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More consciousness

I am praying for more consciousness, to not miss a single thing and to make choices that yield no regret. I am not doing so well at it, and this decision came because of another missed opportunity that happened today.

A little white haired lady keeps nodding at me when I drive by, or when I walk the dogs with my cousins on Sundays. I know her from a distance and I know that she used to interact with Mom a great deal. Recently I found a picture of Mom as she was young. She was in the company of another man, not my father, but I guess he could have been. I happened to find out that she had a thing with this man before Dad, and it so happens to be the brother of the little white haired lady who no longer lives in town. I’ve been meaning to talk to her and been contemplating visiting her. I’m sure she has some stories to tell about Mom, stories and memories I cling onto right now, but my heart is still raw, and I’m not sure if I could hear them just yet and smile back at her in memory.

As I drove home today, I saw the little lady a few blocks from her house. She is slow going and walks with the help of a walker. I had to stop at the interaction, and she saw me. Slowly she made her way to my car window and grabbed my hand, apologizing about having missed the funeral. She couldn’t have walked that far. I now wished I could have picked her up so she could pay her last respects. I might still take her to the cemetery another time and we can visit Mom together. Somehow I feel a connection to this little lady, like I know her on a soul level.

There she stood next to my window crying about poor Mom, while she clenched my hand and made me cry as well. “Best, best Wises to you” she said, squeezing my hand once more, eventually moving on, and still crying. And would did I do? I cried too and drove away like a coward, taken by the unexpected, not facing up to it. I should have parked and walked with her. I should have not let her hurting heart walk alone, and I sure hope she made it home safe and sound.

I have much work to do and I hope I can be more conscious and not miss these opportunities that are everything in the future. Tonight my heart hurts because of my actions once more. For I don’t know what I am doing, please hear my prayer.

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5D Consciousness

Maybe life continues to spin at dizzying speeds for you. It sure does for me and I’m holding on tight. The past two years have been filled with lessons, not always pleasant, and sometimes I have wondered, will it ever end. In truth, I know better, and in truth I know we will never be done learning and experiencing new lessons. Life is one big adventure with constant ups and downs, and new experiences to be processed. What is shifting, is how am dealing with these moments and it has changed over the years, allowing me to look back and see the progress.

I have always been pretty calm, not resisting change too much. I think there wasn’t really a need for much surrender as I was always there for the most part. What is new is my viewpoint and welcoming these experiences to the best of my ability. Just like you, I can’t say that I have liked them all, but I have always looked for the meaning and the purpose of any given situation. I feel that I am much more aware today, and I guess in reality we will always feel this way, because we really don’t know any different until we grow again and can reflect back at a later time. Have you ever heard of 5D Consciousness? Entering a higher awareness? Here is what is suppose to happen when you shift into this state.

  1. You see synchronicities such as repetitive numbers, signs, and patterns that get your attention.
  2. You’re re-evaluating EVERYTHING in your life, such as career, relationships, values, and even your sense of self.
  3. You’re seeking a deeper meaning and purpose in your life. Surface level pleasures and stimulation is no longer enough.
  4. You have a new found interest or obsession with spirituality. You’re reading books, blogs, and staying up late watching videos all about spirituality or metaphysics.
  5. You’re going through a sometimes confusing, sometimes scary and yet highly EXCITING personal transformation, and you KNOW intuitively that good things are coming!

I know that many of you will relate to some of these points and I would love to hear your opinion and personal experiences with this. Perhaps this makes sense now and you have felt like this for awhile, not knowing what it was or what to call it. I can’t be alone out here 😉

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Messuring Consciousness

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Eckhardt Tolle had a profound impact on my life during my awakening phase, and actually to this day since we are never quite done learning. I am talking about the beginning of the shift as my awakening began, and his words have always resonated with me. For me, consciousness was a big part of the awakening process. What I mean with consciousness is the awareness that was brought to everything and anything all of a sudden, being consciously aware of what was going on, and not just letting it pass, but also questioning and challenging the status quo. There was a knowing, enabling me to determine when the ego was getting in the way, trying to trick me, ultimately leaving me in misery, feeling broken and full of despair.

It was a matter of consciously drawing attention to the issue, becoming aware of it, and seeing most dissolve right in front of my eyes. It was letting go of the fears that held me back before, and finding the courage to stand by my decisions. Even if it went against social conventions and meant that I had to stand alone. Sure it was scary and it easier said then done, but nothing is more empowering than coming home to your true self and standing by your convictions.

Tolle reminds us that the best indicator of our level of consciousness is how we deal with life’s challenges when they show up in our life’s. Through those challenges, an already unconscious person tends to become more deeply unconscious, and a conscious person more intensely conscious. You can use a challenge to awaken you, or you can allow it to pull you into even deeper sleep. The dream of ordinary unconsciousness then turns into a nightmare.

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Windows to the soul

You have heard the saying that the eyes are the windows to our soul. Looking into someone’s eyes, we can instantly tell what state their soul is in. If they feel sad or are happy. If they are mischievous or perhaps even lying. You might recall the feelings you’ve had looking into someone’s eyes for a prolonged time. Maybe your heart filled with love or pride, maybe you were trying to read those very messages that surface from our soul and are displayed in our gaze. Whatever feelings you may have experienced, I bet to say that they have always been profound, and hold a certain level of importance to you.

There is an ancient practice known as eye gazing, whereby two participants stare into each other’s eyes for an extended period of time. When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established and it is known to induce euphoria, visions, past life experiences, and even remote viewing. From here it is possible to reach a higher state of consciousness.

The saying “eyes are the windows to the soul” has much more meaning than we may realize.