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Trapped emotions

Have you ever heard that trapped emotions manifest through pain in your body? It truly is so, and carrying unprocessed trauma and feelings within us interrupts our energy flow in the body. This is a big focus of an energy healer, performing Reiki and such with the goal to unblock the energy so it can move freely again. This is important so the blockages can’t manifest long term into chronic pain and suffering. This is also where shadow work comes into the game, inner child work and releasing ancestral trauma. You see the connection here and why this has been such a big focus of mine. It’s really not to change myself, but to come home. To give my body a chance to heal and dump the chronic disease that has held me prisoner so many times in past years. It is to come into my own, to discover and expand on the purpose of who I was always meant to be. It’s an unlearning of old outdated systems, a prioritization of what truly matters and finding peace and balance. It includes eliminating the distractions, trusting the disruption and embracing it all. In the process of it I hope to shed the tension, the trapped emotions, a chronic illness that is waiting to be healed by me vs. ingesting the harsh chemicals of our modern medicine. One thing I am particularly grateful for is that I seem to be keenly aware of what’s going on. That I can already witness the progress and that it doesn’t take years of hindsight. Perhaps in years something else will come to the forefront, but for now I can’t stress about something I’m not aware of and I see it as peaceful bliss.

Here is a list of where trapped emotions manifest and where you feel them:

  • Shoulders: carrying burdens and responsibilities
  • Neck tension: fear and repressed self expression
  • Upper back: grief, sadness, sorrow
  • Middle back: insecurity and powerlessness
  • Lower back: shame / guilt and unworthiness
  • Throat: lack of expression
  • Stomach: disempowerment, difficulty or inability to process emotion

Maybe you recognize a few within yourself. Maybe you too, have some trauma and tension that is just waiting to be released.

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The shadow side of being a highly sensitive person

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I am one that feels deeply, perhaps too deep at times. I am one that picks up on emotions as well as vibrations. Maybe you are as well and if so, then this post is written for you to help light the path.

We talked about Empath’s and Shadow work, and what it’s like to absorb the energy of others. Being an empath also comes with a great deal of being a highly sensitive person. That in turn comes with a shadow side and hurt feelings and emotions are often the result of it and trapped if not properly recognized and cleared.

Here is a list you might identify with…

  • You have good instincts, but often don’t let yourself trust them
  • You bottle up anger and the end up lashing out unintentionally
  • You do things you’re not comfortable with to avoid upsetting anyone
  • You have a hard time not taking things personally
  • You read into things too much and get stuck in overthinking
  • You u can easily fall into putting other people’s needs way above your own
  • You frequently second guess your choices
  • You try to make other people happy / often to your own detriment
  • You don’t take as good fare of yourself as you deserve
  • You overly blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault

It was during my February recap that listed what worked, what got better, and what got worse. Looking back and recapping these successes and what one might consider opportunities and shortcomings had become an essential part of my life. I believe it has found an important place in my life. One that is needed to stay in consciousness and awareness, to not let too much time pass before changing course, and one that allows you to celebrate progress as you put all the pieces together.

These days I work to embrace my vulnerability and shadow side as a precious gift. Being a highly sensitive person allows you to feel so much more. Feeling is the essence of being alive. It allows emotions others are not capable of, in mere existence. I want to be alive and not just exist, and feeling deeply is what is required. Relax and trust the process, it doesn’t have to be scary or bad. It never is if you focus on the positive.

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Today’s new word is CWTCH: (n) Welsh, pronounced “kutch”

I was first introduced to this word by my follow blogger, now soul sister Ananda Amenet . I imagine she can give an amazing CWTCH, one that says a thousand words without a word being spoken. You know what I’m talking about and a hug can do all that.

CWTCH stands for a hug, a cuddle or snuggle. It creates a private, safe place in two people’s heart. It is snuggling and cuddling, loving, protecting, and safeguarding all rolled into one.

CWTCH has no literal English translation, but is an emotionally significant embrace and an intrinsically Welsh word that evokes a sense of home. It reminds of Hygge, a danish word, similar and yet different, creating that cosines and a sense of well being one gets when they feel at home. At home in their country or at home in the arms of someone they love.

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Awe…this is usually my first view when I wake up in the morning. Other times, if I sleep too long, she might come up and lays her head on my shoulder, ensuring I’m ok. She did so this morning as I had a nightmare, coming to comfort me. She is very intuitive in that sense and picks up on vibrations and energy. She also brings care to an area you might have hurt yourself at, for instance a scab on your body and not much gets passed her.

Cinnamon has become a regular guest in my bed and usually ends up right in the middle, where it’s most comfortable and the heading blanket gets the warmest. She likes to stare out of the window to watch birds and just gaze at the world waking up, alongside with us. She is a sun goddess and will find the tiniest corner to soak up the rays and get her vitamin D. She is truly one of a kind and perfect to end the week with a fulfilled and a sweet sigh of awe….

See you tonight lovelies for our weekly Reiki healing at 7 PM PST.

Namaste 🙏🏼💙

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Magical Moments

  • Artwork by me and available here. I made these for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas tree ornaments or decoration for any time of year. These beauties are wood burned, hand painted and can be personalized with your initials and special year. I call them Love-Birds and Love-Nest.
  • Creation and art is a big part of my life and if I don’t do anything crafty for awhile, it’s almost like getting withdrawals. I miss it. But whether we consider ourselves crafty in the arts or not, in fact we are always creating something. Maybe not a Picasso but for instant creating our life is a work of art all in its own. In a way, we all, always create and the masterpiece is up to us.
  • A wonderful quote popped up while I was working on these wood slices and here it is. May these magical moments always find you and be a constant companion throughout the creation of your life.
  • “Why do we close our eyes when we pray, when we cry, when we kiss, when we dream; because the most beautiful things in our life are not seen but felt only by the heart.”


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    Under the umbrella of fear

    So much of our life is ruled by the underlying emotions of fear. The fear of not being good enough. Of not being accepted, of not fitting in. Of not behaving the way we are expected to, which can cost friendships. Perhaps we are viewed as strange, an outsider, different, unique, but why do we label this as a bad thing?

    Further there is fear of loneliness. Anxiety is a form of fear and life is filled with things to be anxious about. Being in constant control is fear. Being afraid to be vulnerable is fear. Being misunderstood is fear. We fear to be hurt and taken advantage of. We strive to be prepared, for anything, at all cost. It’s scary to think of what could happen if we aren’t. After all, we go to great lengths to avoid pain and anything that brings discomfort. All are action and response driven by, and under the umbrella of fear. What we fail to realize is that we are held prisoners, while falling victim to a life driven by fear.

    Once you come to realize that this is not the life for you, a burden will lift and there is only one thing stronger than fear. “Faith.”

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    Our emotions and our physical body

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    Are you a believer that our mental and emotional state of being has an impact on our physical health? Than this one is for you and perhaps it can help you on the future. You have heard the saying “Don’t Stress the small stuff” but that is easier said than done at times, right? Sometimes we just can’t help it. But there is something we can do. I can’t picture anybody sitting there and shoveling spoonful’s worth of poisoning into their body. We know that certain things can’t be consumed and we wouldn’t dare. What if we knew how certain emotions and feelings affect the body? That these are poisonous for our over well being? Would we think twice to engage and try to limit these behaviors? I think so and here is a short list of what happens to us on the inside.

    1. Anger is stored in the liver and gallbladder
    2. Worry is stored in the stomach
    3. Grief is stored in the lungs
    4. Fear is stored in the kidneys
    5. Stress is stored in the heart

    Are there areas you can impact and change? I know I am still working towards them and it is a process. Look after yourself .

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    Created by Storms – Emotions

    This picture was stolen from my dear friend Wendi, and today’s segment post brought this amazing person to mind. A beautiful soul, wife, and mother, I relate to her so often not only on a spiritual side and because she has the biggest heart you will ever find, but also because we share the struggle of fighting a chronic illness. This post is for you my dear friend, and everybody out there struggling with disease and pain. God knows you have experienced your storms in life, and dealt with a sea of emotions.

    I don’t include myself here, although I belong, and I don’t come from my own pain levels and experiences, but those battling illnesses are some of the strongest people I have ever met. Their struggle is heartbreaking, yet inspiring, and it never seizes to amaze me what storms the human spirit can overcome when being strong is the only option that is left. Today’s segment deals with the emotions behind the storms, the battles that were required for you to be exactly who you are today.

    Wendi is such a beautiful example of what it means to not give up, but rather to twist and bend throughout these storms. She is kind and she is a strong woman because she is not afraid of her emotions. Strong women/men are not afraid to show their vulnerable side to let everyone know that after all, they are human. No matter what life throws at them, they are strong enough to pick themselves up, work it out and move on.

    Thank you Wendi for sharing your emotions on here, paying it forward for all of us to find inspiration and hope within your words. You have done such a beautiful job and I am humbled that our paths have crossed. 🙏🏼

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    Feels like Rain

    It was 103 degrees today and another repeat of the same is on it’s way for tomorrow. Twice, another spirit animal (that I will discuss in a later post), paid me a visit each time I stepped out of the house. The meaning of such brought a big smile to my face once I learned about the message it was carrying for me. I have been feeling a certain anxiousness and a level of excitement these days as I wonder what other signs will reveal themselves and what’s next. Honestly, I love it and they reassure me of what I already know, gently nudging me to take yet another step.



    A friend posted a different version of this song yesterday on Facebook and his post reminded me of how much I love this oldie but goody. It’s one of the ultimate love songs to get lost in and to make love to. It speaks to the romantic that lives within me and I’m sure the video will speak to every woman and every romantic soul watching it. As the sky darkened in the late afternoon, I heard thunder in the near distance. Shortly afterwards tears arrived from heaven as the raindrops fell, warm onto my skin. It felt good, filling me with life as I remembered the song in a dreamlike state of mind. One thing was missing today as I was dancing in the rain, allowing the drops to touch my skin and run down my body. I was alone…