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The first chill – seasonally or else?

Fall is definitely in the air and last night and today I’ve felt the first chill. It’s windy today and the breeze feels cold, chilling down to the bone. The sunny, warm days are fleeting and already daylight seems so much shorter. With it comes the return of soups and tea’s, hot comfort food, cuddles wrapped in blankets, a movie, or more creative time indoors. I wish it was a time to go inward for me, a time to relax, regroup and rebuild, but it’s not really and there is an agenda waiting that needs to be tended to. Germany and an empty house is waiting for what’s to come next. I wish it could hold out for just a short time longer, until the end of winter when the chances of selling a house, potentially getting some work done on it is better for everyone, including myself and the RA.

Covid had me procrastinating enough time and the original plan was to return in 2020, but then Covid happened and everything was postponed. Who knew that living with this virus would become our new norm and honestly I don’t think it’s going to change. It’s hanging around, like Cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes, and all other diseases and illnesses. They have become part of our lives just like the flu and I think it’s here to stay.

Last Saturday, I finally did it and got my first vaccination shot for Covid. I have to admit that I am still very undecided and for months now have listened to the pro’s and con’s, the conspiracy theories and concerns, as well as every other opinion. Some things remain questionable, but like with everything else, there are always two sides to everything and one can simply choose from which angle they want to see it, feeding their own truth. I am not surprised that I found myself extremely nervous about it which to me is a sign that perhaps I shouldn’t have done it. I didn’t have peace of mind doing it, so why did I go through with it in the end? For one because I have to travel and go oversees. The pressure is mounting for those still not vaccinated of what you can do, where you are allowed inside and so on. In some ways I felt that I had no choice but to do it finally. What brought me some peace of mind was that most of my family in Germany, including a younger, very wise generation, and very educated friends here which I value and trust, have gotten vaccinated. Could we really be fooled on such a mass level? Maybe, but it brings some comfort knowing that these people did their research and in the end decided that they’ll be better off vaccinated than not. I have also known of people who were vaccinated and still got Covid. It’s not magic shot of prevention, but hopefully will keep you out of the hospital and away from a ventilator.

Needless to say, I was uneasy filling out the paperwork, minutes away form getting my first dose. Going over a list of potential allergic reactions, a potential Epi-pen shot before being administered to the hospital wasn’t all too comforting either but is standard protocol. Hopefully everything will be ok, the man administering the shot said, “this has only happened once before.” Once too many, yikes. Immediately afterwards I had to wander around the store for 15 minutes to make sure I wasn’t feeling any tightness in the chest or light headedness. I distracted myself, telling myself that I’d be ok, basically distracting my mind from feeling any kind of anxiety and manifest some symptoms I don’t want. All went well and the evening was fine too. Given that I have RA, I was told that might experience side effects from the shot such as swollen joints, fatigue and flu like symptoms a little longer than everyone else.

Sunday morning came and I awoke after a somewhat restless night. I was woken several times throughout the night from soreness on my left arm where the shot was administered. It felt as if I had gotten sucker punched and it wasn’t too bad or intolerable, but it was noticeable enough to wake me when I was laying on that side putting pressure on it. I finished my errands and grocery shopping for the week, heading back to the tiny abode to stow everything, put away the laundry and prepare a scrumptious meal for myself and my girlfriend who came to visit me for the first time since the move out of my big house. All was well, despite feeling a little tired which I chalked off to not sleeping well the night before and running around all day, busier than usual. Perhaps it was because missing my nap time, goodness I am getting old. Lol.

As always we had a great time, filled with laughter, shenanigans, no shortage of wine and simply good conversation and company. Cinnamon was a little intense, still protecting her home and Momma, not being used to people, but eventually she chilled out a bit as long as no sudden moves were made. I have some work to do with her for sure and hope it can be sorted down the road, or she calms a bit more with age. After my girlfriend left, I cleaned up and it was about 8PM by the time I got done. I was gonna do some other things but decided to rest a little and not overdo it, given that I just gotten the Covid shot etc. I laid down on the couch and it was chilly enough to cover up. I must have dozed off here and there, but couldn’t get warm. Pretty soon I was literally shivering and I don’t remember the last time feeling like this. I got up to put on my thick bathrobe and eventually the chills subsided and brought my body temperature back to normal. It had to be a side effect to the shot and all was as if nothing happened the next day. The soreness in the arm went away although there was still a feeling of coolness in the air. But then the high is only 61 for today and lows were in the 30’s overnight. So, seasonally or else, remains a mystery but I take it if that’s the worst I have to deal with.

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Little trooper gets a clean bill of health

This little girl has been a trooper and had a vet appointment last Friday. I wanted to follow up on her allergies and a few other concerns I had. Her fur is really thin in places and perhaps it’s just an attempt to strip down into the buff, lol, as she doesn’t deal well with the heat. It’s just in spots though and so I wanted to make sure. Also a few weeks ago she missed the couch completely trying to jump up onto it and got herself a nice scratch from a nearby piece of furniture, ughhh, right in the face. And then there were a few times at the lake when she seemed unable to spot the stick in the water when it was close by. Well it turns out that everything seems ok with her sight. She is getting an extra dose of Omega’s Fish oil derived and is on allergy meds. We should see what happens and if the fur grows back thicker. It’s mainly on her belly which reminds me of a little piglet now. It’s perfect for kisses and cuddles, but then that’s a fur child Momma talking who is glad her Baby is ok.

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Manuka Honey

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Honey, a gift of Mother Nature, and the all important and vital Bee population. Packed with healthy properties, it is often used as a natural sweetener, but packs so many additional healing properties. Let’s take a closer look.

SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) Low stomach acid, Acid reflux

Acne and Eczema

Staph Infections

Burns, Wounds and Ulcers

Tooth Decay and Gingivitis


Sore throat and Immunity

Allergies and Sinusitis

Beauty Treatment and Health Booster

Improves Sleep

A pretty amazing list isn’t it? From what could you benefit from? Could you incorporate a little more honey into your life? I think I definitely can find some ways.

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A visit to the vet

It was Cinnamons first visit to the vet and I think I had more anxiety than she did. It’s nearly three month ago that she came into my life right around Halloween. As a feral, four month old puppy she still struggles a bit with other people and animals. Strangely some are silently observed, while others trigger a growl and the hair sticking up Mohawk style along the spine from neck to tail. And yet others get a full blown bark and a bit more aggression. I haven’t figured out the difference and why it changes each time. It used to be downright hilarious to see the little protector spring into action and she’d bark at a dog three times her size, with the heart of a lion. It only tells me that she had to defend herself in her short life and now my focus lies on associating her with others and the world around her. We have made big strides and she trusts me with her life. Neighborhood strolls are still a bit scary, while the trail is all about her comfort zone, tail up, strutting her stuff.

Anyways, it’s been a challenging three months and as I got her she had a small balding spot on her cheek. Two further spots developed and all got pretty big in size with hair loss and balding. She had worms in her stool which needed to be addressed right away as I got her and I thought the hair loss might have been due to stress and another new home and environment. Next I thought it had to do with food allergies and we went from chicken which many dogs are allergic to, to beef, fish, lamb and duck. She didn’t like any too much and all had to be doctored up and mixed with can food. Now we are on a hydrolyzed salmon, limited ingredient diet and we love our food, thank god.

In the meantime it was suggested that she might have “hot spots” and a fungal infection. Perhaps even mites, yikes. Inadvertently I started to itch imagining creepy crawlies on her and me. Fungal cream to the rescue, slathering the bald spots. Over the weeks I got more and more emotional, worrying about the fur-baby that by the way didn’t show any signs about her quality of life being diminished. Yes, there was a bit of scratching and licking so I made a homestyle anti itch spray remedy with apple cider vinegar. Also an oatmeal, baking soda, my very own “Doggy Doo Shampoo” was also made by me and together we took frequent baths/showers to soothe and condition the entire coat. What followed was wet dog racing at unsafe speeds through the house. There was also a moisturizing spray and coconut butter / oil for antibacterial properties and to avoid infections. Few well researched essential oils were added to the moisturizing spray to repel any mites or fleas. A dust mite spray was made….just in case and I wasn’t going to let any stone unturned. Further issues were that her paw pads were swollen and changed from black to red, including her toe nails at times and inside of ears. Through every little discomfort, I think I felt it worse than she did and all throughout I prayed for her comfort and that her hair would grow back and not stay as bald spots throughout her entire life.

And then all of a sudden small, fine hair made their appearance back and I was nearly in tears from joy. A vet appointment was just around the corner that I had scheduled just to make sure and give the pup an initial wellness exam. Due to Covid guidelines and procedures, you were asked to call from the parking lot once arriving for the appointment. From there someone would come to the car and escort your pet inside the clinic while you had to wait outside. I had no clue how this would go, especially with her dislike of certain people. Hopefully she was ok with those people on that day. Arriving in the parking lot, we had to growl at a few other vehicles, other people and pets, but luckily not too bad. And then an older lady appeared to pick up Cinnamon and let her sniff her while she tried to back up and away from her. She was so scared. Her whole little body was trembling and it was hard to watch, but eventually she went, tail tucked tightly between her legs. 😞

In the end she really loved her vet who had also given her her rabies shot three month prior, and who was also the vet from my previous two dogs. He said that she was a very nice puppy with a clean Bill of health, and he apparently told her so. He said that he told her how pretty she was and how good she was behaving, and all of a sudden she remembered him, trusted him and was all over him, licking him wanting to play. Can you imagine how relieved I was?

The diagnosis was that she suffers from allergies and is most likely allergic to same yellow flowering bush I am. She got a shot for environmental allergies that should last one month and we are hoping it’s a seasonal issue that can be controlled with a benedryl allergy regiment.

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Essential oils & Allergy Season

Hello everyone, guess what…it’s allergy season. If you are like me allergies can truly make your life miserable and I’ve been battling these flu like symptoms for quite a few years now.

Maybe our exposure is limited with being in quarantine and at home so much but allergies can thrive within the home just as well.

You wouldn’t believe all the the things I have got myself into since the quarantine has started and there is no shortage of hobbies and new things to try. One of such things was to learn more about essential oils as they are so much more besides making your home smell nice. So far I have made a few roller balls such as a headache helper, a stress away, friendship and allergy blend. I have to say that I’m sold on essential oils and it’s such a wonderful, all natural way to address some medicinal concerns. I have never been a friend of the harsh chemical drugs, and a holistic and natural approach is my go to way. If you are familiar with essential oils, you might have your own recipe already but here it is anyways.

10 ml rollerball

10 drops lemon

10 drops lavender

10 drops peppermint

10 drops frankincense

Put oil into rollerball and top off with coconut oil. Apply around the ears and back of neck as needed. I usually do mornings and evening, with amazing improvements and results.

Sending everyone huge hugs from across the miles and take good care of yourself.