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Many of us try so hard to find our way, to learn about our purpose and to find a sense of belonging. Sometimes we spend a lifetime trying to figure it out, and while changes are always at work, we are often unaware of them and unawakened. Many go go through life trying to learn whatever lessons are in store, and throughout the process develop a self defense mechanism. It’s a means of protection, one that’s suppose to shield us from pain, one that lashes out from time to time and here and there rear’s it ugly head, ultimately holding us a prisoner.

It is said that our soul already knows the way and that we have everything we need within us. I’ve heard this saying a long time ago and was reminded of it just recently. In a different time and a different place, it would come to me with a new understanding and meaning.

I remembered it while being still and engaging in an old hobby. Reading. The first book that came to me after a long break of not reading, was called the Untethered Soul and it was the one that really put things into perspective for me. It helped me understand the reactions of others and my own. It allowed me to find compassion in the harfest to find places and forgive even when it seemed impossible to forgive. But it was the second book and reading about Soul Contract that made me remember this saying.

Both books (self help books) came with a bit of hindsight and with the realization that I was putting in the work already. Subconsciously I was already plugging away as if I knew exactly what needed to be done. My soul was already hard at work, guiding me and the books merely shed light onto what was going on. It was the books that brought the realization, the explanations, the understanding. There was no doubt that all Shadow work, had led me to my work with my soul contracts. It was during the last chapter of the book, in how to release the energy of the soul contracts that I nodded and became aware of that this is what must have been happening already.

MacKinnon mentions that during the process of releasing this dark, heavy energy many of her clients have unintentionally lost weight or became more physically active and healthy. They intuitively felt a desire to get up, get moving, and create a physical release, such as playing a sport or starting to exercise. One client started their own business while another quit smoking. One got a drastic haircut, or made other sweeping changes. Was this where my motivation cane from and what had ignited the fire within.

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The untethered soul

The untethered soul, the journey beyond yourself by Michael A. Singer was the book I took on my little camping trip. My first attempt reading it failed, and I chalk it up to the timing not being right. Reading it this time, I felt as if my own spiritual journey was explained and made sense of. It was a celebration to see how far I had come, while each chapter shed more light on the actual how’s and why’s itself, and how to free oneself from a life of conditioning. It allowed me to understand the actions and behaviors of others in greater detail and to meet actual painful experiences with more love, understanding and compassion. It allowed me to make peace and gain greater insight of what it is we all face on this journey beyond ourselves.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who has questions, who is daring to take a look, and seeking to understand more about themselves. It’s a journey of our thoughts and emotions, our inner dialogue and the fluctuations of our inner energy, resulting in feelings, behaviors and reactions, a lifelong programming we adapt in order to protect ourselves from pain. It’s a journey of awareness and awakening, tethered to the ego with hands on examples and scenarios for inner freedom and liberation. It’s simple, yet a pure mastery of clarity. It has profoundly touched me this time around and is one of the best self help books since Eckhart Tolle. I will probably quote and share bits and pieces with you many times going forward.

In awakening consciousness and the first chapter titled “the voice inside your head,” Michael talks about our inner voice and the dialogue we have with ourselves. It’s the voice that keeps you up at night when you are trying to sleep, the voice that only you can hear, the dialogue that narrates your entire world. It never stops. Even when it is saying nice things, it’s still disturbing everything you’re doing. You surely have heard this voice in the past, haven’t you? So who is this voice if you are the one who is observing it and why do we do it? A study carefully revealed that the narration makes us feel more comfortable with the world around us. For instance: You walk home alone late at night. It’s dark and foggy and you feel an eerie silence. Your mind and inner dialogue is going a 100 miles an hour.

“All is ok, not too much further. I’m almost home. What was that noise, is someone following me. Should I run or keep my composure?”

It goes on and on and it never stops, playing out every possible scenario. The narrative keeps us focused, distracted, even calm and again it tips back to the need of being in control, being prepared for the unknown and the unexpected. It all happens in an attempt to protect ourselves from pain and to avoid any inner disturbances.

Reality is a serious thing for many of us and is often too difficult to deal with it. We try to temper it with our minds and our inner dialogue, talking our way through the difficulties. In an attempt to hold the world together, you are really just trying to hold yourself together. True personal growth is about transcending the part of you that is not ok and needs protection. This is done by constantly remembering that you are the one inside that notices the voice talking. If used properly, the same mental voice that has been a source of worry, distraction, and general neurosis can become the launching ground for true spiritual awakening. Come to know the one who watches the voice, and you will come to know one of the gray mysteries of creation.

Words: excerpts from the book “the untethered soul” and myself

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No naps on this trip

The time had come and I was getting ready for a four nights, five days camping trip. It would be the longest in years and a few doubts snug into my mind. Isn’t it crazy how often our thoughts are trying to sabotage us and turn a situation into something that never comes to fruition? I was having such a moment and was wondering how I would handle sleeping on the ground that many days in a row.

Packing my stuff, it was a last minute decision to bring a book along. I finally decided on one, and though an avid reader, this would be a first. Usually after hiking to a special spot, I’d just enjoy the area, take pictures, embrace it’s beauty and scenery, have a picnic, and finally take a nap. Everything was still going to happen the same, minus the nap. My goal was to tire myself to the point that I would sleep better at night. After hiking and spending the day in fresh air, it seemed like a perfect master plan. Daylight was fading quicker these days, and the nights were getting cooler. There was only so long someone could hang out in the cooling evening breeze once the sun had set. Especially if the winds kicked up. It would get chilly fast and I knew that the nights in the tent be long. Long enough to allow muscles to get sore, and to interrupt sleep. I was planning on being tired for the best chance to miss some of it.

After several hours of driving this campsite was found and would serve as our basecamp. It was already mid afternoon by the time everything was set up and it was too late to go for a longer hike. We took it easy for the rest of the day and hung out at the campsite for most of it. It had the most amazing reading rock, elevated like a little throne and shaped like a stone recliner. And it was in that moment, on our first day that I pulled out my book, gave up a comfortable hammock and settled on my reading rock.

This book had found it’s way into my life several years ago and I believe it came to me as a recommendation from someone. I don’t remember but I even started to read a few chapters at some point after getting it. All I remembered was that it didn’t capture me at the time, and that it was hard to read. Reluctantly I removed the bookmark that indicated my previous stopping point and pondered why I choose to bring this book. I could have take others, so why this one?

I started to read a few chapters and it was a different experience this time around, as if the book was speaking to me. The capture was there and I knew there was a message waiting for me. I got very attentive, feeling that this was not an ordinary moment. I knew there was a reason why this book came into my life and why I choose it NOW to bring with me. Perhaps the timing was right now. Little did I know about the chapters ahead of me and how important this book would become to me.

-to be continued

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Watching Glass Shatter

Look at what came in the mail today!!! My very own copy of “Watching Glass Shatter”from a fellow blogger and friend James J. Cudney. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to actually start reading it. Today is definitely a prime example of work getting in the way of the things that I want to do, ha. But I guess I have to earn a living and my quiet reading time must be postponed. But not without a moment to join the celebration of a huge achievement, and help spread the word. You can get your very own kindle version and read the book for free this weekend. It has a five star rating and awesome reviews. There is still time and you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain with no better way to support each other than this. Please check it out, and join us with a random act of kindness and only a few moments of your time. It’s a great way to make a difference, while treating yourself and ensuring that every voice counts.

Just yesterday I talked to another friend about minimalism and I believe that less is truly more these days. But not when it comes to my books, and I am that person that loves to hold the actual paper copy vs. reading the kindle or nook version. For space sake, since books are one of my guilty pleasures (I have too many), I thought about downloading the kindle version for a brief split second, but “Nah”, I couldn’t follow through with it. I’d be ok with a tiny house but a huge collection of books and I’m not sure if I could ever get rid of my books. Maybe some, but there are those that will always be close to my heart. Somehow, I feel that this one will join the ranks of those special books near and dear to me. I can feel the energy and the labor of love that is emitting from it. All you need to read is the profound acknowledgment in the front of the book to visualize the journey that it has taken from the beginning, the spark of an idea, to the surroundings and circumstances, the spirits we meet along our journey, to the support and encouragement, and the final printing stages.

Full of anticipation I opened my much awaited package to finally hold my own copy of “Watching Glass Shatter”. Right away I loved the velvety feel of the cover, yeah call me weird, but it was what I noticed first. There was something regal and defined, something precious and something to be treasured about it. Holding it like some prized possession, I love the actual size of the book, how it fits into my hands and the font choice, as well as the size of it. I told you, I’m weird, perhaps a bit crazy but those things along with that “New book smell”, are things that matter to me. So in case you opt for the paper version and those things matter to you, they are good to know.

Congratulations again and much love on your way of becoming a best selling author.