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Turkey Spirit – March 2022

Oracle card deck by Colette Baron Reid

Once again the time has come and we are stepping into new energy at the beginning of March. As always I solicit the cards to see which spirit animal is stepping forwards to supports us through the new month. If you’d like, you can go back and read prior months, or you can start here and see how this relates to you. Either way, I am happy for your visit and I am grateful that you stopped by. The cards never disappoint and have always been spot on for me. I hope you find “something” between the lines here that might be helpful to you.

What is stepping forward for us this month is Turkey Spirit with the message to give with gratitude and grace. This message couldn’t be more profound and guiding for me as I go to Germany and sort through many of Mom’s personal belongings. While it will be difficult and challenging to part with many things, I can only hope that many things find a home where they are valued and have the chance to live on. And I hope I feel like that through each and every day and always remember this. As you read along, you can evaluate for yourself where you fall into. Are you in a position to share abundance, are you already giving freely with gratitude and grace, or are you holding on tight, perhaps sharing because you expect something in return?

Here is your chance to evaluate and correct your course, and here is some further insight.

Turkey’s spirit’s message is that you always have the potential for manifesting a rich reality, for the turkey represents generosity and a celebration of abundance through giving to others. Give freely without expectations and you shall receive, for the manifestation of abundance is happening right now. Align with it by sharing your good fortune with others, whether you give money, loving guidance, the gift of listening, or kindness in any form. Immerse yourself in the flow of generous abundance, being a channel for Turkey Spirit and the desire of spirit to see all beings experience the blessing of plenty. Give with gratitude and grace, from a wellspring of love and compassion, knowing that spirit will respond by giving you all that you need in this moment and moments to come.

Protection Message: Are you giving in order to receive in kind, keeping tally of how much you have given and what is owed you? This is not the way to experience abundance. When Turkey Spirit is in the protective position, it is a reminder to let go of any perception of scarcity or fear that if you give too much you will not have enough for yourself. Use your spiritual practices to reconnect with spirit and remember how it feels to embody abundance, and you will give as much as is needed right now. Know that whatever you need to fill your stores is coming to you right now: love. Prosperity, knowledge, and assistance from allies who are everywhere and want you to be the abundance you seek. Turkey Spirit is here to tell you that everything evens out when you are aligned with the law of abundance as spirit wants you to be. Abundance is yours.


We are the co-creators of our life and the time is now. More than ever are we needed to support Mother Earth and each other. Together we discover and explore our unique gifts in times of strengths, in times we lean on each other, and in times when we learn from each other. This blog started as an outlet and what I ultimately called my “Warriors Journey.” It was a way to document the ups and downs of my life, sharing my hardships as well as my successes. It showcased the struggles, but more important the ways of how to overcome them. Although we are warriors each and every day, I realized that having to be a warrior, comes from a place of pain. I decided to rename this blog, and “Phoenix Rising” now stands for the story of overcoming such a painful place. My motivation for this blog hasn’t changed and I hope to share inspiration and hope, to create a sense of belonging, a space of being heard, and connecting with like minded beings who instill a sense of oneness. We are never alone, and we are unstoppable in the pursuit of what sets our soul on fire. Who I am in a nutshell... 
I am an energy healer and Reiki Master. I am surviving a chronic disease that I’ve sent into remission three times since my initial bout, 15 years ago. I continuously challenge the status quo and by doing so I change my stars. I am a believer that anything is possible. I am a hopeless romantic and I believe that true love exists on various levels. I am an optimist that will always see the glass as half full. I am a dreamer, believing in endless possibilities. Not even the sky is the limit. I have jumped off of the hamster wheel, and I am writing a new chapter. I am chasing my Nirvana to support my most authentic self. This is my story, I am that Phoenix and I am rising from the ashes. Namaste 🙏🏼💙🦋

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