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A reminder to not take it personal

A little visitor in my tiny flower garden

Has someone ever told you to not take it personal? To lighten up and not see things so seriously? It’s tough sometimes isn’t it, especially when it strikes us at the core of our feelings and wounds our heart. While it appears that it is meant as a little reminder, statements like these immediately send us into a tailspin, leaving us to believe that we are wrong in feeling this way. That we are overreacting, and are behaving on a level that is just a tad bit extra. That itself can become an insult and something hard to swallow for us. What might help us during these times is to remember that we are all on different journeys. That our feelings are unique to ourselves as is our perception. People will always love to their level of self love. They will also communicate to their level of self awareness and behave to their level of healed trauma. So the next time an action, a response or something else is questionable to you, remember that we all journey differently.

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Your August Reminder

It was last week that I saw this reminder. It came in perfect timing and during a phase I needed to see it. It’s a collection of my own preachings and learning summarized by another. Confirmed and proven. There are no ordinary moments and spirit always speaks to us if we are willing to see the signs and listen. I hope you enjoy these words by Lisa Buscomb with my love and highest regards.

Life isn’t about feeling happy in every moment. Life is about balance. It’s about good times and hard times. It’s about mundane everyday moments. It’s about anticipation and excitement, fear and worries. Life is about the whole spectrum of emotions. Don’t beat yourself up trying to feel happy in every moment, that isn’t what life is about. Feel every emotion. Live life. Live every feeling. Live in the moment whether you are joyful, sad, angry or blissfully happy. It may not feel like a perfect life. But it is a life of adventure, of experience and of everyday moments, just as it should be.

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A thought about happiness

Awe yes, happiness. What does it mean to you? Is it a moment, an experience, a state of being? How would you define happiness and does it hinge on outside influences and others?

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness does not depend on others and it is not their job to provide it to you. Don’t depend on it and don’t place the key to your happiness into someone else’s pocket. You’ll only end up disappointed.

Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes and is the spiritual experience to live in peace. To live every moment with love, grace and gratitude. To know that everything happens for a reason and that there are no coincidences. You are meant to have the experiences you have and meet the people that bring those into your life. Situations teach lessons and in the end will always make you a stronger person. One thing they don’t do, is define us and the past merely serves as previous teachings.

True spiritual masters know that it is not the situation that is the problem, but your reaction to the problem. What you think and how you handle things. How you interpret things that will end up causing your own stress. Once you realize that nothing out there can ever harm your infinite spiritual nature, then you will be able to see problems as blessings and an opportunity to evolve and grow. Wouldn’t you agree that this is happiness in the highest degree?

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Sacred mornings

It wasn’t always this way and there was a time, many years actually, that I struggled with getting up early. Every minute was calculated when my day started to the sound of an alarm clock and I would stay in bed as long as possible. And I wasn’t a morning person at all. Not unfriendly but definitely not chatty either. After all my time was carefully measured and every minute was allocated to getting ready and out the door.

Being self retired now, I still sleep in here and there when my body needs to catch up from nights and days that are full of pain and little rest. It’s a freedom I am grateful to have and one I don’t ever take for granted. Mom taught me early on to save for a nest egg and with our combined efforts, I have managed four blissful years off the rat race and the hamster wheel. But it hasn’t always been like living on Easy Street and it’s not a life of roses every day. You have to be committed to different priorities and reevaluate what is important to you. For me it boiled down to change and knowing that it was eminent and required for survival and if I wanted to see a future.

Today, my mornings have become sacred to me and oftentimes I am up early, just easing my way into the day. It’s simply blissful when everything is still quiet and a new day is just starting. It is mornings like these when I am in little pain, that I harness this energy and that particular feeling to give me strengths for the days when I am in more pain. All too well I know how quickly a positive attitude goes out the door when I am struggling. Pain overshadows everything, it just simply does and it’s hard to hold on when those days strike. So remembering the good times, the mornings of bliss, a few hours in time that truly allowed us to be peaceful inside, are the best nourishments I can think of. Feelings carry us, good and bad, both are a part of life, but the ones we choose to hold on to when we are in the right frame of mind and able to do so, those are always up to us.