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Good Night Prayer

Now I lay me down to rest. I pray that all the world be blessed. Lady Moon and Sister Star, watch over me from afar.

Mother Earth is always there, and keeps me safe within her care.

The lord of Dreams will dance and sing, and happy dreams to me he brings. And when I wake to greet the day, Brother Sun will light my way.

Let’s remember the power of collective prayer. For ourselves, for others, for the world, all humanity, all animals and whatever we hold near and dear. Be safe everyone…xoxoxo

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Fortunate during unfortunate times

I am revisiting wildfire season again and we still have some weeks left to battle. I have been extremely fortunate this year during the most unfortunate of times. While multiple fires are still at large, my surrounding area has recorded the worst air quality in the world. In the WORLD, can you believe it. And even here I feel spared, mostly, but drive a few miles down the road and the scenery looks as grim as this picture I recently took.

I was mourning Summer this morning. Summer has become no longer enjoyable and it marks a time of great devastation, loss, fear, awful air quality and obstructed views. It’s like living in the thickest fog and the mountains disappear for weeks and months at a time. I remember last year and the many times we scouted out areas away from the smoke. It was crazy how far we had to drive to get away. It was a great time to explore our home state Nevada vs visiting the neighboring state of California which has been our main get away. It’s amazing how different two connecting states can be and it was a bit like the Sound of Music meeting Mad Max.

It is said that one of the current fires will not be contained until the end of September and another new fire just recently started, which is burning close to Lake Tahoe. It has destroyed more than 400 homes already. My blessings and prayers go out to those living close, in fear of losing everything. I know from last year what a frightening feeling this is and I pray for rain and these fires to be the last of the season.

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Sadly it’s that time again

Wildfire season has started here in the states. Especially in California. A dream/ state to many with beautiful scenery, the ocean and it’s beaches, the mountains and it’s breathtaking wilderness trails. California, idolized by TV shows such as “Streets of San Francisco or Baywatch” it’s a must visit tourist destination. But there is also another side to this gorgeous state bordering Nevada my home state, and some of us have battled these monster fires last year, perhaps way too close to home, making it very personal. It definitely brings a different meaning to the table when one ignites in your own backyard. A meaning of fear and terror, of helplessness and times you involuntarily hold your breath, praying for the best, for the winds to shift, to be spared and lucky enough to walk away with a giant scare.

The biggest fire in California is burning and has started only a few miles from me. Called the Beckwourth Complex, by Thursday good progress was made with a 68% containment. So far 100,531 acres of land have burned and have turned into a dark, ominous wasteland. And yet new life will sprout once more, even though we will never see it’s glory and beauty of how it was in our lifetime again.

Lucky in an unlucky situation I call myself, and thank the winds for not turning on me, blowing the flames away from me vs. into my direction. As much as I love to listen to thunder and lightening, the consequences and chances of a wildfire starting are just too great and last year was awful. Many predict this year to be even worse since it is so dry and we are well on our way. For me it really puts into perspective where I want to settle down and perhaps build my home in the future. Fire insurance for a home is through the roof here, understandably why and I can see myself wanting to live with such a huge threat every summer. In an instance all could go up in smoke, and perhaps this is a state I will always love and visit but most likely will not put my roots down.

Once again I bow my hat to all the brave souls, our fire fighters and volunteers that fight these monster fires, risking their life to keep ours safe. May everyone stay safe and protected, may all the animals escape unharmed and find lusher meadows to graze on. Blessed be…

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“The Earthkeepers teach that creation – the earth, humans, whales, rocks and even the stars – are made of vibration and light.”

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

According to Alberto, the Earthkeepers are shamans who rose to the level of angels. Some are in human form and some are on spirit, but they have a clear mandate to protect and look after our planet.

Have you felt the urge, or heard the call to heal, to work towards bringing peace to our world? What connection to you have to your planet, to society, to life, it’s creatures, plants, wonders and humanity?

Buddhists call these beings bodhisattvas, while in the Andes and Amazon the Earthkeepers are called Laika. The Laika tell us that we have the potential to become Homo Luminous, developing luminous energy field of angels within our lifetime.

So how come we haven’t heard of these protectors keeping themselves secret for centuries? It’s undeniable that we live in different times, on the precipice of great change. Perhaps there wasn’t a need to step into the limelight before. Perhaps we weren’t ready to hear the call. I am not sure, but more and more of us are walking towards the light of enlightenment and more and more tribe members are recognized. We are growing and are no longer alone. Are you noticing?

“To an Earthkeeper, love is not a feeling or something you barter with. Love is the essence of who you are, and it radiates from you as a brilliant aura. You become love, prescribe fearlessness and attain enlightenment.”