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It wasn’t until this summer that the rosy cheeks made a noticeable comeback. I took it as a sign of my inner child coming out to play, and was reminded of my childhood days when Mom gave me Rotbäckchen to drink. It is an energy wonder and the nations first energy drink. I don’t remember the results back then and if I had rosy cheeks from it, but I remember the picture on the bottle, showing a girl with red cheeks and a scarf tied over her locks in good old German fashion. I don’t think it was intended as an energy drink for me, and I don’t recall a lack of energy. It’s purpose might have been an overall multi vitamin drink.

Today I wonder what it tastes like as it has been long ago and I have forgotten. I might just buy a bottle of it one day.

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Dusk is setting in and the world is slowing down. Mother Nature is shining it’s glowing warm light onto the garden, and a bird is singing nearby. It’s serene and peaceful as another day is quieting down, and we bit farewell to embrace the silence. All is calm and puffy’s (clouds) are dancing in the sky to an ever changing display of light. Here and there, peaks of light shimmer through the clouds, illuminating roofs and barns, plants, branches, blooms and leaves.

The garden is watered and I planted lavender today. It’s winter hardy and I love the soothing and calming smell, plus it’s purple color. It looks pretty, as if it was meant to be in it’s metal bucket that has a Art Deco feel to add to the garden beautification. I learned that there are 47 known species of lavender, of which some you can eat. Apparently I picked the pretty kind Lavendula Angustifolia instead of the consumable one. I did plant some edible wildflower buds though, commonly used for a salat and we shall see. It could be fun…

I still have the dirt under my fingernails from digging my hands into the soil. A wonderful feeling to feel the earth between your fingers, and it will stay there until I’m up for a thorough clean up. It was funny to notice that my fingernails have three different lengths, and neither one of them looks manicured or groomed with their jagged edges. Ahh the pains of physical work and gardening, haha. I’m not worried, but I’m reminded of my childhood days and playing in the dirt. I’m lucky I had a chance to play in the dirt and I’m sure there were plenty of times where there was dirt under my nails. I was such a tomboy growing up. Did I mention that my name was to be Frank if I was a boy?

It finally rained the other night, and I managed to get a half drum full of rainwater. The sound of the water trickling into the metal drum beneath my window was simply magical. That, and freshly washed sheets would be a sure success to sleep like a baby, but it wasn’t meant to be. I was wrong, and instead I hunted little vampires once more and turned the zapper on way too late for relief.

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Remember when?

Do you remember the innocent days about your childhood? When pressing responsibilities were far away and a slumber party was the greatest thing. Do you recall staying up as late as your heavy eyes would allow it to before you finally drifted off to dreamland. I remember those days, although I had to grow up and learn about lives seriousness way too early. But there were those times. Since coming to Germany, I feel that there have been times I lived vicariously through my cousins kids. I might soon find myself racing up and down a quiet street on a bicycle, feeling the wind in my air and smiling from ear to ear. Mouth closed hopefully as there are some pretty good sized bugs here. Ewwww.

I bought a hammock style lounger for the patio a few weeks ago. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet and I really need to take more time for myself. Fingers crossed the weather gods agree when the chance arises. Last night I had two visitors, and my nephew and niece paid me a surprise visit. From the looks of it, there might be a stargazing slumber party coming up in the near future. Further details were already nailed down with who get’s to sleep in the middle.

Ah what fun and innocent times to remember.