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Please help me shine some extra light 🙏🏼

I’m in need of a little extra light this week, and what better place to ask for it as with all of you wonderful energy healers, light workers, warm, compassionate, and special souls. You never seize to amaze me, reminding me of what we can achieve, together as one, from far away or near, we are always connected. The help I’m asking for is not for myself, but for my uncle Heinrich who lives in Rothenburg, Germany.

We learned so much about each other last year, during the most difficult time of laying Mom to rest, as well as his wife, my aunt, who passed only a month later. Prior to this happening we drove to and from hospital visits and naturally spent a lot more time together, although we have always been close, over all these years. Being Dad’s older brother, he is the closest reminder to the father I lost being only ten years old. Instead of jokes and the same sense of humor, the likeness and the way he carries himself, this time it was shared grief and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one that molded us even closer. We’ve been in contact ever since I left Germany last year.

He has been in treatment for cancer, but an infection in his leg has brought everything to a halt. The situation has progressed over a long, long time and even a three month hospital stay was unsuccessful in controlling the infection. Nothing is responding, and you are literally left waiting for another thing to go wrong, another complication to make it’s appearance. His current state looks hopeless if nothing changes and he cannot contribute anything to his own health. I can’t picture him as a person to be bound to the bedside like he is at the moment. He is 83 years old but still pretty active, prior to this of course. He has been Immobilie for months and muscles are vanishing. It brings a whole new meaning to the saying that desperate times call for drastic measures.

With alternatives non existent and the only future chance of gaining mobility and hopefully independence back, he has decided to amputate his leg. I was struggling with this at first and I have experienced it with Mom who also lost several toes. By now I know that it is his only chance, and such a chance cannot be denied. It is a chance, something, anything, compared to slowly dying from lying in bed all the time. He still has his wits and is optimistic which makes a big difference and hopefully will carry him through the procedure, as well as the long journey of recovery. He told me that he would fight and I felt relieved. Bless his warrior heart and spirit.

He was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday and will have the surgery Wednesday morning after all tests concluded. Please help me send a collective prayer full of light and love, that everything goes well, as well as a speedy recovery his way. Thank you very much 🙏🏼

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Conscious breathing

As another week is coming to an end, I am revisiting this recent picture that shows a firefighter gearing up to fight the Loyalton Fire, burning near my house. It consumed approximately 48,000 acres of land, destroyed houses, killed wildlife and life stock, as well as a pilot that was fighting the inferno. Part of my town had to evacuate and the winds threatened to drive the flames further into my direction. Luckily this was not the case, but much of California is still engulfed in flames and destruction. Another thing that was simply awful was the heavy, thick smoke that caused unhealthy air quality in my location, and which still flare up here and there depending on the wind direction.

It took breathing, something we do every day to a whole other level. It was difficult and I must fall into one of the sensitive groups that struggle during times like these. Being stuck in the house for 6 days, unable to open windows or go for a walk to get some fresh air, left me feeling congested and clammy. You can recycle the air as much as you want, nothing beats fresh air and the outside.

And then I remembered the difference between breathing and conscious breathing. Have you ever heard of it? Perhaps you remember your Mom or a friend telling you to take a deep breath during stressful situations. It was meant as a way to calm you down, redirect your energy and that’s what it is all about.

In kundalini yoga breath work is a vital part. Becoming aware of your breathing (conscious breathing) infuses your body with calmness. It’s a way to look inward to realign yourself. The same happens in Reiki and other energy modules. Breathing goes hand in hand with moving energy, whether you are healing, boosting or grounding. Conscious breathing has so many physiological and etheric benefits it’s impossible to name them all here. Just be aware that conscious breathing oxygenates you’re brain and all your cells, focuses your attention, and stokes your etheric Fire by energizing your chakras. We are energetic beings and breathing turns the switch on.

A big thank you goes out to our first responders, and the ones risking their lives to protect ours. Thank you for all you do that allows us to breathe again.

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Dis-ease can not survive in a body of light. Remove your energetic blockages and be healed.

As an energy healer I have long connected with the belief that our emotional state of being has a lot to do with how we perform on the health front. I can’t explain how, but I believed in it long before getting involved with energy healing. It was simply something I knew, a gut feeling, something I might have learned a thousand years ago, something that found it’s way into a new existence of my reincarnated soul.

I knew it would affect our overall well being, and even link to autoimmune diseases. Stress and unprocessed traumas are reflected in energetic blockages within our body and our main chakras. These blockages choke the energy right out of us and eventually manifest diseases and illnesses.

The sentence “Remove your energetic blockages and be healed” is key, but also easier said than done. You might ask how to do this and how one would remove energetic blockages. And while there are various ways you can do so, I would say it always starts with an open mind, a willingness to learn more and expand your horizons, as well as a fair amount of soul searching and going within.

Chances are that you already know what needs to be done to remove such said energetic blockages, but are you ready to act and do something about it? Are you able to do something or are you bound by your circumstances? Perhaps you rather hide in the shadows because the light is too scary and too uncertain. There are numerous scenarios and there is no shame in any of them dear friends. I know the area well, for I have been there many times myself.

What I would say now is that everything is timing and that you can’t go wrong as long as you did the best you could at that given time. Even if you would do things different down the line. It doesn’t matter because much will happen in the meantime. You have grown and have earned new wisdom and experiences. So you can’t apply the same mindframe to something that happened “once upon a time.” Different times equal different circumstances.

You have to this on your terms, on your time and how it fits into your personal journey. Just remember that without the darkness the stars can’t shine. Just don’t stay there too long and always make an attempt to strive for the healing light.

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The authentic healer

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Something is on my mind, and I’m soliciting your perspective and point of view. Someone reminded me that being a healer, authenticity means everything. Authenticity to what? I can’t come to terms how this comment applies and I have thought back and forth. I struggle to see the point and what it even means in regards to me. It almost feels like an attack, but this is not the point as to why I am writing about it now. I don’t need to be right or be defended, I just want to understand what that truly means.

The authentic healer???

What makes you an authentic healer? Authentic to what, or who? Does it mean you follow certain guidelines, old proven ways, a process, or how else could it apply? What makes something or someone authentic when it comes to energy healing? Is it a process or has it to do with your own personal character traits, giving in to the expectations of society or standing your ground?

When I look back to the beginning of last year, studying to become a Reiki Master, I recall my own experiences. During my study I was taught some of the traditional Reiki Symbols, the hands on and hands off approach, which was left up to your level of comfort, whether you felt ok with touching people or not. With my training I learned of healing sequences and methods. I remember my Reiki Master choosing and drawing a Reiki symbol with her hand during a session demonstration. She mentioned that you could also activate the symbol in your minds eye or by saying it. It was simply up to you to what intensity you wanted to learn the symbols. For myself I learned the name, how the symbol looks like in my minds eye and how to draw it with my hand, line by line. For me it was about a deeper connection and more love that would pour into a Reiki session as well as the activation of the symbol.

What I was taught was what you might expect when you go to a traditional Reiki session. What was even more amazing was that there was room to adjust Reiki to your own teaching and healing style, simply to what felt comfortable to you. The emphasis was that as long as you came from a place of love, there was no wrong that could be done.

Needless to say, I loved and adapted this concept as I was learning several energy healing modalities at the time. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if traditional, perhaps “authentic” was a sure fit for me. I was after a unique experience, something different, something very personal and geared towards my clients individual needs. I didn’t feel people were in need of the same old, what would bring them to me! What would I look for, and believe me when I say that I know what it feels like to be a number, when it’s business as usual and the human element such as compassion and caring is missing. I had my own ideas of what that meant and what I wanted to provide in my personal services. The end result for my healing sessions was authentic to myself, but perhaps not to what you expect at a typical Reiki session or even to someone else’s belief. But who are we to judge what works for someone that might not work for us?

So how does this comment fit in with me. Am I considered not being a authentic healer because of my personal healing style, because I don’t follow a step by step authentic processes? Authenticity to me means staying true to yourself and your beliefs. It means taking core learnings and the foundation, the structure, the outside walls, and making the insight fit to you and what you contribute to the overall outcome and the world. If authenticity means being a cookie cutter version and just another number in a process, then it is not for me. I have never followed the herds and it takes courage to blaze your own trail. However, I think it is exactly that what makes you truly authentic. Authentic to yourself, your identity, true self, and your higher calling. Empowering others to be themselves, unique and different has always been my motto. I know it can be a scary process and many feel the need to act a certain way for acceptance and approval. Believe me when I say that you don’t have to. Stay true and authentic to YOURSELF, because after all, everyone else is already taken anyways. 😉🙏🏼

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Your Super-powers

We each have our own superpower, and this is the perfect time to cultivate it, or perhaps learn more about it. I believe that I found one of my superpowers last year in April when I stumbled upon energy healing and studied to become a Reiki Master, amongst other modalities. To say the least, it has been life changing for me, not only in the sense of my own healing, but also in the sense of bringing healing and a sense of peace and balance to others. Others who are searching for answers and are in need of positivity and hope. I believe this is such a time, and the world needs hope right now. I mean the world as in a sense of humanity and the people, because Mother Earth is healing just fine. The signs are evident every day, as our carbon imprint lessens and nature is finding ways to heal. But as people, we need hope and something that balances the fear that is instilled.

Yesterday someone was hospitalized during these scary times, and reached out to me, asking if I could send healing energy his way through Reiki. Of course I did and it’s just one of the small things I can do to use my superpower to help someone else. It feels good being able to do this, and guess what? Time has been slowed down for us to actually take a moment, to care, to not run out of time to fit everything into our schedule. We have been giving an opportunity to be more mindful, to work together, not against each other, because it will take a team, a true Rainbow Warrior protecting the earth and all its creatures, humanity included to make a difference.

Much of what is happening with the virus is out of our control as we are still learning about all the details and how to fight it. But when you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is. I know all of your are using your own superpowers and this is how we make a difference. One person at a time. 🙏🏼

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Third eye fact:

Smiling cures. Holding a smile for 30 seconds even if you are not happy tricks the brain out of depression and boosts the immune system to cure the body of disease. It’s called Psychoneuroimmunology

Did you know that? Plus, I’ve been told that I’m much prettier when I smile. Ha, memories of working in retail, running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, dealing with grumpy people treating you as their servant. And then one comes along to make that statement which wasn’t funny at the time and left me completely misunderstood. Did something like that ever happened to you, when you were concentrating and totally engrossed in your work? I must have looked pretty serious back then. Haha, but here you have it and this is a great reason to smile.

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The wounded Healer

Earlier this year I completed my level 1-2, Reiki master course. Since, I have taken a few other courses in energy healing, chakra tuning, and sound therapy. It’s common sense for everyone to tell you that practicing what you have learned is essential for things to bake, in other words to stick with you. Otherwise you would forget everything like you have never learned it.

From the very beginning it became apparent that I somehow adapted my own kind of healing concept. I went with the core essentials, such as scanning your own energy, connecting to source, setting the intentions, etc., but I also listened to my own intuition so I could incorporate what felt right to me. I guess you could say that I tuned in to what I was called to. What was important to me was to to use gift, what I have learned and to have the best intentions possible, while coming from a place of love.

Initially my head was too much in the logical world. Trying to remember the sequence of things, worrying about potentially forgetting a step, you name it. I was trying too hard and took it too seriously. It should be taken seriously, but there is a different sense of serious now, a different level of respect, that can only be fueled by love and compassion if you want to perform it at the highest level. The sessions given by me and the feedback received, was always powerful, and yet in hindsight I know that for myself there was something missing. Something I couldn’t have put my finger on until just recently. Now I know that I just simply wasn’t broken and wounded enough. I couldn’t have performed at that level, even though my soul already knew that I could. The mindset never even went there, because the mind wasn’t even aware of this level existing. So what changed?

I consider myself an empath, one that always had a great deal of compassion and insight for others. But that wasn’t enough I think. I have grown and I would lie if I said that the past month and Moms passing hasn’t been one of the most painful experiences one will ever endure. On an emotional pain level it is hard to categorize as there is nothing to compare it with.

I have learned at a whole different level that pain shapes us, and that something beautiful can emerge between the cracks if we allow it. The actual cracks are no scars, but beauty marks of our growth. Kind of like wrinkles and gray hair that many will despise as a nuisance and sign of getting older. Have you ever considered that it is a privilege denied to many? Our cracks are beautiful and allow your light from within to shine through.

I believe that every powerful healer has been through tremendous pain, or has to go through these experiences at some point. To be broken, falling apart, and left with a choice of how to put the pieces back together. Left behind with a decision of whether the cracks are a nuisance and bothersome, or a way to be worn proudly for they have shaped you into who you are. It takes great sorrow to appreciate happiness, darkness to see the light, and something so powerful to break you open to feel everything at a level like never before. There, in vulnerability and nakedness to the world, to the society around you, that has judged your every move, to the friends that have betrayed you and took name in ill will behind your back, right there it is time to answer…

Are you proud of who you are? Who’s drumbeat are you dancing to and do you have the courage to change your stars?

I discovered this difference in a recent healing session here in Germany. There were many subtle changes during the two hours spent, but what stands out the most is the mind stepping out of the way. It was present to observe but no longer interfered. The energy was so full of love and there were was no worry about missing a step, or wondering about what was next. We both felt it as we were overcome with these powerful emotions and deep in my heart I know that o have ascended, that I am on my way of being and embracing with love as compassion the wounded healer.

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The world of energy healers

It’s been quite some time since I returned to the states after spending ten month in Germany, and I am still not working. My prior place of work filed for bankruptcy while I was in Germany, leaving me with no job to return to. Second it was my health (note how I am putting it in past tense, because I would like to put this behind me and no longer have this as a current issue) that made it impossible to pursue work.

Here I was, unemployed with no health insurance, but a healthy belief that the universe and my guardian angels were watching out for me, and had my back. Some of you would view this as rather naive and unprepared. Maybe it was, but so much was bogging me down at that time, I felt I had no choice but to surrender and trust. Eventually I found the universe steering me into a direction which I now believe I was meant to take. Since I don’t trust in coincidences, I noticed the synchronicities popping up here and there as if I was suppose to find those subtle hints. It couldn’t be more obvious.

It was during a shaming journey that I saw a primitive cave painting, such as an early petroglyph. The symbol was very profound and repeated itself in various ways throughout the journey. I immediately (after the journey) did a google search and found it to be the Cho Ku Ray power symbol for Reiki. Could it be? Was this my answer to getting help with my own ailments and was it literally in my hands to make such a difference?

It was a few days later that I came across a a Reiki Master course, which was also greatly reduced in price, making it affordable for me to act upon, and secure a student platform. It was simply meant to be, how else would I explain this strange phenomenon! Everything was right under my nose and the universe made sure I find the clues. And on top of it, it provided the means to make it happen.

I jumped on the course and soon was attuned by my Reiki Master to the universal life force energy. We are born with this energy but throughout life and the many distractions that create noise in our life’s, we eventually lose our way and our signal is a little like a radio station that is not fully tuned in and filled with static. This static makes our life’s difficult and an attunement resets this energy, removing the static. Once tuned back, you might experience a spiritual detox in the form of excessive crying, maybe getting a cold, etc. which happened to me. My emotions felt very pure, very blessed to have come across this opportunity, very optimistic and just knowing that this would help me. I was so grateful.

In the meantime I have achieved my Reiki Master title/ certificate, as well as completed and certified in the 7 Chakras complete guide to your energy body course. I am excited to say the least, mainly because it has helped me a great deal in my own road of recovery, and because I can’t wait to pay it forward. Pssst: But that’s not all and I have been up to much much more since I’ve been back and I have some exciting thins to reveal to you soon.

What’s next for me is to pursue this road as an energy healer and see where it will take me. I did a few Reiki sessions already, including a long distance one and had wonderful results and feedback. What a wonderful and fulfilling feeling. There is nothing better than to shine your light bright and help others in the process of it.

What is your feel or take on this? Have you perhaps had your own experiences? I would love to hear about it and can’t wait to hear your stories.

Namaste 🙏🏼