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The powerful Lion’s Gate Portal

The powerful Lions Gate Portal opens on August 8th with a new moon in Leo. Many are nervous about this powerful energy when the bold sun in Leo aligns to the star Sirius (known as the spiritual sun) to generate a high frequency energy.

This portal opens every year between July 28th and August 12th but August 8th is considered the official activation day.

According to it is a time where new levels of consciousness are infused into the planet and also into each of us individually. Are we ready for this? Perhaps a fear of not being there yet is what is causing the anxiety and nervousness of what’s to come. The unknown and fear of not being prepared but rest assured. The universe will never give us more than we can handle. So believe in yourself and brace yourself for the beginning of a new life.

The Lions Gate is the birth of a new and undeniably heightened level of dedication to our ascension process as individual beings and also as a global entity. It sounds wonderful but it’s not that easy. The moment is ripe for an uncomfortable but necessary acceleration of our spiritual growth. What that means for us on an individual level can not be disclosed as we are unique and different, requiring different experiences and opportunities. Of course, any birthing process is painful and exhilarating in equal measure. This one marks graduation from “now” into “a new now.” We are pushed to let go of whatever isn’t serving o it highest and best evolution. This could be a toxic relationship, outdated ways of thinking, or the habit to downgrade our true purpose. We are all coming face to face with a reinvention point and the time is now.

You might feel anxious, moody, suddenly sad and then blissfully happy. Or you feel a sense of fatigue on a physical, emotional, mental and even soul centered level. Our bodies will inevitable have to respond and adjust to this sudden shift in energy. Be gentle with yourself and take time to recalibrate and nurture yourself. Allow yourself downtime. Meditate and simply slow down your mind. Drink more water. Rest and unplug from devices when possible. Do not engage in activities that you might find superficial or draining.

As the Lions Gate is fully flung open, take a moment to write down what you would:

Like to heal in your life

Want to continue to develop and nurture

Say that you love and adore about yourself

Wish to purge from your life

Then consider how you can use your amazing uniqueness to usher in this new paradigm of love into the world. Bring o it your inner Leo to play, and see how it feels to infuse some ferocity into your world. May we all roar our way through the gate!

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The first Full Moon of 2021

Picture: Yahoo Guidance and article from Sara Coughlin

Our first Full Moon in Leo is upon us and it is said that it could leave some bruised egos in its wake. (If you aren’t careful)

Last months Full Moon was all about peace and quiet, while this months fiery sign Leo demands that we step out of our respective shells and greet our adoring public. The regal sign of Leo will ensure that attitudes are warmer – but undeniably more dramatic. Egos will be hungrier although we feel an increased sense of generosity nonetheless.

This Full Moon wants you to claim and celebrate what’s yours. Every sign, not just Leo will realize what gifts they’ve quietly amassed over the last month. With a difficult 2020 behind us, it might be difficult to view anything as positive right now, but this Full Moon will highlight exactly what you’ve earned since the last Leo moon last February.

A win is still a win, no matter how small. Start practicing your victory dance. Look on the bright side and pinpoint what it is you have to be grateful for. Hold on to that triumph and be proud of what you have accomplished. It’s a great time to remember all the great compliments you have received or spend an evening looking back on how your hobbies have developed. Are you walking faster and longer miles? Have you reached a new romantic milestone? Do you deserve some recognition about how well you have tackled all pandemic challenges?

This Full Moon’s traditional meaning may bring out a dark side of Leonine energy. January is associated with nature’s most distinctive elements leaving packs of canines seen prowling despite the chill in the air. It brings perspective to the difficulty and the importance of what is required for survival when the temperatures are low and the natural world lies dormant. The energy points to a scarcity mindset many felt during the wintertime with the desire to cull resources despite the fact of modern luxuries and a drastically reduced sense of urgency behind those instincts.

Leo gives as much as it gets and places a premium on the give and take dynamic of any relationship. Thursday’s Full Moon emphasis on that scarcity could end up working in tandem with Leo’s what about me attitude and result in a seriously bruised ego. The trick to avoiding such an outburst is to look at what’s abundant, what can be spared, and therefore shared in your life.

This is a Full Moon to remember Leo’s capacity for benevolence and cut acquaintances and friends some slack if they come and ask for a favor. Even an I.O.U. will suffice for the moment.

It is a powerful Moon to get lifted. To elevate from stagnation and live the life we deserve. This Full Moon reminds and urges us to tap into the energy of every Full Moon using our energy wisely without letting a lunar cycle pass. Especially this year, it is imperative that we do so, that we let go of what holds us back and ties us down and that we no longer allow the forces outside of ourselves dictate our ability to experience love and happiness.

Personally, I hear the call as I have a lot of work to do. The signs are so clear and near, that they are undeniable. And yet something causes a failure to launch, a hesitation despite trust and believe being at it’s highest. Personally I will beat my earth drum during this Full Moon to release those ties, giving back everything that no longer serves my purpose.

May you find yours on this magical night and always while you gaze at the Moon, spellbound, in awe of its beauty. 🙏🏼💙

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December new moon and total eclipse

Photo credit: Google

We are moving “new word” Monday to Tuesday this week to make room for the last new moon of 2020. It’s also a total solar eclipse. It is said that the portal to the new world is opening on December the 14th, but what exactly does that mean to us?

Many have felt a heightened sense in emotions and energy over the last couple of weeks. Things we just can’t pinpoint, understand, explain, or put our finger on a 100%. Some of us have been more emotional, crying for no apparent reason, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, vulnerable and more fragile. Others grasp on to whatever they can for a glimpse of something positive, something that can carry themselves through the rough sea. And yet others are on the brink with hope, faith, and optimism that has dwindled into dangerously low reserves. You are definitely not alone here. After everything 2020 has thrown at most of us, it’s no wonder we feel off balance a little.

Personally and like so many of you, I hold on to the positives and choose to believe that everything is as it needs to be. It is said that the Sagittarius new moon is to flip the lens, helping us review life from a philosophical perspective. A lofty goal for a year that has tested our emotional resilience and empathy. However, Sagittarius is the eternal seeker and student of the zodiac.

A question from the new moon: What are we meant to learn from this? In what ways did we grow? Are there lessons still to apply?

Perhaps the answer is not easy and a difficult subject. Perhaps the answer is not likely to come from the usual sources. The December 2020 Sagittarius new moon and total solar eclipse gives us an opportunity to turn inward. Metaphorically, this is “lights out” for a moment that forces us to “see” with other senses besides our vision. What do you see when you turn inward? You might see your year like a movie reel rolling in front of your eyes. Perhaps there are things to I would change, but make sure you also acknowledge how far you have come. That you see and give thanks for the battles you have fought, the victories, big and small that have led you to this very moment. Maybe you have an epiphany about how to redesign your entire support system. So when you hear of a new world, it could be as simple as that. You might compare it with a New Years resolution, a promise you’ve made yourself, a goal you’ve set, a new found motivation, anything that is changing your life, allowing a new world to emerge. With it you change your vibration, closely matching the energy of this new world. You see the new world, the universe, our guardian angels and guides want us all to succeed and do great things with our life. They love is unconditionally and are always in our corner, rooting for us.

Here are a few ways you can tap into the visionary energy of the new moon and the total solar eclipse.

  • Redesign your sense of adventure. While restrictions have drastically affected our ability to travel, we have to dig deep on that one and get creative. Perhaps it’s taking up a new hobby without comprising your safety, or something like that. Get as wild as you can and want to. Maybe it’s time to take these online belly dancing classes after all. I will touch on that once more.
  • Reach out across “differences” and divides. Make the effort to connect to someone outside of your usual circle. And not in a superficial way!
  • Become a media maven or mogul. Maybe it’s time to open that Etsy shop, check out or Amazon’s createSpace. Maybe it’s time to discover your inner Picasso. Apply yourself to whatever you’re genius at.
  • Free your hips. More belly dancing anyone? Stiff hips can increase the load on the spine, cause back pain, and limit our overall range of motion. Yogis believe that the hips are the storage center for pent up feelings about control. Another reason to drop the control freak habits. Freeing them can bring amazing release, both physically and emotionally. Kundalini yoga is perfect to add to your list.
  • Let yourself be a little extra. Shed self consciousness and push your limits, in the name of fun and fearless expression. Don’t worry about being “too much.” When you’re fully self expressed, it creates a gap between you and other people, giving them something to rise up to. Sure they might laugh or be shocked at first, but they’ll soon be inspired by your courage and authenticity. And they’ll feel permission to be themselves too.
  • Download your dose of daily wisdom. “A quote a day, touches your heart in a special way.” Yeah, I made that up, but I’m sticking to it. Find your gurus both in and out of the “temple” or wherever it is you go looking. See the light of consciousness in every human. Better yet, be your own guru and have fun. 🙏🏼💙
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Zodiac sign – Direction Fire

I thought going over these signs of fire, earth, water and air would be fun and bring some needed distraction. Let’s go over the details and see how we measure up against these traits. Mine (cancer – water) was amazingly close and fitting. Do you believe in astrology and the universe, or do you dismiss it to nothing more but a bunch of hocus pocus?

Check out the character traits for the fire signs which rules Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and see how close they come. Stay tuned for Air, Earth and Water signs to come soon.


Direction: South

Rules – Energy, will, healing, destruction, courage, strength, physical exercise, self knowledge, power, passion, sexuality, divinity, heat, flame, light

Time – Noon

Season – Summer

Colors – Red, orange, gold, white

Zodiac – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Tools – Candle, lamp, sword, dagger, bribed herbs

Virtues – Courage, enthusiasm, willpower

Vices – Anger, jealousy, hatred

Crystals- Fire opal, ruby, garnet, red jasper, bloodstone, lava stone, quartz, tigers eye

Metals – Gold, brass

Plants – Allspice, basil, cinnamon, garlic, juniper, hibiscus, nettle, onion, red/orange peppers, red poppies, thistle

Ruling planet – Sun, Mars