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One step at a time

Just the other day I came across one of my older pictures. Believing that nothing happens by accident and that the people in our life’s are there for a reason, I viewed the timing as a reminder for my current circumstances. Every journey starts with one step at a a time, and perhaps it was what I needed to hear.

This picture was taken at Lake Tahoe in close proximity to one of the nude beaches. We hiked a trail close by as a hiker came around the bend with nothing more but sandals, a baseball hat and a pack back. Well, hello there, I don’t think that I even managed to say hello hahaha. I was totally unprepared and our meeting came unexpected and surprising. But I surely got my composure back in time to shoot him in the back with this picture. Hahaha.

The actual pictures are two frames merged together with added bubbles. One picture of the nude hiker and another rotated picture of a piece of wood reflecting in the water. It formed some sort of arch and I placed the hiker in a bubble as if walking the earth. A personal quote completed the look and memorized this experience for all times.

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Keeping an eye on time

This picture had an unusual way of coming about and it was composed looking through the glass window of a cabin. The resorts are closed and cabins are winterized and uninhabited. Looking through the glass, you can see my reflection and the insights of the cabin. I saw the clock on the wall and eventually lined it up with my eye. “Keeping an eye on time” went through my mind while I took the picture.

Later on as I looked at the picture and brought out the contrast in this what appears like a double exposure, I noticed the plastic tarps and what looks like shackles around my hands. “Keeping an eye on time while my hands are tied” is the elaborated version of the initial thought. I would never dare to compare myself to either but it reminds me a little of something that Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali could and would have created. I’m in perfect company if so 😉

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Monochrome dreams

This is an old picture and probably one of my early on attempts in combining my photography with my visions of fantasy. The original picture is of a Lily flower head that was converted to monochrome. I added the bubbles in the hope of achieving some sort of artistic flair and I loved how the image was mirrored in each of the bubbles.

I came across a round glass lens-ball recently which is on my Santa’s wish list 😉. It’s nothing more than a glass ball that comes in a variety of diameters and which can serve multiple purposes. I guess you could use it for a paperweight or just have it sitting there looking pretty. Me, I want to use it to capture a picture within a picture for my photography. I’m drawn just as I was back then to the artistic aspect and it is the artist in me that is happiest when given the chance to create. I can see it stretch my ability to capture something ordinary, but turning it into something beautiful, perhaps something unexpected. Kind of like the photo contest I once won with a picture of a weed. The wheels are turning and I imagine great fun ahead.

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Downtown Art

I love art and there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to the vision and the original pieces fueled by inspiration that one can create. There are no rules and anything goes. Various styles appeal to different people and I love the free form of expression. Here are a few more pictures from downtown Reno where more and more pieces find their way to help beautify an already awesome city.


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Painting Music

Hey, my life is pretty busy these days, but I’m carving a little time to engage into the relaxing activity of painting and with any luck I will manage to start reading a great new novel “Watching Glass shatter” from Jay before drifting off to sleep. You need to check it out if you haven’t yet and read my prior review. What are you waiting on…

In the meantime I’m spending a little time on the “Orange Crush” painting, and no that will not really be it’s official and final title. It’s been a long time that I painted and it started with a painting that I have hanging in my office at work. I took it to work to share with a few people and I keep forgetting to take it home. By now, several people have seen it and commented on it, a few even wanted to buy it. Really? I’d probably tell it’s not good enough, but without a doubt am I flattered, honored and surprised all at the same time. I know that in the end we artists are always our worst critic, but REALLY? The compliments brought a burst of new inspiration and definitely some motivation. I even ran across a website today where I could potentially reproduce this so said work of random art. Who knows, maybe it’s another avenue worth exploring some day and maybe I should listen to the push’s that so many have tried to give me to pursue showcasing my art.

In the meantime I’m stealing a few moments to paint a part of my life onto canvas while relaxing to some tunes.


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The paintings of my life

I started painting roughly 10 years ago. I always enjoyed arts and crafts and the process of creation, but I never explored it on the levels of painting acrylic on canvas. In fact, I never really painted much at all. Looking back to my childhood, I remember coloring books and enjoying the soothing effects they had on my soul during those peaceful hours spent, getting lost in the process of adding color to the shapes and outlines of the pages. Those times have long past and occasionally I manage  to pull out the adult coloring books, even though it happens rarely.

I recall a point when my life changed, seemingly overnight. I hit a rough patch and had just said goodbye to one of my beloved dogs. You have to understand that I share a deep connection to all animals and pets become family, often living better then some people. I felt lost and the pain seemed unbearable at the time, threatening to rip my heart apart, I just couldn’t get over. I don’t know how it came to be, but I started to paint. It was an outlet, a form of expression while bringing me the same kind of peace that I had felt as a child, engaged in my coloring books. The process itself was much different than the one prior and this time it was me who was creating my own images. There was no need to stay within the controlled lines even though some had outlines, others didn’t and were flowing freely. It was relief, as if my soul poured out into whatever it was that I was painting at the time. To this day I can look at each one of my paintings and feel a personal connection. They tell the story of my journey and remind me that beautiful things are often born out of adversity. Talents are discovered as well as passions and a distraction to help us cope. A gentle soul, someone that is easily moved on an emotional level, the strong warriors that walk among us, the ones wise beyond their years, they all have seen a great deal of adversity and pain and they all have a story to tell.

I feel the call from time to time when I haven’t painted in awhile. Almost as if another painting is due, and another chapter is closing. There is a thirst for the feeling and the exploration of discovering new things. It starts with an idea and with a choice of what speaks to me. I miss it right now and painting has become such a beautiful and rewarding aspect. Much has happened since my last painting and after Germany I will make it a priority to paint whatever calls me.

I came across this video from Jim Carrey and it spoke to my heart. I relate to his words and his need for color in life. It also reminded me of myself and I believe that art should always portray what moves the artist. While there is no wrong or right in artistry, there must be heart and like with anything and without heart there is no enjoyment and no connection. It’s also something that I love to advise new writers on. The ones that correct and revise their body of work a hundred times in order to get it right. I’ve done it myself and you will drive yourself crazy. You see, it’s not always the perfection that matters, but the heart and the soul that is conveyed and shines through your words. How could this ever be wrong?


Here are a few of my paintings and their titles. All of them signified challenging times, but there are funny ones within the collection for another post. 😉

“Feeling blue”

“The strings of my heart”

“Chasing love”

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Natures tree 

Here is another example of what I do with the things I collect in nature and often they find a way into one of my Picasso’s (my paintings). Sometimes it’s years later that an idea comes to mind, but it’s always fun to realize the purpose these pieces apparently had all along, from the moment they caught my eye until the final creation.

This one is made in part out of twigs and moss.