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Pour (ing) Art

One of the things I’ve been up to, maybe even turn into a career, is to make art. I’ve been making various felt art items such as bags, glass cases etc., and it has been a lot of fun. I am looking into print on demand store fronts to incorporate my photography and other canvas paintings, which I hope to turn into products of interest. I’ve been considering an Etsy shop so if anyone has some experience or input, I would love to hear your feedback. I am currently in the process to create inventory, work on a Facebook page and a website. It’s busy and overwhelming at times and there is much going on for someone that most of the time has to battle through the day with the RA. But I want to believe that it will be worthwhile. So far I have selected my business name, got my domain and business cards are available and ready to go. In addition to my artwork I would love to incorporate my energy healing techniques as a Reiki Master and offer further insight and healing for all of us…a stressed nation and society.

Anyways, I love to create and it’s a muse that feeds my soul. I made quite a few of these acrylic pour paintings on canvas so far and I am close to perfecting my technique of how I want the end product to look. Aren’t we artists always the pickiest? It’s ok that way and for me, it keeps me striving until I can give my product my stamp of approval. In all honesty the carryovers part is a ever changing vision as new ideas feed my mind and new techniques are born.

Today was a little milestone for me putting some things together and completing a few art pieces, ready for sale. The pouring technique gets a bit messy with lots of paint running off of your canvas, leaving the backs looking kind of unsightly. I have noticed that many artists sell their paintings that way with the attitude that the painting will hang on the wall anyways, covering the back and the unsightly paint splatters. For myself, this has always bothered me with my own artwork, and I thought it looked ugly and sloppy. Today I found a way to finish the back, and attach decorative metal corner bumpers. The canvases are 12×12 with a glossy finish and include a hardware picture hanger, ready for display. It looks professional with a high level to detail to the overall finished product.

I also poured a 30×40 canvas today, whoa so big, and I was a bit nervous about it, but I love how it turned out. It’s currently drying and I can’t wait to show you. I am finding that with all of my paintings, whether they are painted with brushed or poured, the bigger canvases always make a more dramatic statement, and I might be hooked on pouring it big now.

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Cosmic Godzilla

Inspiration has always been a spur of the moment thing for me. It seems like the same goes for writing. There are days when I advance schedule several posts and find myself with so much to say that I can’t stop. Where the ideas and topics just pour out of me and I can’t get them written down fast enough. And then there are days with little to say, where I am regrouping, thankful for the days I had lots to say, while silently collecting materials for another spur of the moment outburst.

I got to try my first acrylic pour yesterday and found the possibilities are endless. I’ve done something similar before but never in this style. It was fun to view the canvas from each side after it was finished to detect shapes, to see what emerges while allowing a vivid imagination to take flight. What I saw was a little monster appearing on the bottom left hand corner and “Cosmic Godzilla” was born.