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A visit to the vet

It was Cinnamons first visit to the vet and I think I had more anxiety than she did. It’s nearly three month ago that she came into my life right around Halloween. As a feral, four month old puppy she still struggles a bit with other people and animals. Strangely some are silently observed, while others trigger a growl and the hair sticking up Mohawk style along the spine from neck to tail. And yet others get a full blown bark and a bit more aggression. I haven’t figured out the difference and why it changes each time. It used to be downright hilarious to see the little protector spring into action and she’d bark at a dog three times her size, with the heart of a lion. It only tells me that she had to defend herself in her short life and now my focus lies on associating her with others and the world around her. We have made big strides and she trusts me with her life. Neighborhood strolls are still a bit scary, while the trail is all about her comfort zone, tail up, strutting her stuff.

Anyways, it’s been a challenging three months and as I got her she had a small balding spot on her cheek. Two further spots developed and all got pretty big in size with hair loss and balding. She had worms in her stool which needed to be addressed right away as I got her and I thought the hair loss might have been due to stress and another new home and environment. Next I thought it had to do with food allergies and we went from chicken which many dogs are allergic to, to beef, fish, lamb and duck. She didn’t like any too much and all had to be doctored up and mixed with can food. Now we are on a hydrolyzed salmon, limited ingredient diet and we love our food, thank god.

In the meantime it was suggested that she might have “hot spots” and a fungal infection. Perhaps even mites, yikes. Inadvertently I started to itch imagining creepy crawlies on her and me. Fungal cream to the rescue, slathering the bald spots. Over the weeks I got more and more emotional, worrying about the fur-baby that by the way didn’t show any signs about her quality of life being diminished. Yes, there was a bit of scratching and licking so I made a homestyle anti itch spray remedy with apple cider vinegar. Also an oatmeal, baking soda, my very own “Doggy Doo Shampoo” was also made by me and together we took frequent baths/showers to soothe and condition the entire coat. What followed was wet dog racing at unsafe speeds through the house. There was also a moisturizing spray and coconut butter / oil for antibacterial properties and to avoid infections. Few well researched essential oils were added to the moisturizing spray to repel any mites or fleas. A dust mite spray was made….just in case and I wasn’t going to let any stone unturned. Further issues were that her paw pads were swollen and changed from black to red, including her toe nails at times and inside of ears. Through every little discomfort, I think I felt it worse than she did and all throughout I prayed for her comfort and that her hair would grow back and not stay as bald spots throughout her entire life.

And then all of a sudden small, fine hair made their appearance back and I was nearly in tears from joy. A vet appointment was just around the corner that I had scheduled just to make sure and give the pup an initial wellness exam. Due to Covid guidelines and procedures, you were asked to call from the parking lot once arriving for the appointment. From there someone would come to the car and escort your pet inside the clinic while you had to wait outside. I had no clue how this would go, especially with her dislike of certain people. Hopefully she was ok with those people on that day. Arriving in the parking lot, we had to growl at a few other vehicles, other people and pets, but luckily not too bad. And then an older lady appeared to pick up Cinnamon and let her sniff her while she tried to back up and away from her. She was so scared. Her whole little body was trembling and it was hard to watch, but eventually she went, tail tucked tightly between her legs. 😞

In the end she really loved her vet who had also given her her rabies shot three month prior, and who was also the vet from my previous two dogs. He said that she was a very nice puppy with a clean Bill of health, and he apparently told her so. He said that he told her how pretty she was and how good she was behaving, and all of a sudden she remembered him, trusted him and was all over him, licking him wanting to play. Can you imagine how relieved I was?

The diagnosis was that she suffers from allergies and is most likely allergic to same yellow flowering bush I am. She got a shot for environmental allergies that should last one month and we are hoping it’s a seasonal issue that can be controlled with a benedryl allergy regiment.

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Happy 7th Month Birthday Cinnamon

Yep the little rascal has taken over my bed, leaving me most nights like a question mark, scrambling for the covers. Of course she has discovered that the warmest place of the heating blanket is usually in the middle of the bed and it is there that you will find her.

Anyways, the little rascal is turning 7 month today. Lucky number 7. Also a number that signifies completion and perfection. Number 7 is also linked to exoneration and healing, to a fulfillment of promises and oaths.

This might sound strange to you but animals have soul contracts as well and many come to earth to guide you. It is no coincidence they find you, and help you with your struggles. After all they made a promise, and there is a soul contract at work, a fulfillment that calls for completion and healing.

Thank you my little Cinnamon Girl for bringing such healing to my life. Here is to you and your 7 month birthday.

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Cuteness overload

It was a gloomy day and I felt under the weather a bit. A headache settled in, I had alternating hot and cold flashes, pressure made itself noticeable in the chest area (heart – always scary), and the overall feel was kinda blah. Nothing too serious and perhaps just tiredness, but it’s incredible how the mind wanders, traveling down the path of Covid, right away putting doubts into your head, assuming the worst. Luckily I can recognize these attacks most of the time and hold fear at bay from taking over. With my increased focus on getting back on track, I wasn’t too terribly worried about and it’s only been one day that I focused on my increased water intake. If I just stay the course….keep the thoughts under control….not think too much….I knew things would be ok.

A storm was moving in, bringing rain to the Valley floor and much needed snow to the mountains. It hadn’t been much of a winter so far and temps were forecasted to be in the 50’s for the upcoming week. I didn’t mind, but of course it wasn’t the best news for water reserves and lake levels. Anyhow, it was the perfect day to follow up on a few things, ponder moves and possibilities, reminisce, perhaps craft a little bit, work on the Etsy shop and get a cuddle in with the fur child.

The spoiled bundle sleeps in bed with me more time then none overnight, and yeah I caved and invited her in, while accepting to wake up in question Mark position. Mind you she is over 30 lbs now and she wants to be soooo close. It’s usually me finding a way to cradle and wrap my limbs around her body wherever she plops herself down, which by the way is usually the middle of the bed. No, she is not dumb haha.

We have a vet visit next week to conduct some allergy testing and hopefully address and pinpoint a few balding spots on her fur. She had a faint one in the face when I got her and two more developed, on her back and leg. 😞 It’s been worrisome for this fur mama who of course wants the best for her child. What was believed to be a reaction from a difficult first couple of months, worms in her stool that was treated with a dewormer, to a fungal or bacterial infection-treating the spots with anti fungal cream, relocation to a different state and potential environmental allergies, to stress, a new home (again), food allergies and finally finding a food we like that is healthy and good, (after cycling through 4 others). It been a lot, but mostly for me I think. Overall she is a happy pup and a most grateful angel. There are no signs of her life quality being affected in any way, besides the occasional scratching and licking that has slowed dramatically with the new food. I think she had a few hot spots and licked it scratching the hair right off. I haven’t noticed much anymore unless it’s at night, another reason she was allowed into bed, as I would wake up if she did. My fingers are crossed that the hair will grow back and that this will be behind us soon. It’s time to find out what I’m dealing with here and get some answers. I hope it goes well. Further concerns are that we still find other dogs and other humans a little sketchy and growl or even bark at them. It’s hard to associate her with Covid, so I have my fingers crossed all goes good. But just look at this cuteness. 🤗💙🐕

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Cinnamon’s 1st Christmas

I hope everyone had a quiet and peaceful little Christmas and your hearts are full of warmth’s and joy. It’s been mostly quiet for us and to be honest Christmas came fast and went fast. I almost feel run over by it and the pre holiday spirit fell short due to recent events. How does one celebrate during those times of sadness? It’s difficult.

It was hard to focus on the magic of Christmas, but we did, and are continuing to incorporate a little Christmas spirit wherever we can. A few special people have reached out and sent us Christmas cards which we loved and we hope that ours found their way to those special destinations as well.

Special gifts found their way to us and left me emotional and overwhelmed by goodness. I know it’s because I’ve been around so many challenges lately and it’s crazy how your heart prepares itself for struggles in order to protect itself. You don’t even realize it, but it’s some sort of automatic defense mechanism. And then something sweet happens, a thoughtful gift, a kind word, a compliment, a card or email, and it takes you off guard because it’s not that you’ve forgotten how special it feels, but because there has been so little light and special moments like these in your life lately. Maybe you have exhausted your own reserves, giving too much and not receiving what you need. Maybe life has beaten you down, maybe people have treated you poorly, made you feel insignificant and ugly. It could be a lot of different things.

  • Here is a little picture of cuteness from Cinnamon’s first Christmas, while waiting for Santa. She heard that he was the guy to make it happen and that he could bring lots of treats and toys, and he did not disappoint. The end result was a belly full of special goodies and a dinner of kibbles mainly left untouched. Surprise there and who would eat bologna when there is filet mignon, although her dry food is no bologna to say the least and it’s expensive, nutritious and the best. There is always breakfast I suppose.
  • We made Glühwein for the first time ever, and it was really delicious. I drank a half cup and felt like I needed to lay down lol. Either it was really potent or I am getting more and more a lightweight, tipsy at the smell of alcohol. Where have my German roots vanished to? Today more pooch cookies are on the menu and we will spend some more time in the kitchen most likely lighting some candles and listening to Zucchero while filling the air with delightful smells. It snowed overnight and the sun is out right now. It looks peaceful and clean. We watched a holiday movie and may watch another with a quarter cup of Glühwein to be safe, and maybe we even manage a little creative time and some crafts later. Probably should do that before the Glühwein.

    Further we watched an online Christmas sermon from my church in Germany. It was held from the apprentice lady who did Mom’s funeral in 2018. It her first and she did an amazing job. Of course this brought back more memories, but overall I was glad and needed to watch her Christmas message.

    Last night I drew a Oracle card from a new animal spirit deck I got for Christmas and made my connection with the deck. I shuffled the cards, excited to see what message they had for me and what it was that I most needed to know right now. What came up was self care on various levels with the “Snake spirit – Time to heal.” Spot on I say.

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    Cuddle bug

    This little Cuddle bug is never too far from my side. This particular picture was taken at night during low light, but despite it’s poor quality it makes up in cuteness, that’s for sure. Here we were, cuddling in t recliner, just spending some quality time being close. She often lays and sleeps on her back, feet sticking straight into the air. She is a good ball with unique traits that often just make you laugh out loud. Just like people, animals too, are unique and special in their own ways. It’s fun discovering and letting these traits unfold, learning a little more at a time and see what this little body and beautiful heart is all about.

    She picks up on the vibrations/emotions around her and knows just when to snuggle up and give some extra lovin’. Especially during the last days, I was very grateful to touch and pet her, to soothe my aching heart and mind. At times just laying my hand on her side or back, it feels as if an energy transfer is taking place where either energy flows from me to her or vice versa. It is very comforting and soothing to say the least. It’s a silent pact that everything is going to be ok, that you have each other’s back, and protect the other with your life. Yes it can and is all of that. Have you ever felt a relationship like this with an animal?

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    A little “Cinnamon” Cuteness

    How about a little cuteness for you day? If you haven’t yet, please meet Cinnamon my rescue pup.

    It’s hard to believe she has come into my life a month ago already. She s about 6 month old by now and like any new Mom would be, she has shown me what it’s like to have a new baby, feeling times of pure exhaustion, haha. Let’s just say that it continues to challenge me, fitting everything into my day, while keeping a healthy balance.

    Despite those challenges, she has brought so much joy to my life and I love her to pieces. One of my favorite things have now are early mornings. The same mornings I used to despise and wasn’t fond of. But how could I now, when they include a little wiggling body, standing on their back legs, tail wagging like crazy on the side of the bed, waiting for me to lean over the edge, so we can see each other for the first time that day. It’s so cute and it definitely helps send the early morning blues packing.

    It’s been a rewarding and yet trying time for this little one and me, the empath who still feels the effects of the tough first months of her life. Everything was so scary for this little one and walks were a nightmare, stopping every two steps to take caution from rustling leaves or other unfamiliar noises. We are doing much much better by now and it continues to take much positive praise and reinforcements to build confidence. Not all that days are equal, just like mine, and some days we strut with confidence, while there are still a few that are just plain scary.

    We are still dealing with some skin disorders and are on a natural, raw, limited ingredient diet now. We have three spots on our little body where our hair thinned or got lost all together, most likely from scratching, biting or excessive licking. Hopefully it will grow back when this is all over and finally behind us. When we are completely settled and the anxiousness is subsiding. We have a natural, homemade anti itch spray, a soothing shampoo with oatmeal and baking soda and you name it. She is under close supervision to watch out for any scratching and biting. Omega 3 fatty acids have been added as well as organic coconut oil. We have cut out chicken and any other allergic triggers. What ones thought to be Ringworm and was treated with an anti fungal cream has been mostly dismissed, believing that this poor baby is suffering from allergies. We have also overcome worms in our stool and are luckily free and clear of that now. It’s a waiting game to find out for sure about the allergies. One that requires constant attention, and at times all I can do is hold her tight and tell her that it’s all gonna be ok. Maybe I’m telling more myself in those moments to soothe my own worried mind vs hers.

    On top of it I have started a new endeavor that reduces my week by about 10 hours. Almost nothing if you think, but it feels like a whole day is gone that needs to be divided into the rest of the days, making them longer in the end. Plus it’s time away from the little one. A break that is welcome and which I can use at times having her 24/7, but also more time worrying about her until she will be a 100%.

    I guess what I am saying is a big thank you if I don’t get back to you right away. You know I always will and it’s not a matter of you not being important or the priority to me. Sometimes this old body just needs to go to bed at 8PM haha.

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    Welcome little ones

    My little resident friend has babies and although I haven’t seen them yet, it was definitely obvious as Momma squirrel came to visit today. I couldn’t be happier to have this little friend stop by for her daily rations and I hope to see her babies soon. Have I mentioned that it’s often the little things that bring me Joy?

    Do you have any animals visiting you in a regular basis at your home?

    PS. By the time I finished writing this Momma squirrel showed me two of her babies. ❤️ Hopefully I get a picture soon.

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    A little visitor – Thin Lizzy

    They say that you can tell a lot about a persons character by the way they treat animals and I think it’s true. There is no mistaken when you meet an animal lover, someone who treats their animals with respect and most times like a member of the family.

    I think you can learn a lot about the owners just watching how the animal/pet behaves. You recognize a well behaved and laid back animal, just as you can spot nervous energy and rambunctious nonsense. I even go as far as saying that you can spot dominance and controlling behaviors as well.

    Well I fall into the first category and I am an animal lover. I don’t really have any animals, domesticated animals I should say at the time, but I miss my dogs who have passed a few years back dearly. Now I have rabbits living in my back yard, several squirrels and a little sagebrush lizard that lives in my garage and saves me from too many unwanted spiders. He gets room and board and he takes the peat off of my hands since spiders are not my favorite. Today he just came out and sat with me for awhile. Yes animals are not afraid of me and they often join me in the wild. Today I also bought a water dish for my squirrel and I might add another for his food dish instead of laying his daily breakfast and supper onto the ground for his collection. Oh yeah and I do name my animals. Have I lost my mind? If you find it somewhere just send it back to me lol.

    Oh and by the evening two more lizards showed up sunbathing on a rock in the backyard. It sure is the little things that get me all smiles. 😉

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    Little healer

    Missing my little healer “Bember” from Germany, and hope she is doing ok. She came to visit and spent time with me every day while I was there. Animals are amazing and so intuitive. She helped bridge some of the emptiness after Mom’s death and was always purr-fect company.