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The candle of Peace

Today we are celebrating the 2nd of Advent. Our first candle, the Prophet’s Candle was lit last week, with the candle standing for hope. Hope, something we all need, hope something we need to believe in and keep alive. Today’s second candle is called the Bethlehem Candle and represent Peace. Also something we all need and Peace is a central theme of the advent season.

Peace is one of those words that people use a lot and depending on what religion and philosophy they follow, peace can vary and be highly different from person to person. Peace is not always associated with our state of the union, with the world or with war. Peace is much greater and it is what we encounter or lack on a daily basis. While world peace is the ultimate goal, peace can also be described as the physically well being of people. We can find ourselves during world peace and still be at war, not feeling peaceful inside.

Peace can come from keeping hope alive, from trusting in all that is and in all that is yet to come. Peace is not just an act, but also a feeling, a state of being. It’s a feeling of harmony, of alignment, of kindness and mindfulness. It’s a feeling of compassion and looking after each other. It’s a feeling of understanding, of patience and of banishing judgement. Peace is universal. It’s a language we all understand and are capable of bestowing through our actions. Christmas is known as a season that is more giving and more forgiving. More random acts of kindness can be found during this time than versus other times. It’s a time when we allow the heart to be involved just a little bit more, and by doing so we might even experience a moment of bliss and satisfaction. Have you noticed how good it feels to give? Have you ever been so excited to gift something that you could hardly wait for the person to unwrap it, so you could see the joy on their face and likewise feel their excitement?

And while we can’t buy gifts to feel these moments all year around, I think there are plenty of other ways we all can contribute to all little more peace for the world, for our neighbors, for friends and family and for ourselves. Challenge accepted while wishing you a week full of peace and hope.

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A form of meditation

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It’s is said that staring at a candle flame is one method people use for meditation. It is to instill mindfulness, while reducing stress levels and increase the ability to focus. Some even believe that staring at a candles flame helps to keep fatal disease at bay.

I have always been intrigued by the flicker of the flame and it does instill a stillness and calm. Whether by the shine of a candle-flame, or sitting around a campfire, there is something captivating in watching the flame (s) flicker and dance.

In Germany the pre Christmas season is called Adventszeit. Four weeks out from Christmas, on each Sunday we light candles. One candle for the first week, two for the second week, three for the third week and finally four candles just before Christmas, signaling that Christmas is here. I am not sure how my love for the flame developed, but one day I dream to have a wood burning stove with a little class window or a fireplace again so I can watch and enjoy the coziness of dancing flames on a cold winters night.

Gazing at a flame for extended periods of time stimulates the thrift eye. This was known in ancient India and was said that the pineal gland feeds on light. This is one of the reasons why we are mesmerized when staring at fire. Over time, this can increase intuition, alertness, psychic abilities, creativity and improve sleep.

Ah yes, it all makes sense.