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Comfortable Silences

Silence can be quite uncomfortable when you find yourself amongst the wrong company. You may remember the urge to make idle conversation and engage in meaningless small talk. It’s all an effort of avoiding that strange, uncomfortably feeling. It’s trying to fit in, to not be labeled “weird”, to do what we think is expected of us.

Silence can also be grace saving and soothing depending on the situation. Especially when working in retail I think. Silence may allow you to enjoy quiet time on your own, being able to do whatever you want, not having to be considerate, while giving in to your every whim without distractions and interruptions.

But is there a third scenario? Personally I like people I can have comfortable silences with. Have you met someone like this? Isn’t it blissful…it’s like coming home… having finally arrived, and being accepted for the beautiful self you are without pretense and disguises.


Who am I, and why I write. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I am the one, holding on to the silver lining when the skies are gray. I’m a believer that nothing is coincidence, but that everything has purpose. I’ve made my mistakes, don’t we all, but I see them as growing pains and they are a part of who I am today. I have lost myself in order to find myself, and I still do from time to time, but in a good way. I’m a big child who laughs until my belly hurts when life wants to be serious. Career wise: I’ve been there, done that, and I took “The jump” off the hamster wheel in an effort to change my future. I didn’t land all that soft, but I can say that I’m still proud to have found the courage to do it. Coming full circle, I had it all, and yet I was lonely and had nothing. Today I choose to be a collector of moments and I chase memories, instead of the material stuff. Less is more, and the motto is quality over quantity. You’d be amazed at how freeing it can be. I see myself as a free spirit that believes in an unconventional lifestyle. Somehow I go against the grain most of the times, not to rebel, but because it feels right to stay true to my unique and authentic self. It takes courage, and you often stand alone, but if you dare, you soon realize that it is the only way if you don’t want to lose who you are. Just like most, my past wasn’t easy and I come from a life that didn’t always give me the opportunity to be heard. Few related and even fewer cared to take the time. But that’s the past and it’s history, the future hasn’t happened and the “NOW” is truly all we ever have. In the end we all have a story to tell, and we all seek to be understood. We all yearn to be heard and accepted and still life is hard and our path is full of stumbling blocks. If we can see the lessons in adversity we may realize that the toughest moments are often our greatest teachers. There is a reason for the saying that the stars can’t shine without darkness, and it might be darkness that will show you the light.
It took a series of (un)fortunate events, to learn to glow through the pain, to learn how to dance in the rain. I believe in Magic and wonder, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As an empath this old soul often feels a little too much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Today, I am here to tell my story because I believe that it can help others. It is my hope to bring inspiration and strengths to you, while showing you that it can be done. I know you are out there, and I know you are suffering in silence. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and your voice is being heard loud and clear. Hang on and be strong, transformation is yours. 
In light and love....Rhapsody Bohème 💙🦋

15 thoughts on “Comfortable Silences

  1. I love comfortable silence too, Rhapsody 🙂
    In the recent years, when I have been looking for new friends, I have noticed from beginning, if we could be in same room in comfortable silence. Silence alone can feel like cutting in the air with a knife, when we are in the wrong company.
    Good to see you out enjoying life.
    Have their been a burning in this place at your photo?
    Much love to you ❤

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    1. That is so true Irene and it’s hard to find people who can be still. Most rush around, having to do ten things in a day and nobody knows how to relax.
      I know what you mean with picking up right away if you could be still with someone or if it would turn into an exhausting endeavor.
      Their was a burning many years ago that was devastating to the area, but I love how beauty ab still be found there and how new life is making its way back to the area.
      Best wishes and much love always. ❤️

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      1. I don’t need all that drama, as some people need to feel alive, so silence is beautiful to me.
        Great to hear, that the area are growing again. After burning it usually demand much resting time, before it grows again.
        I remember a place here in Spain, where I lived some years ago. There was a windmill, as lost a wing and started a fire. We needed to save animals and ourselves and drive away, as the fire came close to our house. Many hours later returned to the house and could see, the fire did take the area in the neighbor ground until our ground. I wrote a post about it, it was chocking.
        Much love ❤

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      2. I agree completely and I had to cut out people that were toxic in energy to me. I feel alive just siting and admiring such places and I think it is an art to see the beauty within the devastation.
        Have a great weekend Irene. Much love to you.

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  2. I think that is why everyone loves being out in Mother Nature, she is totally accepting of us and we can just ‘be’ ourselves. Not having to talk or do something other than the relaxation we feel with her. Her silences, even though there is always noise, is her gift to us. With every one else there is an ‘expectation’ to ‘be’ something else.
    Stay where you are in your picture, I can feel ‘her’ from here, that is a beautiful place to be in her arms ❤️

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    1. I think to some of us it truly is. Sadly there are many reasons people come out here and the amount of noise and inconsideration is growing at alarming rates. I had someone hover a drone over me the other day to take video and invade my privacy.
      For me Mother Nature is a way to get away. To enjoy the silence and take in all of its beauty. I’m not there to party and be loud and if others are around, I respect their space. Thins are changing and if you truly want to get away you have to put in the work nobody else wants to do and hike up up and away. Sadly…

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  3. My wife has the ‘silence’ personality. She is the sit and listen to the breeze in the trees kind of person. Sad to say, I am a babbler. If I don’t have anything to say, I will break out into song. My wife complains that living with me is like living in a musical.

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