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Bike ride ~ Burgbernheim

Yay, I got my bike back from the service center, and I’d say it was well worth the 45 euros to get it checked out. It now runs much smoother and shifts just fine. Perhaps I don’t know much about it or what to look for after not riding for so many years, and I say this because the mechanic said not to expect too much. It rolls he thought and that’s all that matters. I think it is great and maybe one day I will understand his statement, but for now I am happy and content with my wheels.

I’m definitely getting into better shape and my endurance and stamina is slowly returning. The only sitting days next to Moms bedside are over and I have to get moving while trying to combine it all. That is not to say that I will not spend time with her and she remains to be the main reason as to why I’m here.

Today was the first day I rode my bicycle to go see Mom. I have not gone this far before and was reluctant, not knowing if I would manage. It was still warm outside but mostly cloudy, which made me dare to take the risk. I was slightly heated and Mom said my cheeks were rosy, mmmh, once I got there. Mom was happy to see me and it was a total surprise after telling her yesterday that I would most likely not be by today. I stayed not as long today since I had further obligations to attend the local Fish-Fest with family.

Leaving Mom, I stopped by the ice cream parlor and indulged. Well, after all I had to prepare and strengthen for the ride back home and replenish all the calories I just had burned on the bike ride over. Yikes… no win there. It was delicious though and afterwards I revisited a few old sites of the town before heading back home. The ride was smooth and without any incidents. I’m grateful for my new bike and the exercise and freedom it is bringing me.

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The “Green” Planet

It rains a lot in Germany and it reminds me back to my childhood days. From the times we got caught in a short down pour, feeling warm and refreshed, to the times we jumped around in the puddles and giggled with delight. Germany so green and so different compared to the high desert in the states. Each hold their own beauty and magic and each is special in their own way. I stopped and paused a few times the other day while riding the bicycle to gaze into the green and watch the clouds. Sheep were grazing near the top by the cross and I could see their beige bodies illuminated in the sun light. It was thunderstorm (thunder boomer as I call it) kind of weather and a faint rainbow was building to the left of Petersberg where it already had rained. I wasn’t worried about getting caught in the rain and about getting wet. I think deep down I hoped that I would. Maybe it would wash away the harsh words said by Mom, and cleanse the air with purity. Strangely it felt as if it took getting wet to experience the emotions with all my being, to feel cleansed and alive. I storm never reached me.

Beyond the picture of the visual point of view, Germany’s green and lush landscape reminded me of more serious matters at hand. Germany has long jumped on the band wagon when it comes to supporting Mother Earth. Waste Recycling is a big deal and everybody contributes. More goods from recycled materials are produced and often preferred. Buying local is encouraged and offered as much as possible. The system seems much further advanced than in some places. Cycling for instance is a part of the German lifestyle and culture, which also supports your exercise needs and health. Bike paths can be found all over the country and cyclists are given the utmost respect. Motorized drivers are long aware of their presence to share the road when a bike path ends or reconnects.

I think today will be a good day to get some exercise after visiting Mom. Hopefully the temps cool down a bit in the evening hours and my face won’t take the color of a tomato like the other day. Maybe another beautiful animal spirit will cross my way with a message for my soul. During my last trip, I met the beautiful horse spirit and a rabbit that fled the scene of my drive by 😉.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday filled with special moments, light and love. ❤️