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Snow Moon

It’s the first of two super moons, (actually tomorrow February 9th, but posting this early so you can take advantage of it) called the Snow Moon. Just in case you are wondering what a super moon is, it’s 30% brighter and larger than usual. This incredible luminous super moon will heighten our energy and vibrations. It is said to increase subconscious awareness of our circumstances, relationships, and sense of self. It is about finding the courage and give us the initiative and strengths to chase our greatest desires. We look up at the glowing, super charged energy portal to ignite a fire in our souls.

Anytime we have a full moon in Leo, ruled by the sun, we experience this super charged portal as divine light, shining down on those things in our lives that feel heavy and dark. This full moon will allow us to shine that light and connect with our inner sun, clearing away anything that seeks to dim our inner flame.

We are reminded that life is made to be experienced, not controlled.

As the universe helps us more than ever to connect with that part of ourselves, we are asked to take some time for self reflection. What brings you a sense of purpose? What sets your soul on fire and fans your inner flame? Slow down and take a moment to see things with divine clarity to clear away anything that separates you from your purpose and fails to bring peace within your life.

This is an incredibly strengthening and motivating moon filled with incredible restorative energy. This moon relates back to “The Lions gate portal”, a post I wrote on July 26th and which I can’t get the link to work for the life of me to direct you there. We may find ourselves revisiting the themes that arose during that time or harvesting the seeds that we planted back then.

As we push past old fears and barriers, we usher in a time of tremendous breakthroughs. The time we all have been waiting for. Relationships will become into clearer focus, and we will naturally and intuitively realize what is causing disharmony.

Continue to move forward with honesty and sincerity, find your inner voice and see it stand firmly by your side. The projects that you start during this full moon will blossom into something truly beautiful. Allow yourself to shift, releasing those things that rest heavy on your spirit. The lessons here is balance. If you feel tensions rising, take a step back. Become at peace with your situation and circumstances. Find the balance within your life as you notice the positive shift this conjures. Find the balance between service and sacrifice and emotional sensitivity and emotional outbursts. By having trust and faith in yourself, those around you, and the universe, you are aligned to create a foundation of pure love.

Leo Full Moon is one filled with courage, strength, and initiative. Remember it is about finding balance and it is the key to having our greatest desires fulfilled, manifesting our wildest dreams. We are taught to always move from the heart. Our heart is our soul, it is our inner truth and most powerful tool. By liberating our hearts from the self imposed shackles, we have created, we give ourselves permission to try, fail, learn, and evolve. Vulnerability is not weakness, vulnerability is power.

Be gentle with yourself and know that the universe loves you and want you to succeed. Take a moment and smile at the big luminous Snow Moon tonight, knowing that your are supported and set up for the next wild step of your journey.


Who am I, and why I write. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I am the one, holding on to the silver lining when the skies are gray. I’m a believer that nothing is coincidence, but that everything has purpose. I’ve made my mistakes, don’t we all, but I see them as growing pains and they are a part of who I am today. I have lost myself in order to find myself, and I still do from time to time, but in a good way. I’m a big child who laughs until my belly hurts when life wants to be serious. Career wise: I’ve been there, done that, and I took “The jump” off the hamster wheel in an effort to change my future. I didn’t land all that soft, but I can say that I’m still proud to have found the courage to do it. Coming full circle, I had it all, and yet I was lonely and had nothing. Today I choose to be a collector of moments and I chase memories, instead of the material stuff. Less is more, and the motto is quality over quantity. You’d be amazed at how freeing it can be. I see myself as a free spirit that believes in an unconventional lifestyle. Somehow I go against the grain most of the times, not to rebel, but because it feels right to stay true to my unique and authentic self. It takes courage, and you often stand alone, but if you dare, you soon realize that it is the only way if you don’t want to lose who you are. Just like most, my past wasn’t easy and I come from a life that didn’t always give me the opportunity to be heard. Few related and even fewer cared to take the time. But that’s the past and it’s history, the future hasn’t happened and the “NOW” is truly all we ever have. In the end we all have a story to tell, and we all seek to be understood. We all yearn to be heard and accepted and still life is hard and our path is full of stumbling blocks. If we can see the lessons in adversity we may realize that the toughest moments are often our greatest teachers. There is a reason for the saying that the stars can’t shine without darkness, and it might be darkness that will show you the light.
It took a series of (un)fortunate events, to learn to glow through the pain, to learn how to dance in the rain. I believe in Magic and wonder, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As an empath this old soul often feels a little too much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Today, I am here to tell my story because I believe that it can help others. It is my hope to bring inspiration and strengths to you, while showing you that it can be done. I know you are out there, and I know you are suffering in silence. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and your voice is being heard loud and clear. Hang on and be strong, transformation is yours. 
In light and love....Rhapsody Bohème 💙🦋

7 thoughts on “Snow Moon

  1. Smiling dear lady as the rain comes tumbling down, over here a greater moon present I could not find 😀
    But personally I’ve finally cracked a hiccup in my code, helped someone through a tough patch and contemplating a coffee on the beach to watch wild surf pounding the sand.
    But alas no snow. Mind you, we’ve had everything else 😂 🤣 😎

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  2. Thank you for sharing all this, Rhapsody.
    This snow moon have been strong for several days and it looks so close to us.
    I’m looking forward to all those great possibilities and I feel ready to grab it, when I find something to hold on.
    Much love to you, dear friend ❤

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  3. It was a magical moon here in the Southern Hemisphere, I now need to check what it would be here as I am doubtful it would be a snow moon. It was very cloudy. At one point I was up and there was such a glow in the sky outside my bedroom window(no curtains) and it was so big and breaking through the clouds, just for a short time, but I stood mesmerised until it became just the glowing clouds again.


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