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Happy Easter

Look what the Easter bunny dragged in!!!

This little rascal and myself wanted to wish you a happy Easter and we are keeping it short today. The garage sale is still going on for the second day and the first day was sooo busy. We are tired but grateful and wish you a wonderful holiday. Oh and our healing is on as usual 7PM PCT.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter my dear friends near and far. Sending love and light and that may always find comfort. I hope you get to be close despite the distances we have to keep right now. You are always close within your hearts with the ability to make the most out of FaceTime, Skype or any other way you can connect. And while this is not the same as an in person hug, it is still nice that we have at least that.

My heart was touched to learn that some of the youth in my village in Germany got together, and wrote letters to the people in a nearby nursing home. Most likely the same nursing home Mom was in. It wasn’t hard to put myself into the shoes of someone living there and how wonderful it must feel to receive one of those letters. Even if it is from a stranger and not immediate family. I would feel special and have felt such a feeling before, in times when some blogger friends have sent me a hand written letter in the mail. Each one is safely kept and counts as a big treasure to me.

This made me think back to what seems ancient times, when all we had was snail mail through the postal office. We have come a long ways since, but still prior methods are not all that bad and bring something special a email can’t compete with. Maybe this gems teach us patience and that not everything is instant. That it is ok to slow things down a bit and take time.

Just the other day I thought of writing an old fashioned letter to someone and I know deep in my heart that it will have a much bigger meaning. There is something special about holding something tangible, seeing someone’s handwriting and knowing it was handled by someone close to us.

Whatever way you choose to connect this year, Easter or not, I hope you feel sunshine within your hearts and know that it is often the little things that make t he biggest difference.

Happy Easter.

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Happy Easter

It’s nice to spend Easter amongst family this year. To enjoy the holiday instead of working, making everyone else’s holiday.

I made Mom an Easter basket, and I had fun doing it. I hope to surprise her with it once she sees it. There are a few treats in there she probably can’t have due to the diabetes, but I think it’s the thought that counts, and I think she will enjoy the visual.

I hope you have a happy Easter and get to spend it in a meaningful way with friends and family.

Happy Easter 🐇