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Hippie Time

My two nieces know me so well and brought me an oversized postcard as a gift (see image above). It brought a huge smile to my face, after hearing their explanation, thinking that it was perfect for me. Mind you that Emily is 9 and Leni 12 years of age. I think they know me better then most adults ♥️. I never really talked about any of it, not my boho roots, or my dream of living in a converted school bus some day, but something must be obvious. I’m a dead give away.

It was kind of fun to see myself through their perspective and their vision. The minds of our younger generations are so much further ahead, way further then we ever were, it’s mind boggling. So what was it, where did they get this perception of Auntie from. Perhaps I will find out tonight spending some quality time with these lovelies. They sure hold a piece of my heart and are special, mist important, little people to me.