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Fasting for better overall health

Fasting is something I’ve never dabbled in when it comes to my health. I once incorporated a day of nothing but fruit and another days of nothing but vegetables, and besides my Green Juice that I made faithfully for the longest time, new evidence is stepping forward to revisit some of this content with new knowledge.

Just yesterday I posted about fixing the body on a cellular level and I can still here the slogan that goes “Fix the cell to be well.” In my list of what we can do to improve our cellular health it was fasting that stood out to me and begged to be explored further. I did some research and I believe I am on to something. It’s a feeling, a hunch, I have experienced every time I had a major breakthrough. It feels a little like being lost and finding the trail again as it fills me with new energy to pursue this theory and learn more. Like I have finally arrived and found that next step.

According to the Cellular health institute and a recent study it is suggested that fasting for three consecutive days can completely reboot the immune system. This is possible because when your system is starved, your body begins producing new white blood cells via stem cells, and white blood cells help our bodies to fight infection. In essence the study showed that three days of fasting “flips a switch” to ignite regeneration of the immune system, and is especially helpful for those with already damaged immune systems. Dr. Valter Longo observed dramatic healing in patients of whom had gut issues that were impeding the healing of other coexisting conditions. One gut issue frequently noted is leaky gut, and a diet of GMO’s, grains, sugars and other toxins which are the root of the condition.

Fasting is an ancient healing tool and it works. When you ingest only liquid, ideally in the form of water, functional medicine foods or bone broth, the gut is given time to “heal and seal.” Fasting starves down all bacteria, good and bad, and post-fat the gut is re-inoculated with good bacteria to reset. Fasting also helps to bring nutrition to a depleted body and remains the fastest way to stimulate the healing of a variety of health conditions.

It is suggested here to do this reboot for three consecutive days and I will explore alternative ways of fasting such as intermittent fasting and what happens to our body during particular timeframes in a future post. It’s very interesting and once again it speaks to me and makes sense. Stay tuned to find out just how long it will take for your body to switch over, burning fat for energy (weight loss) and kick out the old damaged cells to build new healthy ones. It sounds like fasting plays an essential role in this reset of repairing and building better cellular health.

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Repair on a cellular level

I have chased many theories over the years when it comes to combating my chronic disease. I have searched for answers high and low and found that it’s never just one thing, nor does a one and the same approach is not the answer for everyone.

Often we are told that our diet is key and we are what we eat. Doctors are quick to jump onto the bandwagon to blame a poor diet for any shortcomings and while a healthy balance is essential, it’s not all. Counting calories, maintaining a healthy weight and JoJo diets don’t seem to do trick all by itself.

I have explored stress management and have found that stress is not our friend. Stress and anxiety can send us into a tailspin, throwing off the balance of our ever so delicate system. Yet stress management is not always easy and when you are stuck making ends meet, you almost find yourself in a no win situation. While diet, portion control and stress management are key contributors, we still fall short in eradicating our ailments and our disease.

Oh and who could forget exercise and movement. And boy have I tried this one, never quite knowing of what is too much and what is not enough. A move, move, move philosophy falls short when you are crippled by pain which makes it hard to just complete your basic daily tasks. Stuck in a vicious cycle it’s another strike against you, and it surely is adding up. The other day I heard a phrase that stuck with me and without knowing much about it yet, I feel that somehow it makes sense and is the answer.


Without paying attention to our cells and our internal world, we only keep spinning our wheels. Exercise alone can’t help if we consume junk food. Stress levels will continue to soar if we don’t meditate or find some sort of balance. Even portion control won’t matter if what we consume only fuels the toxins and heavy metals we carry within. It requires more, a healthy balance to a multitude of things, also called functional medicine. Functional medicine focuses on the big picture and not just diet or slapping a bandaid onto the symptoms. I took a closer look to what we can do ourselves to heal our cells and I believe it is here at the foundation where everything starts that we can make a difference. It is said that all disease results from failed mechanisms within cells. So cell repair should be at the top of our list and here are a few things of what we can do.

1. Drop grains from your diet. Yes that means whole grains as well.

2. Switch to grass fe animal products.

3. Detox heavy metals from your system.

4. Cut out toxic vegetable oils.

5. Try cellular burst training (HIIT)

6. Eat more unpasteurized fermented foods.

7. Upgrade your morning coffee to organic beans that are free of mold and pesticides.

8. Incorporate high quality supplements.

9. Pay attention to your water.

10. Avoid GMO’s as much as possible.

11. Experiment with fasting to heal your immune system and gut.

12. Change your mindset.

I will definitely look closer into a few of these points and see what I can incorporate and layer on. I feel that I have always been my own healer and Shaman. I have the information and most of the tools. And while some things will always be out of our control, we always have a way and the opportunity to influence our outcome. I truly believe that and if we are serious enough, we push aside the difficulties and excuses and just make it happen. What do we have to lose? Only up and better from here.