you. At the risk of this sounding outlandish to some of you, I feel called to share the experience. Originally I had no plans for doing so, but then a few things happened that felt very powerful and made me rethink it.

It was almost 7PM and I laid down on my back, arms by my side, eyes closed. The lights were dimmed and I had selected music that was healing on several planes. The frequency was mainly on 174 hertz which is the frequency to remove pain. I wanted to focus on this frequency in detail, because my intuition and the initial gut feeling told me so. It was the night before when I committed to doing this spirit work, that a strong feeling arose about making pain the main focus. I felt it was needed.

I connected to the universal life force energy and felt happy to be there, in that moment, offering healing, light, and love to the world and to you. The light was beautiful. A warm, gentle glow filling everything, my being, my soul, flooding my body. There you were, on a cloud, in the distance, standing still, surrounded by light, amazingly beautiful and peaceful. It was overwhelming to see you there and I couldn’t have been filled with more love for you. It was in that moment that I embraced you with all the light I hold within me, and all the love that I could pass on to you.

I felt as if we were floating, effortlessly, weightless, without a worry. It was extremely beautiful and overwhelming. I was moved to tears, but it was also somewhat short lived. What followed next was very emotional and once again so overwhelming, as I was feeling your energetic self. Several times I had to clear my throat and there was an unusual amount of saliva building up that had me swallowing over and over. I immediately knew what the message was telling me. It was your current truth that I felt, your struggle with self expression, your lack of communication and ascending to your new spiritual truth. It was about keeping things in, not expressing your authentic beliefs. Your honesty, trust and loyalty originate in the throat chakra. Imbalances signify mood swings, thyroid imbalances, mouth, jaw, tongue, neck, and shoulder issues, emotional imbalances, autoimmune conditions, cough, fever, flu, infections, PMS, swollen glands and bloating.

I smiled into your direction with love and understanding for your journey. And I recognized my own struggles with it. I drew and activated the Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol three times. It’s a power symbol that not only brings healing and peace, but also adjusts and regulates the energy within your chakras. For example the throat chakra that we are talking about here. If your energy is out of balance, spinning too fast, you might come across as arrogant, and a know it all. But if it spins too slow, you might be timid, shy, keeping your truth buried inside of you, swallowing your words. Neither is healthy and attention was brought to this issue during the healing.

Once this was noted and acknowledged, pain was moving through my body, in the form of stabs. The feet, the hands, moving from one spot to the other. I perceived this as your physical ailments and soon the intensity was increasing. After only 15 short minutes, I had to disconnect from your energy as the pain was getting too much to bear.

My conclusion tonight is that many still suffer, both physically and emotionally. We are not speaking our truth and because of it physical ailments and diseases manifest. I am no stranger to this group, but tonight we are all part of the solution and a healing so powerful that can make all the change for each one of us.

Please take a moment and speak with me this affirmation on healing our throat chakra.

I speak up for myself

I express myself with clarity & confidence

When I speak, I do not back away from what is true

I express my gratitude towards life

Until we meet again: Namaste my tribe 🙏🏼💙🦋

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Dog spirit animal

This little pooch has found her way into my life in the most unusual, unexpected way. She has stolen my heart to say the truth. Her name is Cinnamon and it’s hard to believe she’s been here over a week already. Where is the time fleeting to?

Btw. Thank you to some of you who are already following her adventures on Instagram at Lil_MissCinnamon. 💙 You guys are the best.

I have always found myself deeply connected to Native American wisdom, believing in spirit animals and looking into the eyes of a soul vs. seeing an animal. I relate to the wisdom, the way of life, respecting and living off of the land while feeling Mother Nature under my feet in her most beautiful, sacred soul. Nature is like coming home for me, a place to recharge and be still. To be amazed and left in awe about the beauty that is to be found everywhere. There is a knowing, a connection, a feeling of familiarity to Native American beliefs that doesn’t need an explanation, but is accepted with the deepest of gratitude. I believe in plant medicine and natural approaches. But I’m getting side tracked and need to get back to this little girl…

I already share such a deep connection with her, and even before I got to see her, as her Foster Mom pulled up in the driveway, I was overcome with emotions. I knew and felt that she was special. I knew she needed me and I knew I needed her. It was as if my soul recognized hers before our eyes met, holding her for the first time. And she would heal a part of me that has been inaccessible, until now. I do believe that empath’s heal people, and animals heal empath’s.

Honestly I’m surprised that I’m just now looking into the meaning of the dog spirit animal. Especially since she has crossed my path in such an extraordinary way. She must be bearing a message for me. And here is what I found.

Due to the vast diversity and variety of dogs, this message is not specific to her breed but more general. This message was interpreted from Dr. Steven Farmer.

Keep your faith strong no matter what’s going on in your life. It’s important for you to volunteer something purely in the spirit of service. Remain determined and resolute even if you face some negativity or disappointment. Show your love and appreciation in creative ways to those you’re closed to. Give your loyalty to those you love and cherish.

In the spirit of service….

I’ve thought for awhile what that could be and how I could volunteer and show my love in such a way. I have decided to send a collective Reiki healing to the world and to everyone who is struggling in some way. As many face a new world and way of life, I feel it is needed. And even if life is just the same old for you, you will still benefit because all of us carry our suitcase of troubles in some way.

So whether they are due to physical illness, pain, depression, mental illness, loneliness, fear, anxiety, worthlessness, self doubt, conflict, anger, frustration, isolation, addiction or dependency, failure and other uglinesses, whatever it is, please accept this Reiki healing and blessing into your soul. Know that you are not alone and that you matter. That we give thanks for you and your courage and determination to fight. That your will not to give up is cheered on and admired, for you are fighting battles every day, none of us know anything about. May you find strengths in this healing and be surrounded by the most beautiful glow of white light and unconditional love.

Giving you the opportunity to read this and become aware, I have decided on a date and time for this session to commence. This healing will take place on Monday November 9th at 7PM (19.00) pacific standard time. For some of you, living in Europe, it will be in the middle of the night and the only thing you have to do is to be aware that during your beauty sleep a generous dose of healing will come your way. So smile and relax as you drift off into dreamland. Sweet dreams, you are loved and I will see you there…