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Warrior Spirit

Original painting by me, titled Warrior Princess.

Have you ever met someone that exudes a warrior spirit? Someone that seems strong, resilient and resourceful in the eye of adversity?

Truth is….

behind every warrior princess and every fighter, lies a wounded inner child who had to find their way to attain that strength. You could say that they very much earned that status d these days when I meet someone like that, I can’t help but wonder what their story is.

Those warriors have endured tragedy, loss, pain, and life changing events. Be kind when you encounter one and let them guide you as a role model. Becoming that very fighter they had to reinvent themselves, rising from the ashes over and over again.

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March 2021 Expansion of the soul

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March 2021 is expansion of the soul month according to Altona Angelica.

Have you felt the shift? Have you felt a calling, your soul expanding? I have and this has been a most important month for me.

It’s a powerful month for healing, initiating new projects and embracing new beginnings. It couldn’t be more true for me and what is going on in my life.

It’s a slow and steady month it is said and perhaps due to my circumstances, it is kinda flying by. Rushing ahead will cause you to burn out and I feel the importance of this statement. Flow, as the universe blesses you with all you need to level up and expand in many areas of your life. Many, is a keyword for me, as it is never just one thing and a chain reaction has been set into motion.

We can expect to see the beginning stages of the manifestation of our dreams if you planted the seeds over the last few months. We did this by telling the universe what we want and where we see ourselves during the new moon. We did this by letting go of what no longer serves us during the full moon.

There is magic in the air this month. Be sure to user it. Trust who you are becoming. Trust your soul gifts. Trust the message you are receiving. Rise above your fears. Blessings are on the way.

Phoenix Rising

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Keep sharing your story

Keep sharing your story and all its broken pieces. There is nothing to be ashamed off, nothing to worry about, and few things to hold back. Remember that sometimes it takes falling apart into a thousand little pieces to actually make you whole. And sometimes it takes getting lost to actually find yourself. No matter what’s going on in your life, which mountains you are conquering and which battles you are fighting, remember to share your story. You never know who needs to hear your words and who you might inspire.

I hope that one day you will do exactly that and share your story. That you don’t keep it ALL private and only to yourself. That you don’t take all your successes and your wisdom to the grave without having passed it on for future generations to benefit. That you share how you’ve overcome what you are going through at this very moment. Remember that mountains don’t rise without violence and earth shattering events. That behind every strong person lies a battle of which we know nothing about. One day when you tell your story, it will become an essential part of someone else’s survival guide. Wouldn’t that be something to be proud of!

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Protecting your energy

Listen deeply within. What do you hear? What do you feel? Are you tired but keep pushing forward? Afraid of disappointing someone? Do you feel you just have to because it is what’s expected? Perhaps you just can’t say no, but there is a time to listen and to protect your own energy. It’s nothing personal….

It’s ok to cancel a commitment. It’s ok to not answer a call. It’s ok to change your mind. It’s ok to want to be alone. It’s ok to take a day off. It’s ok to do nothing. It’s ok to speak up. It’s ok to let go.

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International Women’s Day

Happy international Women’s Day, gorgeous. It’s official to recognize and honor each other on this day known to give celebration for women.

Secretly I hope we do it much more often, as often as possible, every day. I just recently wrote a post about the power of lifting each other, if you care to take a peak.

What I like to point out on this special day of celebration is our individual beauty. The essence of a woman. When I speak about the essence of a woman – her beauty – I don’t mean “the perfect figure”. I don’t mean the beauty that society instills in us through a picture such as the perfect image. We lived so long under the pressure to be beautiful.

When I think about the essence of a woman, I think about the beauty of her soul. A beauty that grows over the years and becomes even more grant, kind and glorious with age. Our true beauty flows from the inside out.

Beauty is what the world longs to experience from a woman. We know that – somewhere down deep, we know it to be true. Most of our shame comes from knowing this and feeling that we have failed to portray such perfect “society image”. We fail to see that beauty is an essence that dwells in every woman.

Beauty lies in each and every one of us. Beauty may be the most powerful thing on earth. Beauty speaks, it invites, it gives you wings and confidence, beauty nourishes and beauty comforts. Beauty inspires us, beauty is transcendent.

A woman in her glory is a woman of beauty. She is not striving to become beautiful, worthy or enough. She already is, and she only needs to believe in it by seeing all the magic she holds within. A woman of true beauty is a woman who in the depths of her soul is at rest. She exudes a sense of calm, a sense of rest, inviting those around her to rest as well. She speaks comfort that all is well, that all will be well. A woman of true beauty offers others the grace to be and to become. One can release the tight sigh that so often grips our hearts, and breathe in the comfort of her presence.

Today and always, I celebrate all of you beautiful souls, shining your light and beauty every day by making a difference in my life as well as the life’s of so many others. Thank you. ❤️🦋

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Empowering each other

Have you ever witnessed the magic of empowering each other? Of making someone’s day with a smile, a compliment, or simply through your presence. I love to do these little random acts of kindness for someone, anyone, someone I know, or perhaps to a perfect stranger. It doesn’t matter who it is, but more times than none the situation presents itself, and you will know when it’s right. All you need is to find the courage to execute this calling with the commitment of making someone’s day.

The roles reversed the other day, and it was me who was on the receiving end, left empowered by such a magical occurrence. Left in awe by words and praise that seemed to propel me right into the next era. Words that left me struck to learn again what a powerful impact we can have on each other. Moments that we might take for granted, but which mean the world to someone else. I was reminded of what huge responsibility we carry to lift each other, and how rewarding it can feel to give and receive such miracles. For me I will have to read those words a couple more times until they fully sink in, but already I can tell from reading them the first time that I feel empowered and motivated. Thank you ❤️. I have noticed an overall better well being and there is more energy and a deeper conviction in my step. There is a knowing that I can do it, to take a leap of faith, to worry less about outcomes, and chase my dreams. All in all, nothing really new for me and I have always known those things, yet life gets to all of us at times, and I did involuntarily put those things which have always mattered the most, on the back burner. I needed a reminder, and I didn’t know until it actually happened.

Knowing this, don’t ever underestimate the power you hold to remind someone of their dreams. To empower them or to make their day just a little brighter. Together we make this a wonderful place, and together we shine our light for more and more to join us to shine bright.

In love and light, forever…