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Medieval fortress

Colmberg castle, a medieval fortress and one of Mom’s favorite places. Today the fortress is a busy place as a restaurant, hotel, scenic place for many Fests and overall feel good destination of many activities. Many many moons ago I enjoyed a medieval dinner at the castle surrounded by knights armor and medieval weapons. A medieval dinner is basically a meal without silverware and utensils. I remember slurping my soup and eating chicken drumsticks, throwing the bones over my shoulder to the ground. What a crazy experience….

I am so glad that we got to celebrate Mom’s birthday in a place that has so much meaning to her. She has long stated that she wished she could push her house up to the castle and live beneath the foothills.

It was truly a miracle of love, dedication and compassion that this was possible for her. I will never forget the day and seeing her happy was well worth the effort it took.

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Rothenburg City Wall

Wifi is off limits again and it keeps happening more frequent lately. All my info is on the iPad that I can’t connect and I hope to do so once I visit Mom tomorrow.

I had a long chat with one of administers from the senior home where Mom is today. I said it before, and she has defied the odds when it comes to her recovery. Once again I heard how surprised everyone is about how well she is doing. That it is a miracle that she is here and I would have to agree. There is much to consider these days and I am still at a one day at a time kind of mode. I’m exploring possibilities, and tonight for the first time in a long time, I considered going back to the states for awhile to tie things up there. Nothing is set in stone and nothing is easy and for the moment this is only a thought. Soon or later I will have to. Not because I am running away, but because I have to plan ahead for what’s to come.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this picture from Rothenburg. Celebrating “YOU” will launch later in the day.

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The Cellar

Oh how I hated the cellar at Moms House, while growing up. From the creepy, heavy iron door at the entrance of it, my cousins called “The Tresor” (the safe door), to the long, narrow hallway leading into the main cellar, to the oil tanks that would always kick on right then and there, with a noise that scared me half to death, to the spider webs, and creepy crawlers that never seemed to be too far out of eyesight. Mom used to store drinks, potatoes and canned goods in the cellar amongst other things. I would rather go thirsty than go down to the cellar. But of course there were times I couldn’t avoid it and had to summon my courage. Heaven forbid to show fear in front of Mom, although she always knew that I hated the cellar and was afraid to go down there. Still I couldn’t make it obvious. It was a subject that was avoided and we just didn’t talk about it. I remember every time I entered the cellar, I would begin to sing. Maybe to calm my own nerves, and in part because I believed I might be spared if the monsters lurking, enjoyed my singing. What silly things we tell ourselves as kids, but it stuck with me and so I sang the best I could on every occasion with the cellar.

I realized that Mom knew about my fear, the day she hid in a closet nearby as I came out of the cellar. I had just passed THAT closet, as the door silently opened and I felt something tapping me on the shoulder. Scary enough, I turned to find something/somebody, I didn’t know what the heck it was at first, taller than me, draped in a white bed linen, flailing their arms in the air. I couldn’t even scream but I remember the day as if it was yesterday, and to this day I am amazed my heart didn’t stop right then and there. It was awful, although funny now and we have laughed many times about it.

I made a trip to the cellar today. Yep, same feeling, same memories, keeping my eyes on the darn closet, and the creepy crawlies. I didn’t sing though, just come and get me already, ha. The water from a few weeks ago at my arrival, and which Moni (my brave cousin) had run into the day of the bathroom flooding, has almost disappeared. Eventually, I will have to go down there again and mop the tiles and clean up. JOY ♥️. I guess it could be worse. The second reason I went down there was for my boss in the states who loves old, abandoned places. Places of a long gone era where time stands still forever. Although Moms House is not abandoned, it is old for sure and different than the houses in the states. I took a few pictures, ranging from ok, hey this could be a cool space if cleaned up, to downright creepy and horror like. But no nightmares tonight and this picture is from the main cellar at the end of the long hallway.

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Behind the ruins

“Once upon a time, happiness was found behind the ruins of these walls.”

I’m sweating up a storm this morning as my body is fighting the symptoms of being sick. I’ve been resting as much as possible, but it’s been tough. I saw this building yesterday after seeing Mom and although our house looks like a 100 times better and is not abandoned, the title of this post is what it reminded me off. These walls once knew happiness and have seen so much. From blood, sweat and tears, to happy moments filled with memories and laughter. It’s not the same without Mom, and how could we ever think that it would be, when such a key part of it’s history is being removed. I’m touched by all of your prayers and kind thoughts to my prior post and will answer all comments shortly and on a personal level. I’m going to fight through the sickness and not feeling good once more, and go see Mom in a bit. I’m grateful for all the help and support I have gotten from my family here, as it is not always easy without your own wheel.