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Happy Earth Day

She is changing our Mother and a new earth is being born. A earth that has always loved us, but have we always loved and respected her back?

As the earth celebrates the 50th anniversary of earth day alone and without huge events, she still speaks to our conscience with a few powerful facts.

  • A reduction in global air pollution
  • A dramatic fall in carbon emissions
  • Clearer water
  • Happier animals

In Eckhart Tolle’s Book titled “A new earth”, we are invited to awaken to our life’s purpose. He talks about making a case that humanity must either evolve into a new ego free enlightened state, or face possible extinction. A new earth outlines a crazy and destructive place, but also shows us that we can save it together, by looking into our minds and detaching ourselves from our ego, so we can practice acceptance and enjoyment. Could this be such a time?

Watch the news or any Covid 19 themed program and you have heard it. “We are in this together” is the slogan, but what does it truly mean to everyone on an individual basis? Are we in the learning stages, trying to figure out how this applies to us? Are we all doing our part, or are we trusting that someone else will, are we evolving or facing extinction? What exactly is our part and what does it entail you might wonder!

Tolle and a new earth encourages us to live our life in each present moment and to create happiness for ourselves without emphasizing material possessions. What would this mean for each of us? Could we let go of the world we have created, the place we have come to know to make room for a better one? Perhaps not everyone could see change as a better world, struggling to leave behind their comforts and ego. After all we have worked so hard in an effort of having things our way, haven’t we? Have we gone too far, has the balance been tipped?

You might have heard that the earth is ascending and received a new blueprint last Monday. Everything is different and yet the same. Have you noticed a change, have you seen how beautiful our planet is? How clean the air is and how far we can see without a smog line on the horizon? If you are missing these moments, it might be due to feeling unhappy about the disruption this has caused in your life. But even that can be in our control if we only allow it to be.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”

~Eckhart Tolle